Best Baby Washcloths and Towels (2021 Updated Reviews)

Keeping our babies happy is an enormous task that relies on parents and the proper equipment to care for the little ones.

A few items that every parent must have at their disposal are towels and washcloths. Why? Because giving your baby a bath is a pretty standard activity that could quickly go wrong if you don’t cover your baby with the right towel. The ordinary towel, classic washcloths, or ordinary cotton towels are not specifically made for babies in mind. A bath kit targeted for adults and babies is hugely different just like how baby shampoos are different from the normal ones.

Catching a cold, having irritated dry skin, and allergic reactions are only a few concerns that regularly go through a parent’s mind, and for good reasons.

That’s why today we’ll review the best baby washcloths and towels that gives you affordable options, soft texture, avoids harmful substance and adds additional specs like antibacterial properties, high absorbency that makes it soak excess water faster, mitigating bad odor or sticky situations and saving you from a load of laundry. Odor-resistant towels and organic bamboo hooded towels are great for babies.

These towels will give the babies the comfort they need on one side and have ultra-softness and absorbency on the other. Continue reading to find out more.

Here are the 5 Types of baby washcloths that serve different types of needs different from the regular washcloths. Each of these categories has at least 2 products.

Types of Baby Washcloths

Here are the 5 Types of baby washcloths that serve different types of needs. Each of these categories has at least 2 products.

Types of Baby Towels

Here we list down some baby towels which are made out of the softest fabrics and are fluffy for your dearest baby boy or baby girl. We hope you love our pick.

Best Baby Washcloth and Towel Detail Reviews

Here we reviewed every type of baby washcloths and towels and picked the best from each category. You can choose one of them depending on your needs. We picked these towels and washcloths by 15-20 days of analysis. So don’t worry about the quality.

Best Baby Washcloths for Sensitive Skin Reviews

If your baby has sensitive skin, there are many high-quality towels that will help you make their lives easier. Here we have a couple of those.

Baltic Wonder Soft Baby Washcloths For Sensitive Skin

We couldn’t start any other way than reviewing bamboo washcloths. This material is the one you need if your baby has sensitive skin. It is not only for babies either, as adults can use it as well.

Baltic Wonder Soft Baby Washcloths For Sensitive Skin
Baltic Wonder Soft Baby Washcloths For Sensitive Skin

This washcloth is very efficient at preventing bacteria from ever getting in contact with your baby’s skin. Also, you will be able to use the washcloth to replace regular soap, which often causes irritation in the body if we’re not careful.

As to how to use it, there are a variety of purposes you can use these washcloths in instances from wiping your baby’s drool to bath time, this bamboo washcloth made with bamboo organics is suitable for many different conditions and circumstances.

Other than a couple of fibers falling out when first used, there aren’t other issues that should concern you. These are the best baby washcloths for sensitive skin that you can buy.

  • Antibacterial bamboo fiber
  • Durable
  • Soft and absorbent
  • When first used, some fibers fall out

Blue Mello Ultra Soft Baby Washcloths

These washcloths feature organic bamboo, a material more than suitable to protect the sensitive skin of your baby. It is a high-quality fabric that doesn’t contain chemicals or harsh dyes that could be dangerous for our little ones.

Blue Mello Ultra Soft Baby Washcloths
Blue Mello Baby Washcloths

Bamboo is also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Washcloths made using this material are among the best as far as safety.

Another benefit of using this washcloth is that it is ultra-soft. Unlike other towels that start to feel rough after repeated washings, this one is capable of staying soft during the many wash cycles it goes through, although harsh detergents and harsh bleaching should be avoided.

Even then, the downside is that the washcloth is not durable. It doesn’t matter how careful you are; the towel starts to fall apart after some washing.

  • Ultra-soft washcloths
  • High absorbent capacity
  • Remains soft after washing
  • Affordable price
  • After washing a couple of times, some holes appeared
  • It takes a long time to dry

Best Bamboo Baby Washcloths Reviews

Are you tired of cotton not giving your baby the comfort they need? How about a bamboo alternative? With the next two items, you can be sure your baby will have the care they deserve.

Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Washcloths

Although cotton is quite a popular material, bamboo is often considered the best. These washcloths are a proper example of what this incredible material can offer to new parents looking for the best for their babies.

Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Washcloths
Brooklyn Baby Washcloths

These bamboo washcloths are more resistant when compared to other materials like cotton and silk. It is an advantage that most parents enjoy because they don’t have to worry about not having the proper equipment to care for their children.

If you decide to go for these washcloths, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind. First, you’ll notice that after many washing, the washcloths might shrink a little bit. Nonetheless, that doesn’t make them any less efficient and the towel softness remains the same.

  • Remains soft after washing
  • Easy to wash
  • Beautiful blue color
  • Durable and comfortable bamboo material
  • It shrinks after a couple of washes

Natemia Bamboo Baby Washcloths

Milk spills, food messes, and accidents involving diapers are only a few of the issues these washcloths can clean easily. Their highly absorbent capacity allows you to cover your baby’s tracks when they’re messy and untamed.

Natemia Bamboo Baby Washcloths
Natemia Baby Washcloths

The washcloths are a combination of 70 percent bamboo and 30 percent cotton. These two materials create a luxurious towel with outstanding softness ideal for babies with sensitive skin.

Another advantage of these two materials is that the washcloths are more absorbent. You’ll have six 10×10 inch baby washcloths to help you with your baby during those nasty moments.

However, don’t expect these washcloths to be durable. After a couple of months and many washes, they started to fall apart rather quickly. If you use them regularly, better have some backup, because these become unusable.

  • Six washcloths set
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Super soft
  • Highly absorbent
  • These washcloths are not durable

Best Baby Muslin Washcloths Reviews

Baby muslin washcloths and muslin towels have earned their place in every household because of how efficient they are at keeping our little ones happy. Here are our best picks for this category.

Mukin Baby Muslin Washcloths

Muslin baby bath towels are an investment every loving parent should make for their precious babies, and this product is a clear example of why.

Mukin Baby Muslin Washcloths
Mukin Baby Washcloths

As the name suggests, it’s made of 100% muslin cotton, a high-quality material that delivers comfort for every baby, even if they have delicate skin.

These washcloths measure 10×10 inches square, which is a standard size that doesn’t offer anything new but is a good baby sized towel with some different sizes and ages.

Upon arriving, we took a couple out to see how well the towels for baby would perform. Everything seemed fine at first, but after washing them for the first time, a couple started fraying at the edges.

This was disappointing considering that we didn’t do anything other than washing them as instructed by the manufacturer.

  • Soft material, suitable for delicate skin
  • 10×10 inch washcloths – standard but efficient
  • Five items included in this set
  • Some of the washcloths frayed after the first wash

Mukin Cotton Muslin Baby Washcloths Set

There are five items included in this baby muslin washcloths set. Each one measures 12×12 inches, and you get color variations too: green, yellow, blue, pink, and white washcloths. Most people prefer white above the others, but the rest of the colors are beautiful as well.

Mukin Cotton Muslin Baby Washcloths Set
Mukin Cotton Baby Washcloths Set

The muslin cotton material makes this towel machine washable, allowing you to reduce the time you’d otherwise waste washing it by hand. You only need to load it in the washer, take it to the dryer next, and reuse when it’s finished.

Of course, the material used to create this washcloth set is none other than muslin cotton. As we know by now, this material is one of the best to bring comfort to our little ones.

Still, after trying it, we noticed that it is not the softest washcloth. It felt rough on the face.

  • Five towel set, with different warm coordinated colors
  • Safe to use
  • Affordable price
  • It feels rough when you use it to wipe your face

Best Organic Baby Washcloths Reviews

When a regular towel isn’t enough for your baby, why not trying an organic washcloth? Take a look at the best ones!

