Best Paper Towels of 2022 (Buying Guide)

Are you tired of dealing with spills around the house? And regardless of how much you try, the cloth just isn’t capable of absorbing the spill, creating an even more frustrating situation?

Well, don’t worry! In this article, our reviewer reviewed the best paper towels available for us to use. The task was tough, but we’ve sorted through the options and categorized them in particular sections to make your search easier and separating them from the standard paper towels. If you want to make your kitchen cleaning easier, you can also look into our best kitchen towels recommendations.

Best Paper Towels

Some manufacturers are doing a great job at recycling, some even making 100 percent recycled papers. We understand the ecological and environmental impact of disposable paper products. It’s a good initiative to make the sustainability of cleaning supplies higher given how crucial they are in our daily lives, be it toilet papers, typical paper towels, dry sheets, hand papers, or dry papers.

A good paper power towel may not necessarily be the most popular paper towel. A good has to have good wet strength, good absorbency, and good cleanup capability. The specs are somewhat different for heavy-duty cleaning cloths as they might be used in places like the kitchen to clean up the countertops with sanitizer or dish soap.

A multipurpose paper towel, however, can be used in places like bedrooms, kitchen and, meeting rooms. On a different note, our tests seem to show that 2 ply paper towels are very good at absorbing while also being somewhat more affordable paper towels. Likewise, you can opt for double rolls; having more layers of paper helps with liquid absorption.

So, without anything else to add, let’s take a look at what these incredible products have to offer, and how they can make our lives easier.

Types of Paper Towel

Unbiased Paper Towels Reviews

We review each and every type of paper towel according to your use. There are not too many paper towels to make you confused. A few paper towels for your easy pick.

Best Lint Free Paper Towels

Consider taking a look at our next picks to find the most efficient pack of paper towels for you.

Scott – Blue Lint Free Paper Towels

These blue lint-free paper towels are the perfect choice for professionals. They work incredibly at a highly demanding garage or a smaller vehicle shop. They are disposable and necessary workshop tools that make changing oil and refilling substances easier and less unpleasant.

Scott Blue Lint Free Paper Towels
Scott Blue Paper Towels

We mention garage workers because that’s this product’s main target. And, even though you can use it for whatever purpose you see fit, it is most helpful in making processes like staining and painting quicker and more bearable.

However, you could also use it for home applications, too. They will get those grease stains off surfaces in a breeze, reducing the frustration you might suffer when using low-quality paper towels that aren’t capable of getting the job done.

There’s something else we liked about these lint-free paper towels that we though every homeowner would enjoy, and that’s their high capacity to continue working even after hours of use.

This product is, without a doubt, the lint-free paper towels for windows that you’re going to be happy to have around the workshop.

  • Very useful in workshops and for mechanical jobs
  • Excellent absorbency
  • Works for many hours and repeated jobs
  • Cardboard box can be awkward to use
  • Thin design may rip easily

WYPALL – Lint Free Paper Towels

When the other paper towels start to fail you in the shop, that’s when you could use reinforced cloths like this one, because they do all sorts of light tasks.

They are highly absorbent, strong enough to withstand hard scrubbing, and capable of absorbing water faster than alternative products.

WYPALL Lint Free Paper Towels
WYPALL Paper Towels

This package of cloths comes in a box for more convenience, allowing you to pull out each cloth one at a time. They don’t have adhesives or binders like previous models that did and were still useless, but that doesn’t mean they lose consistency.

On the contrary, this product holds together well despite its lightweight design.

To deliver outstanding performance, the manufacturer uses a combination of previous features with new technology. Here, the HydroKnit structural design gives it more absorbing capacity than most, with a reinforced structure to serve you well.

There’s a reason why WypAll has been one of the top lint-free paper towel brands, and this product is proof of their efficiency at delivering reliable products for their customers.

  • Exceptional absorbency
  • Doesn’t rip easily when wet
  • Works really well with abrasive products
  • Wide design can be uncomfortable to use
  • Not as durable as expected

Best Paper Towel for Cleaning Windows and Windshields

If you’ve ever cleaned a glass surface before, you know it can get frustrating. There are some stains that, no matter how hard you try, won’t come off! But, there’s no need to worry. With the right kind of towel for cleaning windows, all of those troubles are far behind us.

