Best Luxury Towels Like Five Star Hotels (of 2022 Updated)

When you’re having guests come over, one of the main concerns is how to make your home look as beautiful as possible. You want to be the best host, and there are many ways you can accomplish that.

One of the methods is by giving them proper bathroom supplies. No joke. Believe it or not, people take notice of small details.

This article will provide you with enough options to possibly fill your entire closet whether it be a linen closet or a cotton one.

Best Luxury Towels Reviewed

That’s why we’re reviewing the best luxury towels. Sure, they might be a little more expensive, but the feeling they provide matches no other. They are super plush towels while also being quick-drying high-quality towels, and they feel amazing on the wet skin after a relaxing bath. They are miles ahead of the standard bath towel in terms of feel and quality.

So, want to know what other things luxury bath towels have to offer other than them simply being ultra-plush towels? Continue reading to find out!

Types of Best Luxury Towels

Best Luxury Towels Detail Reviews

Here we reviewed every type of luxury towels resulting in a wide selection of towels with respect to various types and occasions. Just pick your one you need.

Best Luxury Bath Towels

We’re starting our luxury bath towels review with two choices that once you try, you’ll feel like you won’t need to consider any other towel for a long time. This list was conducted after we went through the hotel collection, waffle towels, quick-drying towels, super plush bath towels for sensitive skin, and more. The terry cloth ones, the waffle weave towels as well as the lighter weight ones were also taken into consideration. Finally, we decided to go with these 2 as we realized they were able to provide the most value for the price.

Hammam Linen – Luxury White Bath Towel Set

In this list, you’ll read about plenty of luxury brands like bathroom towel sets, but we’re starting with the best one there is. It includes two bath towels measuring 27×54, another two hand towels measuring 16×28, and washcloths sizing in at 12×12.

Hammam Linen Luxury White Bath Towel Set
Hammam Linen Luxury Bath Towel Set

The manufacturer offers gray or white luxury bath towels, giving you a variety to decide which ones you like the most. For decoration, we recommend the grey models.

Either way, both share the material of soft cotton. This material also makes the towels lightweight and long-lasting. This presents you with a lightweight option without having to pay a premium price which is great if the users are from warmer climates or humid climates.

Additionally, this luxury bath towel set is capable of high absorbency, which is possible because of the terry material.

Overall, the set features high-quality luxury Hammam towels that won’t disappoint. Individually, they’re above the average price, but it is an investment worth making considering you’ll get the many benefits of using it.

  • Towel variety for different purposes
  • The thick design allows for more absorbency
  • Soft towels
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Not a large luxury bath towels set
  • High price

Rivet – Black Luxury Bath Towels

Though there are many luxe bath towels made in the USA, sometimes imported products are better, even if it’s only because the materials come from elsewhere. We see it with black luxury bath towels, and this product is another clear example of that.

Rivet Black Luxury Bath Towels
Rivet Luxury Bath Towels

They measure 56×30 inches, making them among the best-oversized luxury bath towels currently available on the market. The set includes two towels that you can wash using a machine, but avoid using bleach at all times and do tumble dry them at low to avoid ruining them.

These towels feature cotton fibers with an interior hollow core. Because of that, they’re capable of absorbing plenty of water while still drying quickly.

Each of the two towels included in this set is soft, and they do get fluffier after every wash, which can’t be said for all towels. After the first wash, though, you might notice some material pilling. That’s an issue that quickly goes away, however. Every towel has a different behavior throughout their wash cycles. The classic towels will have similarities, and the behavior may change with the style of towel you have.

This is where drying time tests after several washes and laundering evaluations can help assess a towel much further. Convincing reviews from enthusiastic reviewers are also a tell-tale sign marking whether a towel is actually good or not. Also, the softest bath towels aren’t necessarily the best bath towels, and the softest materials do not ensure the best product.

  • 100% quality cotton
  • Capable of absorbing water
  • Dries quickly
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to the touch
  • Washing it for the first time leaves pilling of materials

Best Luxury Beach Towels

Are you taking some time off to enjoy at the beach with family or friends? Don’t forget to bring your best towels to have some quality time under the sun.

Mebien – Luxury Turkish Beach Towels

There’s nothing more rewarding than looking for luxury Turkish beach towels and having a lot of colors to choose from.

