Best Chamois for Drying Car Reviews With Buying Guide of 2022

The car’s appearance is precious to everyone who owns one and cares about it. Sometimes, even the most unexpected thing, like water that doesn’t dry properly, could ruin the vehicle’s looks by leaving unpleasant marks on its surface.

In those circumstances, having the best chamois for drying cars comes in handy. The chamois is capable of soaking up a surprising amount of water, which naturally leads to a spotless, shiny car.

Best Chamois For Drying Car

Of course, not any chamois will do the trick. We’ve gathered a selection of ten options that delivered the most effective performance, not only on cars but over other surfaces as well. Continue reading to learn how to pick the right chamois for your car, and which are the best available.

Brand Image Size Color Price
Mighty Cleaner Premium Сar Shammy Towel 26
KinHwa KinHwa Car Chamois Drying Towel Natural Cloth 23
CleanTools 34942 The Absorber XL Synthetic Chamois 29
Kitchen + Home Extra Large Super Chamois 20
Ever New
Ever New Automotive Natural Chamois XL Mega Size 6.5
sq ft.
The Man Sham Fast Drying Chamois Cloth 17
River Lake Car Natural Chamois Cleaning Cloth 12 X 20
18 X 25
24 X 35
Clean Tools The Absorber 34900 Chamois 20
Champion Chamois Shammy Towel for Car 20
SM Arnold Water Sprite Synthetic Chamois 20

Best Chamois for Drying Car Review

The car can’t spend another day dirty. With the following chamois, you’ll be able to make it look brand new.

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Mighty Cleaner Premium Сar Shammy Towel

Mighty Cleaner Premium Сar Shammy Towel

First, on my list, I have what’s easily the best shammy for drying cars. The towel’s dimensions are 26×17-inch, an ideal size for washing and drying vehicles, and leaving a perfect finish quickly. Other applications for this product could be household tasks in the kitchen and bathroom.

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By featuring delicate synthetic chamois, the chances of scratching the vehicle are pretty low. It’s a soft material that’s also lint-free and durable. Regardless of the surface, this towel manages to do well over most of them, soaking up water surprisingly fast.

After absorbing water, the chamois is quick to dry by wringing out the excess. The result left behind is a beautiful, polished car surface with no lint or streaks. Your vehicle will look spotless.

An additional accessory received with the purchase is a storage tube. Unfortunately, this tube isn’t as durable as you’d expect, since it cracks easily.

  • Outstanding absorbency
  • Delicate synthetic material doesn’t leave scratches, lint, or streaks
  • Available in two colors
  • Convenient size to cover plenty of surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • The storage tube included breaks easily

KinHwa Car Chamois Drying Towel Natural Cloth

KinHwa Car Chamois Drying Towel Natural Cloth
KinHwa Car Chamois Drying Towel Natural Cloth for black car

The quality of this product makes it a worthy acquisition for any car owner. With natural chamois leather, the performance put up is satisfactory. There’s no lint or streaks left behind, and scratches won’t be of any concern either. Because of that, this product is suitable for many vehicles.

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This towel features genuine sheepskin leather, which is eco-friendly and provides other benefits, as mentioned before. Also, the absorbency is remarkable, the softness is comfortable, and its durability makes it a long-term investment.

Over the vehicle’s surface, the chamois works flawlessly. It picks up water quickly, and there’s no lint or streaks left behind. Scratches aren’t a problem either, making this cleaning cloth suitable to clean delicate surfaces as well.

If you like your cleaning cloths thick, it may bother you how thin this drying towel ends up feeling on the hand. As always, some people like it, while others don’t. Ultimately, it’s your decision to make.

  • Eco-friendly and genuine material
  • Lint and streak-free chamois
  • High absorbency and super soft
  • Machine washable
  • Customers complained the chamois feels too thin

CleanTools 34942 The Absorber XL Synthetic Chamois

CleanTools 34942 The Absorber XL Synthetic Chamois
CleanTools The Absorber XL Synthetic Chamois

The following product comes available in either a single or a 6-pack purchase. Deciding how many to buy depends on the customers, but suffice to say that only one of them could leave pleasant results over most surfaces. Besides the towel, you receive a storage tube.

This chamois measures 29×18-inch, and it features highly resistant synthetic materials. Not only will the towel resist mold and mildew, but it also does well with grease and oil. Even if there are chemicals involved, those substances won’t harm this cleaning cloth.

The chamois is machine washable, and two colors are available: blue and classic yellow. It may not be a big deal, but it’s always pleasant having more options for customers to choose the one they like the most. Both the cleaning cloth and the color are durable, with no fading or tearing.

While there isn’t any negative to say about the chamois itself, the storage tube isn’t what you’d expect. It feels flimsy, and getting the chamois stored inside is difficult.

