Best Bamboo Towels (of 2022) – Include All Types Towels

Bamboo towels are capable of providing a natural feel and look for every bathroom. Of course, there’s more than that to these towels, as we’ll learn throughout our best bamboo towels reviews.

That’s precisely the purpose of this piece: to find the right bamboo towel set that offers softness, absorbency, and a long-lasting lifespan.

It may sound as easy as just pointing a finger and choosing a set of towels, but that’s not the most ideal thing to do. Instead, what we’ll do here is to discuss the features that make the bamboo towels incredible. Only then we’ll be in a better position to invest our money wisely.

Let’s begin, then!

Best Bamboo Towels

How to Choose the Best Bamboo Towel

What makes a good bamboo towel? If you keep the following features in mind while purchasing, you’ll find the ideal towel for you.


Sure, we’re talking mostly about bamboo towels here, but are they truly 100% bamboo towels, or do they also feature some cotton? Some towels have that combination, which doesn’t mean that they’re bad or better, but we do have to take it into consideration.


Bamboo towels can be super soft, meaning that you won’t have to settle for anything less. Both softness and fluffiness are two features you must consider, as they’ll dictate how comfortable it’ll be to use the towels regularly. If you more queries about soften of your towel then check here.

Also, a soft towel means everyone at home can use it, including babies and people with delicate skin.


These towels have proven time and time again that they can pick up moisture very quickly. Absorbency isn’t an issue for bamboo towels, although some would do it better and faster than others. If you more queries about the absorbent of your towel then check here.


Depending on what you want to do with the towel, size is an essential feature. For instance, if you want to take good care of a baby, a small 10×10-inch washcloth would be more than enough. On the other hand, a 30×52-inch size would be among the most suitable choice for adults.


Grams per square meter, referred to as GSM, dictate the weight of the fabric. It’s also a good indicator of the towel’s thickness and density, which often have an impact on the absorbency.

The GSM varies depending on the towel. In our bamboo towel review, you’ll find products from 400 to 700 GSM, sometimes more, sometimes less.


Deciding to buy either a single towel or a set of them also has an impact on the final price to pay. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose how many bamboo towels do you need, but you should always figure out an initial budget to know how much you’re willing to spend.

Image Towel Type Size Color Price
Ariv Collection Natural Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels Bath
KeaBabies KeaBabies Baby Washcloth Organic Bamboo Baby
Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Ultra Soft Bamboo Towel Set Towel
27 X 54
12 X 16
12 X 14

SINLAND SINLAND Microfiber Bamboo Face Towel Set Hand

Royal Tradition Bamboo-Blend Towel Set Towel
30 X 56
16 X 28
13 X 13

Cariloha Cariloha Bamboo & Turkish Cotton Bath Towel Bath

Tia & Fey Face Cloth Made From Bamboo Face
Cariloha Cariloha 600 GSM Bamboo & Turkish Cotton 3 Piece Towel Set Towel
30 X 56
16 X 30
13 X 13

Cariloha Cariloha Bamboo & Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet Bath

BONDRE BONDRE Bamboo Kitchen Dish Cloths Kitchen

Best Bamboo Towels Review

So, bamboo towels are great, we’ve got that clear by now. For the following section, we’ll be discussing the most effective picks you can find. These products delivered an excellent performance due to their softness, absorbency, and durability, among other feats.

Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

Ariv Collection Natural Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels
Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

We’ll start by reviewing a set of towels that manage to be comfortable for everyone due to their different sizes and styles available. In this case, we’re talking about the 30×52-inch bamboo towels, which come in grey color that makes the fabric feel and look good.

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The total of pieces included in the set is four bath towels. By using a blend of bamboo and cotton, these products deliver excellent absorbency and softness, guaranteeing your comfort at all times. Additionally, the strength of the fiber makes the towels durable.

If you’re always careful of what gets in contact with your skin, then the towels also got you covered on that. They’re capable of keeping mildew, bacteria, and other unwanted elements away. Also, bamboo fiber is odor-resistant and lightweight.

Even though the towels put up pretty well after many washing, you’ll notice a lot of lint behind, even after several washing cycles.

  • Beautiful set of towels that blends well with most decorations.
  • Different sizes & shapes available.
  • Super soft, absorbent, and durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Quick-drying.
  • Plenty of lint left behind after washing.

KeaBabies Bamboo Baby Washcloths Towel

KeaBabies Baby Washcloth Organic Bamboo
KeaBabies Bamboo Baby Washcloth Feature

This set contains six towels that, although they’re pretty basic, their purpose justifies the simple design. These washcloths feature organic bamboo as the main material, and they’re incredibly good, and they’re quite effective at taking care of babies.