Fresh – Paper Towels To Clean Windows

Something we enjoyed a lot while using these paper towels to clean windows was their absorbent capacity. You can use them to cover a lot of surface area, from either the window or windshields, and they don’t fall apart even when soaked with water.

Fresh Paper Towels To Clean Windows
Fresh Paper Towels

You get to use them for as long as you want to clean many types of glass surfaces, such as window as mentioned above, or mirrors. Regardless of what you’re wiping, this paper towel doesn’t leave any residue or lint behind.

How many brands are capable of saying that? Not many, from our experience. There’s always a stain, liquid, or a particular substance that we can’t get out of the glass even after a long period of scrubbing.

As you can see in their presentation, the towels come inside of a box. It opens easily, and there’s no restraint when you’re pulling them out. It dispenses one at a time to give you the right amount you’re going to need for the task.

If you’re looking for the best paper towels for cleaning car windows, then these are probably it.

  • Cleans perfectly with no lint residue
  • Easy-to-use cardboard box
  • Durable and resistant enough for any type of job
  • Small design may not be ideal for everyone
  • Thin build can rip fast with abrasive liquids

WypAll – Paper Towels For Cleaning Car Windows

People may enjoy cloth towels above anything else, but these paper towels offer better drying performance, helping reduce waste successfully.

They are incredible cleaning wipes for industrial purposes and for regular wet areas such as farmhouses, but like any other similar product, you can use them anywhere you want.

WypAll Paper Towels For Cleaning Car Windows
WypAll Paper Towels For Cleaning Car

Its soft-touch makes it comfortable to use at the house, too. No longer will you have to worry about windows that continue to get stained without any particular reason.

These paper towels are blue and designed with a single fold structure. The towels come in a convenient packaging that ensures their portability, especially if your job requires you to move around and take the box with you wherever you go.

Another thing you might like to know is that these products are available thanks to a managed forest. This is when the manufacturer has access to the woods, and it ensures there’s no unnecessary damage done to already endangered forests.

They are soft, stronger than others, and are capable of absorbing an outstanding amount of liquid. What else could we need?

  • Large design for better cleaning capacity
  • Flexible yet durable composition
  • Decently durable with top-notch dryness
  • Gigantic design is not ideal for small jobs
  • Absorbency could be better

Best Recyclable Paper Towels

Did you know that using paper has taken a huge toll on the planet? There are methods to fight against that and make good use of our paper towels without damaging more of our beloved forests. Consider buying these products for that purpose. However, do note that the disposable paper towels don’t leave lint or streaks behind like many of the recyclable ones, making them ideal for polishing glass and chrome. You can substitute that for microfiber cloths if the paper is soft enough.

Seventh Generation – Recycle Paper Towels

While some recycled paper towel brands may have good intentions at first, they don’t completely create environment-friendly products; their approach is right, but they use substances that are dangerous for the ecosystem.

Seventh Generation Recycle Paper Towels
Seventh Generation Paper Towels

It is an issue that these recycled seventh generation paper towels manage to solve. By not adding chlorine bleach, dyes, or other fragrances, the paper towel whitening process maintains the quality of the material. Recycled paper towels are also better for the environment.

Upon arrival, you receive two packs, with each one including 6-roll of paper, for a total amount of 12 rolls. There are 140 sheets of paper in every roll included in the package, giving you a reliable and friendly product to use under different circumstances.

Each one of the sheets is customizable. You have the option to choose a sheet that is the right size to take care of any particular mess that has been bothering you. Whether it’s a little water spill or a large liquid spill on the countertop, these paper towels can get rid of it quickly.

Cleaning up our messes while contributing to the planet was never as comfortable and easy as it is now with this product.

  • Completely recyclable build
  • Large but customizable with creases
  • Very cheap for the quality & build
  • Could have more absorbency
  • Thin and fragile

Pacific Blue – Recycled Paper Towel Rolls

Using these recycled paper hand towels helps make the world a better place. If that doesn’t convince you, then how about its low price? Oh, yes. Being eco-friendly is also cheap!

Nonetheless, its low price doesn’t make it worse than others. On the contrary; you’re going to receive a high-quality product that takes care of those nasty messes around the house quickly. You can also clean your hands after meals.

Pacific Blue Recycled Paper Towel Rolls
Pacific Blue Paper Towel Rolls

This premium quality product performs efficiently for whatever purpose you need.

