How to Wash Microfiber Towels and Cloths

Microfiber towels and cloths are great to keep around. Wondering why?

Well, they make great cleaning tools; they attract dust, debris, germs, and bacteria like a magnet. But when you have used them again and again to clean the dinner table, refrigerator and washing machine (and also laptops, phones, and tablets), you need to get the cloth cleaned.

How To Wash Microfiber Towel

Cleaning microfiber cloths and towels regularly is essential. That way you prevent all the dust, debris, and bacteria that they collected after all the cleaning from spreading somewhere else (which you don’t want, of course). So, knowing how to clean your microfiber towel properly is of the utmost importance.

Proper cleaning of your towel makes sure the durability of the towel keeps it soft and provides better results while cleaning. Properly drying the towel is equally important to keep it smelling fresh. You have to ensure that you are cleaning it correctly to get the absolute best results every time you use it.

Tip: When you purchase a new microfiber towel, thoroughly read its care label. It will mention the steps to clean the towel properly with all the precautions that you have to take. 

Best Way to Wash Microfiber Towels and Washcloth

  • When you are washing microfiber towels, wash them with other microfiber cloths. If you wash them with other material, there is a high chance that the towels will turn into static magnets.
  • Find a cloth bowl to stock the used microfiber/microfibers, so that they dry. You have loads to put in the washer.
  • You can use microfiber cloths to clean different sorts of things. Plus, there are varieties of microfiber towels; some are used for detailing and some for drying.  All these towels carry different sort of bacteria and germs. Therefore, you should take some time and separate these before you throw all of your towels into the machine. Doing this will reduce the chances of the cross-contamination of dust and debris during the cleaning process. Just think: you are mixing the bathroom cleaning towel with the kitchen window cleaning towel. The kitchen window cleaning towel leaves oil and stickiness during the cleaning process and can get stuck to the bathroom cleaning towel. So, separate the towels before cleaning them in the washing machine.
  • The temperature of the water matters when you are cleaning those dirty microfibers. Experts say that at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, most of the germs and microorganisms can be killed. When you are washing them in the washing machine, select hot or sanitize to ensure the proper cleaning of the cloths.
  • The kind of detergent you are using is extremely important. If you are planning on using generic laundry detergent, this will result in the improper cleaning of your microfiber towels and cloth. To achieve the best results, invest in detergents that are specifically designed for microfiber. These sorts of detergents keep towels soft and plush. However, keep the proportion of detergent small so that it gets rinsed completely and without any residue.

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  • Just a small word of caution: Avoid using fabric softener, or any chemicals that make the towel smell “fresh.” Remember, this clogs the pores of microfiber towels which attracts dust and debris. It also blocks the towel’s ability to absorb liquid. It basically hampers all the purposes of using microfiber towels.
  • However, if you really want something extra, you can add 1/4th cup of white vinegar to the machine.
  • When you are done cleaning, dry the microfiber on low to medium to kill any germs or bacteria that are left after washing.

Cleaning Microfiber Towels and Cloth by Hand:

If you want to clean the microfiber cloth by hand, trust me, it is the most straightforward way to clean it. All you will need is water and towel-specialized detergent. However, if you can use lukewarm water, that is even better. Mix the mild detergent with the warm water (not hot) and soak the microfiber towels and clothes for at least 30 minutes. Use your hand to rub and separate the dirt and grime from the microfiber. You will see the debris slowly come out of the cloth. Wash it until you see clear water coming from it. Hang it in an open space to let it air dry.

There are people who are confused about whether to dry microfiber cloths in a tumble dryer or to iron them. Let us clean the air and give you some expert ideas on the subject.

Wash Microfiber Towel on Tumble Dryer

Yes, you can use a tumble dryer.

In the event of using a tumble dryer, keep it at the lowest setting possible. Avoid drying them in high heat, as it fries the polyester in the microfiber cloth. This will leave the towel feeling crusty, hard, and stiff. When drying in a dryer, make sure you are not mixing the cloths with non-microfiber materials.

Still, I would say instead of using a dryer, go the natural way. Air-drying not only ensures the durability of the microfiber towels and cloth, making them usable for years to come, but it also prevents them from collecting small particles that frequently get caught in dryer or in the washing machine due to high heat conditions.


No, you can’t use a tumble dryer if durability is something you want.

When you iron microfiber towels and cloths, the excessive heat of the iron reduces the potential of the towel as a cleaning cloth. Plus, ironing can also leave swirls and scratches on the delicate and sensitive surface of microfiber towels.

Final Words

These are ways you can clean your ever-useful microfiber towels. So, it’s time to remove all the dirty towels and get them cleaned. Once they are clean, dry, and folded, they will not come into contact with any grime, dust, or debris.

Remember, proper cleaning of these towels ensures the durability of them for the longest period of time and keeps them in pristine condition.