10 Best Hand Towels To Use Different Places – (of 2022)

Towels are an essential part of every house’s decoration. When the old cloth you used to wash your hands wears down, looking for new options is always fun, as it is the perfect opportunity to enhance the looks of our home.

With our next article, we’ll help you find the best hand towels you and your household need. The following products are efficient, relatively affordable, and better yet, they look incredible!

Types of Hand Towels By Use

Best Hand Towels Review from Different Category

We’re not going to take much time from you. This small section is to inform our readers that we’ve separated our article into different categories to make it easier. That way, if you’re not interested in one particular hand towel, you can skip to the next one easily.

Best Bathroom Hand Towel Reviews

To start, we’ll be reviewing hand towels for the bathroom. These items are a must-have for every family, and here are the best for you.

Creative Scents Cotton Velour Fingertip Hand Towels Set

Available in colors white, cream, and black, these luxurious towels are what everyone needs at their household to maintain everyone’s hands clean and dry. It is a pure cotton fabric that delivers both softness and absorbency, quickly overperforming any old towel you may have to lie around.

Creative Scents Cotton Velour Fingertip Hand Towels Set
Creative Scents Cotton Velour Hand Towels

Regardless of the color, the towels look beautiful. Their looks are superior because of the velour finish, a stylish design that enhances the look of your bathroom or any part of the house where you decide to hang it.

There are four items included in this set. All of them are fingertip towels that pay their value by offering incredible performance. The fabric soaks water, and it remains plushy after many washing cycles.

Also, the towel’s durability is far beyond than others since the material has finished edges. It is a design decision that prevents issues like unraveling or fraying.

Unfortunately, the towels aren’t perfect. On the velour side, you’ll notice that there’s barely any absorbency. Sure enough, if what you need is a highly absorbent towel, you may need to look at other options.

  • Four pieces included
  • Available in three colors
  • Pure cotton with a beautiful velour finish
  • Quality edges to prevent the fabric unravels
  • The velour side of the towel is not as absorbent

AmazonBasics Cotton Hand Towels

If you didn’t like the color options of our previous pick, this one is here to save the day. It is a twelve-pack of simple but effective bathroom towels available in six different colors. Since the package offers a large number of items, customers also have the option to choose a set with mixed colors.

AmazonBasics Cotton Hand Towels
AmazonBasics Cotton Towels

The towels feature one hundred percent cotton, very much like the other pick in this category. Some of its uses are for bathing, maintenance in the kitchen, and to clean the workplace, among other things. If you’re a gym enthusiast, you’ll find out that these items keep the sweat at bay too.

It is better to be careful when using one of the towels to clean your face, though. The looped-terry design has many benefits, but softness doesn’t seem to be one of them. Not saying the fabric is super rigid, but it is not as comfortable as other products. Rather use a face washcloth for a better experience.

But, if we’re talking about the positive benefits, there are a couple these towels offer such as durability and higher absorbency.

  • Cotton construction
  • Multi-purpose set of towels
  • Twelve towels included in this set
  • Absorbent and quick-drying
  • Durability
  • The fabric lacks softness, and it isn’t very comfortable

Best Christmas Fingertip Towel Reviews

What better way to decorate our home than using beautiful Christmas-themed fingertip towels? After the holidays are over, don’t mind what people say, and continue using them for other purposes too!

SKL Home by Saturday Knight Ltd. Hand Towel Set

Here’s a rather traditional set of two towels. Despite not being the most detailed design since it only displays a snowman on top of the red, their performance has earned them a spot in our list, and many houses.

SKL Home by Saturday Knight Ltd. Hand Towel Set
SKL Home by Saturday Hand Towel Set

Now, we’re not saying the design choice is bad. When you take a look at it, it is quite the opposite; the embroidered snowman may not look like a big deal, but it sure does withstand the abuse of regular use. There aren’t many Christmas-themed towels that look as well as this one after months.

The towels measure 25×16-inch, and for the construction material, they use pure cotton. Upon testing, the fabric proves to be worth the money by cleaning and drying our hands within seconds.

Even though the towels can save you from a water spill or stains on your clothes, we like it more as a Christmas decoration item. After taking a look at the other towels offered by the manufacturer, this one is among the most durable they’ve got.

  • Set of two towels
  • High-quality snowman embroidery is durable
  • Pure cotton material
  • Convenient size for use or decoration
  • The snowman design is quite simple

Classic Turkish Decorative Fingertip Towel Set

When we said our previous pick looked simple was, primarily, because each of the six items in this next set looks better. For starters, there are four more items included, which is already an advantage if you need decorative towels.

