Best Bath Sheets Review (of 2022 Updated) – Large and Absorbent

More often than not, bath sheets don’t get the recognition they deserve. Yes, the bath towel is great, but sometimes it isn’t enough. In those cases, more fabric is what you need, and the bath sheets are the perfect bathroom supply to provide that.

Of course, picking the best bath sheets isn’t as simple as picking just any piece of large cloth. You have to look at the offers available, their quality, and performance to find your most ideal bath sheets.

Best Bath Sheets

We’ll help you with that. In this article, we’ll discuss the most valuable bath sheets currently available for us to buy. We’ve taken into consideration several features that we’ll describe more in-depth in the next section.

Are you ready? Then let’s start!

Best Bath Sheets Reviews

Take a look at our top ten bath sheet sets! These products deliver an excellent performance to make us love them from the first moment you start using them.

Pinzon Organic Cotton Bath Sheet Towel

Pinzon Organic Cotton Latte Bath Sheet Towel
Pinzon Organic Cotton Bath Sheet Towel

Our first product comes in a set of two, which also offers customers the option to choose a wide variety of colors. These two bath sheets measure 70×40-inch, and they feature pure organic cotton towel to deliver optimum performance.

The bath sheets are incredibly plush and soft, making them suitable for people of all ages and good for sensitive skin. Due to their large size, you’ll have that extra cotton fiber to keep you warm after leaving the shower.

With a 700 GSM build, the bath sheets feature comfortable weight and incredible density. Once used, the absorbency level is quite satisfactory, getting rid of moisture shortly after putting the bath sheet on your skin.

While doing that, you’ll also notice the softness, which is incredible. Particularly, the super soft fabric is why many people would recommend this set.

Indeed, these bath sheets are available in many colors. However, the color advertised and the one you receive isn’t always the same. Previous customers reported their towels didn’t match in color with their order.

  • Plush & ultra-soft set of two bath sheets
  • 700 GSM for comfortable weight & good absorbency
  • Oversized bath sheets
  • Durable
  • On some cases, the colors of the towels advertised and the final product aren’t the same

AmazonBasics Cotton Bath Sheet Towel

AmazonBasics Cotton Bath Sheet Towel
AmazonBasics Fade-Resistant Cotton Bath Sheet Towel

These products aren’t the largest you’ll see here, but with a size of 62×30-inch, they continue to be one among the best bath sheets out there. Similar to most other high-quality bath sheets, these also feature cotton material to guarantee long-lasting performance.

Particularly, the cotton provides a level of endurance you don’t see that often. Both of the products offered in this set are fade-resistant, durable, and comfortable. During washing, there’s no unraveling, which is quite pleasant for everyone.

While using them, the bath sheet towels quickly show why they’re among the best. They feel lightweight, soft, and highly absorbent. It doesn’t take much for the towels to absorb moisture, and they don’t need much time to dry afterward, either.

During the first washes, the towels will leave a lot of lint. Under the first impression, it may look bad, but in due time that’s an issue that won’t bother you anymore. Don’t worry we also have a lint-free bath towel.

  • One hundred percent cotton is tear-resistant
  • On the skin, the bath sheets feel pretty soft
  • Lightweight towels that absorb moisture quickly
  • Good-looking pique border design
  • Fade-resistant colors, even after many washing
  • The bath sheets leave plenty of lint during the first washes

Utopia Towels – Luxurious Bath Sheets

Utopia Towels - Luxurious Bath Sheets
Utopia Towels - Luxurious Jumbo Bath Sheets

By featuring a woven technique using one hundred percent ringspun cotton, this pair of bath sheets is capable of delivering everything you may need. For instance, the sheets are soft and durable too! With a 35×70-inch size, you’ll get plenty of fabric to make you feel comfortable always.

The set is available in many colors, including green, beige, black, gray, white, and many more. For decoration, they all look perfect! If you care for them properly, the two sheets should be able to maintain their color without fading.

Despite being rather large items, one of the features that stand out the most about these bath sheets is their weight. They feel pretty light, providing another layer of comfort for anyone using it. Even when soaked in water, the weight doesn’t feel too heavy.

