Best Bath Towels For Your Bathroom – (of 2022)

Looking for the best bath towel that will be supremely comfortable without costing too much?

Well, then this is the article for you.

In this post, we are going to talk about different types of towels, among which you’ll be sure to find one ideal for you.

I’ll highlight their features, drawbacks, and much more. There will also be a section on the maintenance of your towel.

Without further ado, I present you with my best bath towels review.

Best Bath Towels For Bathroom

Types of Bath Towels

Here are the 13 Types of bath towels which serves different types of needs. Each of these categories has at least 2 products. Hope those are helping to find your bath towels.

Best Bath Towels Detail Reviews

During our bath towels reviews, we’re going to cover plenty of items that you should consider adding to your bathroom. Most of these towels are durable, absorbent, soft, and luxurious, a combination that will make your bathroom look spotless.

Best Oversized Bath Towels

Are you looking for oversized towels currently available? Take a look at our next picks which are large and suitable for everybody.

American Soft Linen Luxury Extra Large Bath Towel

This oversized bath towel measures 35×70-inch, making it a jumbo size item with nothing but incredible quality guaranteed by the one hundred percent genuine cotton. For variety, there are over ten different colors for you to choose, and every one of them makes your bathroom look stylish.

American Soft Linen Luxury Extra Large Bath Towel
American Soft Linen Luxury Bath Towel

These towels feature 650 GSM, and it doesn’t use any chemical. People of all ages will be able to use them comfortably at different places, not only the bathroom; some of these locations are the pool, beach, or the gym, among others.

The loops, their quality, and quantity ensure the towels can absorb water pretty easily. With the cotton fabric and thick threading, you’ll be warm and dry within seconds after leaving the shower.

Before using them, you must wash these towels. Keep in mind that they will leave a ton of lint when you’re cleaning it for the first time, but after that, there won’t be any issues.

  • Cotton fabric
  • Quality threading
  • Absorbent
  • Stylish colors
  • Soft bath towel
  • Leaves a ton of lint during first washing
  • Received a slightly different color on purchase

Classic Turkish Thick Oversized Bathroom

Featuring Turkish cotton, these are probably the best large bath towels you can find in the market. With a combination of outstanding colors, pattern designs, absorbency, and softness, everyone that gets their hands on these items won’t regret their decision.

Classic Turkish Thick Oversized Bathroom
Classic Turkish Thick Bathroom

These combed cotton towels make good use of a heavy and plushy fabric that provides the ultimate comfort. With 40×65-inch, you’d be surprised how comfortable it is to wrap yourself with any of the item included in this 3-Piece set.

The towels are eco-friendly too! There are no chemicals involved, which allows even the little ones to use it.

Although there are no large black bath towels included in this set, every piece looks good, and they would be a luxury addition for your bathroom. Both adults and young visitors will appreciate their quality.

  • Thick & Soft
  • Very absorbent
  • Turkish cotton ensures quality
  • Three items set
  • Not as large as the other towels

Best Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

Turkish cotton is one of the few materials that provide durability and softness like no other. Next, we’re going to review the top towels featuring this fabric.

Classic Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

This set offers six items measuring 27×54-inch. At first, it might not seem pretty large when you take a look at the other options in this list, but don’t forget these are bath towels, which makes them pretty oversized if you consider their average size.

Classic Turkish Cotton Bath Towels
Classic Turkish Bath Towels

As mentioned above, it is a set of six pieces. There are five versions available: white, spa blue, grey, chocolate, and almond beige. We stuck to the basic trying the white ones, and the results were pretty satisfactory.

One of the elements that stand out above the rest is the double stitching for the hem. It is a structured design that prevents any fray, ensuring the towels will serve you well for plenty of time.

The feeling of the fabric is pleasant as well. The towels are plushy and very absorbent. Perhaps it is because of their large size, but they will dry your hands quickly.

  • 6-Pieces set
  • Double stitching makes the towels long-lasting
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Color variety
  • Perhaps too large for comfort

The Loomia Dazzling Artisan Handwoven Series Turkish Towel

Not many people will enjoy this towel. The color design could be either very pretty or just awful; there’s no in-between. For us, it was interesting, and that’s why we’ve included here. It is very much an artisan-type of an item, not the most luxury if you consider other options.

