Best Heated Towel Racks Reviews of 2022

Towels are essential items we use every day regularly. While they are highly comfortable when they’re dry, they’re not very pleasant when they’re wet, which is why we often use different methods to make them feel warm.

These methods could be dangerous to the fabric in some cases. For instance, using tools like a dryer could mess up the properties of the fabric, losing absorbency or softness all together.

Best Heated Towel Racks

Other alternative warmers are capable of warming the towels while also being secure. Such is the case of the heated towel racks, which are the structures we’ll review next.

Types of Heated Towel Racks

Here are the 7 Types of Heated Towel Racks which serve different types of needs. We Hope those are helping to find your Best Heated Towel Racks.

Best Heated Towel Racks Reviews From Different Categories

Since there are countless heated towel racks out there, we’ve divided our product reviews into different categories to make it easier for you to find the one you want. With this methodology, you can skip forward through the next sections if you don’t like what you see.

Best Heated Towel Rack Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted towel racks help us save a lot of space while also providing quick access to our towels as soon as we leave the bathroom. Which one is worthy of your money? The next one.

HEATGENE Heated Towel Rack Wall Mounted Electric Plug-in

There’s a total of twelve bars in this structure, which means you, your family, and even friends will have the opportunity to hang their towels in this rack, and still have some space left. Naturally, such a big and functional structure can only mean one thing: this heated rack is expensive.

High price aside, there are many reasons why you’d want to consider buying this drying rack. If the twelve bars weren’t enough, there’s also the 304 stainless steel construction and curved design, which makes the unit an incredible addition to most places, as it will blend well with the decoration.

For the installation, you could follow one of two methods: either hardwired or plugging the rack in a wall socket of 120V/60Hz. Like pretty much every other rack reviewed here, this one includes every tool necessary for the installation process.

As for the heating process, the rack is surprisingly fast. You won’t have to wait almost an hour for the structure to be warm, but rather 15 to 20 minutes. Nonetheless, if you want the highest temperature, which is 149 degrees Fahrenheit, you’d have to wait for about 50 minutes.

That heating power makes it possible to dry a wet towel in barely two to four hours, allowing you to use it once again to continue your tasks.

While working at high temperatures, the thermostat included is capable of keeping the unit performing at a stable level. It saves energy, and it also prevents overheating.

As you can see, there is nothing but benefits after buying the rack. The problem is whether or not you’re willing to invest in it.

  • Twelve drying bars included
  • Suitable to hang bath towels
  • Two installation methods
  • High-quality thermostat saves energy
  • Stainless steel construction guarantees heat distribution throughout the structure
  • Expensive drying rack

Best Heated Towel Drying Rack

After plenty of research, we’ve found the one heated towel drying rack capable of meeting most of ours and your expectations. The best thing about this product? It’s highly affordable.

INNOKA Freestanding and Wall Mounted Heated Towel Drying Rack

Available at a pleasantly low price, this drying rack is the one to go for many people. It is no exaggeration; The reasons why you’d want to make this purchase are many, not only due to the low price. So, other than an affordable price, what else does this rack have to offer?

For starters, the structure is as easy to install as it is quick to heat up. You could use it either as a freestanding or a wall-mounted drying rack. After setting it up, you’ll have six bars available to hang your towels, clothes, and many more items.

However, the structure may take a little more time to heat up properly. When other heated racks require around 10 to 20 minutes, this one could need more than 40 minutes. Still, once it gets there, it will warm up at a maximum temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another essential feature included in this rack is the thermostat. Like we learned earlier, this piece maintains the temperature stable, saving a lot of energy and avoiding issues such as overheating. It is no different in this drying rack, as the thermostat does its job efficiently.

After mentioning all of the reasons why you’d want it, now we’ll talk a little bit about the frustrations of having this towel rack.