San Francisco Organic Hooded Baby Washcloth

There are many reasons why bamboo makes the softest Washcloth. It is a material that delivers the most comfort while being chemical-free and easily washable.

San Francisco Organic Hooded Baby Towel
San Francisco Hooded Baby Towel

This organic baby bath Washcloth made with organic fabric, for instance, is eco-friendly, with anti-bacterial qualities to keep your baby protected at all times. It is cozy for kids, but also very cute for parents considering it features a hooded design with a pair of ears to keep the baby’s head warm while adding extra comfort. If you are familiar with the cute bear designs, bear hooded towels, animal hooded towels, bear ears ones, or the bamboo hooded towels, then, you will find it to be very similar to them. It is a premium ultra-soft organic bamboo baby hooded towel.

One of the best benefits of using this Washcloth is that it is quite large; it is suitable for newborns and toddlers and this one, in particular, is made out of organic materials.

Regardless of who uses it, the Washcloth ensures proper absorbency to keep your baby clean.

After months using the Washcloth, the results have been satisfactory. The only issue is that the edges started to fray. Not a big deal, but still disappointing.

  • Cute hooded towel with ears
  • High-quality organic bamboo fabric
  • Comfortable for newborns and toddlers
  • Edges started to fray after months of use

Ntbay Organic Cotton Baby Washcloths

This set offers six terry cloths. They measure 10×10 inches and, while the base color is white, they have captivating patterns and drawings to get your baby’s attention when they’re giving you a hard time.

Ntbay Organic Cotton Baby Washcloths
Ntbay Cotton Baby Washcloths

These organic cotton baby washcloths don’t include any dangerous agents like formaldehyde. After washing, the washcloths remain soft, protecting your baby’s skin for a long time.

For more convenience, there are small loops in every washcloth, which allows you to hang dry them.

However, during the first washing, you might notice that it shrinks in size. It is the only disadvantage we noticed.

Parents can use these washcloths for a variety of purposes: baby wipes, burp cloths, or even as a face towel for adults that can second as a makeup removal towel. The six-layer design makes the washcloths highly absorbent, durable and soft. It makes for a great baby shower gift.

  • Soft, breathable and durable cotton fabric
  • It includes six towels with different patterned designs
  • Machine washable
  • Works for people of all ages
  • It shrinks after washing

Best Soft Baby Washcloth Reviews

Having the softest baby washcloths allows us to keep our babies comfortable, which means that we get some peace of mind. At least for a little while.

These are our softest baby washcloths picks.

Pupiki Soft Baby Washcloths

With a measurement of only 10×10 inches, this washcloth is not the largest you’ll find, but it does provide other benefits that compensate for its small size.

Pupiki Soft Baby Washcloths
Pupiki Baby Washcloths

For instance, it uses organic bamboo as its base material, making it a high-quality plush towel, chemical-free, and safe for every child to use.

And, by every child, we mean every child. There are two different color sets you can choose from: blue and white for the little men of the house or pink and white for the princesses. Each set includes a total of six washcloths, allowing parents to have a back-up for those unexpected messy moments.

Additionally, this set of super-soft baby washcloths comes with a wash bag. It allows you to put every washcloth inside to perform a thorough clean, with no color fading at all.

Considering that the thread count and the quality of these washcloths are not the best, the addition of a wash bag to protect them was a wise decision.

  • Natural bamboo construction
  • Soft fabric
  • The thick design allows extra absorption
  • Includes a wash bag for more protection
  • Poor threading
  • Small size

Lovemy Super Soft Baby Washcloths

The medical-grade cotton used to produce this towel offers plenty of benefits, such as being a healthy item and breathable fabric.

Lovemy Super Soft Baby Washcloths
Lovemy Super Baby Washcloths

It is a reusable bath towel with no chemicals included, allowing you to use it for newborns as well.

