Best Clay Towel For Your Lovely Car of 2022

Are you tired of the rain, rust, and other unpleasant stuff leaving marks on your beautiful vehicle? Then you shall not worry anymore! With the best clay towel, you’ll get rid of those awful stains, and the car will regain its gorgeous finish once again.

We’ll go through three of the best clay towels in the market, and we’ll tell you why they are such an incredible item for vehicle owners.

But I already have a clay bar! – I hear you say.

My friend, the clay towels are way better than those old clay bars. Skeptical? Understandable. But we got the facts to back it up. Continue reading to find out more.

Best Clay Towels
Image Material Size Color Price
Auto Care Clay Bar Towel for Cars Microfiber 12
ABN ABN Clay Bar Mitt Grade Towel Microfiber 26
Jundi Jundi Magic Clay Microfiber Towel Microfiber 12

How to Choose the Best Clay Towel

How to pick one clay towel? Here’s what you should consider before buying.

microfiber & rubber Clay Towel


A proper clay towel features high-quality materials like a combination of microfiber and rubber. These materials make it comfortable for us while we use it, and they’re quite gentle with the vehicles as well, reducing the risk of scratches to a minimum.

Clay Towel Size


Keep in mind that a larger towel may become an issue to handle afterward. Clay towels measuring 12×12-inch have proven to be more than enough for most people, as they cover a lot of area in less time.

Long Run Clay Towel


Clay towels are more efficient than other tools like clay bars. Sometimes, we can use them as many as 60 or more times before they get ruined, which opens a lot of possibilities to care for our cars in the long run.

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Easy Use Clay Towel

Easy to Use

Most of the clay towels require wax sprays to function. Make sure you’re fully aware you have everything you’ll need to avoid frustrating moments along the way.

Best Clay Towel Review For Your Car

These are our top three clay towel picks. Every one of these items leaves pleasant and satisfactory results on many surfaces.

Auto Care Clay Bar Towel for Cars

Auto Care Clay Bar Towel for Cars
Auto Care Clay Bar Towel

The professional’s choice when the car is looking like it just went through a storm. You may need other products like sprays and grit guards, but once you get to work with this clay towel, we guarantee your vehicle will look as it came out of the shop instead.

There are almost no negative things to say about this product; it works splendidly, removing the contaminants off many surfaces both quickly and efficiently. Not only will your car look beautiful, but you will save a lot of time that you’d have wasted using other maintenance tools.

These clay towels measure 12×12-inch, the standard size. After buying, they’ll work for about sixty applications before becoming useless. Naturally, their durability depends on how regularly you use them, and the state of your car.

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Once you finish using the towel, make sure to find a proper storage container, because they stick to other materials easily.

  • Removes contaminants efficiently.
  • Saves a lot of time.
  • Friendly to painting.
  • Durable.
  • These clay towels stick to other materials easily.

ABN Clay Bar Mitt Grade Towel

ABN Clay Bar Mitt Grade Towel
ABN Clay Bar Mitt Towel

The construction design is what makes this clay towel one of the best out there. On one side, it features a high-quality microfiber, while the other end offers a coating of polymerized rubber material for a smoother performance.

Where to use it? Over the vehicle’s surface to remove brake dust, pollen, and light rust, among other things. The clay towel’s performance on the car leaves no damage like unpleasant scratches on the paint.

However, it is better to use this clay towel combined with lube of your preference. Otherwise, it may not be as effective at removing stains or debris off your vehicle.

It got to our attention that some customers complained about the size, mentioning that it is too large and you’d have to fold it before use. That was not the case for us, but we could see what their problem was. Consider the size before purchasing.

  • Polymerized rubber and microfiber construction.
  • Durable clay towel.
  • Slides easily with a gentle touch.
  • Cleans almost everything.
  • Doesn’t work as well without lube.
  • The large size could be an issue.

Jundi Magic Clay Microfiber Towel

Jundi Magic Clay Microfiber Towel
Jundi Magic Clay Towel

If you’ve ever had a bruised hand because of the pressure placed on a clay bar, then let us introduce you to our last and final pick: Jundi’s Clay Towel, a magical piece of cloth that doesn’t require more than a gentle press to remove the contaminants off the surface of your vehicle.

There are two clay towels in this package, both measuring 12×12-inch. It is enough fabric to cover plenty of area in less time than your regular clay bar. You can use the towels to fight off water stains, rust, dust, among other issues.

The result? A silky and smooth finish on your vehicle, just as new.

All in all, this set offers two worthy additions to our repertoire. If the plastic sticks to the clay, don’t lose patience and do your best to remove it without causing damage.

  • A set of two clay towels.
  • Doesn’t require the user to put pressure.
  • Removes contaminants quickly.
  • The plastic may stick to the clay.

Clay Towel Vs. Clay Bar

What are the differences between these two products? And what makes one better than the other? Here, we’ll discuss what makes the clay bar towels better than the clay bar.

reliability Clay towel


How many times have you felt paranoid, scared of dropping the clay bar? If it touches the floor, you’re doomed. With the clay towel, however, that’s not an issue.

Fast Drying Clay Towel

Fast Cleaning

There’s not much to say here. The size difference between these two products is noticeable from the moment you lay your eyes on them. Take a clay bar and use it to clean any vehicle. Next time, use the clay towel and notice how you’ll finish in half the time.

Versatile Clay Towel

Versatile Tool

Finished with the vehicle, and now you don’t know what to do with your life? How about cleaning the house to surprise your partner? The clay towel does it all. There’s no window it can’t clean.

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Low Price Clay Towel


A clay bar towel for cars is far less expensive than the clay bar.


Give the clay towels a try, and you won’t regret it. So, we find three best clay towel, those are really helped you, to wash your vehicle. If anything, you’ll regret not having one of these products before. Surely, after using it, your vehicle will look brand as new.