Mebien Luxury Turkish Beach Towels
Mebien Luxury Beach Towels

These thick luxury beach towels absorb water faster than others, which makes them suitable for events other than a day at the beach. For example, you’ll be able to use them at saunas or pools too.

Another convenient quality is that they dry quickly as well. After testing them out, we found that these towels dry in half the time other brands of towels do.

Because they are beach towels, we also appreciated the sand-free quality. Once you’re fed up and want to go home, getting up and cleaning them is pretty easy.

Although they are quite large, they don’t consume too much space. The towel is a comfortable size that can fit it in your bag without problems.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should wash it before first using it because it can feel a little rough upon arrival.

  • Beautiful color design
  • Turkish high-quality cotton
  • It dries quickly
  • Sand-free towel
  • Fits well in a bag
  • Upon arrival, it may feel rough, requiring you to wash it first

HomeLabels – Luxury Stripe Towel

A beach and luxury stripe towel – could you name a more iconic duo? It is almost obligatory for everyone to consider this type of towel design for a fun day at the beach.

HomeLabels Luxury Stripe Towel
HomeLabels Luxury Towel

Fortunately, we have this set of towels, which offer four models of the same color. We’ve tried the yellow set, and it is very bright, suitable for a day of fun at the beach or the pool.

suitable for a day of fun at the beach or the pool.

Their dimensions are 30×60 inches long, making them luxury, thick towels with high absorbency and capable of drying rather quickly.

Also, the addition of cotton and terry fabric makes for an incredible combination, delivering soft and durable towels. Furthermore, the hemmed edges provide the additional strength it needs.

There’s no doubt they are comfortable luxury pool towels, but we would’ve liked more color variety. Being a set of four, they could’ve added blue or green.

  • Cotton and terry fabric creates comfortable towels
  • Quality hemmed edges for more strength
  • Large towels
  • Eco-friendly
  • Although yellow is great, we would’ve appreciated a wide range of color options

Best Luxury Hotel Towels

Although luxury towels brands aren’t popular for producing high-quality supplies for hotels, there are a few that have piqued our interest. We’ll talk about them now.

Chakir – Turkish Luxury Linen Towels Set

These luxury purple towels might not be the most luxurious out there, but they still manage to deliver comfort with outstanding absorbency.

Chakir Turkish Luxury Linen Towels Set
Chakir Turkish Luxury Towels Set

There’s a particular feature you might enjoy about it, and that’s its large size. It is pretty big and perfect for people that like to have plenty of fabric to cover their bodies and feel warm.

Naturally, a benefit that comes with large luxury linen towels is that they can absorb plenty of water, which it does. You’ll be able to use it for other activities such as swimming at the pool and trust me, it will keep you dry right after you finish.

However, something we didn’t appreciate was the lint it produces after every wash. It becomes uncomfortable after a certain amount, and it doesn’t seem to get better as time passes.

  • Large size
  • High absorbency
  • Perfect for hotel or pool
  • Beautiful purple color
  • Produces plenty of lint after washing

BC BARE COTTON – Luxury Towels Hotel Quality

Measuring 60×30 inches, this luxury patterned towel is one of the most comfortable towels for hotels, the spa or pool. The low-lint, combined with an outstanding durable design, is what makes ranks them high up on our list.

BC BARE COTTON Luxury Towels Hotel Quality
BC BARE COTTON Luxury Towels

It features a standard yet classic design of the vertical striped pattern. Not only is it comfortably soft and absorbent, but also pretty.

For your skin, it has nothing but benefits. It is capable of absorbing a large amount of water and is super soft. These are also thicker towels that allow you to dry yourself pretty fast after you come out or that hot water.

Now, one of the issues that people brought to us was that it produces lint after washing. While it did produce some, it was not much for us. Our problem began after many washing sessions when the towel began shredding like crazy.

  • Striped pattern with a variety of colors
  • Soft and comfortable on the skin
  • High absorbent capacity
  • Budget-friendly compared to some of the others
  • Large size
  • Produces some lint during washing
  • After washing plenty of times it shreds

Best Luxury Hand Towels

Before leaving the bathroom, you must wash your hands. Otherwise, you’ll face horrible judgment from your friends and family. With this luxury hand towel review, you’ll know which towels are the best to keep your hands clean.