Something that stood out to us was the fact that the towel doesn’t feel stiff after washing. The manufacturer recommends handwashing, which is what we did, and the feeling afterward was still comfortable on the skin.

Still, for only one towel, the price seems a little too high. We would think twice before buying it if it wasn’t because the little ones at home loved it.

  • Chemical-free cotton material used to produce it
  • Easy to wash, and dryable
  • Recommended for newborns
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin after washing
  • Large size
  • The price is a little high for only one towel

Best Baby Bath Towels Reviews

For our baby bath towel and washcloth reviews, we’ve narrowed down the list to only two of the best picks, which are the following.

Cigreen Baby Bath Towels Set

If you think baby animal bath towels are cute, wait until you get your hands on this one.

Cigreen Baby Bath Towels Set
Cigreen Baby Bath Towels

It is an extra-large towel measuring 35×35 inches, large enough that newborns and toddlers will enjoy its benefits. Furthermore, children up to five years can wear them comfortably, and gender doesn’t matter as it is a gender neutral towel with a neutral design and color.

Also, this towel uses 500 GSM threads, ensuring softness and durability like no other. It is a soft bamboo towel, famous for being one of the best for baby showers.

At the top of the infant hooded design, the towel has two little ears that will make your baby the center of attention when the family comes over.

It would otherwise be a perfect towel, but we couldn’t help but notice that it felt damp after washing.

  • Large size for newborns and toddlers
  • Comfortable towel- soft, and absorbent
  • Unisex design
  • It includes a white washcloth
  • Cute little ears at the top
  • It feels damp after washing

Hudson Baby Animal Bath Towels

This hooded towel with animal hoods designs are what your baby needs after taking a comfortable bath. The adorable animal ear design allows the adorable towel to make your baby look extra lovely.

Hudson Baby Animal Bath Towels
Hudson Baby Bath Towels

The towel is made of terry cotton and it measures approximately 33×33 inches. It looks cute, but even better, the fabric is durable even after many washing.

Once it gets dirty, you can clean it quickly in the washing machine. Unlike other towels that require handwashing, this one is strong enough to withstand the pressure.

People often believe that hooded towels are rather inconvenient for children after they take a bath. We thought so too! But, after trying it, we found that’s not the case.

If anything, hooded towels work better. Parents have the option to cover their babies quickly from head to toe before they even start getting cold.

  • Quick to wrap around your baby
  • Cute elephant design
  • 100% terry cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Not thick
  • It is not a soft towel

Best Baby Beach Towels Reviews

Spending quality time at the beach with the family are among the best memories that parents share with their children. Of course, to prevent getting a cold, better have towels to keep the baby warm.

My Personal Memories Monogrammed Baby Beach Towel

Are you looking for the ultimate customizable towel? There are many colors with different patterns available if you decide to go with this pick. Also, as another benefit without the extra cost, the manufacturer offers free embroidery to add a name on the towels.

My Personal Memories Monogrammed Baby Beach Towel
My Personal Monogrammed Baby Beach Towel

The size of these towels is 30×60 inches, allowing both kids and older people to use it at the beach Furthermore, you can get the towels embroidered with the name of that special someone, and give them to them as a baby gift.

Furthermore, you can get the towels embroidered with the name of that special someone, and give it to them as a gift.

That’s how we first found out about these towels, as a gift given to us by a close friend. It was beautiful at first sight, and then we confirmed its high-quality after testing it for a couple of days.

The only thing we didn’t like is that the towel is quite thin.

  • Many different colors and patterns available
  • Free embroidery service
  • Large size
  • Fast shipping
  • Thin towels

Athaelay Baby Beach Towel Poncho

This baby beach towel poncho is the perfect choice for your little princesses to spend some quality time having fun either at the beach or near the pool.

Athaelay Baby Beach Towel Poncho
Athaelay Baby Towel Poncho

It is a poncho that measures 24×55 inches, which makes it suitable for girls between two and seven years old. The bright pink color and the ballet girl printed over it provide a cute look that most girls will enjoy.

