The Best Detergent for Your Lovely Towels of 2022

Towels are essential items that everyone needs in the house. Not for nothing, many people recommend having between five to ten towels per person to keep you clean after a bath.

Best Detergent for Towels

Buying that many towels requires money and, naturally, plenty of washing when they get dirty.

Fortunately, the washing process doesn’t have to be such a complicated maintenance task. With the best detergent for towels, you’ll be able to leave your towels clean and with a nice fragrance afterward.

Do you want to find out more? Here, we’ll cover the top products for towel cleansing.

Image Weight Towel Type Fabric Type Price
Le Blanc Detergent for Bath Towels & Bamboo Towel 64 FL. OZ Bath Towel Cotton
Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent for Towels 122.5 OZ Bath Towels All Type of Fabric
Chemical Guys CWS Detergent for Washing Microfiber Towels 4 OZ
16 OZ
64 OZ
128 OZ
Microfiber Towels Microfiber
OxiClean OxiClean Detergent for White Towels Whitener and Stain Remover 48 OZ
80 OZ
160 OZ
White Towels Cotton
Smelly Washer Towel Cleaner 12 OZ All Types of Towels All Types of Fabrics
Dreft Dreft Detergent for Baby Towels 50 FL. OZ Baby Towel All Types of Fabrics
Dreft Lysol Crisp Linen Laundry Sanitizer Additive Detergent 90 OZ Kitchen Towel
Gym Towel
Baby Towel
All Types of Fabrics
Le Blanc Detergent for Linen Towel 64 FL. OZ Linen Towel Linen Fabric

Best Detergent for Towels Reviews

After plenty of research, we’ve selected eight of the top detergents for towels you can find in the market. Continue reading to find out what these products can do to improve the washing experience.

Le Blanc Detergent for Bath Towels & Bamboo Towel

The very first thing you’ll notice about this detergent is the price. When compared, it is among the most expensive ones currently available, and yet, it is still one of the most popular because of the results it provides. With only 1/4 cup of this product, you’ll be able to wash a complete load.

Detergent for Bath Towels & Bamboo Towel
Detergent for Bath Towels & Bamboo Towel

After pouring the detergent with the load, what comes out is fresher, cleaner, and softer clothes. The results are pleasing regardless of what you’re washing, whether it is a bamboo towel, clothing, linen items, among many others. This detergent is a safe bet for every piece and everyone.

The results are not only noticeable to your touch either, as the detergent leaves a fresh fragrance that makes you want to wear your clothing. Even if the clothes had strong smells, this product manages to get rid of that with only a washing cycle in the machine.

When you get the items out of the machine, you’ll have a set of towels with secured fibers that won’t unravel or tear down for the time being. Also, the colored towels won’t fade.

If the detergent’s performance wasn’t enough to convince you to try it, then the safety measures will surely make up your mind. The product doesn’t feature optical brighteners, no bleach, phosphates, sulfates, and many other elements that could be dangerous for you and your clothes.

You can get this detergent in two versions, which are Lavender and Summer Verbena. They both are highly effective, but the latter leaves a strong smell that impregnates the room.

  • Safe for your hands and friendly with most fabrics.
  • Keeps the towels from drying out, which makes it the best laundry detergent for bath towel.
  • Secures the items by preventing colors from fading.
  • No strong chemicals.
  • The Summer Verbena version of this detergent leaves strong smells.
  • This product is quite expensive.

Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent for Towels

Looking for the best laundry detergent for towels is tough sometimes. You encounter many products that, more often than not, fail to deliver pleasant results. However, here’s one alternative that is as surprising as it is affordable; You don’t have to pay much for it, and the detergent delivers.

Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent for Towels
Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent

The success of this detergent is not exclusive to towels, though. In fact, it performs better when you’re dealing with stinky workout clothes. This product has a high capacity at removing strong smells, leaving a nice scent that doesn’t feel overwhelming, but rather clean and pleasant.

It works well with stains too! After pouring a small amount over old stains, and letting the detergent rest overnight, there was no trace of the stains in the next morning. Again, for the price, you wouldn’t expect this product to be as effective as it is.

