10 Best Flour Sack Towels Review of 2022

Doing the dishes is a cleaning task that most people dislike; it can be nasty, tedious, and time-consuming. Of course, if you have the right cleaning tools, the whole activity becomes easier and, quite frankly, more pleasant to do.

If you want to spend less time with your hands in the sink cleaning utensils, some of the products you’ll need are high-quality flour sack kitchen towels.

Although they may seem like just a piece of cloth, these cleaning supplies are far from that. Their versatility is endless, allowing you to use them for more than only one task.

Best Flour Sack Towels

In this article, we’ll talk about why these products would be a good addition to your kitchen. If you want to learn more, continue reading!

How to Choose the Best Flour Sack Towels

So how do you pick the right one for you out of the bunch? The answer to that question is by keeping the next information in mind.


The material used to build these products is one hundred percent genuine cotton, there’s no other way around that. However, not all of the products featuring this material are good enough. Consider the quality of the cotton, the weave style, and the overall feeling of the fabric.


For reference, the most convenient size would be 28×28 inches. Naturally, there are other smaller or bigger options, but not by much. As you’ll see during our reviews, a large size could be a problem for many customers.


Even though we may think these products aren’t that heavy, some are slightly lighter than others. The right weight depends a lot on the customer’s perception, but aiming for a lightweight product provides that extra comfort needed when you have to do a lot of cleaning.


If your purpose is only to use these items as decoration, make sure your ideal pick is available for embroidery. Having the option to add our custom logos, messages, or slogans is quite useful to make the most out of each piece. Undoubtedly, they’d look better in every area of the house.


How many pieces will you need? If you take care of different areas of the house, a pack of twelve or fifteen pieces would be the most suitable choice. Even if you don’t get to use all of them, having them at your disposal in case you need them is always a plus.


Realistically, most of the products found on our list are machine washable. The question is whether or not they put up well after washing and drying. In some cases, the pieces either shrink or wrinkle, which is not ideal at all. Consider buying products with enough resistance to prevent that.

Best Flour Sack Towels Review

For the creation of this list, we considered only the most effective options available. In the previous section, we mentioned what makes them good, and now we’ll take a look at the items that met those expectations.

ZOYER 28″ x 28″ Flour Sack Towels

ZOYER Flour Sack Towels
ZOYER Flour Sack Towels Design

There’s no other way to begin this list than talking about the best flour sack towels. In this set, you receive a total of twelve 28×28-inch pieces, made with one hundred percent cotton for optimum performance. That means, no lint will stick to the dishes after wiping them.

The tightly weaved cotton delivers a quick and effective cleaning task over most surfaces. Regardless of the liquid, the fabric is capable of picking up all of them. Such capacity is essential for cleaning tasks in the kitchen, as you deal with different substances.

Another benefit of the cotton material is its resistance, which makes these products machine washable. Not only that, but the pieces don’t take much time to dry. Before long, you’ll be able to use them once again to continue with the tasks.

A clear issue, although minimal, is that the pieces in this set are uneven. Sometimes, you’ll have a hard time folding them because the pieces won’t look as neat as one would expect.

  • Set of twelve pieces with a convenient 28×28-inch size
  • Highly absorbent and soft
  • Versatile cleaning products that work for different tasks
  • Easy to wash and quick-drying
  • Uneven design

Utopia Kitchen 28″ x 28″ Flour Sack Dish Towels

Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels
Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels Design

Similar to the previous pick, this set also offers twelve pieces that measure 28×28 inches. This size is ideal for cleaning tasks because it allows you to grab the towels properly and swipe them over utensils.

The cotton material is highly absorbent, guaranteeing a quick cleanup in most areas. Other than cleaning tasks in the kitchen, these items work well for drying hand, cleaning windows, as cloth diapers, and more. Since there are twelve, you’ll be able to use one for each of those activities.

Due to their ring-spun cotton build, all twelve pieces provide many benefits for homeowners. First, they’re conveniently lightweight and durable. Secondly, the pieces are lint-free, leaving a beautiful surface after cleaning over them.

Even after many washes, the fabric manages to resist well. There’s no tearing and no unraveling.

One slight inconvenience with the products in this set is that they’re thin. Considering the lack of thickness, they’re not good if you want to handle hot utensils like pots or pans.

  • Strong and resistant fabric
  • Twelve pieces with the perfect size
  • Lightweight and absorbent
  • Machine washable
  • Lint-free
  • Thin design

Nouvelle Legende 28″ X 29″ Cotton Fast Dry Flour Sack Towels

Nouvelle Legende 28
Nouvelle Legende Cotton Fast Dry Flour Sack Towels Design

One good reason to get these flour sack towels is due to their quick-drying properties. They’re also machine washable, which creates a perfect combination to care for them easily and then use them once again quickly.