White Classic – Luxury Hand Towels

In need of lasting luxury towels for hands? We all know how dirty our fingers can get after a long day on the streets, which is why we need the best hygienic supplies to wash our hands and clean them afterward. That’s why we’re introducing you to this product.

luxury white towel
luxury black towel

This six-piece set features ring-spun cotton, which provides a soft feel for everyone in the family, from adults to children.

The manufacturer reinforces it with the Jet technology, creating a double stitch edge to maintain its integrity. Overall, it is a high-quality material that won’t rip or tear any time soon.

There are plenty of colors available. We tried the grey one, and we could only guess how good a luxury black towel would’ve been from this brand. But that’s only because black is a better color, and nothing more.

Although the towels measure 16×30 inches, we noticed that they shrink a little after washing.

  • Elegant colors available
  • Reinforced double stitches
  • Strong materials
  • Comfortable and soft
  • It shrinks after washing

SALBAKOS – Luxury Hand Towels Bathroom

With these luxury hand towels, you can rest assured that your family and guests will keep themselves clean and dry post-shower.

SALBAKOS Luxury Hand Towels Bathroom
SALBAKOS Luxury Hand Towels

It measures 16×30 inches, and as for its production, it features combed Turkish cotton, which has proven to be one of the coziest fabrics available.

The dying process for these towels is very interesting. It goes through an infusing method to get the dye into the yarns, which happens at a high-pressure speed and temperature. It is what the manufacturer calls VAT-Dyed, and this ensures that the towels will maintain the color.

The colors available are plenty, from white to navy, green, pink, and many more. Even after going through that dying process, the towel is still eco-friendly, removing any chemicals in its design.

Another interesting fact about the towel is that it gets softer as you wash it, which is an advantage our skin can appreciate.

  • Double-stitched hems
  • Soft towels
  • The color doesn’t fade after washing
  • Small size
  • Thin towels

Best Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towels

If a friend told you Egyptian cotton towels are incredible, that’s because they are. We’re going to cover them next.

That’s Grand – Luxury Bath Towels Egyptian Cotton

These Signature Egyptian luxury towels deliver the best feeling when your spa session is over and you need to clean yourself. Its success relies on the use of the finest cotton bath linens.

That's Grand Luxury Bath Towels Egyptian Cotton
That's Grand Luxury Bath Towels

It features long-staple combed cotton staples that are capable of competing against the best Turkish materials.

That’s one of the reasons why we liked these towels more than others. They’re far better than others in many ways.

For instance, the fine texture doesn’t keep it from being strong and highly absorbent. Instead, it uses an airflow weave design, which makes it softer and more comfortable to use.

While most towels use approximately 400 threads, these offer 800 GSM (grams per square meter), making it one of the highest out there. They’re easy on the eye as well. The set features beautiful colors such as green, pink, white, and more. Not that most towels usually range between 300 900 gsm.

The only issue we noticed is that the washcloths are too thick for comfort. But, that could be personal preference.

  • Finest Egyptian material
  • Airflow weave delivers a soft touch
  • Beautiful color designs
  • High absorbency
  • 800 GSM thread count
  • Washcloths are too thick

Winter Park – Luxury White Bath Towels Egyptian Cotton

These towels feature 100% Egyptian cotton material to ensure quality and comfort. This gives it a comfortable feeling once it touches your skin and is super absorbent in order to retain large amounts of water or liquids.

Winter Park Towel Luxury White Bath Towels Egyptian Cotton
Winter Park Towel Luxury White Bath Towels

The towel offers 700 GSM, which considers the amount of cotton used to produce it. These luxury white towels are quite large too. They measure 30×55 inches and don’t shrink after washing. Make sure not to use fabric softener with luxury towels.

We mentioned this before, but we can’t stop admiring how comfortable it feels. There aren’t scratchy materials that could become uncomfortable. Instead, you’ll be able to use it for a long time without irritating your skin.

The Gsm Oeko Tex Standard Certificate is worth pointing out as well. This gives these towels the approval of being chemical-free, luxury Egyptian bath towels.

