The Best Way to Clean Your Windows With Best Window Cleaning Cloths

Windows are the perfect medium to look at the beauty of the eco-system outside our home. Hey, we’re not judging here! But how are we going to do that when the windows are dirty?

No way!

We have to fix that as soon as possible so we can continue with our daily activities, whatever they may be.

Here’s when the best window cleaning cloths come into play. These products are impressive for the wonders they can accomplish using water and nothing more than a little effort. Get a couple of these items, and your windows will remain spotless throughout the day.

best window cleaning cloth

Before going into our window cleaning cloths review, let’s find out how to pick the right one.

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Best Window Cleaning Cloths Review

Eager to know what are the top cloths for cleaning your windows? Then let’s not wait any longer. Here are the most efficient picks currently available in the market.

Microfiber Wholesale Windows Cleaning Cloths

Even though cleaning cloths don’t have to be beautiful, we still appreciate having good-looking items at our disposal. To clean our windows with style, here’s a set of 8 cloths that are among the most efficient and well-designed out there.

Microfiber Wholesale Windows Cleaning Cloths
Microfiber Wholesale Cleaning Cloths

There are six cloths in blue and a pair of green. While the latter is more appealing than the first, both are equally efficient at what they do. That is, cleaning different surfaces.

The way you want to use them is going with the green cloth, slightly dampen, and then continuing the process using the blue cloth while it is completely dry. By doing it this way, you guarantee that the surfaces will look spotless after you finish.

These cloths are a secure alternative to harmful sprays and strong chemicals that would hurt your hands, and the windows too.

While the cloths are lint-free, you have to be careful when you’re washing them, as they will pick up lint left behind by other pieces. Removing that residue afterward could be tricky.

When you’re washing the cloths in the machine, keep them away from cotton and similar fibers.

  • Beautiful cloths
  • Has a simple two-method cleaning process
  • Machine washable
  • Environment-friendly
  • No chemicals needed
  • Require special treatment when washing to prevent picking up lint

E-Cloth Cleaning Cloth & Polishing Cloth for Windows

If you’re looking for the ultimate window cleaning supplies, then you have come to the right place. Our next set of two pieces delivers everything you need to leave your windows as if they were brand new, with barely any mark or spot on the surface.

E-Cloth Cleaning Cloth & Polishing Cloth for Windows
E-Cloth Cleaning Cloth & Polishing Cloth

There are two items in this set: the window scrubbing cloth, and the polishing cloth. They work pretty similar to our previous pick; use one to clean surfaces like windows or frames, and the other one works efficiently to keep glass dry, without streaks, or marks across their surface.

The material used to produce these cloths is microfiber. Combine it with a slight amount of water, and these tools will remove bacteria, pollen, and other contaminants. The high-quality fibers ensure every bit of dust is locked away, up until you wash the cloths.

Even then, the clothes underperform when you compare them to products from other brands, like Norwex. The fabric doesn’t absorb as much as those products, which is disappointing.

That’s the main concern customers have when it comes to these cloths. Other than that, they are worth the money.

  • Stylish cloths
  • Affordable price
  • Set of two pieces to clean and polish
  • Durable
  • Not as absorbent as cloths from Norwex, for example

Microfiber Magic Cloth for Window Cleaning

These cloths look like your standard cleaning rag, but they’re far better. With a natural cleaning process that doesn’t require chemicals, you can use every one of the pieces in this set to remove contaminants off many surfaces, including, of course, windows.

Microfiber Magic Cloth for Window Cleaning
Microfiber Magic Cloth for Cleaning

The set offers three pieces, which are totally white and measure 16-inch. When you’re using them, the cloths soak the moisture up efficiently, leaving a dry surface afterward; there may be streaks left behind, but it won’t take long before they disappear.

A clear example where the cloths require extra effort would be cleaning over stainless steel. Over the said surface, it is more likely that streaks will be more noticeable.

But they work well over other surfaces. Since the cloths are versatile, you can use them to clean mirrors, windows, and countertops, among many other household areas.

Before using the cloths, you have to wash and rinse them properly. Otherwise, they will leave many traces of lint behind even from the first time you use them.

This set of microfiber window cleaning cloths is placed among the best for their reliable performance and low value.