Using detergent is not a risky operation either. With enough formula for one hundred loads approximately, the product doesn’t compromise the fiber of your towels. Even better, it won’t hurt your hands if you handwash your items yourself.

If you decide to go with this detergent, keep in mind the next two things.

The product works great, there’s no denying that, but the results really don’t last long. Not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it would’ve been nice if the towels had the scent longer.

Lastly, after ordering the product, make sure to check if there are no leaks. Previous customers have mentioned that their detergents had leaked into the box.

  • Strong enough to remove strong odor and stains.
  • Leaves a pleasant scent after washing.
  • Friendly to users with sensitive skin.
  • Affordable price.
  • The detergent often leaks into the package.
  • It leaves a scent that doesn’t last long on the towels.

Chemical Guys CWS Detergent for Washing Microfiber Towels

There are many reasons why towels made with microfiber material are among the most popular; durability, softness, and lightweight are among those reasons, to name a few. Keeping those towels clean, though, wasn’t always easy.

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Chemical Guys CWS Detergent for Washing Microfiber Towels
Chemical Guys CWS Detergent for Microfiber Towels

Well, that’s not a problem anymore because here’s the best detergent for washing microfiber towels you didn’t know you needed.

The detergent does what it promises. When used on microfiber items, the formula is capable of washing and removing stains, whether they’re old or new. After a washing cycle using this detergent, the towels regain their cleaning properties to keep you clean and dry as they once did.

One thing you must keep in mind is that this product is very strong, which naturally has its disadvantages. For example, if you combine it with other powder detergents regularly, you risk messing up the towels to a point where they won’t absorb water anymore.

When using it, you can combine the detergent in the washing machine with the load. However, you could also pour some of the product in a bucket, and do the handwashing yourself. While doing the laundry in this method, you’ll notice that it won’t leave your skin dried out.

Once you or the machine finish the washing, you’ll be able to rinse out the detergent easily. It may sound silly, but not every product is capable of coming off your clothes that quickly.

Unfortunately, the product is not as efficient as you may expect. On more than one occasion, you may find yourself having to add a lot of detergents to wash the load properly.

  • Restores the microfiber properties.
  • Safe to use for handwashing the towels and clothes.
  • Removes bacteria, oils, and stains.
  • Sometimes, you’ll have to add plenty of the product to clean the towels.
  • High price.

OxiClean Detergent for White Towels Whitener and Stain Remover

Chlorine bleach, although effective, may cause unexpected damage to your towels. That’s why looking for alternatives is always a good decision, and that’s precisely the reason we’ve included this detergent here. It is the best detergent for white towels.

OxiClean Detergent for White Towels Whitener and Stain Remover
OxiClean Detergent for White Towels

First thing’s first: buying this product shouldn’t require much of an investment. It is available at a reasonably low price, making it a good pick for most people. After ordering it, you receive one container with 3 lb. of formula to clean your towels.

There are two methods of using this product. For one, you could follow the traditional way of pouring the detergent with every laundry load. Secondly, you could dissolve the formula in water, which would work well to pre-soak the towels you want to wash.

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Pre-soaking the towels with the detergent is particularly good to remove stubborn stains. It is a method that guarantees a pure, clean fabric after the washing cycle.

Either way, the detergent works wonders with white towels. After all, it offers an increased whitening power when compared to chlorine bleach. Also, due to the formula not having any chlorine, the detergent is safe to use with colored clothing pieces too.

An issue you may encounter with this detergent is the smell. You’ll notice it as soon as you open the washing machine to get the towels out, and it remains for quite some time. The fabric is clean and soft, but this particular problem is one of the reasons why many customers have complaints.

  • Affordable detergent for white towels and clothes.
  • Chlorine-free formula is safe to use.
  • Pre-soaking gets rid of stains on the fabric.
  • High whitening power.
  • After using the detergent, your towels will emanate a strong smell.

Smelly Washer Towel Cleaner

If you’re looking for a versatile detergent, then here’s the one you need. It offers a solution to remove bad odor, mildew, and many other elements quickly. You’ll not only be able to use it for your towels but for other purposes like cleaning appliances also.