Want to use them near the sink to keep your dishes clean? Or perhaps you need paper towels for the bathroom at the office? Their high-capacity makes them easier to change and avoid uncomfortable moments regardless of where you use them.

The EPA guidelines back up the integrity of this paper towel. It follows basic standards, containing about 40% of recycled fiber.

If you need it for the office, you should know it has high compatibility with best paper towel dispensers, increasing the possibilities of using it without needing to buy an expensive dispenser or having to make modifications.

  • Strong and durable build
  • Comes in long-lasting rolls
  • Works for any type of application
  • Only 40% recycled
  • Not as thick as expected

Best Multifold Paper Towel

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed the benefits that Scott and Genuine Joe’s multifold paper towels have provided us, among other brands. However, we’ve narrowed our best multifold paper towels list, and here are our top two choices.

Pacific Blue – Cheap Multifold Paper Towel

This cheap multifold paper towel doesn’t sacrifice quality in exchange for its low price. It is a signature product and the top from the brand, which ensures quality and comfort for everyone to use.

Pacific Blue Cheap Multifold Paper Towel
Pacific Blue Multifold Paper Towel

It is available in different colors, but there’s something about white that looks better than the rest. The brown model may hide stains more naturally, but in the end, it is a matter of personal preference.

They are stackable, too. It is an ideal choice to use for open trays, on a countertop or mounted on a dispenser on the wall. Either way, convenience is among the best benefits this multifold paper towel has to offer.

We tried it for particular purposes, but we soon found out that this product is one of the softest multifold paper towels you can buy to use at the office or business. Its 2-ply design gives it the strength needed for professional purposes.

Just as it did for us, it will make customers and coworkers happy.

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  • Exceptional absorbency
  • Amazingly soft and gentle surface
  • Sturdy and reliable over time
  • Comes in awkward center-free rolls
  • More expensive than alternatives

Scott – Multifold Paper Towels

What more reliability do you need than buying a product from a trusted brand? The Scott multifold paper towels have assisted us for many years in housekeeping and keeping our offices clean, and it is no different with this new product.

scott multifold paper towels
scott multifold paper towels

We all know that a business bathroom can get messy quickly, whether it is because people are in a rush, or they don’t have the proper tools to clean.

Fortunately, these are one of the best multifold paper towels on the market, providing 9.2×9.4″ of paper for different purposes. The absorbency pockets have superior capacity while still creating less waste, which ensures an outstanding performance to dry those surfaces.

Also, the trifold paper towel design allows it to soak up water or other liquids fast. Like, incredibly fast. More so than many other brands that fail to do it, with the paper towel getting soaked at first touch.

It is compatible with most towel dispensers, distributing one each time, and giving you the possibility to dispose of it afterward.

  • Ideal for any application
  • Completely lint-free
  • Trifold design for extra durability
  • 1-Ply build won’t be as absorbent as others
  • Scratchy surface can feel uncomfortable

Best Guest Bathroom Paper Towel

When we have people come over, we want everything to look perfect. To impress them and keep them happy, here we have the top picks for the best guest paper towels for your bathroom.

BloominGoods – Guest Bathroom Paper Hand Towels

These guest bathroom paper towels are the perfect choice to surprise your guests by absorbing large quantities of liquid and substances.

BloominGoods Guest Bathroom Paper Hand Towels
BloominGoods Guest Bathroom Paper Towels

They use dense paper material for their structural design. Although they provide a similar feeling to that of cloth linen, these rolls are disposable, making them more convenient.

Regardless, the material is still pretty soft to the touch. It is elegant and provides as many benefits as more expensive paper towels would. However, for the price, it is an affordable alternative that doesn’t lose any of its quality.

Another one of its benefits is that, because it is a disposable product, it is often more hygienic than cloth towels. It is yet another benefit that your guests will appreciate for its convenience and cleanliness that only linen-feeling paper towels can offer.

So, don’t waste your time and money looking for that simulated linen product. With this guest paper hand towels for the bathroom, your guests, family, and yourself will have everything you need to keep things clean.

  • Astoundingly soft texture
  • Totally affordable for the quality
  • Highly hygienic, disposable build
  • Stiff build can minimize usage
  • Not enough liquid absorbency

BloominGoods – Decorative Paper Guest Towels For Bathroom

This paper towel pack comes from the same brand as the previous one. However, they’ve added a few noticeable changes while continuing to provide the many advantages from past versions.