If you want to buy your next unique luxury Egyptian cotton towel set, getting this one is the first step. The only disadvantage we noticed is that this towel is lighter than other models.

  • Gsm Oeko Tex Standard
  • 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Comfortable on the skin
  • Doesn’t shrink after washing
  • Lighter than other luxury Egyptian towels, which feels off

Best Luxury Designer Towels

If by any chance you haven’t tried luxury jacquard towels, we highly recommend them. It might finally quench your towel search for good. We have listed the best ones available, with another alternative. These picks are the best designer towels.

LUNASIDUS – Luxury Decorative Bath Towels

People who wonder why Turkish towels are among the best need to take a look at this pick. It features 100 percent cotton from said country, which is highly absorbent like no other while also being one of the softest towels. With a unique hand-knotted fringe, you’ll receive exclusive and beautiful luxury decorative towels.

LUNASIDUS Luxury Decorative Bath Towels
LUNASIDUS Luxury Bath Towels

These towels are available in different colors, with greenery and coral being our favorites. There are three other colors: grey, Aquarius blue, and the almond buff beige, all to decorate your home with the best supplies.

As for the sheets, they measure 30×54 inches for the bath towels, 16×28 inches for the hand version, and 12inches long x12 inches wide washcloths. Regardless of which you want to use, they’re all machine washable on warm, and on a low tumble dry.

At least, that’s what we tried as specified by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the towels became thinner, and the edges started to rip apart after washing and drying.

  • Beautiful colors available
  • Highly absorbent
  • Hand-knotted fringe design
  • Variety of towels for hand, bath, and washcloths
  • Durable
  • Edges started to rip apart after some washing
  • It gets thinner over time

BC BARE COTTON – Luxury Monogrammed Bath Towel

With this luxury embroidered towels, you’ll get the personalization you need to make the best out of ordinary hygienic supplies. They are comfortable to use at hotels, households and, of course, spas.

BC BARE COTTON Luxury Monogrammed Bath Towel
BC BARE COTTON Luxury Bath Towel

These towels are long-lasting and offer softness like only the best can, even after washing and putting them through intense dry cycles. The double-stitched structure ensures that they’re durable.

We liked the navy color version the best, but you still have popular options like white and gray to choose from.

Now, here’s something interesting. The design of the luxury towels monogrammed letters could be a little tricky to understand. For instance, the letter C could be confusing. It is a bit smaller than what they show in their marketing images. Maybe it’s just us, but that certainly got our attention.

Still, you could use these luxury decorative bath towels to provide your guests with high-quality supplies.

  • Personalized luxury towels
  • Color variety: gray, navy blue, and white
  • Thick, soft and durable
  • Natural materials ensure an eco-friendly towel
  • Machine washable
  • Smaller than advertised
  • The embroidered letters could be confusing

Best Luxury Spa Towels

A spa is a relax center where customers receive excellent attention. To provide that, you’ll need the best luxury towels, and we have a couple for you to consider.

Chakir Linens – Luxury Hotel and Spa Towels

Have you ever heard someone say nothing good ever comes without a downside? Well, that’s pretty accurate when talking about this set of towels.

Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Hotel and Spa Towels
Chakir Turkish Luxury Hotel and Spa Towels

There’s no doubt they are super soft luxury towels, but you get lint in return and a lot of it.

The amount of lint these towels leave after you pass it over surfaces or, worse, your face is excessive. There are some methods to keep it in check, as many people mention that the issue goes away after many washing sessions, but we haven’t gotten there yet.

Nonetheless, don’t let that issue take any of its incredible features away. We mentioned these are soft, luxury towels, and that’s not an exaggeration. They’re one of the fluffiest towels and comfortable for guests or customers. Also, they’re double-stitched, ensuring that they last long.

If you can get past its lint issue, this luxury spa collection of towels is an outstanding addition to your business.

  • Soft and fluffy
  • Eco-friendly cotton and chemical-free
  • Double-stitched ensures durability
  • It leaves lint, and plenty of it

Superior – Luxury Spa Collection Towels

This set is the perfect choice for people that need a luxury hotel and spa towels.