The Loomia Dazzling Artisan Handwoven Series Turkish Towel
The Loomia Dazzling Artisan Handwoven Turkish Towel

Still, that doesn’t mean it is not beautiful or useful. It is one hundred percent Turkish cotton towel that measures 37×74-inch and weighs 13.4 oz approximately.

This towel doesn’t get that heavy when soaks a lot of water, and you’ll notice that it dries quickly afterward. It manages to get softer as you wash it, which makes the towel more comfortable as time passes.

The towel doesn’t shrink after washing, and it doesn’t fray either. Overall, it is an outstanding item that is worth every bit of money you pay for it.

  • Vertical stripes design & artisan style
  • Absorbent and soft even after washing
  • Comfortable size and weight
  • It dries quickly
  • It is not the most luxurious towel for your bathroom

Best Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Egyptian cotton is the material you need in humid temperatures. They’re far more durable and highly absorbent as well.

Pinzon 6 Piece Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel

If you’re looking for variety, that’s what our next Egyptian bath towels set provides. It includes a pair of items for every purpose: for the bath, for our hands, and washcloths too. All of them are available in ten different colors to decorate your house.

Pinzon 6 Piece Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel
Pinzon Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel

The measurements are the following: 30×56-inch for the bath towels, 18×30-inch hand towels, and 13×13-inch washcloths. As you can see, these items are not the largest you’ll find, but they do deliver efficiency in other areas.

For instance, the towels are highly absorbent, and they deliver breathability as well. Even after soaking a lot of water, the fabric dries fast because air circulates efficiently through the material.

These towels are durable too. They feature high-quality and extra-long fiber to make the texture feel as comfortable as possible, with enough strength to withstand the pressure of regular use and to endure the washing machine.

During the washing, be aware that the towels may bleed or shed.

  • A convenient size for every towel
  • Thick design
  • Vibrant colors that don’t fade
  • Absorbent
  • The towels may bleed or shed during washing

Calla Angel Superior Egyptian Cotton Oversize Bath Towel

The chain design on this towel, although simple, it looks pretty and stylish. It blends well with most decoration, giving you a luxury item to complement the bathroom and to keep family members dry after taking a bath.

Calla Angel Superior Egyptian Cotton Oversize Bath Towel
Calla Angel Superior Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel

While the chain pattern varies in color depending on which version you buy, the towel is available only in white. They feature long-staple fabric with Egyptian cotton, and they are quite dense at 1000 Gram. These towels are a bit heavier than most others.

The towels don’t lack quality, though. With a woven loops structure, each item has the strength to last a long time without losing its smoothness and subtle finish.

Each of these towels measures 63×31-inch. This purchase is for one item only, so don’t expect to have other pieces like washcloths. Considering that it is an individual piece, the price is quite high in comparison with different sets that offer more than one.

  • Oversize towel
  • Comfortable weight
  • Very durable
  • Stylish chain pattern
  • High price for only one towel
  • Not as absorbent as other options

Best Cheap Bath Towels

Cheap towels are sometimes equally or more capable than expensive items. Here, we’re going to tell you why that is.

AmazonBasics 3 Piece Cotton Bath Towel

There are three items included in this set: a bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth. All of them feature cotton material, providing softness and absorbency.

AmazonBasics 3 Piece Cotton Bath Towel
AmazonBasics Cotton Bath Towel

For variety, there are eight colors available, although they all seem dull. The bath towel measures 54×30, 28×16-inch for the hand towel, and the washcloth only 12×12-inch.

What we liked the most about these items is how comfortable they feel after soaking water. They remain lightweight, and the texture doesn’t turn rough after drying.

One of its benefits is that you’d be able to use the towels to absorb plenty of water because they dry quickly afterward.

The towels perform very well, but people must be patient with them. Upon arrival and during the first wash, the items will shed a lot. It is an issue that you can solve by washing a couple of times. After that, the towels become fluffy and soft.

  • Quick-drying
  • A soft touch to the skin
  • Very absorbent
  • These towels shed a lot during the first wash
  • Requires washing a couple of times before first use

Utopia Extra Large Bath Towels

Unlike the previous pick, these towels are more beautiful to have around the house. There are six colors available, but the cheap black bath towels are the best among all of them.