BloominGoods decorative paper guest towels
BloominGoods decorative paper guest towels for bathroom

The one difference that jumps out is the new design. It has an incredible golden pattern on the far end of it, which makes it the most beautiful decorative paper guest towels for a bathroom currently available on the market.

For more convenience, the folded measurements are 8.5×4”, and 12×17” when unfolded. Its size allows you to place it in many types of holders, and it adapts well regardless of where you use it.

They are efficient paper towels for bathrooms, kitchens, and many other areas.

It’s made of a cloth-like material, giving it the softness everyone can appreciate, with the absorbency that we require, especially during special events.

Special gatherings are where this product shines the most. Let’s say that the year is ending, and you need high-quality Christmas paper guest towels for your bathroom – you should look no further than this product.

  • Beautiful printed design
  • Extreme softness
  • Useful for any application
  • Stiffer than expected
  • Not white as advertised

Best Absorbent Paper Towels

Don’t you hate it when your paper towel gets ruined without absorbing 10% of the liquid on the floor? Fortunately, we have the following products with incredible absorbing capacity.

Bounty – Super Absorbent Paper Towels

Spending time in the kitchen creates some of the best memories you can have with your family, and it is always fun. Cleaning up afterward, however, maybe not so much, especially when you don’t have the proper tools to clean the mess created.

Fortunately, these super-absorbent paper towels will come in to save the day.

Bounty Super Absorbent Paper Towels
Bounty Absorbent Paper Towels

They’re available in a 16 pack of giant rolls with Bounty Quick Size design. When compared, this mega roll offers the same benefits as 40 regular rolls.

A test was done, and water was concentrated in the middle of the towel, with a light-red ring extending outward. After 60 seconds, the Bounty paper towel was the least saturated Similar to the Brawny paper towel, the Bounty paper towel was mainly soaked in the middle, though the water didn’t spread to the edges as it did on the Brawny paper towel.

The reason why these are the most absorbent paper towels is because of their structural design. They feature 80 more sheet of papers for each pack, so they have more than what other brands have to offer. You’ll be able to cover a lot of ground with it, it will absorb everything there is around the house.

It is two times more absorbent than the regular absorbent paper towel, at least when we compare it to national brands. Bounty’s third entry, Basic Select-A-Size paper towel which also proved to be a good option.

We also liked the customer service provided by the brand through their subscription option. It’s not obligatory, but it allows you to make quick purchases when you run out of paper towels.

  • Extremely cheap
  • Outstanding absorbency
  • Long-lasting and sturdy build
  • Leaves some lint after used
  • Creases are not well-made

Brawny – Most Absorbent Paper Towel

Here we have yet another paper towel option for the most absorbent paper towel currently available on the market. The Brawny paper towel pack includes 16 XL rolls, which provide the same quantity and quality you’d receive from 32 regular ones.

Brawny Most Absorbent Paper Towel
Brawny Absorbent Paper Towel

Another advantage of buying this product is that it doesn’t consume as much space as 32 items would.

These absorbent paper towels are strong, durable, and capable of cleaning up spills around the house. Naturally, the usage depends on your needs, but there are plenty more things you can do with it, such as cleaning the kitchen, wiping the bathroom, and much more.

Because of its XL size, you might encounter some issues with the paper towel holders in your house. To avoid it, make sure it fits before buying. Nonetheless, that’s a minor concern that doesn’t take away from any of the benefits that come with it.

For the price, this paper towel is one of the best on the market. The sturdiness and absorbing capacity turn it into an investment that you won’t regret making.

  • Large and durable rolls
  • Absorbs really well
  • Excellent price for the quality
  • Huge towel size doesn’t fit some holders
  • Has a somewhat rough texture

Best Kitchen Paper Towels

Viva, Selpak, or Sparkle paper towels, which one is the best? Here are our top picks to help you maintain the beauty of your kitchen.

Viva – Soft Kitchen Paper Towels

The Viva soft paper towels come in a 12 pack of rolls, which is comparable to 30 regular rolls.

Each kitchen paper towel roll from this package features 143 TaskSize sheets, making it a total of 1,716+ sheets that cover you during kitchen maintenance. In comparison, these rolls are thinner than previous models from the brand, but they’re still comfortable to use.