  • Affordable price
  • No chemicals required
  • Perfect for household and vehicle cleaning
  • The cloths leave temporal streaks over stainless steel

The Rag Company Professional Window Cleaning Cloths

Have you heard how people say looks may be deceiving? That’s what happens with this set of cloths; they look dull and don’t seem to be like proper cleaning tools, but once you pass it over the windows, contaminants will no longer remain over it.

THE RAG COMPANY Professional Window Cleaning Cloths
THE RAG COMPANY Window Cleaning Cloths

The cloths measure 16×16-inch, and while the size is nothing new as most other cleaning cloths have the same measurement, the construction process of these products makes them reliable supplies. They have a 350 GSM structure, featuring the 70/30 blend for optimum performance.

Now, among the most interesting features these cloths provide, we have a dual-texture design. On one side, you get dirt-gripping fabric capable of removing almost everything, while the other side has a silky texture to leave a perfect finish. There will be no streaks, and no lint left behind.

Moreover, the microfiber used to produce the cloths is outstanding. It is an AA grade material considered among the best, often used by professionals for the incredible results it provides. Nonetheless, there’s a small drawback: the cloths often feel too thin for some people.

  • 350 GSM construction, featuring AA-grade microfiber
  • Five cloths included in this set
  • Dual-layered design
  • Durable
  • The towels are too thin when compared to other products here
  • Expensive

PERSIK Pure-Sky Window Cleaning Cloth

Surely, one of the very first things you’ll notice about this product is its high price. Other alternatives offer more for less, so why would you even consider this cloth? Here, we’ll tell you why.

PERSIK Pure-Sky Window Cleaning Cloth
PERSIK Pure-Sky Cleaning Cloth

The reason why you want this cleaning cloth is the dual-layered structure, which proves its efficiency no matter where you clean. It optimizes the maintenance tasks by performing a thorough cleaning and polishing. With only a little scrubbing, the surfaces look perfect.

To produce this cloth, the manufacturer follows a thoughtful process using ultra-microfiber. There are over 1,000 strands per yarn, which allow the materials to remove dirt and dust off many surfaces with water as the unique external requirement.

Through such a simple cleaning process, the microfiber removes almost everything. Since the microfiber material is soft too, everyone gets to use the cloth comfortably over their surfaces of preference.

When using this product, keep in mind the following: since it feels a little dense, it would be better to use it unfolded. Also, to guarantee the results expected, don’t use too much water.

  • Beautiful cleaning cloth
  • Dual-layered structure
  • Comfortable microfiber design
  • Works over different surfaces
  • The cloth may feel too dense
  • High price

Norwex Basic Window & Enviro Cloth Set

Perhaps you want a basic cleaning cloth instead? If that’s the case, Norwex offers an alternative that would be a safe bet for everybody.

Norwex Basic Window & Enviro Cloth Set
Norwex Basic Window Cloth

These cloths are a couple of items capable of removing dust, dirt, and other elements like grease. It is an ideal cleaning supply for most washable surfaces.

You don’t need strong chemicals for proper maintenance. Instead, use water, and it is more than enough. Then, use the cloths over windows, glass, jewelry, and other accessories. They are also compatible with stainless steel or chrome finishes, to name a few.

As the title states, there are two pieces included in this set: the Envirocloth, which measures 14 x 14-inch, and the window cloth, measuring at 18 x 18-inch. When compared, these dimensions are slightly above the average cleaning cloth for windows.

If you’re wondering about the purpose of each piece, we’ll go through briefly. You can use the Enviro cloth with water to clean the desired surface. Then, use the window cloth to polish the surface, leaving a perfect finish. Both items fulfill their roles satisfactorily.

What is even more surprising about this set of cloths is their price, which is way too high.

  • Set of two cloths
  • Perfect for cleaning and polishing
  • The pieces clean over different surfaces
  • Large window cloth
  • High price

Trendy Bartender Polishing Cloth for Windows

When your standard cleaning cloth is not enough to cover certain surfaces, your best approach would be to acquire a larger set.

That’s what you receive when buying this package: five cloths that measure 25×20-inch each. It is more than necessary, and you won’t have any excuses to leave that window dirty.