Utopia Extra Large Bath Towels
Utopia Bath Towels

This towel measures 35×70-inch, and it remains the same size after washing. However, make sure never to use bleach or fabric softeners, as those chemicals could end up ruining it quicker.

Part of the quality of these towels comes from the hem, which goes through a double stitching process. The combed cotton works pretty well combined with a 2-ply yarn structure design.

While washing, the towel doesn’t produce too much lint. Also, there is no absorbency loss either, which is something people will appreciate. The towels don’t unravel, and they maintain their softness as well.

If you’re looking for a thick towel, then you might need to look at other options, though. But even if they are thin, these towels don’t disappoint.

  • Color variety for everyone to choose
  • High-quality stitching
  • Absorbent and durable
  • A little color fading after washing

Best Jacquard Bath Towels

Each Jacquard cotton bath towel is famous for its beautiful designs and other benefits. These are our top picks.

Intelligent Design Jacquard Lita Cotton Bathroom Towels

With this set, you’ll receive six pieces: two bath towels, and four hand towels. They could be either orange or grey, but we encourage you to try the first ones because of how good-looking and efficient they are.

Intelligent Design Jacquard Lita Cotton Bathroom Towels
Intelligent Design Jacquard Bathroom Towels

The towels feature pure cotton material, making them comfortable and durable. If you’re looking for large towels, these might not be the largest, but they are convenient for both adults and children; the bath towels measure 28×54-inch, and the hand towels are 16×26-inch.

No, you haven’t read wrong: there are no washcloths available in this set.

After months of using them, the towels have remained in perfect shape without fraying or losing softness. The color hasn’t faded away either, which was a surprise considering that most items can’t retain them properly.

If the towels weren’t that thin, many more people would love them.

  • Gorgeous pattern design
  • It includes two bath towels and four hand towels
  • Absorbent and comfortable
  • It keeps its good shape even after months using it
  • These towels are too thin

Stone & Beam Flora Jacquard Cotton Bath Towels

A floral pattern is one of the first things you’ll notice when looking at these towels, and then, after trying it, you’ll learn why many people consider it among the best set of towels available.

Stone & Beam Flora Jacquard Cotton Bath Towels
Stone & Beam Flora Bath Towels

It features ring-spun cotton for more softness, which combined with double stitching for the hem, ensures the towels absorb water efficiently.

Still, it is quite disappointing that this jacquard bath towel is not as durable as we would like. After a couple of weeks using it, some threads came loose. It is a frustrating issue considering the money you pay for them.

As mentioned in the title, this set offers three items: bath towel, hand towel, and a washcloth. They measure 54×27-inch, 28×16-inch, and 13×13-inch, respectively.

You can get them in two versions, Regatta and Stone. Regardless of which one you choose, both of them look and feel incredible. Each one is an extra soft bath towel that makes any bathroom luxury.

  • Extra soft towels
  • Double stitching design
  • Absorbent cotton bath towel
  • Luxury patterns
  • High price
  • Loses threads after a couple of weeks

Best Monogrammed Bath Towels

Are you looking for an incredible gift for a special one? How about a towel with their initials on it? Surprise them with the next towels!

1888 Mills Personalized Monogrammed Bath Towels

If there’s something we like about these towels, it is the huge design variety provided by the manufacturer to ensure we’re happy with the final result. And, after ordering a set, the monogrammed design was how we imagined it exactly.

1888 Mills Personalized Monogrammed Bath Towels
1888 Mills Personalized Bath Towels

Three types of fonts stood out, and those were the Diamond, Elegant, and Center font. The most interesting for us was the first one, which proved to be beautiful once it arrived.

Of course, if you’re not a fan of those fonts, you can contact the manufacturer to consider other options. For the base color, there are over ten different styles to suit your demands.

The towels feature cotton and ring-spun loops. It is a technique we’ve seen before, but it continues to create high-quality products that withstand the test of time.

These towels are 27×52-inch, 400 GSM, and made in the USA. They’re rather thin, so don’t expect it to absorb too much water. However, they’re soft and comfortable to use.