Superior Luxury Spa Collection Towels
Superior Luxury Spa Towels

It features two bath towels that measure 30×55 inches. They have a double-ply structure, which makes them thicker than most, allowing you to use them to soak up and clean plenty of liquid. They’re strong, too.

This luxury cotton towel set is available in different colors, but they all share the same manufacturing process: This towel boasts 100 long staple cotton design using high-quality combed cotton. It is a process that leaves nothing more than fine and long fibers.

Also, there aren’t any particular decorative draws or embroidering, but that’s not bad. Being a set of luxury spa towels, using simple mono-color works just fine.

They’re easy to wash, but you must very careful with them. Even then, you might not be able to prevent them from falling apart. Another consideration to keep in mind is that these towels aren’t that soft.

  • Super Lightweight
  • Thick and strong
  • Classic standard style
  • Towels fall apart after many washing sessions
  • Not soft

Best Luxury Fingertip Towels

There’s something special about fingertip towels that quickly turned them into our favorites. Let’s review what the best ones offer.

Creative Scents – Luxury Fingertip Towels Monogrammed

Simplicity is often the safest bet. Decorative towels with gorgeous designs are appealing, but if you’re looking for fingertip towels for embroidery, here we have one of the most customizable ones you can buy.

Creative Scents Luxury Fingertip Towels Monogrammed
Creative Scents Luxury Towels Monogrammed

You can get them with embroidered silver letters from A to Z, which would be a thoughtful gesture for a guest bathroom.

These monogrammed fingertip towels come in a set of four pieces, measuring 11×18. It is an alright size, but we would have appreciated it if it was a larger towel.

Nonetheless, the size makes it work for many purposes, including hanging on a rack. It all depends on what you need.

It doesn’t lack absorbency, either. The cotton material allows you to use it as a workout towel, an activity that often produces plenty of sweat.

The cotton combined with a customizable decoration and the excellent velour finish makes this luxury monogram designed bath towels among the best there is.

  • Customizable A to Z letter for guests
  • Absorbent
  • Incredible velour finish
  • Easy to wash
  • Small size

Creative Scents – Luxury Fingertip Towels For Embroidery

Something that surprised us about these decorative fingertip towels was how warm they are. When you first look at them, they seem to work best as decorative supplies, but they absorb enough water to dry hands quickly, too.

Creative Scents Luxury Fingertip Towels For Embroidery
Creative Scents Luxury Towels For Embroidery

They are made of pure cotton, making them suitable fingertip towels for your bathroom, or any other application around the house.

Another interesting fact is that, while they are decorative towels, they lack an appealing design. If you’re having guests over, they will most likely use them to dry their hands, instead of appreciating how beautiful they look.

There are different colors available, but we tried the fingertip towel’s white model, and that’s the one that we consider the best.

Regardless of all its incredible features, it doesn’t seem durable. After some washing, the trim starts to fray, which is disappointing.

  • Cotton material
  • Incredibly soft and warm
  • Perfect for the bathroom and as a decoration
  • It frays after some washing, which is why you might as well keep it as a decorative towel

Best Turkish Luxury Collection Towels

There’s a reason why many people prefer luxury Turkish towels, and here we’ll review our top two picks.

Towel Bazaar – Luxury Turkish Bath Towels

These luxury Turkish bath towels are among the best because they deliver excellence in every way.

Towel Bazaar Luxury Turkish Bath Towels
Towel Bazaar Luxury Bath Towels

Although it’s made of the same cotton material as most towels that come from Turkey, it is the way it’s used that makes it incredible. They are 40×80-inches, or at least, that’s what the manufacturer says because once we got our hands on it, we could tell it was a little smaller.

What we can’t deny is that they feature an extra-long design and extra-thick structure. With these towels, you’ll be able to soak up large amounts of water without a problem.

Another interesting quality these towels have is their double-stitched structure. It makes them more durable than most, which is something people can appreciate because they won’t have to spend more money on replacements any time soon.

With its eco-friendly cotton material, this towel guarantees customers will have chemical-free supplies around the house, regardless of the area: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or more.

  • Long towels
  • Thick structure
  • Super soft
  • Highly absorbent
  • Durable
  • Although the towels are listed as 40×80 inches, they are a bit smaller than that

LUNASIDUS – Venice Luxury Turkish Towel

With this Turkish cotton luxury bath collection, you’ll have a complete set of towels of different sizes to meet all of your requirements. The set is made of 100% cotton and original long-staple materials from the best Turkish brands.