Classic Turkish Decorative Fingertip Towel Set
Classic Turkish Decorative Towel Set

The set comes with three embroidery Christmas-themed designs, with two pieces of each. Once the season is over, you can use them for the kitchen or the bathroom, so it is a long-time investment that will serve you well.

The towels are durable because of their high-quality construction process, which includes the use of Turkish cotton. This fabric offers 600 GSM threading count, ensuring the quality stitching remains sewn without fraying even after washing.

Each item measures 12×20-inch, which is not too large when you compare it to our other picks. The towel’s dimensions are one of its few downsides. Throughout its lifespan, the fabric feels plush for ultimate comfort, and it displays a decent absorbent capacity.

Their quick-drying capacity is worth mentioning too, as it doesn’t take long to dry after soaking water.

  • Six items included in this set
  • Plenty of embroidery designs available
  • Durable and soft
  • Absorbent
  • 600 GSM cotton material
  • The size seems too small

Best Decorative Hand Towel Reviews

On the other hand, if you only want decorative towels without any theme, here are the products that you should consider.

Soft Textilz Elegant Kitchen Hand Towel Set

When it comes to beautiful towels, it is tough to find one as good-looking as this one.

Soft Textilz Elegant Kitchen Hand Towel Set
Soft Textilz Elegant Hand Towel Set

It comes in a stunning two-tone design with a jacquard style and plushy feeling upon the skin. Whether you buy it for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, each of the two pieces included in the package sits well as an addition to your house decoration.

The towels measure 35×19-inch, making it among the largest we’ve reviewed here. To create them, the brand uses a combination of long-staple cotton. It is a material that delivers many benefits like absorbency or softness, but more than anything else, durability.

The 2-ply yarn design choice allows the fabric to absorb more water than your regular bath towel. It is an incredible performance expected from the 580 GSM material.

Naturally, since it is a set of towels with beautiful pieces and high-quality performance, you’ll have to spend a little extra to acquire these decorative hand towels. But the price is a small price to pay when you consider all the features it comes with.

  • Gorgeous two-tone design
  • Large size
  • 2-ply yarn construction
  • 580 GSM materials
  • High price

Clotho Turkish Hand Towel Set

If you want to give this set of towels a chance, you should know that there are five versions you can choose. In terms of design, these items don’t come near close to the previously reviewed, but they do manage to meet most of our expectations.

Clotho Turkish Hand Towel Set
Clotho Turkish Hand Towel

For instance, the towels offer performance only a pure cotton cloth can offer by displaying an outstanding absorbent capacity. But that’s not all; when the fabric is too wet, it doesn’t feel like a burden at any moment. Instead, it maintains its lightness, making it a comfortable item to carry.

The measurement of this towel is 20×40-inch, slightly more than our previous pick. It may seem like only a couple inches don’t mean a difference, but it is still satisfactory to have that little bit of extra fabric for our body.

There was an issue we encountered: the towel rack at home was too small for the towels. We had to replace it, and now they’re both compatible. Check that out before making your decision.

  • Five colors available
  • Turkish cotton material used to produce them
  • Multi-purpose items
  • Easy to maintain
  • These towels may be too large for some towel racks

Best Monogrammed Hand Towel Reviews

Customize your hand towels by adding your name initials onto it. For that purpose, no towel looks better than the couple below.

Creative Scents Monogrammed Fingertip Hand Towels

Having luxurious items doesn’t have to be expensive; these towels are an excellent example of that statement. They are available at an affordable low price, allowing homeowners to add a bit more decoration to the bathroom using monogrammed towels with name initials on it.

Creative Scents Monogrammed Fingertip Hand Towels
Creative Scents Hand Towels

The set offers four towels, and while the background color is not the most appealing, the font used to write the letters is gorgeous. It is a cursive-styled design that allows customers to add a single letter from A to Z.

Now, focusing on the towels, we have to mention a couple of things. First, let’s discuss the construction material: cotton. As you’ve seen during reviews, many brands prefer to use this material for all of the benefits it provides. In this case, it is no different; the towels perform at a high level.

However, what may surprise you is how absorbent said material makes these towels. It absorbs a lot! And, as a bonus, the fabric dries quickly too.

  • Four pieces included in this set
  • Gorgeous font used to create the letters
  • Highly absorbent
  • Pure cotton construction material
  • Available at an affordable price
  • The background color is not the best

BC BARE COTTON Monogrammed Hand Towel

Did you notice that we mentioned the color background of our previous pick wasn’t good? Well, it is the same with this set of towels if you decide to go with the gray option. We recommend getting either the navy or white version if you intend to use these items as decoration.