  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Resistant to mildew, mold, and strong chemicals
  • Machine washable
  • Absorbent and soft
  • The storage tube isn’t good

Kitchen + Home Extra Large Super Chamois

Kitchen + Home Extra Large Super Chamois
Kitchen + Home Extra Large Super Chamois Design

If you’re looking for a chamois that looks, feels, and performs like only the best synthetic chamois can do, then this pick may be the one for you. It isn’t a single product, but rather a set of six. The pieces are 20×27-inch, with a capacity to absorb multiple times their weight in liquid.

Taking a closer look at these chamois reveals why they’re so good. The featured air spun design creates micro-pores capable of absorbing a ton of water with no dripping at all. Pass it across the car’s surface a single time, and this cleaning cloth will pick up the water both quickly and easily.

The non-abrasive soft material is also a good addition due to its capacity to clean surfaces without scratches. You’ll be able to use the chamois on granite, polished metals, and vehicles, of course. Additionally, the cloth’s softness makes it comfortable for regular use.

Overall, this cleaning cloth does its job pretty well. The disadvantage is that it’s far from the best chamois for black cars, as it leaves lint over them.

  • Available in packs with different amount of cloths
  • Holds 20x its own weight in liquids
  • Versatile, suitable for many cleaning tasks
  • Reusable
  • Soft
  • Leaves lint over black cars

Ever New Automotive Natural Chamois XL Mega Size

Ever New Automotive NATURAL CHAMOIS XL Mega Size
Ever New Automotive NATURAL CHAMOIS

Though not as fancy as the other chamois, this product still has plenty of good benefits for car owners. It features genuine sheepskin leather as core material, with an extra-large size to cover up to 6.5 square feet. If your goal is to reduce maintenance time, this towel will be able to do just that.

Once you put the chamois on the surface of the vehicle, the water comes off quickly. The marine oil effect seen on the protein chain contributes not only with high absorbency but also with a material easy to wring out. After soaking up water, a small effort allows the chamois to get rid of moisture.

You may also like how the chamois stretches, as it’s a useful benefit while cleaning large vehicles. Softness is yet another advantage you can expect while using this product.

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Despite its large size being one of the best features, it could also be a problem. It could make the chamois tricky to squeeze by hand.

  • Thin, lightweight, and highly absorbent
  • Extra-large size to cover surfaces quicker
  • Softness
  • Loose weave fiber holds several times the chamois’ own weight
  • Large size could be a problem while squeezing
  • Not the most durable chamois

The Man Sham Fast Drying Chamois Cloth

The Man Sham Fast Drying Chamois Cloth
The Man Sham Fast Drying Chamois Cloth For Car

Using towels to wipe out surfaces is good, but some of them can’t even compare to the performance put up by this chamois cleaning cloth. Upon testing it, you’ll confirm quickly that this product is capable of doing the work of five towels by delivering good absorbency.

Unlike many chamois reviewed thus far, this one doesn’t feature the classic sheepskin. The Man Sham doesn’t stretch like those other products, but it’s equally as good in terms of resistance, reliability, and smoothness. After a few swipes, the cloth removes all of the water over the car’s surface.

Naturally, this product isn’t good for a single application, but for many of them. Whether you’re cleaning the vehicle, maintaining the kitchen, or washing your pet, the absorbency delivered by this product manages to leave everything dry and clean afterward.

Still, there’s a similarity between this product and the rest, and that would be the faulty container tube. Due to the cheap plastic material, it breaks easily.

  • Proper size for different cleaning tasks
  • Versatile cleaning cloth to maintain vehicle, house, and more
  • Decent absorbency
  • Durable
  • Resistant
  • Soft material
  • The container breaks easily

River Lake Car Natural Chamois Cleaning Cloth

River Lake Car Natural Chamois Cleaning Cloth
River Lake Natural Chamois Cleaning Cloth for Car

This chamois is as convenient as none other. It’s available in all three sizes: Large, Medium, and Small. So, whether you want to clean a large vehicle or a smaller accessory such as mobile phones, this cleaning cloth is capable of doing both.

Even better, you can get all three in a single purchase, which is the set I doing reviewing here. Of course, single purchases are also available if you only need one product.

Either way, the soft sheepskin cloths in this pack deliver a satisfactory performance on different surfaces. They’re extensible, permeable, and have extreme resiliency. While using them for cleaning, the chamois picks up water quickly with no streaks or lint left behind.

With a remarkable performance, these products will get your maintenance tasks done in a quick time. Upon first receiving the chamois, there’s a noticeably strong smell, which is the reason some customers don’t like this cleaning cloth.