  • More than ten colors and different fonts available
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Stylish monogrammed letters
  • Towels don’t absorb too much water

Tri Color Personalized Embroidery Bathroom Towels

These towels come with monogrammed initials that you can customize to make it the perfect gift. You also get the chance to mix and combine a variety of colors to surprise that special one.

Tri Color Personalized Embroidery Bathroom Towels
Tri Color Personalized Bathroom Towels

The towels measure 35×65-inch, and they weigh 19lbs, approximately. As the primary construction material, the manufacturer uses cotton and other fibers that are less relevant. It is a terry fabric that absorbs water efficiently and dries quickly.

To order it, you must contact the manufacturer through the Amazon message system. Once there, you can communicate and give them the information they require for the towels, which are the name initials you want on them.

After comparing it to the previous towel, we could tell that the monogrammed design is not better. It looks way smaller and less noticeable on the towel. Still, it doesn’t make it less beautiful. The golden letters sure give it a luxurious feel.

  • Golden font and floral design
  • Color variety
  • Lightweight and large towels
  • Small name initials embroidery

Best Decorative Bath Towels

Although single color towels aren’t bad, sometimes having a decorative towel provides more than one benefit. Here are our top picks that will enhance the house décor.

Avanti Linens Gilded Birds Embroidered 4-Piece Decorative Towel

When your baby is acting tough while taking a bath, having interesting items to keep them distracted is the perfect way to care for them without getting frustrated. With these towels, you’ll be able to get the baby’s attention and keep them warm too.

Avanti Linens Gilded Birds Embroidered 4-Piece Decorative Towel
Avanti Linens Gilded Birds Embroidered Decorative Towel

It is a pretty towel set with a trio of birds posing on top of a branch. Undoubtedly, if you need bath towels with designs for decoration, you won’t find any other set as good as this one.

This set goes one step beyond by offering the standard items such as the bath towel, hand towel, and the washcloths, but the manufacturer also adds fingertip towels. As you can see, it is a complete package that you can use for many purposes.

Be careful when washing them. During the first wash, some ragged strings seemed to come out of nowhere and needed some trimming afterward.

  • Bird embroidery is pretty cute
  • Four items included in the set
  • Lint-free
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Ragged strings after the first wash

Superior Wisteria 6 Piece Cotton Towel

Wisteria towels are a bit of a gamble from the manufacturer; they don’t stick to regular practices of making them 2-ply, but single-ply instead. It is an item that makes incredible use of high-quality cotton fiber that gives them a natural feel, firm but soft at the same time.

Superior Wisteria 6 Piece Cotton Towel
Superior Wisteria Cotton Towel

There are six items included in this set: two 30×54-inch bath towels, a pair of 16×30-inch hand towels, and a couple of 13×13-inch face towels. The manufacturer offers ten different colors, with all of them including a beautiful floral pattern at the edges.

These decorative bath towels sets are available in more than ten colors, which is a lot of variety that allows house owners to choose the one that suits their bathroom the most.

If you need a recommendation, we suggest trying the black decorative bath towels. Because black goes with everything, isn’t that right?

Keep in mind that these items are not too thick. Don’t expect them to do wonders.

  • Decorative towels with floral design on the edges
  • Up to ten colors available
  • A pair of three items included
  • Super soft
  • Thin towels

Best White Bath Towels

If you’re looking for white bath towels with black trim, our next pick might be what you need precisely. Take a look at it!

Stone & Beam Cotton 2-Piece white bath towels

There’s something about simple towels that makes them appealing to the eye. This next set of two towels is not the most colorful you’ll find, but by featuring stripes available in different colors, they give your bathroom a luxury and stylish look.

Stone & Beam Cotton 2-Piece white bath towels
Stone & Beam Cotton white bath towels

To produce them, the manufacturer uses cotton material. The fabric is plush, soft to the skin, and absorbent. And, by measuring 56×30-inch, you’ll be able to cover your body to soak the water.

For once, you’ll be glad that the towels arrive just as the brand promotes them online. They’re affordable, fluffy, and very durable as well. It sure seems like they would be far more expensive.

When you’re looking for white bath towels with black trim, this set offers two items that will keep you satisfied. Still, there are some issues to keep in mind, one of which is that the fabric is not that absorbent.