One issue that won’t escape your attention is the placement of the on/off switch. You’ll find it in a great position if you’ve wall mounted the rack, but it is not as convenient if you’ve placed it as a freestanding unit. It could be troublesome for some people.

Other than that, this drying rack will provide everything you may need to warm your towels during the day.

  • Available at a low price
  • Reliable thermostat included
  • Safe 122 °F temperature maximum
  • Portable design
  • Durable construction
  • The on/off switch placement is not the most appropriate for freestanding installation

Best Heated Towel Rack Freestanding

Freestanding drying racks are a proper alternative when you can’t install them on the walls.

LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Heated Towel Rack Free Standing

Even though this rack may seem smaller, it isn’t by much. The correct dimensions are 35.6×21.7×13.2-inch: height, width, and depth, respectively. This structure also works as a freestanding unit, making it easy to install and use for every homeowner that gets it.

Then again, if you want to mount the rack on the wall, you can do that too. The package includes both mounting brackets as well as the freestanding feet, which ensures you’ll have the essential tools required to follow through with both of the installation methods.

For the build, the rack features a high-quality aluminum frame, with a beautiful chrome-plated finish. To connect it, you’ll need a 110-120V outlet for the cord and then use the on/off switch. The said outlet is already a standard feature most households have.

The cord is 6 feet long. When plugged in, it secures a connection that provides energy to heat the entire structure evenly. It often takes 30 minutes approximately to reach a total amount of 122 degrees in the Fahrenheit scale.

This temperature may not sound like too much, and it isn’t, but that’s for the best. That way, you won’t have to worry about burning risks.

It may be surprising for you that while many people mentioned the temperature wasn’t hot enough, others mentioned that it was indeed too hot. In the end, it is your decision that matters. For us, it was an alright temperature.

If you use the rack as a freestanding structure, make sure to secure the base. The legs may move depending on the flooring.

  • Portable structure design
  • Ideal maximum temperature capacity
  • Long cord
  • It takes around 30 minutes to heat up entirely
  • The rack requires barely any manual assembly
  • The legs may slide over certain surfaces

Best Heated Towel Racks For Bathrooms

The bathroom is one room of the house that we want to look spotless. To do that, you’ll need the right appliances, and here’s one of them.

Tangkula Electric Wall-Mounted Heated Towel Racks For Bathrooms

The next heated rack is quite appealing to the eye. It’s a stylish structure, ideal for sophisticated places like gyms or bathrooms. With 23x13x36-inch dimensions, you’ll have no trouble to maneuver the parts as you install the rack.

There are five bars featured in the structure. Due to the white color design, it doesn’t take extra accommodations for the rack to fit with the rest of the decoration at home.

The heated rack requires the standard electrical outlet to operate. It’ll need 100 Watts to warm up effectively, working at AC 120V/60Hz. Once heated, the structure will run for multiple hours a day, offering the capacity to warm your towels the whole day if necessary.

While all of those features are great, the best this drying rack has to offer is, undoubtedly, the sturdy and portable construction. The spray-painted iron will last for a long time, allowing you to use the rack for an uninterrupted amount of hours continuously.

Furthermore, the iron built is not that heavy either. If you’re not happy with how the rack looks at a certain room, moving the structure to another place will be an easy task.

As impressive as the rack is, the lack of a proper timer is disappointing. Then again, it is not a surprise if we consider that the unit is available at a low price. It is not the most affordable you’ll find, but it is definitely a worthy purchase if you don’t want to spend too much money.

  • Modern and stylish design suitable for bathrooms, gyms, and many more locations
  • Portable, lightweight structure
  • Sturdy base guarantees it won’t move an inch after installed
  • It includes every piece required for the installation
  • This drying rack does not include a timer

Best Hardwired Heated Towel Rack

Choosing the right hardwired heated towel rack could be difficult because there are many alternatives, but we’ve narrowed down the list for you. The following is the hardwired towel rack you should consider.