The poncho has a pullover design that makes putting it on and taking it off quicker and easier. There will be no more time wasted and the children will be able to run off with their friends faster.

As for the material used to create it, it is 100% long-staple cotton. It provides more softness, super-absorbent quality, and durability over time. Still, it is not perfect. It would’ve been better if it was like one of the thicker cloths.

  • Beautiful dancing girl signature patterns
  • Bright pink color
  • Large size
  • Suitable for beach and pool
  • It is not thick
  • This item is more of a poncho than a towel

Best Baby Swimming Towels Reviews

Are you going out for a swim with your little one? Don’t let low temperatures harm your baby after leaving the water. If you have one of the following towels, you can be rest assured your baby will be comfortable.

Yayme Kids Swimming Towel

The five cute animals on this towel ensure your baby comes out of the water to a cocoon of breathable cotton fabric warmness.

Yayme Kids Swimming Towel
Yayme Swimming Towel

This towel measures 51×27 inches, which is quite large for babies, but it is more than suitable for toddlers. As stated above, it has a safari design with cute animals and bright colors. Also, the hood allows children to cover themselves entirely, preventing any risks of getting a cold.

But, some disadvantages discouraged us. First, the towel feels too thin, and it doesn’t seem that absorbent. The other issue is that it doesn’t feel as soft as we would have liked. We can only imagine how the towel would feel when soaked in water.

Nonetheless, it is a fun towel that most children will enjoy.

  • Safari design with bright colors and cute animal ears
  • Comfortable size for toddlers
  • Fun hood design for children to have fun
  • Too thin
  • Not as soft as the other towels
  • Not that absorbent

Jingmu Baby Swimming Towel With Hood

Being an astronaut is a dream for many children. Of course, once they grow up, things change. Still, there’s no reason for parents to deny babies their fun. This hooded baby swimming towel allows their imagination to fly freely.

Jingmu Baby Swimming Towel With Hood
Jingmu Baby Towel With Hood

It is a microfiber towel measuring 24×24 inches, and it includes an 11×12 inch hood. Children aged one to six years old are capable of wearing it without problems.

Or, in case the baby is a little older, they can still use the towel, as long as the babies are under 50 inches.

One interesting fact was that, after washing it for the first time, the towel felt more absorbent than before.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Beautiful hooded design
  • Comfortable on the skin
  • Not too thick
  • Not suitable for big kids

Best Hooded Baby Towels Reviews

Hooded towels are, for the most part, a gift for adults. So, if you want your baby to look incredibly cute, these next picks are the ones to consider.

Upsimples Baby Hooded Bath Towels

People might have their own perception about unicorn clothing; some might like it, some might hate it, but there’s no denying that babies look gorgeous wearing it.

Upsimples Baby Hooded Bath Towels
Upsimples Baby Bath Towels

This bamboo baby hooded towel is no different. After some talk, we decided to give it away to one of our friends who recently became a mother. She loved it. And, judging from the picture she sent us, her smiling daughter liked it as well.

The organic bamboo baby towel features organic bamboo fiber which is very suitable for baby skins. It measures 34×34 inches, which allows you to use it as your baby grows up. This towel will be one of your allies raising your child until they become a toddler thanks to the high-quality bamboo fiber.

After getting feedback from our friend, she mentioned her baby is happy with the towel. She also commented that the unicorn design is not quite the same than the one in the pictures, and we confirmed that.

  • Super soft fabric
  • Heavy and highly absorbent
  • Large size
  • Doesn’t shrink after washing
  • The unicorn design is different than what they advertise
  • Slightly smaller than advertised

Lilyseed Hooded Baby Towel Set

Although the hooded sleepy eyes design is one of the first things we noticed about this towel and we start thinking how cute our baby will look in it, it is the ultra-soft fabric that convinced us giving it a chance.