LUNASIDUS Venice Luxury Turkish Towel
LUNASIDUS Venice Luxury Towel

This set includes two bath towels measuring 30×60, a couple of hand towels of a medium 16 x 30 sheet size, and the last ones are two small washcloths, measuring 13×13. They are available in multiple colors to give you options you can choose for house, bathroom, or kitchen.

You can wash them using a washing machine, and they don’t take long to dry. Also, all of the towels are eco-friendly, ensuring no harm or danger for anybody.

There are many benefits of using this set of towels. Turkish cotton is one of the best materials there is in the world, providing long fibers, high absorbency, and durability.

Nonetheless, these towels aren’t too thick, which could be an issue if that’s what you need.

  • High-quality cotton material
  • Long fibers deliver more threads
  • Highly absorbent
  • Lightweight towel
  • Soft towels
  • Not too thick

Best Luxury Guest Towels

Are you looking for soft luxury towels for your guests? Consider taking a look at our next picks!

Soft Textilz – Luxury Guest Towels

Don’t you love it when brands offer something different? Perhaps it is the color or the gorgeous decoration, but these luxury purple towels are one of the best we’ve seen.

Soft Textilz - Luxury Guest Towels
Soft Textilz Luxury Towels

It is a set featuring four pieces: two hand and two bath towels, giving you the option to choose between small and extra-large luxury towels, depending on what you need.

The material used to create them is long-staple cotton, which is soft and comfortable on the skin. You can also put them through a washing machine to clean them, but make sure not to use bleach or other chemicals that might ruin them.

To ensure their absorbency, the towels feature a 2-ply yarn design. This structure allows you to use them many times, soaking up more water than most towels.

Whether you use them in a bathroom or as luxury guest hand towels, these towels are an incredible addition to your home. If you’re willing to invest in them, both family and friends will enjoy them.

  • Two types of towel sets, for hands and bathroom
  • 2-ply yarn structure allows it to soak more liquid than most
  • Beautiful color and decoration
  • Soft and durable
  • High price

Creative Scents – Luxury Guest Hand Towels

These luxury cotton towels are among the best when it comes to absorbency, using a 100% absorbent fabric to clean and dry your hands making sure you never get any mildew smell from the towel. Because of this, you’ll be able to use them not only for the bathroom but for the kitchen, too.

Creative Scents Luxury Guest Hand Towels
Creative Scents Luxury Hand Towels

They’re soft as well. They are beautiful towels featuring front velour combined with terry on the back, making them thick luxury guest towels with a beautiful decoration.

If you want to wash them, you can do so with a washing machine, but you must be careful with them. Using strong chemicals to clean them will discolor them pretty quickly, removing all of their attractive decoration and ruining them. Luxury towels are strong chemicals that aren’t a perfect fit. All the luxury items or luxury brand towels for that matter require careful washing with mild detergents.

For the price, you won’t find better super-soft luxury towels with a touch of elegance than these. They are one of the best-reviewed products that are absorbent and hold up pretty well, even after a long time of use. The brand continues providing quality products that won’t let you down.

  • High-quality cotton material
  • Highly absorbent
  • Suitable for the bathroom, gym, kitchen, and more
  • Durable
  • If you’re not careful while washing it, it will discolor quickly

How to Choose the Best Luxury Towels

What should you consider before buying luxury towels? Keep in mind the following information when you’re about to make your decision.

Luxury Towel Size


Deciding between large luxury bath towels, bath sheets, oversized luxury towels, extra-large luxury towels, Japanese towels, Turkish Cotton towels, microfiber towel, quick-dry towel, absorbent towel, cloth towel, terry towels, plush bath towels, bamboo towels, or all of the above or just a standard luxurious towel depends entirely on your preference. Many people can’t get enough of the plush feeling that many of these towels tend to exude.

