How to Hang Towels in the Bathroom

Hanging towels can be tricky, and if you have a small bathroom, hanging that large towel can turn out to be a major task. Plus, hanging it properly is also important as improperly folded or hanged towels may produce unwanted odors and mildew. Therefore, it is crucial that you hang the towel on a rack properly. But how, when you have a small bathroom? Well, bring out your inner creative artist – yes, yes bring it out!

How to hang Towels in the bathroom

Bathroom Towel Arrangement Ideas

Here we have listed some of the ways you can hang a towel. Take a look at them and grab some ideas. I’m sure you will be fond of them too!

  1. Standalone racks: When looking for space to hang towels on the bathroom wall, standalone racks can be your savior. Hang towels that are similar in color to your bathroom tiles/walls on the towel rack. If the rack has attached shelves, then bingo, you can also store some folded towels, soaps, shampoo, body wash, etc.
  2. Shelf rack: Purchase a shelf rack, fold and pile a number of plain-looking towels, and put them on the rack for a luxurious touch.
  3. Attach small hooks: If you don’t want to fold your towel, you can hang it instead of small hooks; this will create an attractive, minimalist look. Spread the towel horizontally and then drape it over the hook. Make sure the towel looks triangular when it’s hanging over the hook. When you have wet towels, these hooks will come in handy as they allow the towel to dry quicker.
  4. Towel rings: You can also hang some towel rings, which look aesthetically pleasing in small bathrooms. Though they aren’t large enough to hold body towels, they do perfectly with hand and face towels. You just have to fold them horizontally, in half, and hang them over the bottom of the ring. Make sure the towel hangs in equal length on both sides.
  5. Use an old coat rack as a creative piece: Remember that old coat rack that is now collecting dust in your storeroom? Yeah, you guessed right: It’s time to put that rack to a creative task. Place it in the bathroom, near your shower, and drape some matching towels on the hooks. This way, you will always have a clean towel ready on the rack every time you are done showering.
  6. Attach a towel bar to the bathroom cabinets: To make greater use of available space, you can attach a towel bar to the cabinets. However, this towel-bar-on-cabinet idea is applicable only for small towels and washcloths. Fold your towels in half, horizontally, and then let them hang on the bar lengthwise. Plus, you can add this towel bar either on the outside or inside of the cabinet, depending on the congestion scenario in your bathroom.

Final words

There are so many ways to hang towels in the bathroom, but the ways mentioned above are certainly some of the cost-effective ways that you must try. I mean, who doesn’t love a ready towel nearby every time you are finished in the washroom!