Viva Soft Kitchen Paper Towels
Viva Soft Paper Towels

This paper towel for kitchens is both soft and strong. It absorbs almost anything with its micro-texture design, which makes it capable of lifting and removing even the tough messes on kitchen areas.

Although it feels a little different than previous paper towels from Viva, it doesn’t fail to provide high-quality and absorbent qualities with a smooth texture, and while still delivering the same cloth-like durability that every kitchen utensil needs.

The Viva kitchen paper towel has proven to be a reliable ally in making our kitchen look spotless. Undoubtedly, with this new offer, they continue to help homeowners around the world keep their kitchen as beautiful as it can be.

  • Soft yet effective texture for cleaning
  • Excellent value for the cost
  • Thin and flexible for ease of use
  • Falls apart easily
  • Hard to rip off the roll

Sparkle – kitchen Paper Towel

Perhaps it is because we love different approaches, but the pattern design created for these paper products is one of the unique features that got us interested in it.

Sure, it is not an essential thing to consider before buying, and it is not more important than its absorbing capacity, but it is interesting nonetheless. It makes cleaning a little bit more fun, even if it’s a tiny bit.

Sparkle kitchen Paper Towel
Sparkle Paper Towel

Now, talking about things that matter, these paper towels come in a 24 giant roll pack, which would be similar to 36 regular rolls.

They include 107 sheets per roll, and thirst pockets designed to absorb every bit of liquid drop, stains, and other substances that may be lying around the kitchen.

This kitchen paper towel uses a 2-ply structure. Its white coloring makes it pretty standard, like most others. However, the surface of the paper has an incredible pattern design that doesn’t make it any less comfortable.

Whether you use it to wipe up small spills or to cover food in the microwave, there’s little to nothing this kitchen paper towel can’t do.

  • Good-looking pattern design
  • Huge size for the cost
  • Perfect absorbency for any job
  • Thinner than expected
  • Leaves some paper-dust behind

Best Organic Paper Towel

Organic paper towels provide the benefits of high-quality cleaning products while remaining an eco-friendly material that helps the environment. These products are our top picks for this category.

Bambaw – Organic Bamboo Paper Towels

These organic bamboo paper towels are washable, giving you the option to cover a lot of ground, take some time to clean up, and then reuse it once again.

bambaw organic bamboo paper towels
bambaw bamboo paper towels

It might seem like a little detail that is thrown around easily these days, but your finances at the end of the month will appreciate cutting the expenses of high-priced paper towel products. So much so, that this product can do what 65 single-use kitchen rolls of the can, and be just as durable.

Its strength combined with the bamboo’s thickness creates an eco-friendly paper towel, with higher resistance and more absorbent capacity.

Additionally, they’re antibacterial as well. The bio-agent found in natural bamboo gets rid of 70% of nasty bacteria and viruses that might find their way into our home.

Because of this, your family won’t only have soft and comfortable organic paper towels, but it will also be safe to use them and help out doing some cleaning.

The applications of these eco soft paper towels vary, giving you the option to use them on steel, plastic, glass, and more surfaces.

  • Unique Bamboo build for extra durability
  • Gets rid of bacteria and germs
  • Soft and highly absorbent
  • Very expensive
  • Comes in small 65-sheet rolls

Aumland – Eco Friendly White Paper Towels

This white paper towel has many advantages, such as higher versatility to cover many surfaces. You can use it to clean, dust, wipe, mope, and anything else you can come up with to remove those stains off the surface.

Aumland Eco Friendly White Paper Towels
Aumland Eco Friendly Paper Towels

A single roll from this pack equals 60 regular paper towels off standard sheet sizes and shapes. Also, after use, you have the option to wash them numerous times before having to dispose of them.

This white paper towel is eco-friendly, as well. It joins the selective group of products that aim to make our lives easier without ruining the environment around us. Furthermore, it uses biodegradable material, which produces zero waste after you’re finished with it.

Another advantage of using the bamboo material is that it doesn’t leave an unpleasant odor after cleaning up a mess.

If you’re wondering where to use it, well, anywhere that needs liquid absorbing: areas like kitchens, the bathroom, or vehicles can be easily wiped with these organic paper towels.