Lilyseed Hooded Baby Towel Set
Lilyseed Hooded Baby Towel

This towel features bamboo cloth of the highest quality, to the point of being OEKO-TEX approved, which is a certificate that proves the many benefits of the material.

A couple of benefits of this towel are high absorbency and softness on the skin. Furthermore, considering the manufacturer doesn’t use chemicals or dangerous agents, every baby gets to use it safely.

So, if your baby is a newborn or a toddler, this 40×30 inch hooded baby towel with ears ensures they get the protection they need.

  • Organic bamboo
  • Ultra-soft towel
  • 40×30 inch size suitable for toddlers too
  • Unisex
  • Beautiful package
  • Expensive towel and washcloth set

Best Newborn Baby Towels Reviews

Using a newborn baby towel is an efficient method of keeping them protected and fresh. If you want to give the newest family member a comforting welcome, consider buying the next two products.

BlueSnail Newborn Receiving Blanket

If there’s one word to describe this blanket, it’s versatility.

BlueSnail Newborn Receiving Blanket
BlueSnail Newborn Blanket

You can use it as a blanket or a sleeping bag, depending on what your baby needs and the situation. The hooded design of this blanket makes your little one look angelical while they take a nap during the day.

Whether used as a blanket or a sleeping bag, natural fabrics like cotton material provide comfort and absorbency to keep your baby happily fresh.

However, even though it is suitable for newborns, there are some occasions when the size becomes too big. Naturally, it depends on how big your baby is, but it is better to make sure they will fit before purchasing.

Another feature you might enjoy is the Velcro, as it makes opening/closing the blanket quicker.

  • Works as a blanket or a sleeping bag
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Cute hooded design with ears
  • Velcro for quicker opening/closing
  • Size could be too big for some newborn babies

Mukin Newborn Baby Towel

This 6-Piece washcloth set is one of the most reliable during that fragile time in your baby’s life. The washcloths are available in three different colors, featuring pink, green, and gray. The variety of colors add to the aesthetic of the towel.

Mukin Newborn Baby Towel
Mukin Baby Towel

The colors look beautiful, but we noticed that they’re brighter than advertised online.

To produce them, the manufacturer uses muslin cotton of the highest quality. Because of this, your newborn will have the protection and comfort they need during their early days. The towels feature a 6-layer embossing design and incredible absorption capacity.

The washcloth’s high-quality materials combined with the lighter weight ensure anyone can use it for many purposes. For example, adults can make good use of it after taking a bath which is a nice touch of convenience. For kids and babies, we want to look at the more medium weight organic towels.

  • High-quality muslin cotton
  • Works for newborns, toddlers, and adults
  • It includes six towels
  • Affordable price
  • Colors are brighter than how they appear online

Best Personalized Baby Towels Reviews

Personalized baby hooded towels are, in reality, a treat for parents. Babies won’t care about it, but we do. We want to enjoy their cute early years before the babies grow and they start choosing their own clothing and items.

As for personalized baby towels, the following are the best ones.

My Personal Memories Personalized Baby Hooded Bath Towel

There are only a few things in life as cute as seeing our babies using these personalized hooded baby bath towels.

My Personal Memories Personalized Baby Hooded Bath Towel
My Personal Memories Baby Hooded Bath Towel

The manufacturer allows you to put the baby’s name on the top of the hood, which falls slightly above the forehead. Undoubtedly, this towel is the one you need if you want to give your baby that personalized and cute look.

There are two models you can choose from: one is blue and white for the boys, and the other is pink and white for the girls.

When we first ordered, it looked so cute we wanted the towels on our hands as soon as possible to try them. Fortunately, the shipping of the item was incredibly fast, and it arrived in no time.

We were not wrong – the baby looked beautiful, and she seemed comfortable as well.

  • Cute towels available with different colors
  • Perfect location for the name embroidery on the hood slightly above the forehead
  • Fast shipping
  • Soft towel
  • It frayed a little bit during the first wash

Dream Embroidery Personalized Baby Hooded Towel

This towel gives parents the chance to embroider the name of their beloved little ones in any color and font. Then, your baby will have a personalized and unique bath towel that will quickly become one of their favorites.

