Imabari Towel Review – A Face Towel Soft As Feather of 2022

Imabari Towels are among the most popular types of towels. These hail from Japan, and are also the most-bought towels over there.

Made in Imabari, a city on Shikoku Island in Japan, these are among the top-rated towels that come with premium quality. Besides their place of origin, these towels possess unique features that set them above other regular towels.

Imabari Towel Review

Ranging from their look, material, and production technology, they are among the best towels to go for. To help you understand the elegance of these towels, here is an Imabari towel review for you.

Best Imabari Towel Review

Even though all Imabari towels are considered to be top-notch, they are not 100% similar. If you intend to purchase one of these towels, here are some selections you should consider;

Imabari Iori Doughnuts Blue Face Towel

We kick it off with this blue face towel. This one comes with a reversible design, along with a pile and gauze on both sides. If you are the kind of person who prefers thin towels, this one would suit you perfectly.

Imabari Iori Doughnuts Blue Face Towel
Imabari Iori Blue Face Towel

The towel comes from a reputable designer, Yurio Seki, who has worked with different companies and experts in the clothing and household goods industry.

Yurio applied his original illustrations to offer suggestions to convert traditional Japanese crafts into useful and stylish items. Here, the designer wanted to make the commonly used items stylish but still maintaining its usefulness.

Being a face towel, this one isn’t too big. It comes at 34cm by 80cm to give you a piece that is large enough for your face.

So, where can you use this towel? You can either use it in the bathroom or at the gym. Besides, it is only meant for the face. Therefore, it won’t be suitable for using it on the body. By the way, you can also use this towel on your baby because it is super soft.

This one is made of 100% cotton that will be gentle on the skin. Besides, it is easy to wash and dry. Plus, this absorbs water very fast.

  • Super soft
  • Easy to wash
  • Highly water-absorbent
  • Multiuse
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Only suitable for the face (not big enough for the body)

Imabari Iori Shima Face Towel

If you want a face towel with a cool look that is also functional enough, then this would be your best pick. This towel comes with a beautiful Kokura weaving, which is very unique too. With this weaving, the warp is weaved in high density and produced by high Imabari Towel technology.

Imabari Iori Shima Face Towel
Imabari Iori Face Towel

While most towels out there don’t involve too much inspection when being produced, this one undergoes supervision during production.

This Imabari bath towel is meant for the face. So, you can use it to wipe off sweat as you work out at the gym. It is made of 100% cotton and measures 35cm by 80cm. We loved the colorful stripe patterns on this towel, which would look elegant when you hang it around the bathroom.

The fabric of this towel is thick and super strong. With this towel, you will enjoy a blend of 3D vertical striped Kokura-Ori, along with the soft and luxurious Imabari towel elements.

By the way, this one is also a good water-absorbent fabric, which means you can depend on it to keep your skin dry quickly. It might not be the fastest drying towel, but you can be sure of it keeping your skin dry in the shortest time.

  • 100% cotton Imabari Towel
  • Elegant stripe patterns
  • Soft and luxurious texture
  • Thick and highly absorbent
  • Anti-fade design
  • Doesn’t dry up quickly

Imabari Ioi Yuki Face Towel

Not everybody is a lover of flashiness in a towel. So, if you are one of them that likes to keep it simple, this towel would be your ideal pick.

Imabari Ioi Yuki Face Towel
Imabari Yuki Face Towel

The towel is made from Supima cotton, which happens to be one of the finest types of cotton in the world. This cotton is known for its high absorbency and also durability. In other words, the towel soaks up water or sweat at a high rate, without getting too wet. Plus, it is a towel that can serve you for a very long time.

And, by the way, the coziness of this towel makes it safe to use on your baby’s skin. It will not be rough on the skin of your little one. Whether you choose this as your Imabari hand towel or you want to use it to wipe off sweat at the gym, you will still be satisfied with its performance.

Thanks to the rigid, 12-point tests for absorbency, this towel proves to be reliable enough, especially if you intend to use it in the gym or where you sweat frequently.

  • Beige color conceals dirt
  • Highly absorbent
  • Very cozy texture
  • Made for durability
  • Easy to maintain
  • It might take a long time to dry due to its thickness

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Imabari Towels good for the baby?

A: Yes, these towels are made of high-quality and cozy cotton that is soft enough for the baby’s skin.

Q: Do Imabari Towels dry quickly? 

A: Some of them are made with waffle weave, which makes them highly absorbent with fast-drying capability.

Q: How should I wash my Imabari Towel?

A: There are no specific rules on how to wash Imabari towels. However, you should avoid using fabric softeners on the Imabari towels. Doing so would lead to shedding and reduce the absorbency. All in all, follow the washing instruction on the tag.

Q: Are Imabari Towels expensive?

A: Not really. There are Imabari towels that cost less than $10. So, they are very affordable.

Q: Are they long-lasting?

A: Sure. Imabari towels are very durable. Nevertheless, you must take care of them properly by washing and storing them safely. Ensure that you read the care/washing guides on the towel tag or any guide that comes with it. Doing so will help you to enjoy the towel for a long time.

Final Words

So, there goes our Imabari towel review. We are confident that now you have a clue about which one you should go for. Whichever towel you will be going for, ensure that it is the right choice for how you intend to use it. Remember to take good care of the towel for it to last for a long time.