The number of products included in this set is twelve. All pieces measure 28×29-inch and boast a basic white color design, along with high-quality cotton material for effective cleaning tasks. You get to use them for wiping, dusting, or drying, among other maintenance activities around the house.

While using these items, the high absorbency of the fabric secures a perfectly dried surface afterward. There’s no lint or residue left behind. Also, the towels are lightweight, meaning they’re comfortable to use.

Additionally, the white color design makes for perfect embroidery. On it, you’ll have the option to create your custom design, logo, slogans, or even messages.

The softness, on the other hand, isn’t one of the attributes of these products.

  • Total of twelve pieces included
  • White pieces good for embroidery
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Lint-free
  • Machine washable
  • Fast-drying fabric
  • Scratchy to the skin

DG Collections 27″ X 27″ Flour Sack Dish Towels

DG Collections Flour Sack Dish Towels
DG Collections Flour Sack Dish Towels Design

The following towels are available in different colors, including black and blue, which are not usual for flour sack towels. Still, they look great! If you don’t like them, you can always go for the white color instead, also available from this brand.

Upon testing them, the towels delivered a satisfactory performance through their high absorbency and resistance. The cotton material makes the pieces sturdy enough that you’ll have the chance to use them for more than one purpose.

Thanks to their basic design, customers looking to get flour sack towels for embroidery or print will make the best out of these products. The size is pretty good too! With 27×27-inch, there’s enough fabric for your custom designs and to quickly do the cleaning tasks.

For the money, this set is more than worth it. Sure enough, the pieces do have some flaws like the lack of softness, but you get used to the feeling pretty quickly. In little time, these cleaning items become a good purchase to help you maintain the kitchen perfectly.

  • Incredible products for drying dishes
  • Capacity to soak up liquids quickly
  • Good thickness
  • Durable and resistant
  • Great size
  • Lack softness

Zeppoli 14 x 25 inches Classic Kitchen Towels

Zeppoli 14 x 25 inches Classic Kitchen Towels
Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towels

It’s true that a 28×28-inch size is good for reference if you’re looking to buy flour sack towels, but sometimes that’s not ideal. Some people may prefer a smaller size, and that’s when this set comes in. By measuring 14×25-inch, all 15 pieces in this package are also a good alternative.

Yes, you also receive 15 pieces, making it the set with the highest amount of products so far. That means you most likely won’t run out of cleaning tools for a long time, guaranteeing you’ll have enough of them to take care of any mess in the kitchen.

The exclusive Herringbone weave is probably the biggest difference between these towels and the alternatives. Not only does that weave style make the items look good, but also highly convenient due to its smoothness.

Other than that, the cotton material keeps mildew and bacteria build-up away.

As for the absorbency, well, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. In some cases, you’ll have to swipe over the same area a couple of times to get it clean.

  • Set of 15 small pieces
  • Long-lasting cotton material
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Resistant to mildew and bacteria
  • Absorbency is not the best

Excellent Deals 28″ x 28″ Flour Sack Kitchen Towels

Excellent Deals Flour Sack Kitchen Towels
Excellent Deals Flour Sack Kitchen Towels Design

Thanks to a sturdy design ideal for commercial use, this set comes as an incredible choice for all applications. Do you need to keep the dishes clean? Or perhaps your purpose is to polish tables and countertops? Whatever the case may be, this set has got what you need.

The set contains twelve pieces, all measuring 28×28-inch and featuring high-quality, genuine ring-spun cotton. Customers will also appreciate the tight weave, which is consistent and creates a smooth texture. While cleaning, there’s minimal pilling and no lint at all.

These items get better every time you wash them. Besides maintaining their strength, the pieces get softer and more comfortable as time passes. You can care for them in the washing machine, and the quick-drying fabric will do the rest.

The only improvement needed would be better absorbency. Sure, the pieces can pick up moisture, but their performance is lacking once you compare them to the other products reviewed in this article.

  • Genuine cotton for home and commercial use
  • Smooth texture
  • Minimal pilling and no lint left behind
  • Durable
  • Quick-drying
  • The absorbency, while good, is lacking

Talvania 15” x 25” White Flour Sack Tea Towels

Talvania 15” x 25” White Flour Sack Tea Towels
Talvania White Kitchen Dish Towels

While looking for a kitchen towel alternative, a set of flour sack towels quickly comes to mind. These products, created by Talvania, are good-looking due to their vintage style, and their absorbency helps people take care of cleaning tasks quickly.

In general, all twelve pieces offered in this set are a good example of what excellent flour sack towels can do.

The most impressive feat of these products is their durability. Unlike the traditional cloth used in the kitchen, these products are capable of lasting for a long time. Use them to clean spills, stains, dirt, and more. In any of those tasks, this set excels at providing quick results.

Also, the tightly woven ring-spun cotton can absorb several times more than the traditional kitchen cleaning cloth.