  • Luxury stripe designs available in different colors
  • Soft, durable, and plush
  • Affordable price
  • These towels are not as absorbent as other options

Qute Home Cotton Bath Towels

These towels work way faster than the regular, allowing you to soak the water excess on your body after a shower. Every item included in this set is suitable for many purposes, including the bathroom, activities at the beach, or performing sports outside.

Qute Home Cotton Bath Towels
Qute Home Bath Towels

What makes these towels incredibly useful is their one hundred percent cotton, featuring ring-spun fabric for more durability. The material is non-toxic and odorless, providing you reliable performance for people of all ages, including for the little ones.

The towels measure 27×52-inch, which is pretty large but not too much. It is a convenient size for most people, and as a result, they don’t feel too heavy when they’re wet.

Also, there’s no need to worry about an unpleasant soaked towel, because the fabric dries quickly. Perhaps that’s because they don’t absorb too much water.

  • Four different colors available
  • High-quality Turkish cotton
  • Super soft and plush
  • Quick-drying after using
  • A convenient size for people of different body shape
  • These towels don’t absorb a lot of water

Best Hooded Bath Towels

A day at the beach with the little ones could turn out pretty bad if you don’t keep them dry after leaving the water. With these hooded towels, they will be able to have all the fun they want while being protected.

Akamino Children Hooded Bath Towel

There are two other versions of this towel, shark, and unicorn, but neither of them is as cute as the mermaid one. It may not be a good choice for every kid, but little girls will love it.

Akamino Children Hooded Bath Towel
Akamino Children Bath Towel

Parents will also like this towel for its many benefits. It is a mix of microfiber and cotton that takes good care of the kids, even if the children have sensitive skin. The texture is soft, and it has incredible breathability to keep our little ones dry after a day at the pool or the beach.

Despite having a colorful design, there are no strong chemicals that may be dangerous for the skin, and it doesn’t leave any odor either. After many washing, the fabric maintains its mermaid pattern with little to none color fading at all.

If you decide to go along and make the investment to buy this hooded girl towels, your kid will love it.

  • Cute mermaid drawing
  • No dangerous chemicals
  • Doesn’t retain odor
  • Softness and absorbent
  • High price

Anikea Children Hooded Poncho Bath Towel

For a day at the pool, this poncho is probably the best choice to keep your little girl protected, dry and comforted. Not to mention she’ll look cute too! It is a vibrant red fabric featuring a hoodie at the top with funny eyes, a little horn, and some teeth.

Anikea Children Hooded Poncho Bath Towel
Anikea Hooded Poncho Bath Towel

This towel measures 27.5×45-inch, making it suitable for children of different ages and sizes. It uses pure cotton material that provides incredible benefits such as softness, high absorbency, and durability over time.

There are other seven towels with different patterns, some of which are good-looking for boys too.

Another pleasant surprise from the manufacturer was that they sent a smaller towel as a gift. With that kind of attention, it is easy to prefer their towels over all of the others.

Just like the previous towel, this one is quite expensive as well.

  • Cute unicorn design
  • A convenient size for children
  • Doesn’t lose color after washing
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Dries quickly
  • These towels are available at a high price

Best Bamboo Bath Towels

Bamboo is a fabric that is not only durable but absorbent and soft as well. If you’re looking for options, consider these towels.

Cariloha 600 GSM Highly Absorbent Bamboo Bathroom Towels

If you want to have quality products, you have to consider how thoughtful the manufacturer is while producing them. For this set of towels, the brand uses twisted bamboo, a technique that provides incredible results.

Cariloha 600 GSM Highly Absorbent Bamboo Bathroom Towels
Cariloha Highly Absorbent Bamboo Bathroom Towels

They combine 600 GSM bamboo with Turkish cotton to produce three pieces: a bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth. They are available in six colors, and their optimization ensures people receive soft, lightweight, and plush items for their bathrooms.

Nothing we say makes justice to the outstanding quality of these towels. As soon as you put them over your body, they will dry every bit of water very quickly. And the best part is that the fabric doesn’t turn heavy when it is wet.

After a long time using the towels, they continue providing incredible performance. One of the only issues you’ll find is that the fluff comes off sometimes, but it is a small disadvantage that goes unnoticed.