Even though there are many reasons to love these products, absorbency isn’t one of them. The capacity to absorb water is good, but not remarkable.

  • Bath sheets available in beautiful colors
  • Good size for large bath sheets
  • Ring-spun cotton is both durable and soft on the skin
  • Surprisingly lightweight, even when soaked
  • These bath sheets aren’t that absorbent

SALBAKOS Turkish Cotton Oversized Bath Sheet

SALBAKOS Turkish Cotton Luxury Bath Sheet
SALBAKOS Turkish Cotton Oversized Bath Sheet

Simple and effective would be a good way to describe this sheet. There is no fancy embroidery or stylish aesthetic detail, but it somehow manages to feel like a luxurious item. Whether you get them for your home, hotels, or spas, the sheet doesn’t disappoint.

In this case, the material used to produce the bath sheet is Turkish cotton, which is pretty popular due to its quality. Thanks to that build, you can expect the sheets to be durable and soft.

Customers will also appreciate the thoughtful manufacturing process of the bath sheet. For example, the combed Turkish cotton, and the vat dyeing procedure to guarantee the colors remain perfectly. Also, the colors available are more than 10!

The bath sheet requires no harmful chemicals, and the Oeko-Tex certificate makes it safe for everyone to use.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing special about this product when it comes to absorbency. It does soak up moisture, but it isn’t particularly any better than the rest.

  • Oversized bath sheets for ultimate comfort
  • Combed Turkish cotton secures a long-lasting lifespan
  • Vat-dyed to maintain the colors and avoid fading
  • Available in many colors
  • Ultra-soft and safe for everyone to use
  • Nothing particular about the absorbency of these products

Classic Turkish Towels Luxury Ribbed Bath Sheets

Classic Turkish Towels Luxury Ribbed Bath Sheets
Classic Turkish Towels Bath Sheets

Even though they may seem simple, the three pieces included in this set are capable of elevating your bathroom decoration. The jacquard woven style is incredible, as not only does it look good, but it also feels very comfortable on the skin.

As mentioned, the set offers three bath sheets. They measure 40×65-inch, which is good enough. The colors available are white, blue, silver, and beige, to name a few. Other than being extra-large, the sheets are plush, making the fabric comfortable for everybody.

The Turkish cotton material provides high absorbency and an increased lifespan. In fact, the double-stitched hems keep issues like fraying away, improving the lifespan of the bath sheets. Since there are no chemicals involved in the creation of the sheets, they’re also eco-friendly.

When the products arrive, you may notice they’re not quite soft at first. This issue happens regularly, and it usually goes away with a few washes. Make sure to care for them properly to make the best out of the sheets.

  • Good-looking jacquard ribbed style
  • High absorbency to soak water within seconds
  • Different colors available
  • Turkish cotton with double-stitched hem for a longer lifespan
  • The bath sheets aren’t quite soft at first

Towel Bazaar Cotton Turkish Bath Sheets

Towel Bazaar Cotton Turkish Bath Sheets
Towel Bazaar Eco Friendly Bath Sheets

The long-staple Turkish cotton bath sheets included in this set have plenty of benefits for us, despite the colors not being the greatest. Just by looking at these sheets, you can tell they’re super soft and fluffy, which you get to confirm once you start using them.

After each wash, the towels get better and better. The softness gets better, and the absorbency also starts to improve over time. In terms of durability, the stitching doesn’t let you down, as it creates long-lasting fabric to withstand regular use for many years.

There are no harmful dyes nor chemical solvents involved, making the bath sheets user-friendly for all. You can machine wash them when necessary, and there’s no unraveling, lint, tear, or other issues that may damage the integrity of the fabric.

Even though these are 700 GSM bath sheets, they don’t feel quite thick. On the contrary, the fabric is thin, which could be a problem for some users.