The washcloths measure 10×10-inch. Both the size and the 500 GSM fabrics are quite convenient, as the towels feel lightweight, and with enough absorbency to get rid of the moisture quickly. Also, the softness is outstanding, which is good to keep the baby happy.

If there’s anything that may surprise, that would be how thick the fabric is. It’s way better than the traditional washcloth, which allows these products to handle many situations, such as picking up any mess like spills.

The thickness surely makes the washcloths versatile cleaning supplies. If you’re not using them as a baby washcloth, you could still use them to clean areas like the kitchen.

Of course, some flaws will grab your attention. Most noticeably, the washcloths lose softness after soaking a lot of water. It’s unfortunate, to say the least.

  • Soft & thick set of washcloths.
  • Highly absorbent, suitable for different cleaning tasks.
  • Durable.
  • Convenient size.
  • Softness loss when wet.

Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Ultra Soft Bamboo Towel Set

Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Ultra Soft Bamboo Towel Set
Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Ultra Soft Bamboo Towel Set

With six pieces in total, the following set comes up as the perfect solution for those looking for a complete collection of towels. Every item offered in this pack features a combination of 35% Turkish cotton, and 65% of bamboo fiber, providing the best of both types of fabric.

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The color and design of the towel is yet another huge selling point. There are more than seven colors available, and they all look warm and gentle. Once you use them, you’ll notice the fabric’s feeling on the skin is as good as it looks, with enough fluffiness to make you feel good.

Another surprising feat is the resistance to unpleasant elements. You can trust there won’t be any mildew, bacteria, fungal, or nasty odor sticking to the fabric. Tear and unraveling won’t be an issue either, as the double-stitched hems secure a long-lasting lifespan. You can be facing smell problem with your towels then check here.

With so many good features, it’s a shame how thin the towels are. The lack of thickness has an impact on the absorbency.

  • Complete package with towels of different sizes for various applications.
  • More than seven colors available.
  • Surprisingly soft fabric.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Durable.
  • The towels lack thickness.

SINLAND Microfiber Bamboo Face Towel Set

SINLAND Microfiber Bamboo Face Towel Set
SINLAND Ultra Soft Bamboo Face Towel Set

With a mix of 20% bamboo, 30% polyester, and 50% polyamide compound fiber, the three towels in this set deliver pleasant results. For starters, the pieces are hypoallergenic, allowing all people to use them without getting a negative reaction on their skin.

When you look at them online, the towels look fluffy and soft. Luckily, that perception translates to the final product, as the fabric feels super soft on the skin. All three of these bamboo towels measure 16×32-inch, which isn’t that large but still long enough to cover plenty of surfaces quickly.

In fact, these are ideal if what you need is a face washcloth. The size is perfect, and the remarkable softness feels heavenly on delicate areas of the body such as the face. Additionally, the absorbency is also another benefit of the towels, as they’ll get the moisture off in a matter of seconds.

Sadly, the towels are thin, which could feel off for some people. If you’re looking for thick and highly absorbent towels, these may not meet those expectations.

  • Remarkably soft towels, suitable for delicate skin.
  • Packs of three and six pieces available.
  • Durable.
  • Machine washable.
  • The towels may feel too thin for some people.
  • Not many colors available.

Royal Tradition Bamboo Blend Towel Set

Royal Tradition Bamboo Blend Towel Set
Royal Tradition Bamboo Towel Set

Here we have yet another complete set of towels. The pieces go as follows: two 30×56-inch bath towels, two 16×28-inch hand towels, and two 13×13-inch washcloths. All of them come in green, although other colors are also available.

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The combination of materials used to produce the towels is 60% combed cotton and 40% bamboo. Perhaps cotton is the more relevant fiber, but all the towels feel like genuine bamboo, providing absorbency, lightweight, and durability.

Much like the rest, the towels are both antibacterial and hypoallergenic. The natural materials mentioned above makes the fabric safe to use for everyone, as it doesn’t involve harmful chemicals or synthetic materials that could be dangerous.

For maintenance, the towels are machine washable. Naturally, washing them with similar colors is a must, as it’s the most effective method to keep them in good shape.

When compared to the other products, these towels may lack some of the softness that makes bamboo fiber so popular. However, they do compensate for that by absorbing a lot of water.

  • Set of six pieces, including bath, hand, and face towels.
  • Many colors available.
  • Antibacterial & hypoallergenic.
  • Absorbency.
  • Machine washable & durable.
  • Not as soft as the other towels.