Trendy Bartender Polishing Cloth for Windows
Trendy Bartender Polishing Cloth

Of course, a large size doesn’t mean anything if the material is not effective. That’s why these cloths are microfiber pieces, allowing you to reduce the maintenance time. What once took you a couple of hours of cleaning, will now take no more than several minutes.

By featuring smooth microfiber, these cloths leave clean surfaces on windows and crystals as well as on jewelry. Because of their high efficiency, people have the opportunity to use them at their homes, office, restaurant, and many other environments.

Depending on the surface, you can use the cloths either wet or dry. They perform well in both states, so there’s no need to worry too much about that.

Just like the large size is one of the advantages of these cloths, it could also be a problem since you’d have to do some awkward movements to use them properly.

  • Large size to cover surfaces quickly
  • No streaks nor lint left on surfaces
  • Reusable cloths
  • The large size could be awkward to handle

Comfit Microfiber Window & Mirror Cleaning Streak-Free Cloths

With this set, you get eight cloths in four different colors: pink, orange, green, and blue. While they are not that different from the previous picks, they do offer some design variety. The pieces are versatile too! You get to use them to clean windows, car parts, and steel surfaces, among others.

Comfit Microfiber Window & Mirror Cleaning Streak-Free Cloths
Comfit Microfiber Window & Mirror Cleaning Cloths

The cloths measure 16×16-inch, a standard size that will serve you well for most tasks. Since the construction material is microfiber, you have the opportunity to clean without using any chemicals; it is both safe for your hands, and less expensive as well.

To understand how these cloths work, we must look deep within the fiber. There are countless small pockets, which are highly efficient at absorbing moisture, and other pollutants. After use, maintaining the cloths is not a problem either.

These cloths are not lint-free entirely, though. You may notice some residues left behind by the fabric. Another issue is that the texture may feel too thin for certain customers. Keep that in mind before making your final call.

  • Available in different colors
  • Versatility to clean many surfaces
  • Microfiber construction
  • Small pockets deep within the fiber suck moisture up
  • These cloths may leave lint behind under some circumstances
  • Not too thick

Auto Care Glass Cleaning Cloths Towels

This set of eight cleaning cloths manages to meet most of our expectations, and better yet, the pieces are available at an incredibly low price. With only a small investment that doesn’t hurt your pocket, you receive high-quality cleaning supplies to clean most surfaces like windows.

Auto Care Glass Cleaning Cloths Towels

Each of the eight cloths features classic polyester and polyamide construction, which delivers many benefits to people using them while cleaning. For example, the pieces are lint-free, ensuring a comfortable performance throughout their lifespan.

The stitching at the edges is another highlighted feature of these products. Created with seaming threads, they will withstand regular use. This high-quality threading makes the cloths more durable, preventing issues like tearing or unraveling.

Like the other top cloths in our reviews, there’s no need to use chemicals with these cleaning cloths. You can use water to remove pollutants, even off hard surfaces.

Despite the benefits they provide to us, these blue window cleaning cloths measure 12×12-inch, making them among the smallest you’ll find here. The small size could be frustrating when cleaning large surfaces.

  • Soft and comfortable cloths
  • Lint-free performance
  • High water absorbency
  • Durable edges
  • Low price
  • The size of these cloths is too small

Norwex Pink Microfiber Window Cloth

Perhaps not the most interesting cloth out there, but this pick does get the job done while cleaning windows. As you can see, it is a pink piece without any other color or pattern printed over it. This item measures 17×17-inch, and perhaps the size is one of its best advantages.

Norwex Pink Microfiber Window Cloth

Because, when using this cloth, you’ll be able to cover a lot of the surface quickly. With barely one pass, any marks left by particles, dust, or dirt gets taken off of the windows. Since the cloth uses soft fibers, there are no chances of leaving any scratches behind either.

During the cleaning tasks, make sure to have some precautions regarding this cloth; you don’t want it too wet, or risk leaving a streak behind that will require the use of a larger towel to remove it. Try keeping the cloths at a balanced wet level.

Still, for the price, not many people would consider this cloth to be worth it. Once you know other offers provide more pieces by paying less, this cleaning cloth doesn’t seem to be a top pick anymore.