  • Dries your body quickly
  • Remains lightweight when it is wet
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Durable
  • Fluff comes off sometimes

The Loomia Deniz Handwoven Series Bamboo Towel

This next pick probably isn’t the one you need for a luxurious bathroom, but it sure does provide comfort and softness. It is a versatile handwoven towel set including two pieces that you can use for bath, to care for the baby, or at the kitchen.

The Loomia Deniz Handwoven Series Bamboo Towel
The Loomia Deniz Handwoven Bamboo Towel

The first impression you get from looking at these towels is that they seem soft, and after taking a moment to test them, you can confirm they are one of the softest you can find.

Even after washing and using them for a long time, the towels manages to get softer. They are absorbent, and the two items included in the package dry quickly.

You can get them in four colors, which allows you to customize your house to make it look as good as possible.

These prewashed bamboo towels are thin and lightweight. They are not bulky items that consume too much space, allowing you to place them anywhere after use.

  • Multi-purpose towel
  • Incredibly soft, and highly absorbent
  • Comfortable even when wet
  • Beautiful woven design
  • Some loose threads on the side

Best Organic Bath Towels

For sensitive skins, organic towels are the healthiest and most secure you could find. Here are the two you should consider buying.

Pinzon Organic Cotton Bath Towel

If you tend to have trouble deciding which color you like the most, then you might have some issues with these towels, because there are ten different versions you can choose. Nonetheless, every one of the towels looks good, and they would enhance the decoration of your bathroom.

Pinzon Organic Cotton Bath Towel
Pinzon Organic Bath Towel

This set includes four towels that feel plush and very soft. None of the items use chemicals or dangerous substances, which makes them healthy for both humans and the eco-system as well.

By featuring 700 GSM, the towels are thicker and way heavier than most others. Although not many people are fans of their weight, it is not necessarily bad, on the contrary; the fabric is more absorbent and quick-drying.

This set delivers four pieces that measure 30×56-inch. If you’re looking for a thin and light towel, these are probably not the ones you need. But they are among the best organic bath towels for how efficient they are.

  • 700 GSM and thick fabric
  • Plenty of color choices
  • Safe for everyone
  • Luxury style
  • The heavyweight could be a problem for some people

Stone & Beam Lagoon Organic Cotton Bathroom Towels

In this set, you’ll find two bath towels measuring 56×30-inch. They’re available in six different colors, and each one feels warm and comfortable to the skin.

Stone & Beam Lagoon Organic Cotton Bathroom Towels
Stone & Beam Lagoon Bathroom Towels

The softness of these towels is far superior to most, making them items you’ll want to have with you everywhere you go; because they are versatile, allowing you to use it for the bathroom, but for outdoor activities as well.

This set includes two bath towels that measure 56×30-inch. They’re large, but not the largest out there. After use, you can wash them in the machine in the tumble dry low and without pouring softeners or bleach.

The towels manage to retain their color after some time using it and many washing. Also, there are no loose threads or fraying, which is something worth mentioning. They continue to feel soft, allowing everyone to drape themselves inside and enjoy a warm time after taking a bath.

  • Plenty of color variety
  • Remains in good shape after months using and washing it
  • Thick design
  • Quality edges
  • Not as large as other towels

Best Linen Bath Towels

Pure linen bath towels are not often what you expect. Even when the manufacturers promise a lot, they hardly deliver. That’s why the next towels surprised us greatly; they make plenty of promises, and they do deliver most of them.

LinenMe Provence Bath Towel Black Striped

When that old cotton towel is not doing its job properly, looking for an alternative would be a good choice. Not sure where to start? Let us help you with that as we introduce you to our next pick.

LinenMe Provence Bath Towel Black Striped
LinenMe Bath Towel Black Striped

This linen bath towel measures 26×51-inch, which is slightly smaller than what we’d like. Don’t expect a complete set either, as there’s a unique piece included in this purchase.

The towel design is quite interesting, featuring black stripes over a white background. Not only does it look good, but it will also look good on you if you decide to use it at places like the beach or near the pool.

Comfort is yet another benefit the towel provides. While using it, you’ll realize that it feels lightweight and soft over the skin. And, once the towel is wet, it won’t feel like a burden.