Sure, an oversized towel might provide more fabric to keep you warm, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will absorb more water. If anything, it might just be heavier. The traditional towels are guilty of this behavior. Why? The regular towels aren’t made like some of the higher quality towels with several factors in mind, say, the fast-drying towels with quick-dry features or the luxury Japanese bath towels with a great level of softness, and some are even named one-second towels that have excellent absorption even after continued washing. The bathing experience with a good luxury towel especially after a hot bath or a bubble bath is an absolute treat.

Also, the Oeko Tex Standard 100 certification is a necessary standard that luxury towels must have. Terry cotton, mid plush, luxury linens, and luxury stripe towels are all secondary characteristics.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that extra large bath towels will have incredible absorbency. The extra-large size doesn’t amount to much in this case. Consider the towel size only if you want that extra fabric for your bathroom towels. Things like the cotton blend may matter more to some than others; also, the cotton blend towels have their own advantages over the ones like the bamboo cotton blend.

Ultra Softness Luxury Towel


There’s a big difference between luxury soft towels and super soft luxury towels, and we don’t mean the added adjectives. It is a decisive factor that separates an alright towel from those that are incredibly comfortable.

Naturally, here’s when you’ll have to consider Egyptian luxurious cotton or Turkish cotton, are two of the best materials for towels the Turkish ones are made of 100 long Staple Turkish Cotton. When compared, Egyptians beats Turkish cotton every time in terms of softness. At least for us.

Luxury Towel Design


There are many luxury decorative bath towels, which means that it’s up to you to decide what type is the one you want.

For instance, monogrammed and embroidered towels are often better for decorative purposes. It allows you to customize them just the way you want to make your guests and family feel special.

Patterned towels are often better for the beach or to use at the pool. But then again, it all depends on what you like the most.

Luxury Towel Price


Towel prices vary depending on what you buy, be it an individual product or a set of towels. It is always better to buy sets. They’re not that expensive towels, and if they are, make sure the fabric is a high-quality material like cotton. That’s the only time it is worth paying a high price.

Luxury Towel Color


Color might seem like a little detail, and indeed, it doesn’t have a large influence on our final decision, but it is still worth considering since there’s an array of colors.

There are three main colors we recommend considering: luxury white towels for standard bathroom applications, black luxury towels for a more personal and customization touch, and luxury purple towels because the color blends well with the cotton.

Many brands offer other color choices like solid colors, color blends with a range of colors mixed together. So, be sure to choose one from the wide array of colors and an array of towels that suits your style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is better, Egyptian and Turkish cotton?

A: There’s no definitive answer. It’s a matter of personal preference, but in our opinion and a good percent of reviewers, Egyptian beats even high percent Turkish materials easily.

Q: Can I wash luxury towels in a washing machine?

A: Yes, you can. Most of these towels are machine-wash friendly but keep in mind that some of them might produce lint or lose their color if you use strong chemicals.

Q: Are luxury towels eco-friendly?

A: Yes. All of the towels listed in this article don’t use harmful chemicals or materials during their production.

Q: What luxury towels are durable?

A: One way to know if a towel is durable is by checking if it’s double-stitched. Of course, that’s not a decisive element of durable towels, but it is a good sign.

Q: What do you do when luxury towels are not soft?

A: You could try washing them a couple of times. More often than not, that works.

Who Makes the Best Luxury Bath Towels?

There are a large number of luxury towel brands out there. Who should you trust? We’ll go through the top three briefly.


BC BARE COTTON is a Turkish brand that embodies all the best from the country. They specialize in many other home supplies besides towels, such as bathrobes, among others.

The brand has taken a special spot on our list because of its efficiency in creating comfortable towels and maintaining its quality over the years.

Chakir Turkish Linens

This brand uses high-quality cotton to ensure that their products are among the best, and they succeed at it. Their constant production of luxury towels has given them enough experience to understand what the customers need, regardless of how they want to use their towels.

Genuine, long-lasting materials and softness are a few of the reasons why their towels are incredible.

Creative Scents

This brand is the go-to place when you need beautiful supplies for your home, spa, or hotel. They’ve been around for quite a while now, and their reputation goes beyond towels. Other home additions they produce are bath accessories, shower curtains, holiday gifts, and more.


If you want to give yourself, your family or guests a treat, don’t hesitate in getting one of the best luxury towels. Their softness and comfortable feeling won’t make you regret paying the extra money.