The towels are machine washable, but they do wrinkle after getting them out of the machine. Other than that, you can expect nothing but good things from these products.

  • Comfortable 15×25-inch size
  • Versatility for different uses
  • Super long-lasting
  • Soft and highly absorbent
  • Wrinkle after washing

DII Cotton 20″ x 30″ French Stripe Flour Sack Tea Towels

DII Cotton French Stripe Flour Sack Tea Towels
DII Cotton Oversized French Stripe Dish Towels

While the other products seem fairly similar to each other, these dish cloths come as a fancier alternative. The pieces included are three, measuring 20×30-inch in total. Their vintage French stripes design is pretty good, making them beautiful flour sack tea towels worth the money.

The pieces in this set proved to be super absorbent and produce low lint. If you’re doing the dishes, you’ll be able to finish those tasks quickly and with barely any effort. Then, maintenance is also easy because you get to do that using the washing machine.

One surprising advantage of this set is its efficiency. It won’t matter if you use the pieces regularly, as the fabric is capable of doing a good job regardless of the conditions. Because of that, you can use these dish towels to clean up most kitchen utensils.

Unfortunately, not everything’s perfect. As a disadvantage, customers pointed out that the pieces wrinkle very easily after the washing cycles. It’s not a deal-breaker problem, but still noticeable, nonetheless.

  • Gorgeous French stripe design with different colors available
  • Easy to maintain and long-lasting fabric
  • Absorbent and lightweight
  • Soft material
  • Easily wrinkle after washing

Sticky Toffee 28″ x 29″ Embroidered Baking Flour Sack Towels

Sticky Toffee Embroidered Baking Flour Sack Towels
Sticky Toffee Cotton Flour Sack Kitchen Towels Design

If you’re looking for the best flour sack towels for embroidery, this set may be what you need. The pack offers three 28×29-inch pieces with a good-looking embroidered baking theme. Three colors are available, including yellow, tan, and blue.

The products feature embroidered text that you can use for inspiration, providing funny and witty quotes to have more fun in the kitchen. Both the embroidery and the cotton material are resistant, which is good considering the pieces are machine washable.

Everything about these products is classy, from their looks to the chic packaging. In terms of performance, they do pretty well, picking up moisture to leave a clean surface while doing the dishes. Besides absorbency, softness is another benefit you’ll experience.

Since the fabric wrinkles easily, many customers recommend using them only for decoration purposes. Truthfully, the flour sack towels do well whether you use them for decoration or cleaning, but it’d be up to you to decide how to use them.

  • Good-looking embroidered baking theme
  • Set of three products with a good size
  • Absorbent, durable, and lightweight
  • Embroidered messages
  • Machine washable
  • Surprisingly thin design, which could be a problem
  • The pieces wrinkle easily

Aunt Martha’s 33″ X 38″ Flour Sack Dish Towels

Aunt Martha's Flour Sack Dish Towels

The final product is a set of rather large pieces. With seven pieces included, a 33×38-inch size, and a premium 130 thread count, there’s almost nothing these towels can’t do. If you’re not a fan of the large size, other options in medium and small sizes are also available.

These flour sack towels go straight to the point. They’re not fancy or stylish, but fairly simple and yet effective at what they do. The cotton build, combined with four hemmed sides, guarantees that these cleaning products will absorb and exhibit resistance against regular wear and tear.

Just like the other products, this set features one hundred percent cotton. As we’ve seen so far, this material makes the fabric absorbent, lightweight, and soft. The pieces come pre-washed and bleached, ready for use as soon as you get them out of the package.

Despite their large size, the items do shrink after washing. Luckily, shrinkage isn’t a regular issue that should worry you.

  • Set of large pieces
  • Hemmed on four sides
  • Absorbent and good weight
  • Machine washable
  • Pre-washed and bleached
  • Shrink slightly after washing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a flour sack towel?

A: Flour sack towels are pre-washed, vintage towels crafted with one hundred percent cotton. These towels are free of lint and pretty absorbent.

Q: What are flour sack towels used for?

A: You can use them for drying dishes, wiping countertops, wrapping dinner rolls, covering bread dough, and many other purposes.

Q: Can you cut flour sack towels?

A: Yes. In fact, some people would recommend creating several cloths out of a large flour sack towel.

Q: Are flour sack towels the same as kitchen towels?

A: No. These products are flat-woven towels that you use for fast drying and expect no trace of lint at all. While kitchen towels are good, not all of them can perform as good.

Q: Are flour sack towels soft?

A: Most of the products reviewed here are soft, although some exceptions apply.

Final Words

Once you start using a flour sack towel, that old rag you had to clean the kitchen will be a thing from the past that you’ll forget it even existed. With the products reviewed here, not only will you be doing maintenance tasks quicker, but you’ll also be adding a vintage look to your kitchen.