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  • Three chamois of different sizes included
  • Super soft, absorbent, and thin
  • Options to buy single chamois instead of a set
  • Resistant and durable
  • Strong smell is noticeable and hard to remove

Cleantools The Absorber Synthetic Drying Chamois

Cleantools The Absorber 34900 Chamois Towel
Cleantools The Absorber 34900 Chamois

With two colors available and extra-large sizes, the following chamois cloths come as a good alternative for those that enjoy doing quick maintenance. Not only will these products work well for your vehicles, but their versatility allows you to use them for other tasks around the house.

Even though some specific tasks require a towel, these chamois are a good replacement if you don’t have any. Unlike most traditional towels, these cleaning cloths are far more absorbent, durable, and effective at what they do. With just a single pass over the surface, moisture and water come off.

One of the reasons why these chamois are great is their durability. Even if you’re working nearby grease, oil, or similar substances, there are low chances that they would cause any harm to these cloths.

The purchase also includes a container to keep the chamois. Nonetheless, putting the cloth inside and closing the tube afterward proves to be a complicated task.

  • Extra-large and XX-Large sizes available
  • Available in blue or yellow
  • Versatile products for cleaning tasks around the house
  • Lint-free results
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • High absorbency
  • Locking the container with the chamois inside is difficult

Champion Chamois Shammy Towel for Car

Champion Chamois Shammy Towel for Car
Champion Chamois Shammy Towel

Thanks to its large size, this chamois has placed itself among the best out there. It’s an ideal pick for trucks, RVs, and similar big vehicles that often require a lot of time and effort to get them clean. With his product, however, you’ll be able to reduce all of that, achieving better results.

Besides being a large item, the chamois is also incredibly absorbent. These two features combine well, allowing you to cover areas of the vehicle and absorb a lot of water in less time. While doing all of that, the cloth leaves no streaks behind, delivering a beautiful finish for your car.

The material used to create this chamois is synthetic PVA, which is scratch-free, and resistant to mildew. Regardless of how regularly you use it, you can expect this product to deliver good results every time.

Since the material is different, this chamois isn’t as smooth as its leather counterparts.

  • Available in two colors
  • Good size to cover the car’s surface quickly
  • Absorbent and soft
  • Durable
  • Storage tube included
  • Not as smooth as leather chamois

SM Arnold Water Sprite Synthetic Chamois

SM Arnold Water Sprite Synthetic Chamois

Being in the final spot doesn’t take anything away from this product. Unfolded, it’s capable of covering up to a lot of areas, and its absorbency levels are high enough to remove dirt and grime as well. When it comes to water, the absorbent capacity of this chamois doesn’t disappoint either.

Overall, the product is a good alternative for sponges or towels. Using this chamois for different cleaning tasks is possible, as its quality build makes it capable of cleaning surfaces without scratching. Like most other chamois cloths here, this one must also be wet before use.

Once you lay it on the surface, the cloth slides across the surface smoothly. In little time, any amount of water over your vehicle gets picked up, leaving a nice finish as a result.

Of course, if you compare it to other chamois, this product lacks the same quality. The absorbency, albeit good, isn’t as good as seen in previous picks.

  • Works well to absorb water and remove dirt
  • Good size to cover surfaces quickly
  • Resistant to mildew and bacteria
  • A nice replacement to sponge or towels
  • Absorbency is good, but not as good as the other chamois cloths seen here

How to Choose the Best Chamois for Drying Car

If you want to buy the perfect chamois cloth, keeping the next information in mind will help you narrow down the options to only the best.


As you’ll see throughout our reviews, the most common materials involved in the creation of these cloths are either synthetic or natural sheepskin. Each one has its benefits and disadvantages, so be sure to know which one is the most suitable to meet your expectations.


Depending on the size of the vehicle, a larger or smaller chamois would be more suitable. Of course, even if you acquire an extra-large product, you may be able to cut the chamois cloths into smaller pieces if needed.


One of the biggest differences between the two materials mentioned above is that synthetic chamois cloths are machine washable, while the alternative may not be that easy to clean. If you want to save time and effort, consider buying a machine washable chamois.

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Although softness isn’t as important as other features like absorbency, it’s always better if the chamois feels pleasant in your hands. Luckily, the best chamois leather cloth is capable of delivering not only an effective cleaning performance but also comfort for everyone using it.

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Ease of Use

The process of wetting the chamois to get it ready to clean is a bit tricky, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Make sure to consider only the highest quality chamois, like those reviewed here, to prevent any issues later on.


It may be aesthetics more than anything else, but manufacturers often offer their chamois in two colors: blue and yellow. Choosing which one to buy, ultimately, depends on the customers.

Single or Set?

Mostly, you’ll find single products available. However, if you need more than one, some brands offer a set of chamois to back you up during the maintenance activities you must do in the household.