  • 17×17-inch size
  • Removes dirt, dust, and more
  • For a single cloth, the price to pay is too high

How to Choose the Best Window Cleaning Cloth

Here are the essential features to take into consideration to help you choose the right cloth.

window cleaning towel Meterial

Microfiber Material

If you want the perfect cleaning tool, you’re going to need microfiber tools. Perhaps you’ll find some alternatives out there, but they won’t be as efficient as the microfiber material, which is an outstanding choice for a variety of reasons.

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Most importantly, the microfiber, which is a polyester and polyamide combination, makes it possible to clean most surfaces without leaving traces like streaks or marks behind. You can’t go wrong with microfiber cloths. Throughout our reviews, you’ll discover more about its many benefits.

window cleaning towel size


The dimension of the cloths is a decisive factor of how good they are. Pick a larger towel, and you’ll probably clean the windows faster. With a smaller one, it may take you more time, but they could be more comfortable to handle.

Large cloths are good, but they may be more complicated to use since there’s too much fabric. Under some circumstances, that extra fabric becomes frustrating. The most convenient size is usually 16×16-inch. Use that for reference.


Buying sets of cloths may be cheap, but perhaps they are not as efficient as the other single products available. Deciding how many cloths you need does depend on how you intend to use them. What you need to know is that there’s one for everyone, and you can go for just one or many of them.

Dual-Layered Structure Design

If you’re wondering what dual-layer means, it is a cleaning cloth that offers the best performance possible; not only are dual-layered cloths very efficient at cleaning windows, but you can also use the other side to polish the surface for a perfect finish.

Not every cloth offers this feature, so you must keep that in mind as you read the reviews. On some occasions, you’ll need a separate cloth or towel to polish the surfaces.

There’s a third choice: going for a set that offers both cleaning and polishing cloths. They’re not common, but some are available. On our reviews, there is at least one offer that provides two different cloths for each task.

How Do You Wash Window Cleaning Cloths?

To wash your cleaning cloths properly, follow the instructions. Once you get your hands on them, wash the cloths before first use. That’s an essential step that will help the fabric perform better.

Then, once you get over the cleaning tasks, you can wash the cloths using the washing machine, at least in most cases. If you decide to care for it through this method, avoid fabric softeners at all costs.

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When the washing cycle finishes, avoid putting the cloths in the dryer. Instead, let them air-dry. How about bleach? While it is not necessary to use it always, you can add a small portion whenever the cloth requires it.

How to Use Norwex Window Cleaning Cloths?

It probably caught your attention that, while reviewing the Basic Package by Norwex, there were two items included: the Window Cloth and the Enviro Cloth. But how does that work, exactly? We covered it slightly, but we’ll explain it a little bit more in this section.

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Enviro Cloth

The Enviro Cloth is the typical cloth you use to clean surfaces. To make it work efficiently, use it damp for standard household cleaning, especially over soiled areas.

Over those surfaces, the cloth removes contaminants that would require the use of chemicals if you did it in any other way.

Start cleaning using the Enviro Cloth folded, laying flat on the surface. As that side contacting the surface grows dirtier, unfold the cloth and fold it back to change the layers making contact with the surface.

The Window Cloth

This cloth is the one you want to polish the surfaces with. Pour a small amount of water over the window, and start polishing using the window cloth. For better results, use the window cloth after the Enviro Cloth, and try to follow the grain’s direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding window cleaning cloths:

Q: What size are window cleaning cloths?

A: The standard size for these cloths is 16×16-inch, but you can find some versions slightly above or under it. Other special picks, like our number 8, are extra-large alternatives, being available at 30×30-inch.

Q: Why choose Norwex cleaning cloths?

A: Norwex cleaning cloths offer an efficient cleaning experience that leaves pleasant results. Since they offer cloths for cleaning and polishing, the windows will look beautiful after using products from this brand.

Q: Are Norwex cleaning cloths the best?

A: It depends on the buyer. While the brand is among the best, other options deliver better or at least an equal performance.

Q: Are window cleaning cloths washable?

A: Yes, the cloths are washable. You can put them in the washing machine as long as you take some precautions like avoiding fabric softeners and bleach unless completely necessary.

Q: What can these cloths clean other than windows?

A: You can use these cloths to clean windows, jewelry, countertops, vehicles, desks, and much more stuff.

Final Words

As long as you have one of the best window cleaning cloths, a dirty window is something that shouldn’t concern you anymore. Most of these products are affordable, and better yet, highly efficient at what they do.