Dream Embroidery Personalized Baby Hooded Towel
Dream Embroidery Baby Hooded Towel

It measures 30×30 inches, falling in the range of good sized cloths that most girls and boys will be able to use even as they grow older. The reason we believe children will like it is because of the towel’s high absorbency and softer touch in contrast to the average adult washcloth.

And, when your baby doesn’t use it anymore, it will remain as a cute reminder of those memories when you had to struggle to wrap the towel around them after a bath.

I’m pretty sure every family member would be happy to recall those moments.

  • Perfect sized washcloths for babies, young or older
  • Free embroidery service, allowing parents to write their baby’s name in their favorite colors
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Durable
  • High price

How to Choose the Best Towel for Your Baby

What should you consider before making your decision? Here’s some information you should keep in mind to buy the best towel-for-baby.

Consider that every baby is unique, and yours may react differently to each towel. Knowing what they like will help you sort through lots of options much easier and help find the perfect one for specific baby bodies and skins.

Turkish Cotton Towel
Bamboo Cotton Towel


You’ve probably heard about cotton and bamboo fiber used to produce the highest quality clothing, but they also work well for towels and washcloths.

These materials provide an incredible amount of benefits. Not only for us, the humans but also for the environment, considering these towels are eco-friendly.

A couple of benefits of using towels made with these materials are higher absorbency, more durability, and an incredibly soft feeling on the skin.

Better yet, while some towels fray after machine washing, most of the baby products you’ll see on this list are capable of keeping up with your washing machine, allowing you to reduce maintenance time.

High Water Absorbency

Absorbency is Key

During their early years, babies are very delicate. If you have them out in the open after a bath, they will likely catch a cold in a matter of seconds. To prevent those issues, you’ll need high absorbency towels to protect them.

The materials discussed in the previous point are incredibly efficient at meeting these absorbency expectations. Try not to use fabric softners while washing them as they tend to reduce the absorbency.

Bamboo and cotton washcloths are better than most standard towels, which is good because babies need double the absorption.

Baby Towel Size

Proper Size

From newborns to toddlers, some towels are specifically for certain ages. However, there are some towels compatible with children between 1 to 6 years. As long as you wash the towels regularly and take good care of them, you should have them for many years.

Ultra Softness Baby Towel


Softness is essential for babies too, and more so if they have sensitive skin. Keep in mind that some towels might feel ultra-soft when they first arrive, but after washing, they start to feel rigid and tough.

Whatever towel you choose, make sure it will maintain its softness even after having it for a long time and after many washing sessions. We emphasize this during our product reviews.

Bright Color Baby Towel

Bright Colors and Characters

When babies are acting up and not behaving properly, having a colorful towel might draw their attention – barely enough time for parents to change them.

Of course, this trick doesn’t work with all babies. Not all of them are easily distracted. It is up to the parents to decide if bright colored towels are the best one for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many baby towels do I need?

A: Having a set of five towels would be more than enough to care for your baby. During our reviews, we covered some manufacturers that offer packs of washcloths and towels and some even have lifetime guarantees provided.

Q: How many hooded towels do I need for my baby?

A: Two hooded towels should be enough.

Q: What material are baby towels made of?

A: Organic bamboo fiber and muslin cotton are two of the materials manufacturers prefer to create their towels and breathable washcloths with. These materials are comfortable, soft, absorbent, durable, and eco-friendly.

Q: How often should I change baby bath towels?

A: It depends on how often you use them. For instance, some towels listed in this article are capable of lasting five years, but you need to be careful while washing them. Some you can only wash by hand and without bleach.

Final Words

With the best baby washcloths and towels, you'll be able to care for your baby with the attention they deserve. Make sure you choose one compatible with your baby for the most comfort.