  • Thick and hugely absorbent bamboo paper
  • Works for any type of application
  • Totally reusable and washable for 85 times
  • Feel a little stiff, which loses flexibility
  • Textured surface can be a little rough

Best Soft Paper Towel

Soft paper towels provide plenty of benefits, especially for our loved ones with sensitive skin. These two products are our picks for when we need soft paper towels alternatives.

American Homestead – Soft Paper Towels

This heavenly soft towel packs a feeling similar to what real linen would give us. It is thicker and much softer than a regular towel. It has an incredible absorbing capacity while remaining soft on the skin.

American Homestead Soft Paper Towels
American Soft Paper Towels

These towels’ absorbing capacity makes them suitable for homes or, you can use it at work, or to cover you during special events making it compatible with different lifestyles. Regardless of the circumstance, these soft paper hand towels are disposable, which makes them more convenient and affordable.

To stay on top of the competition this towel features modern technology that enhances the qualities of its materials. By combining cotton with high-quality paper fibers, the company creates soft-touch paper towels that feel comfortable, even when you’re removing unpleasant stains.

Also, the ultra-ply paper is durable, giving you a reliable ally to keep everything clean and neat to get you through those long events without guests leaving a mess behind them.

We weren’t sure at first, but the towel’s treatment of the little ones sold us because while they are thick and sturdy, they’re also the comfortably soft paper towels for baby care, especially for taking care of their noses without hurting them.

  • Very sturdy and thick design
  • Superb durability with premium build
  • Extremely soft and gentle on surfaces
  • Not the highest absorbency
  • Not reusable

eDayDeal – Luxury Soft Paper Hand Towels

Having soft and strong paper towels will provide many benefits that we might not realize at first, but that we’ll appreciate later when we have to clean up after our family or guests.

eDayDeal luxury soft paper hand towels
eDayDeal luxury paper hand towels

When you get them, you will receive nothing less than benefits from them. These are magically soft paper towels that you could use for a variety of purposes, such as cleaning places like the sink, which are often messy or to remove the remaining makeup from off your face.

The absorbent cloth used to create the towels gives it the capacity to clean stains without becoming uncomfortable. Of course, it has its limits, but you’ll be able to make the best of it because they’re disposable, too.

Another element that might pique your interest in their biodegradable design. It benefits our planet when we use products that are friendly to the eco-system. One step at the time!

Overall, these luxuriously soft, white paper hand towels will help you cover your tracks when the situation requires it.

  • Cheap for the magnificent quality
  • Biodegradable components
  • High-quality linen for strength
  • Expensive
  • Small design

How to Choose the Best Paper Towels?

The market doesn’t lack paper towels. When you’re looking for the best ones, there are many things you’ll hear that, quite honestly, many of us can’t understand completely.

But we’ll help you sort it out by providing a list of things to consider before buying. Here you go:

Paper Towel Size

Sheet Size

If you’ve gone through some options already, then you’ve probably encountered terms like “select a size,” and other similar phrases.

What does it mean? Nothing too essential, in all honesty.

This is nothing more than an indicator that you’ll be able to tear off the sheet at the right size without ruining the paper.

In most cases, it is quite common to find 6×11″ paper towels categorized under that standard, but you can also find 11×11″ models too. The first one works for smaller purposes, while the other is better for more general tasks. Either way, the choice depends on what you need.

Ply Design Paper Towel

Ply Design

The number of layers in each paper towel sheet determines the ply paper towels quantity that the product offers. Usually, you can find this information on the outside of the packaging. The most common amount of ply is either one or two. A two-ply product is capable of getting most of the job done easily.

Ultra Absorbent Paper Towel


How do you know when a paper towel has superior absorbency? Every brand will tell you their products are the best, which means that there’s no real way of knowing other than learning about the product and what it has to offer. This is why it’s better to look at performance metrics.

Later on in the article, we have the best absorbent paper towel section, which includes two of our picks capable of absorbing more than regular towels and standard brands.

To choose these towels, we reviewed the number of sheets, the size of the rolls, how much pressure is needed to tear them, and did a couple of tests that made it easier to choose and select the best two of them currently available. We all know how nice it is to have a towel that tears perfectly along the perforation.

Paper Towel Price


Even though some paper towels are more expensive than others, all of them can complete house tasks and help you clean up the mess left behind after a party or family reunion. So, that’s when it all comes down just to how much you’re willing to pay for it.