Smelly Washer Towel Cleaner
Smelly Washer Towel Cleaner Detergent

Using the detergent doesn’t require much effort or thought; Use a single capful with the load during the washing cycle, and that should be it. Of course, if you’re dealing with stubborn odor or stains, letting the towels soak in the detergent is a good way to get rid of those problems.

The detergent is not only versatile because of the items you can clean with it, but also because of how you get to use the product.

For instance, you can use it in HE (High-efficiency) washing machines, as well as in top-loading or front-loading ones. Regardless of which one you use, the detergent works well in every situation.

In the bottle, you get 12 oz of content, which is not much if you consider the high price. The detergent will provide 24 treatment sessions. This will allow you to use it as either a preventive measure to protect your towels or to get rid of persistent stains stuck to the fabric.

People looking for an affordable detergent should probably skip this one. On the other hand, if money’s not an issue, this product is easily the best detergent for smelly towels. The formula manages to remove odor from its root, leaving a nice scent afterward.

  • High-quality detergent that works for towels and appliances cleansing.
  • Removes bad smells from the roots.
  • Cleans the towels with only a small amount of detergent.
  • Compatible with most types of washing machines.
  • This detergent comes at a high price.
  • The content inside the bottle is not enough considering the money you pay for it.

Dreft Detergent for Baby Towels

Taking good care of the new baby in the house is more than keeping an eye on them; It is also about being careful with the towels they use. Of course, you can’t have comfortable baby towels if you don’t treat them properly, which is why now we’re reviewing the best detergent for baby towels.

Dreft Detergent for Baby Towels
Detergent for Baby Towels

This product seeks to assist moms as they give comfort to their newborn babies. The bottle contains 50 ounces of detergent, which, if we take the price into consideration, seems more than worth it. That amount of cleaning formula will cover up to 32 loads.

Before getting the detergent, previous customers mentioned that the smell was too much to handle for babies. For us, that wasn’t an issue; The scent left on the towels was quite pleasant, and it doesn’t seem to bother the baby. Be careful, though. Every child may react to it differently.

Overall, there are many great benefits of using this detergent. Due to the hypoallergenic properties, parents have the opportunity to wrap their children with the towels right after washing. After weeks trying it, there hasn’t been any negative reaction at all.

Before ordering this product, keep in mind that the bottles may leak before arrival. Make sure to contact the manufacturer to reduce the risks of the detergent spilling the content before it even arrives on your doorstep.

So far, the leaking was the only issue encountered with this product. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but several customers had the same issue with their packages.

  • Enough detergent for regular towel washing.
  • Leaves clean and soft towels after the washing cycle.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Different fragrances available for ultimate comfort.
  • The content may leak before it arrives.
  • This detergent may have a strong smell for some babies.

Lysol Crisp Linen Laundry Sanitizer Additive

When other liquid detergents are too expensive, this next product comes as a lifesaving cleaning solution to care for your towels.

Lysol Crisp Linen Laundry Sanitizer Additive Detergent
Lysol Crisp Linen Laundry Sanitizer

What’s even better is that despite being a low price product, the detergent doesn’t lose any quality. On the contrary, using this product guarantees 99% bacteria elimination per wash.

This product contains no bleach at all, and it works with warm or cold water equally. It also offers high compatibility with several washing machines, including HE units and the standard models. You can use it to wash clothes, gym gear, and towels.

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Perhaps the main reason why you’d want to use this product is because of how gentle it is with any of the items mentioned above.

The detergent leaves a soft fabric when you use it on towels created with different materials. Not only that, but it will also leave satisfactory results on both white and colored pieces. There’s no bleeding and no color fading after the washing process.

Most people have had great results while using this product, but not everyone. In some cases, customers have mentioned that they’ve found it necessary to pour a large amount of detergent for each cycle.

Another problem is that there aren’t other versions with different fragrances available, just this one. Although, for the low price, we can’t really complain about this.

  • Compatible with most washing machines and towel materials.
  • Gets rid of bacteria and stains.
  • Doesn’t include bleach.
  • You may have to add plenty of the detergent to wash the towels successfully.
  • Only one fragrance available.