  • High-quality, long-staple Turkish cotton bath sheets
  • Superior softness & fluffiness
  • Decent levels of absorbency
  • No unraveling or tearing during the washing
  • The colors of these towels aren’t good
  • Not enough thickness

Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Turkish Cotton Oversized Bath Sheet

Luxury Hotel Towel Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet
Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Turkish Bath Sheet

One of the most surprising accomplishments of this bath sheet is that it is quick-drying. After leaving the shower, you can put the 40×80 inches of fabric offered by this product over your body, and you’ll be dry within seconds. Then, no long after, the towel will be ready to use again.

True to Turkish cotton’s style, this product only gets better as time passes. The bath sheet is already soft once it arrives at your hands, but after every wash, you’ll notice how the fabric quality continues to improve. Fluffiness, softness, and pleasant gentle touch is what you can expect.

You’ll also like the colors. They’re not the brightest towels out there, but that’s a good thing in this case. The towel quickly blends well with the bathroom decoration due to the harmonious colors featured.

Previous customers have complained about all the fuzz left behind by this bath sheet. That does seem to be an issue, so you better be ready to face it.

  • Good-looking colors to match the bathroom’s decoration
  • Incredibly soft set of towels
  • High absorbency to soak up water quickly
  • Quick-drying
  • The bath sheets leave a lot of fuzz behind

Turkuoise Super Soft Bath Sheets Turkish Towel

Turkuoise Turkish Towel Super Soft Bath Sheets
Turkuoise Super Soft Bath Sheets

If you were looking for the ultimate plush towels, you’ve come to the right place. This set provides two 35×70-inch bath sheets, which are available in a lot of colors. The absorbency is undeniable, making the bath sheets one of the best from the first moment you start using them.

Just like many others reviewed here, these also feature one hundred percent Turkish cotton. It’s a material that provides that extra absorbency needed by many people, and the durability is good too. Due to the double-stitched hems, both items are also long-lasting.

The colors available look great, and the vat-dye procedure guarantees there’s no color fading after washing. Instead of losing quality, the towels get better after every wash.

Besides bath sheets, the brand offers bath towels, hand towels, and more to complete the set.

The similarities between these bath sheets and some others reviewed here are also noticeable in the downsides. In this case, the softness isn’t so good either.

  • Many bright & durable colors available
  • Two oversized 35×70-inch pieces included in this set
  • Eco-friendly towels
  • High absorbency
  • Durable
  • These products lack softness

Turkish Linen Super Absorbent Cotton Large Bath Sheets

Turkish Linen Super Absorbent Cotton Large Bath Sheets
Turkish Linen Luxury Turkish Cotton Large Bath Sheets

Oversized bath sheets often provide the best feeling after a bath once you wrap yourself with one. This set of two will allow you to do that exactly, as both pieces measure 35×70-inch, delivering that extra fabric needed for more comfort.

The colors are also good-looking. You can get these towels in either a single color or in white with stripes featured. Either way, all of the designs available are incredible, which is good because you’ll be able to use these bath sheets for a lot of activities like going to the beach. So, you can use this bath sheet as a beach towel.

Thanks to the eco-friendly materials used to create the towels, there won’t be any unexpected reaction. On the skin, the fabric feels incredibly soft, and the level of absorbency also meets the expectations.

Surprisingly enough, the towels aren’t as thick as they look in the product listing. That seemed to be an issue for a lot of people that expected a denser bath sheet, and the final product was thinner.

  • Set of two extra-large towels with beautiful color designs
  • Ultra-softness for more comfort
  • Eco-friendly materials featured
  • High absorbency level
  • The bath sheets are thin, which many people didn’t like

Zenith Co Extra Large Bath Sheets

Zenith Co Bath Sheets
Zenith Co Extra Large Bath Sheets

The manufacturers truly scored many points with the color selection for these two bath sheets. They look incredible, with a highly appealing color design that quickly grabs your attention. There are two options, Cranberry and Charcoal. It’s quite difficult to choose which one looks better.

What we can do, however, is to talk about how effective they are. These bath sheets feature eco-friendly and genuine cotton for their build. At first, they’re not a big deal but run them through some washing cycles, and the improvement is very noticeable.