BC BARE COTTON Monogrammed Hand Towel

Luckily, these monogrammed towels offer more benefits than disadvantages. In particular, we enjoyed the font and size of the initials once printed on the towels.

The letter takes most of the center space, which would make every guest in the house notice it as soon as they walk into the bathroom.

When it comes to performance, the towels don’t disappoint either. It uses 750 GSM cotton for more absorbency and soft touch to the skin. The fabric may not be the most absorbent monogrammed towel out there, but it sure keeps you dry during times of need.

The towel’s durability, however, was disappointing. After a couple of washing sessions, the embroidery started to fall apart.

  • Available in three colors
  • 750 GSM cotton construction
  • Soft to the skin
  • Machine washable
  • Not the most absorbent
  • The embroidery doesn’t survive washing cycles

Best Disposable Hand Towel Reviews

Having a special event at the house could go downhill quickly if you don’t have the proper tools to keep everything clean. With the next towels, you’ll be ready to clean any mess quickly.

American Homestead Guest Disposable Hand Towels

These hand towels are straight to the point. The manufacturer knows that a disposable item doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy, which is why they aim for a simplistic product that gets the job done, and then goes to the trash.

American Homestead Hand Towels
American Homestead Guest Disposable Hand Towels

You’ll receive 200 hand towels in this package. They are thick, way more than your regular paper towel found in households. Because of their design, the towels absorb an alright amount of water, and they also clean most stains out of different surfaces.

However, when used on the skin, you may notice the feeling is not the best. It feels rough.

The ultra-ply design featuring Airlaid paper is another interesting choice by the manufacturer that has been quite successful. It allows the towel to meet many of our expectations, but you also get to fold them easy to store them away.

These disposable hand towels measure 17×12-inch, the perfect size for many purposes. Use it for home cleaning, office maintenance, at the restaurant or during holidays.

  • Perfect size for many purposes, including cleaning your hands or other stuff
  • High absorbency
  • Ultra-Ply design
  • This order includes two hundred white towels
  • These towels are not too soft

BloominGoods Disposable Rose Gold Hand Towels

People looking to buy in bulk have come to the right place. This set offers up to a hundred pieces! That means you’d be able to use them for a lot of stuff, like drying your hands, doing maintenance on the kitchen, or cleaning surfaces, among other tasks.

BloominGoods Disposable Rose Gold Hand Towels
BloominGoods Disposable Hand Towels

The towels are beautiful as well, so you get to use them as decoration if that’s what you need. However, don’t underestimate their quality, as there are many advantages of using these disposable towels.

One of those advantages is the fabric, which is quite comfortable onto the skin. It feels like linen, and it performs well when we use them to dry our hands. Also, since it is all organic, not only are the towels safe for us but the environment too.

Other than that, there’s nothing that should worry you.

  • One hundred pieces set
  • Beautiful design
  • Absorbent
  • Comfortable to the skin
  • The towel’s dimensions may be too large for standard holders

Care & Maintenance

Caring for your hand towels ensures you’ll get to use them for many months ahead, or perhaps even years. How do you do that? We’ll walk you through it!

First, when the package arrives, make sure to wash the towels before first use. If you use the machine, add cold water.

Some people recommend adding white vinegar to maintain the texture fluffy. It does seem effective, but it may not work for every towel. Still, try it to see how well it works for you. Don’t worry about permanent damage.

Even though you can use low heat to dry the towels, letting them exposed to air is better.

Don’t be afraid to wash the towels as regularly as possible. With time, the fabric gets softer, making the hand towels a reliable item to have in the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best material for hand towels?

A: In most cases, you’ll find either pure or Turkish cotton is the material that creates the most efficient hand towels out there. There are other materials like bamboo or organic fiber too.

Q: What’s the perfect size for hand towels?

A: It depends on what is their purpose. For instance, disposable towels may come at a small 12×17-inch size, while bathroom towels are a little bit larger measuring around 20×40-inch. We recommend the latter.

Q: Why is my Turkish cotton hand towel not absorbing?

A: It is a regular issue most people face with this material. Wash it a couple of times, and it should activate the fibers to absorb.

Q: Are hand towels multi-purpose?

A: Yes, you can use them for a variety of purposes like cleaning, decoration, for the gym, and other activities.

Q: Are hand towels durable?

A: As long as you take good care of them, yes, they are. These towels can last years if treated correctly.

Final Words

Now that you’ve finished our article, it is time to choose your best hand towels and add them to your collection. Everyone at home will have quality items to keep themselves dry, and people visiting will most likely appreciate them as decoration.