  • Beautiful black stripes design
  • Soft and lightweight fabric
  • Absorbs plenty of water and it doesn’t feel heavy afterward
  • The size dimensions of this towel are not large enough

Bless Linen Jacquard Striped Pure Linen Bath Towel

While this next towel has some flaws, you’ll notice that most of its features will work to your advantage. The 30×58-inch size is not the largest out there, but it is plenty of fabric to cover most bodies and keep you dry. Since the towel can absorb a lot of water, you’ll wick moisture away quickly.

Bless Linen Jacquard Striped Pure Linen Bath Towel
Bless Jacquard Striped Pure Linen Bath Towel

One of the towel’s disadvantages, for some people, would be the color design. It features stripes in two colors, which are grey and white. Although the colors make the bath towel look good, they are not the most vibrant, and certainly not the most decorative if you want to add life to your home.

Of course, that doesn’t make the towel less useful. Thanks to its high absorbency, you’ll be able to use it at home, pool, or even the gym, depending on what you need. This bath towel doesn’t feel heavy while wet, which is another reason to consider it.

  • Appealing stripes design
  • High absorbency
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable for different purposes
  • Dull colors

Best JCPenney Bath Towels

JCPenney towels have earned their place in many bathrooms, with high absorbency and lightweight being a couple of the reasons why. We’ll discuss these towels next.

JCPenney Home Linen Bath Towel Set

Buying several towels in one purchase is an incredible solution to care for every part of our body, but it also means you’ll have to wash more items than you’d do regularly. However, every one of the towels included here are incredibly easy to wash, getting that one concern off our mind.

JCPenney Home Linen Bath Towel Set
JCPenney Home Bath Towel Set

This set offers six pieces. There are two washcloths measuring 13×13-inch, a couple of 16×28-inch hand towels, and two 30×54-inch bath towels. After trying them out, each one felt soft on the skin, and the absorption capacity wasn’t disappointing in the slightest.

Another reason why these towels are here is that regardless of how much you wash them, they won’t leave loose threads. Also, the towels have shown outstanding durability by enduring the pressure without fraying a small bit.

The question here is, are these towels perfect? Yes, most of them are. Nonetheless, the bath towels felt a little heavy while soaked, which was rather inconvenient.

  • Set of six towels for all of our body parts
  • Soft fabric
  • High absorbency
  • The bath towels feel heavy when wet

What to Look for In a Bath Towel

If you want to buy the best bath towel, you need to check off certain features. Our buyer’s guide will help you with that.


Most of the towels on the market nowadays are quite short in size. The reason for this is that most customers prefer towels that take up less space when folded. If space is not an issue, we would advise you to buy an adequate sized towel, and if you’re buying online, make sure to read the measurements before ordering.

  • Standard: 50-60 X 25-30 inches
  • Large: 65-70 X 35-40 inches


What’s the point of buying an expensive luxury towel that feels harsh on your body? Make sure that the towel you’re going to buy is super soft on your skin and comfortable as well. This is a feature that shouldn’t be compromised when buying a towel.


There are different types of materials used in the manufacturing of towels, e.g., cotton, linen, microfiber, etc. Each of these has its own properties and features. Make sure you’re not allergic to the fabric of the towel before buying it.


A lot of people prefer the most absorbent bath towels for their bathroom, which dry you very easily. If absorbency is your requirement, please opt for more than 600 GSM towels. These kind of bath towels are the most absorbent.

Drying Time

It is important to buy a towel that dries quickly so it’s ready for the next use. Towels that take a lot of time to dry can be quite annoying because you find them wet whenever you need them.

Benefits of Using The Best Quality Towels

Just like with everything in the world, using bath towels of good quality is actually very important. The main reason behind this is, of course, comfort. Your skin is more susceptible to irritation after a shower, and if you use bad-quality towels, it is more likely that you might have irritated skin.

Other than that, another reason why it is essential to use good quality bath towels is the absorption of the water. The number one job the towel has is to dry your body off. A good towel should be able to do that without any hassle.

Finally, the last reason why you should look into buying a good quality towel is that at times, bad towels shed. After you are done running the cloth over yourself, you will find stray threads, which might be a bit of a task to remove from your damp body.