You can expect three things: softness, durability, and a lot of fabric for your body. The bath sheets measure 40×70-inch, making them among the largest you’ll find. With 600 GSM, you can also trust the weight is quite comfortable.

Unfortunately, the absorbency disappoints yet again. Although the bath sheets are excellent in every other area, they don’t do that well when it comes to soaking up water and liquids.

  • Set of two oversized bath sheets made with genuine cotton
  • Soft fabric with high-quality stitching for more durability
  • 600 GSM design makes the towels comfortable too
  • Beautiful colors available
  • The absorbency is not what you may expect

How to Choose the Best Bath Sheets?

As mentioned above, there’s a lot of thought put into choosing the most ideal bath sheets. Here’s what you need to consider before buying.


Bath sheets are a good example of how to use materials like cotton properly. Towels woven with this type of fabric create a high-quality piece of cloth with benefits such as high absorbency, softness, and a long lifespan overall if you treat them carefully.

That’s not the only material used to produce these towels, though. You’ll be able to find Egyptian cotton bath sheets and even bamboo bath sheet sets too. Since each material has its own benefits, deciding which one to buy is up to you.


Ideally, you want bath sheets because of their large size, there’s no other way around that. The question is, what’s the most appropriate size you should consider? Well, much like the material, the size of the bath sheet is also up to you.

For instance, you can find a 40×80 bath sheet if you look carefully, just about enough fabric to wrap most people inside. Of course, the measurement varies depending on the brand, with some bath sheets being smaller or larger than that.

Density & Thickness

As with any other towel, the GSM is also a huge factor to consider while purchasing bath sheets. It has a direct effect on the sheet’s density, which naturally contributes to other elements such as absorbency and softness.

Due to the nature of the bath sheets, their weight is quite more noticeable than with any other towels. Look for fabric with 700 GSM or up, as they’re the most common due to their performance after leaving the shower.

Price & Number of Towels

Figuring out your budget early on will allow you to either discard or include plenty of bath sheet offers. Whether you need a single product or a set of them, knowing how much you’re willing to spend is essential.

Difference Between Bath Towel and Bath Sheet

More often than not, people confuse a bath sheet with a bath towel. If you’ve made this mistake before, then don’t worry, they’re fairly similar, and it’s quite easy to mix them up. However, they do have a significant difference that sets both products apart. Here’s why they’re not the same.

Only in Size!

Clearly, the biggest difference between bath towels and bath sheets is their size. While the biggest bath towel is around 30×58-inch, the smallest bath sheet is about 35×60-inch, which is already quite larger in comparison.

Does that make bath sheets better? That’s debatable. Many of us love the feeling of having that extra fabric, but not everyone needs a bath sheet. In some specific cases, the bath towels are also a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are bath sheets made of?

A: The build of the bath sheets depends on the manufacturer. You can expect to find bath sheets featuring all types of cotton, including Turkish and Egyptian. Some even feature bamboo fabric.

Q: How to wash bath sheets?

A: Start by using warm water. You can use color-safe bleach for colored towels, but only if it’s necessary. For white towels, it’s the same method: hot water with non-chlorine bleach if necessary. Separate them by color.

Other tips would be to avoid fabric softener, use vinegar to get rid of buildups, and baking soda to remove unpleasant odor.

Q: How to fold bath sheets?

A: Lay the bath sheet lengthwise on a table or the bed and fold it into thirds in equal amounts. Slide your hand over it to guarantee everything’s smooth. Then, take one of the ends and fold it in half. Proceed to fold the end in 2/3.

Q: What are other uses for bath sheets?

A: If you don’t need it at home, you can use these products for other purposes such as spending a day at the beach, near the pool, and plenty of other outdoor activities.

Q: What is the bath sheet size?

A: For oversized bath sheets, you’d want a bath sheet that measures 40×80 at the very least.

Final Words

The best bath sheets should be able to provide absorbency, softness, and durability. Keep that in mind while purchasing, and you won’t regret your decision later on. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy the wonders of these products as much as everyone else does.