Cariloha Bamboo & Turkish Cotton Bath Towel

Cariloha Bamboo & Turkish Cotton Bath Towel
Cariloha Bamboo Turkish Bath Towel

Unlike many of the other products reviewed so far, this purchase won’t get you a set of them, but rather a single towel. It’s an individual towel that measures 30×56-inch, and it uses a combination of bamboo and Turkish combed cotton for its build.

Right from the get-go, this product works perfectly. It looks incredible, with different colors available and a stylish pattern near the edges. The towel classifies as 600 GSM, which makes up for comfortable weight and good thickness for more absorbency.

Once tested, the towels delivered an effective performance picking up moisture. Besides absorbency, another benefit you can expect is strong fibers, which creates a long-lasting towel for you.

After washing, the towel isn’t necessarily quick-drying. It’s a small disadvantage, but not a deal-breaker. The real issue is the residue left on the skin after scrubbing, which could be a problem for some people.

  • Beautiful bath towel in blue lagoon design.
  • Ultra-smooth and soft.
  • 600 GSM, thick fiber, and lightweight.
  • Good absorbency rate.
  • The towel leaves residue behind.

Tia & Fey Organic Bamboo Face Cloth

Tia & Fey Face Cloth Made From Bamboo
Tia & Fey Bamboo Face Cloth

With six face cloths included, this set provides multiple items to keep you and the rest of the family, or guests, clean and dry. The cloths measure 10×10-inch, which is the perfect size for you to use each piece even as a small kitchen towel for maintenance.

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The color is a pure white that looks impeccable. As for the material, the face cloths feature 100% bamboo fiber, providing a ton of benefits for you. For example, the fiber feels softer and plusher than most cotton washcloths.

Of course, genuine bamboo fibers also guarantee longer durability.

Other than the face cloths, you also receive an elegant box to keep them organized. It comes in very handy if your purpose is to give the cloths away as a gift.

Just like the small size is one of the best features of the face cloths, it could also be their biggest issue. Customers have shown displeasure in the fact that they’re too small.

  • Set of six versatile face cloths.
  • Ultra-soft and absorbent.
  • Durable.
  • Lightweight & compact size.
  • The size could be too small for some people.

Cariloha Bamboo & Turkish Cotton 3 Piece Towel Set

Cariloha 600 GSM Bamboo & Turkish Cotton 3 Piece Towel Set
Cariloha Bamboo & Turkish Cotton 3 Piece Towel Set

Although you wouldn’t consider purchasing these towels because of their looks, they do deliver pleasant results once you try them. The set includes three towels of different sizes. There’s a 30×56-inch bath towel, a 16×30-inch hand towel, and a 13×13-inch washcloth.

What makes the towels good, though? Well, for starters, they’re extra-smooth. The twisted bamboo yarn classified as 600 GSM includes silicon softener, helping improve the fabric’s softness. Undoubtedly, once you wrap yourself with the bath towel, comfort is something you won’t lack.

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The materials used to create these towels are 42% bamboo viscose, and 58% Turkish combed cotton. Though it may seem like an odd mix, the results are high-quality towels with good absorbency, and enough strength to withstand regular use.

Realistically, the most noticeable problem of these products is the color choices. They’re not good-looking, meaning that the towels aren’t the best for decoration.

  • 3-Piece towel set for different applications.
  • 600 GSM.
  • Thick & absorbent.
  • Durable.
  • Softness.
  • Colors aren’t good.

Cariloha Bamboo & Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet

Cariloha Bamboo & Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet
Cariloha Bamboo Bath Sheet

Bath towels are great for many tasks, but more often than not, a bath sheet is what you need. The difference is in size, with the latter being larger than the first. That’s what you get with this purchase: an individual extra-large towel for ultimate comfort after leaving the shower.

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The color is white, but there’s some variety for you to find the one that you like the most. On the ski, the towel feels smooth, featuring the brand’s classic twister bamboo yarn. With 600 GSM, you can expect a comfortable weight and enough thickness to absorb a lot of water.

Like only the highest quality bamboo towels can do, this bath sheet manages to keep mildew and odors away. Even if you use it regularly, it only takes a single wash cycle to get the bath sheet as clean as new.

When you first start using this bath sheet, you’ll notice plenty of loose threads hanging around. Luckily, this issue doesn’t happen regularly.

  • Large bath sheet to wrap the body in it.
  • Remarkable absorbency level.
  • Super soft fabric.
  • Comfortable weight.
  • Thickness.
  • Plenty of loose threads before first use.