How to Dry a Car with a Chamois

Are you not sure of how to use a chamois cloth? We’ll go through the process step by step.

Step 1: Preparation

First, it must be clear for everybody that the chamois must be wet before use. Grab a bucket of water, or use the sink, and proceed to pour water over the chamois. Once it’s completely wet, continue by wringing the chamois to get as much water out as possible.

Step 2: Cleaning

If you have a large chamois, start by folding it in half and then place it over the vehicle’s surface. Then, drag it gently, either vertically or horizontally, across the surface. Since these clothes absorb a ton of water, it’d most likely require a single swipe to pick up the moisture.

Step 3: Wring Out the Water

Once that specific surface of the car is dry, you must wring out the excess water again. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary until you get the whole vehicle dry and clean.


  • When it dries, the chamois feels like a harder cloth.
  • Using the chamois dry will inevitably leave scratches on the vehicle. The first step is always necessary.

Chamois Cloth vs. Microfiber Cloth

Since the purpose of both products seems to be the same, what are the actual reasons that differentiate the chamois from microfiber towels? Let’s analyze the pros and cons of each accessory to answer that question.

Microfiber Towels

Realistically, one of the first options that come to mind for vehicle drying is microfiber towels. They’re vastly popular due to their efficiency in picking up moisture from all surfaces and leaving a beautiful surface behind.

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Also, microfiber towels come in small to extra-large sizes, providing variety.

In fact, if you have a large vehicle, it’s quite likely that there’s a microfiber towel that’s large enough to help you reduce the drying time. Other than that, these accessories offer versatility, as they’re suitable for applications in both indoor and outdoor locations.

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Lastly, microfiber towels are conveniently cheap. Not on their quality, but their price. With a small investment, you’d be able to acquire several, which should help you clean the car as well as do other tasks around the house.

Disadvantages of Microfiber Towels (Compared to Chamois Cloths)

  • If the towel is damp, the chances of leaving streaks on the car’s surface are pretty high.
  • Many microfiber towels are cheap, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’d be good. Low-quality towels may leave threads or particles on the car, which could be a problem to remove later on.

Chamois Cloths

Perhaps not as popular as microfiber towels, but the chamois cloths could be far more effective for drying cars and other vehicles. The reason why many people prefer chamois is due to its incredible absorbency, provided by either synthetic rubber or leather material.

While you’d need several microfiber towels to clean one or more vehicles, one single chamois cloth could be enough to get the job done. As long as you use it correctly, the absorbency of the chamois will allow you to cover large areas quickly.

Ultimately, chamois cloths are the better pick because of their remarkable absorbency. Higher absorbency means you’ll spend less time, less effort, and less money to dry your vehicle and make it look spotless.

Disadvantages of Chamois Cloths (Compared to Microfiber Towels)

  • Thoughtful use is required. If you don’t use the chamois properly, the vehicle may get some scratches on its surface.
  • Since the chamois dries hard, it isn’t as convenient to store as the microfiber towels.
  • Chamois need water to function, meaning that they’re not suitable for some applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is chamois cloth?

A: The chamois, often called shammy, shammie or chammy, is a cleaning cloth normally made with sheepskin. It’s a unique and natural product with 100% cod oil-tanned materials for optimum performance absorbing water, liquids, and more.

Q: How to clean a chamois cloth?

A: Use soap flakes or pH-balanced soaps, which are ideal for skins. Then fill a bucket with water, and mix with the soap. Throw the chamois in, and move it to get it clean. You can use your fingers to rub those particularly dirty areas.

Once the chamois is clean, proceed to rinse it thoroughly using warm water. During this step, you must make sure there’s no soap left. Continue by squeezing the chamois to get excess water out. Use your hands to return the leather to its original shape.

Let the chamois lay flat on a surface to dry, or hang it to dry. After it’s completely dry, you’ll be able to put it away.

Q: What is chamois made of?

A: The chamois features a flesh split of sheepskin as its core material, which provides several benefits such as high absorbency. While chamois with other materials are also available, sheepskin remains as the most used.

Q: Are chamois better than microfiber towels?

A: In terms of absorbency, chamois cloths are the better pick. These accessories can pick up water multiple times their own weight, guaranteeing a dry and clean surface afterward.

Q: What can you do with a chamois cloth?

A: The chamois is a versatile cleaning tool that you can use for many maintenance tasks. Just as it works well to clean vehicles, this product also leaves clean surfaces on the kitchen, bathroom, and more.

Final Words

With the best chamois cloth, you can say goodbye to the struggle of washing your vehicle. This cleaning tool helps reduce the time you’d spend cleaning and sweeping your car, requiring less effort as well.