Le Blanc Detergent for Linen Towel

LeBlanc cleaning products are quite popular in many households. We opened the reviews with a product from this brand, and we’re closing with another one. Don’t confuse them for the same detergent, as each one is better for some materials and towel fibers.

Le Blanc Detergent for Linen Towel
Le Blanc Detergent

While that other pick was great for general towel cleansing, this one is easily the best detergent for linen towel sets.

As you can see from the product listing, this detergent is available in different fragrances. The smell may be different, but their performance is quite similar, with barely any difference at all.

The content in this bottle works with apparel and towels featuring linen materials. It doesn’t feature any chemicals at all, and it manages to remove most stains under a simple operation with a small amount of detergent.

Each bottle contains enough detergent for around 32 loads, as long as you use 2 oz during each session. When poured on stains, the result was a perfectly clean towel afterward. And the fragrance left on the fabric, well, it is easily the most pleasant we’ve encountered so far.

We mentioned before how popular LeBlanc detergents are, and that comes with its disadvantages. In this case, it’s a high price. This downside doesn’t come as a surprise, though.

  • Perfect detergent for linen.
  • Available in many different fragrances.
  • Leaves a very pleasant smell on the towels after washing.
  • Removes most stains from different fabric.
  • This detergent is available at a high price.

How to Choose the Best One

Keeping the following information in mind will help you find the right detergent for your purposes. Naturally, it would be difficult to find one of these products that deliver every one of the next demands, but it should at least be successful in most of them.


Granted, you won’t be able to tell the quality of any detergent if you don’t try it yourself. At the same time, some tips could help you out.

For instance, after checking out opinions left by old customers, we’ve found that detergent with neutral pH and 100% biodegradable properties will work incredibly well against stains.

Friendly with Most Towel Materials

Manufacturers create their towels using a variety of materials, which include cotton, linen, bamboo, among many others. A high-quality detergent and the one you need should be able to cover most of these materials without damaging them.

Of course, not every detergent is capable of taking good care of every single towel, but they must offer some degree of versatility to wash the towels efficiently.


One of the best benefits of using the right detergent is having a fresh and clean towel with a pleasant fragrance. Make sure whatever product you’re buying is strong enough to cover stinky odor from the clothing, but not too strong that it becomes an issue for your nose.

Safe to Use

While using the washing machine is easier and quicker, sometimes we have to do the laundry by hand. In that sense, using a detergent without dangerous chemicals will be better for both the clothes and your hands too.


Some of these products are very expensive, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t effective detergents available at a low price.

When the budget is tight, consider all of your options before making your final decision. You’ll end up encountering the perfect alternative that meets your expectations and your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Liquid or powder detergent?

A: Choosing between liquid or powder detergent is a tricky question because each one is better for certain circumstances.

For example, powder detergents are often more powerful to remove stains. On the other hand, liquid detergents are safer to use, and they’re more expensive too.

If you want a detergent for your towels, then either one should work fine. The main differences are the ones described above, and they don’t necessarily interfere with the cleansing process.

Q: How is the detergent better than soap?

A: Detergent is better than soap because it works with hard water.

In case you’re not familiar with the term, here’s what hard water means.

Hard water contains minerals that are chiefly responsible for scaling in boilers. To remove those minerals, you can boil the water for temporary hardness, or use chemical products for permanent hardness.

Q: How to remove old stains with detergent?

A: One method to remove stains is using the detergent to cover them, and then, let it rest overnight. The next morning, rinse the towel, and the stains should no longer be there.

Q: Are detergents safe for handwashing?

A: Yes, but not all of them. Make sure to check whether or not the detergent you decide to buy will hurt your hands.

Q: Are towel detergents expensive?

A: As with any other product, detergents are available at different price ranges. Nonetheless, don’t expect low-priced detergents to be less efficient than the high-priced counterparts. In some cases, both are equally effective.

Final Words

Using the best detergent for towels guarantees that your main drying cloths won’t retain awful smells or stains in the long run.

Price, efficiency, and safety are some of the features you must consider before buying one of these products. If you do, you won’t have to deal with stinky towels anymore.