An efficient method to figure out if it’s worth paying for or not is to divide the cost by the roll quantity. That calculation gives you an exact number of how much you’re paying for every single one of the rolls, which makes it easier to decide if you want to buy it or consider other options.

Eco Friendly Paper Towel


We all know that using paper has done a lot of damage to the environment, and there are some methods to avoid causing more damage.

Paper towels are a necessary item to have around the house, but you can always consider buying eco-friendly products and lend a helping hand to avoid hurting our eco-system.

That’s why we’ve listed a couple of alternatives that use natural materials such as bamboo. Also, some of them are available unbleached, which is even better.

If you are environment conscious, go for bamboo towels.

Regardless, the purpose of having an eco-friendly paper towel is that we can learn how to reduce its use, instead of increasing it.

Why Should You Use Paper Towels?

Despite the general arguments about paper towels not being eco-friendly enough, we just can’t shake them off our daily life, can we?

One way or the other, we have to use paper towels every day because there is no denying that, in some situations, paper towels are just superior to anything else in their category. So, here are some reasons why you should use paper towels.

Kitchen Rags Are Unhygienic

The first reason that there is to why we should be using paper towels is obvious. Kitchen rags or cloths are prone to germs and bacteria growth because of their surroundings.

And the constant humidity ensures that the kitchen rag stays damp most of the time, and those of us who studied science know that that’s the ideal condition for harmful bacteria to multiply and grow.

No Need to Go through the Hassle of Washing

So to use your kitchen rag every day, you have to make sure you clean it every day. And just washing it with water won’t do the job. You have to use anti-bacterial detergent or vinegar warm water mixture, bleach, baking soda, borax, etc. to completely sanitize your kitchen rag.

To be honest, doing this every day can be a bit of a hassle. Instead, if you use paper towels, your job is cut down to half. You just use them once to clean up the mess and throw them out—no need to clean up after them.

Some Cases You Can’t Do without Them

Now, let me provide you with a couple of scenarios, and you decide which kind of kitchen towel you will choose. Imagine you have to put your bacon in the microwave oven for that extra crisp. Or you have to eat some fried food, and you need to get the extra oil out of the food.

Which towel will you use in these cases, your regular kitchen rag or paper towels?

The answer is obvious; we will use paper towels. In these situations, you can’t use your kitchen rags because it would mean getting rid of it for good. After all, washing grease stains off a cloth are much more difficult.

Environment-Friendly Paper Towels

Now there are paper towels that are biodegradable and often made of recycled substances. We can use those and stay environment-friendly. And a fun fact that most people don’t know is that, especially in America, the young trees used to make paper towels are replanted and cut down to make paper towels again.

In simple words, the trees are grown for the sole purpose of making paper towels out of them. They are then replanted and grown until they are young trees again to be used to make paper towels. I know this is not much of a consolation, but at least new trees are not being cut down.

Best Brands of Paper Towel

In our selection of the paper towels we enumerated in this article, only the best brands were considered. So, here you have the names of the reliable ones you can look for.


The brawny towel is in the top position at the moment. Their products offer reliability, comfort, and the proper sheet number for most household tasks.


The bounty comes close in position number two. We listed one of their products as the best absorbent paper towels, and that’s because they are strong enough to soak large portions of water. But Brawny and Bounty both have similar quality.

The two brands above are the perfect example of the fact that you don’t need many sheets to get the job done right.


This is also one of the best brands. This brand, unlike most other manufacturers, labels its products as a one-ply design. However, the V-weave technology used to create them works similarly to the 2-ply layer paper towels.


The Scott brand couldn’t be left behind, either. They have a strong reputation to back up with each one of their products, and they deliver efficiently.

There’s a reason why they don’t rank higher up, though, and that’s because its prices are higher, but the paper towels don’t match up to those previous brands we discussed before.

Great Value

Finally, we’re giving some attention to Great Value. They may not be the best when compared to other towel brands, but it wouldn’t be fair to not include them. This brand’s paper towels are more than capable of considering their low price.

Kitchen Roll Vs Paper Towel

During your search, you might encounter products labeled as kitchen rolls or paper towels, and that’s when you wonder: they look fairly similar, so what’s the difference?

Well, if we were, to be honest, there aren’t many differences other than their purpose.

Kitchen rolls are better to use around the kitchen, as its name states. They’re quite good at absorbing liquids from the countertop or remnants that dishes might have left. These substances could be either water, oil, or much more.