Care and Maintenance

Bath Towel Care and Maintenance

You can make use of your towels to the best of their capabilities if you are able to care for them properly. Without the right care and maintenance, even the best bath towel will not give you the outcome that you seek. Here we are going to provide a short how-to on keeping your towels looking and feeling fresh and clean.

The first thing you should do after buying a bath towel set is to wash properly. It might have been out in the open for a very long time and will be unhygienic to use it without a wash.

Now, for the wash, you could use a washing machine to do the job if the tag on the towel says it is safe to do so. Otherwise, steer clear of machine washing.

The next thing you need to keep in mind is the drying. Try to dry the towel entirely before you use it again, as it might start smelling funny. You could also incorporate fabric softener in your cleaning process so it smells good for a long time.

Bath Towels: Turkish vs. Egyptian Cotton

Ah! Welcome to a debate that has been going on for as long as we can remember! Turkish or Egyptian cotton, which one is the best? Well, to understand how they work and their benefits, we have to take a closer look at each material individually. Let’s begin analyzing each one.

Turkish Bath Towel VS Egyptian Bath Towel

Turkish Cotton – Benefits & Downsides

Have you seen that long-staple fiber that feels incredible to the skin? If you have, then you have already made contact with Turkish cotton material. And yes, the material is that good! What are its benefits?

  • Turkish cotton towels are capable of drying quickly.
  • They’re lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • Prevents unpleasant elements like mildew.

However, it is not perfect; after trying the two, you’ll notice the Turkish cotton is not as absorbent as the previous material.

Egyptian Cotton – Benefits & Downsides

If there’s anything that makes Egyptian cotton famous, it is the high-quality and dense threading to get rid of the moisture as soon as the fabric touches your skin. What are some of the benefits of using this material?

  • The towels remain plush, super-soft, and comfortable for a long time regardless of how much you wash them.
  • They’re capable of absorbing a ton of water quickly, drying your body within seconds.
  • Although they’re a bit heavier, you won’t feel the burden when the towels are wet.
  • The amount of variety in color and designs makes them suitable for hotels and homes equally.

They sound incredible, don’t they? That’s because they are! But we mentioned that there are disadvantages too, and the biggest downside of the Egyptian cotton is that it doesn’t perform too well on humid temperatures.

So, Which One to Choose?

If you’re looking for durable and highly absorbent towels, then Egyptian cotton is the one for you. However, for humid temperatures and outdoor activities, Turkish cotton might be the best one.

In the end, it all comes down to which one you like the most.

Bath Towel vs. Bath Sheet Size

Bath Sheet Vs Bath Towel

Here, we’ve covered bath towels, which are there to assist us after a shower, but there’s another item that may take your attention for this same purpose: the bath sheet.

Bath sheets are pretty similar to bath towels, but there are some noticeable differences like their bigger size. While the average bath towel measures around 27×52-inch, a bath sheet reaches 35×60-inch, approximately.

Remember that these are the standard versions, so there could be larger options out there.

Because of their larger size, bath sheets offer more absorption area that could come in handy under different circumstances. Also, sometimes, they are far more efficient than bath towels as well. If everything is okay, why not buy these items instead? Well, for starters, they are more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best material for a bath towel?
A: There are many materials that people prefer; some like cotton while others like microfiber. It mainly depends on the user’s liking. Cotton towels generally get the job done better.

Q: What is the best GSM for bath towels?
A: 400 to 620 GSM is ideal, as these are neither too thin nor too fluffy. They are good at absorbing water, and they also dry moderately quick.

Q: What is the best fabric for a bath towel?
A: If you are looking for a towel that is very good at absorbing water, then towels made out of rayon are a better choice than cotton.

Q: What is the best cotton for bath towels?
A: Towels made of Egyptian cotton are of premium quality – they are plush, more luxurious, and they can absorb a lot of water.

Q: What is the standard bath towel size?
A: Normal bath towels range from 27 by 52 inches to 30 by 58 inches in size.

Q: How often should I change my bath towel?
A: You should wash your towels after three uses. As for replacing, you can use a good quality towel for more than 2 years if you take proper care of it.

Final Words

For everyone, it is imperative to use the right products, especially the ones you will be using on a daily basis. Our best bath towels review will help you get an idea about what towel would be the most preferable for you and your household.

Let me know how you liked my recommendations.