BONDRE 100% Bamboo Kitchen Dish Cloths

BONDRE Bamboo Kitchen Dish Cloths
BONDRE Most Absorbent Bamboo Kitchen Dish Cloths

Our final pick is not a towel per se. Instead, it’s a set of 12×12-inch washcloths, ideal for maintenance tasks around the household. This purchase includes six items, but sets of fewer rags are also available in case you don’t need that many.

The washcloths feature natural bamboo fibers. Because of the quality of said fibers, these washcloths are perfect for various tasks. Yes, you can use them for cleaning tasks as mentioned before, but they also work effectively as exfoliating facial towels.

Perhaps what you’ll like the most about these washcloths is their efficiency. Not only will they absorb a ton of water, but the time needed to dry afterward is pretty short. Quick-drying washcloths are always the better pick because you get to use them more than once during the day.

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If you use these products for cleaning, make sure to be cautious. The washcloths are very delicate, and they won’t hold much around surfaces with rough edges.

  • Beautiful washcloths with genuine bamboo fiber.
  • Outstanding absorbency.
  • Quick-drying.
  • Multi-purpose, ideal for different tasks.
  • Resistance to shrinkage during washes.
  • Delicate washcloths.

Benefits of Bamboo Towels

Why would you consider buying bamboo towels? Let’s take a look at the benefits these products provide for us.

A Breathable Fabric

Bamboo towels are highly absorbent while also being breathable, which means that the fabric feels more luxurious and convenient for different activities.

Also, breathable fabric means that it dries quickly, allowing you to use the towel repeatedly during the day.


During the harvesting of the bamboo fiber, there are no pesticides or fungicides involved, making the final towel environmentally responsible. Such benefit isn’t only good to the planet, but also incredible for people of all ages and delicate skins.


While using the towel, everyone will be able to scrub without fear of an allergic reaction. Bamboo towels come in very handy for people that struggle to find a suitable cleaning cloth capable of getting the job done with no unpleasant reaction.

Easy to Maintain

After washing, you’ll notice there won’t be any wrinkling in the slightest, guaranteeing a long-lasting bamboo towel. Even better, there’s no need to use fabric softeners or similar substances that could affect the fabric negatively.

Beautiful Looks

These towels are good-looking, making good use of organic and natural dyes applied to them.

Bamboo vs. Cotton Towels

Cotton and bamboo are two materials that share plenty of similarities. However, due to their popularity, a clear answer on which one is the better pick is hard to decide. After all, and depending on who you ask, the ideal material could be either one of the two.

Of course, we could take a look at the reasons why they both make good towels, and which are their downsides.


This material is the most popular, meaning that it’s easily the cheapest out of the two. Towels featuring cotton come in various colors, shapes, and they’re easy to wash. Nonetheless, some will shrink after washing. Cotton towels take damage more easily than bamboo.


We already discussed the benefits of bamboo towels. Let’s summarize: these towels are highly absorbent, they’re good for the environment, and they’re quite comfortable as well. The biggest disadvantage would be that bamboo fiber is more expensive than cotton.

So, Which One to Buy?

If you want to go for a traditional and cheap option, pick a cotton towel. On the other hand, if you’re looking for quality and durability, bamboo fiber could be what you need.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference, as many would argue each material is the superior pick in their own bamboo cotton towels reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a bamboo towel?

A: It’s a type of towel that features bamboo fiber as its core material. Sometimes, the towels feature bamboo yarn blended with hemp or spandex, which are textile fiber.

Q: How to care for bamboo towels?

A: Wash the towels using lukewarm water on a delicate wash, always putting similar colors together. Don’t add bleach or fabric softeners unless extremely necessary, and then rinse thoroughly. Tumble dry on low.

Q: How to keep bamboo towels soft?

A: Bamboo towels are so soft that most of the time, you won’t even need to use fabric softener. Still, you could apply some tips to keep them soft and absorbent.

Line dry the towels up until they’re about 90 percent dry and then toss them in the dryer to finish the process. This method helps the fiber to fluff up, which maintains the towel’s softness and improves its absorbency.

Q: Are bamboo towels good for delicate skin?

A: Yes. The towels are hypo-allergenic, meaning that they won’t cause a negative reaction on the skin. Everyone should be able to use bamboo towels without issues.

Q: How good are bamboo towels?

A: The towels maybe a little more expensive than the cotton counterparts, but they’re definitely worth it. Bamboo towels are good from the moment you receive them, and they only get better with time.

Final Words

Bamboo towels are as good as many people depict them. Once you get one for yourself, you’ll see what all the fuzz is about. After all, bamboo fiber remains as one of the most comfortable out there, as seen throughout our reviews.