Paper towels, however, cover more ground. While you can still use them for any purpose your heart desires, they’re generally better for quick uses in areas like the bathroom.

Either way, their names don’t keep you from being able to use them anywhere you want. They both absorb liquids, and that’s enough for us.

Single-Use Paper Towels vs. Reusable Cloth Towels

Below, we’ll compare both single-use paper towels and reusable cloth towels feature-by-feature. Let’s try to find the strong and weak points of the two towels.

Effects on the Environment

Here, we’ll discuss their impact on the environment.

Paper Towels

You might be thinking how much of a difference can a bunch of paper towels you use can make in harming the environment. If it didn’t cause any harm, it wouldn’t have been a problem, and there wouldn’t be so many movements and attempts to save our deteriorating environment.

Paper towels, in general, contribute to six million pounds of waste in a day because people all over the world are using them and thinking the same thing. Moreover, once they are dumped and start to decompose, they release methane gas, which is very harmful to the environment.

And paper towels waste make up 40% of America’s waste landfill, making the paper industry the third biggest industry, which directly causes global warming. Not to mention that increases usage of paper towels has led to massive deforestation.

Also, the factories that manufacture these paper towels dump usually their chemical wastes in the water bodies nearby the factories, which in return can huge contributions to water pollution.

But the bright side is companies have been trying to level down the pollution done solely due to paper towels. There are now paper towels that are biodegradable or made out of recycled items, which make the situation a little better. However, it is nowhere clean to tackle the total damage done to nature.

Reusable Cloth

As common sense dictates that reusable cloth is more ecofriendly then paper towels as we can use the same rag again and again, and when it gets dirty, we simply wash it. It reduces the paper wastage we talked about before. Pretty much any piece of cloth can be used as a rag in your kitchen.

Even if you want to purchase some fancy kitchen towels, they are quite cheap and are often made with recycled materials making them even more eco-friendly. People have been using it since long before paper towels were invented, and we cannot see a time where people will stop using them.

Hygiene Issues

Let’s talk about their hygiene issues.

Paper Towels

Papers towels can be super effective and efficient when it comes to wiping a mess, May that being in the kitchen, floor, or anywhere, fast.

You just put a bunch of them on top of the spill, and it will absorb the moisture and stop it from spreading. And you simply throw it out after you use them, so there is no harm of germs spreading. It is a safe bet if you think of yourself as a very hygiene person.

Reusable Cloth

However, we can safely say that clothes are much more environmentally friendly, but what about hygiene? Kitchen cloths are one of the first places that always get contaminated by germs and disease-causing bacteria.

As they stay in a place with constant humidity, which tends to keep the towels damp most of the time and comes in contact with hostile surfaces and things which can be the home for horrid microorganisms. So, you should be careful of the kitchen rags in your kitchen.

Hence, to keep using your kitchen cloth rags, you have to make sure you clean it properly and regularly. One of the common recommendations is that you wash your kitchen towels at least once every two days, but you should clean them as soon as you realize it came in contact with something that can contaminate it.

No matter which manufacturers you prefer, even if it’s from your favorite brands, make sure to go through the consumer reports, their user experience, and reviews from verified users before buying a specific model.

In terms of towels, a good towel makes cleaning tasks easier. Having a bad product can make tough jobs tougher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which paper towel brand absorbs the most water?

A: The Bounty paper towels have proven to be excellent at absorbing large water quantities without losing their consistency. Not only with water, but with a variety of liquids and substances. You can also read bounty paper towel reviews.

Q: What are paper towels made of?

A: Originally, paper towels were made of a wood material called cellulose fiber. It is responsible for a variety of products and plants, such as cotton and trees, among others.

Q: What paper towels are the strongest?

A: Although the number of sheets is a factor, you’ll find that the strongest paper towels don’t necessarily have more sheets. Products from Bounty have proven to be the strongest, and they do it all without having a sheet number that is high.

Q: Are paper towels reusable?

A: Some of them give you the possibility of washing and using them again, yes.

Q: Are bamboo paper towels any good?

A: Yes, they are. A product being organic doesn’t mean it takes away any of its benefits.


Keeping our house clean and taking care of unpleasant stains was never as easy as it is now, all of which is possible with the best paper towels. Now those nasty spill issues won’t bother you any longer.