SHARNDY ETW13-2A Electric Hardwired Heated Towel Rack

You may think the price for this rack must be low because the unit has only four crossbars, but that is not the case at all. Yes, there are fewer bars when compared to the other units on the list, but this one is equally expensive as some other racks that have, say, ten bars.

However, it is fair to say that you shouldn’t have any problem with this rack once you get it. Every piece and tool needed for the installation comes in the package, which is very helpful for everyone.

Of course, that means that you won’t have to buy a hardwire kit if you decide to go for the hardwired installation.

When active, the unit heats up at 120V, 60Hz/45W. Such power capacity should be what your towels need to stay at a warm state, and it won’t be enough to burn you should a slip occur.

Using the drying rack is pretty simple too. Put the towels on one of the four bars, and press the switch. Then, you’ll have to do nothing more than wait for the rack to do all the jobs. The stainless steel bars receive heat evenly, so there’s no need to worry about a faulty performance.

Even though the drying rack features only four bars, when it comes to hardwired units, not many are capable of performing at such a good level as this one.

It does have some disadvantages, though. One of them is the price, which could be a little lower, considering that the structure is not as large as the others. However, if money is not a problem for you, then, by all means, consider picking up this drying rack.

  • Heat distributes properly through all four bars
  • It includes every installation piece needed
  • Easy to use
  • Portable design
  • Small unit available at an expensive price

Best Heated Towel Rack Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel, although not the most popular type of drying racks are still among the favorite for many people. The next product is the one you need under this category.

Amba RWH-CB Hardwired Curved Heated Towel Rack Brushed Nickel

The 304 stainless steel construction does a lot for this unit. Not only is the material durable, but it also guarantees proper heat distribution from top to bottom. That means that your towels will feel warm whether you place them on the first or the last crossbar of the rack.

In total, there are ten crossbars featured in this heated rack. When active, these bars heat up pretty quickly. You may also get surprised by the fact that both horizontal and vertical bars heat up, giving you more space to hang the towels.

The built-in switch to activate and deactivate the rack is easy to access. Once you turn it on, the structure works at 1.30 AMPs, and it will deliver an estimated temperature of 149 degrees Fahrenheit max. It is more than enough to keep the towels and other items in a comfortable condition.

Now, here’s when it gets tricky: the rack will keep your towels warm, yes, but the temperature could be extremely hot sometimes. If you’re a clumsy person like myself, you’ll have to be very cautious around this drying rack. Bumping into the bars when they’re hot can cause severe damage.

Of course, that means if what you’re looking for is a drying rack capable of heating up to higher temperatures, then this unit may be the one for you. The ten bars included offer enough space to hang several towels at once, drying all of them in just a couple of hours.

And, if the horizontal bars aren’t enough, you could always use the vertical bars too.

  • Ten horizontal bars included
  • Both horizontal and vertical bars heat up
  • Simple structure design
  • 304 stainless steel construction withstands high temperatures
  • This rack is capable of reaching dangerously high temperatures that could cause serious damage

Best Heated Towel Rack Chrome

Finally, we reviewed drying racks with a chrome finish to encounter the best of them all. Here’s one that met most of our expectations.

Warmrails HSKC Kensington Heated Towel Rack Chrome Finish

The final product is a wall-mount towel rack, measuring a total of 39.5-inch of height, and featuring a standard chrome finish.

When compared, this one is far from the most attractive, but don’t let its simplicity fool you: this structure is more than capable of making your towels feel warm and comfortable.

The rack works at 105 Watts, and the installation method is wall-mount only. As for the plug-in connection, there are two options: you can use the 6.5’ power cord or the Direct Wire option. Either way, soon after activating it, the rack will start to heat up at a quick rhythm.

In fact, the heating up process doesn’t take more than half an hour, which is one of the most surprising features of this rack. Shortly after plugging the unit, it will be able to warm your delicates such as the towels, baby blankets, and many more items without using the dryer.

There are eight bars featured in this rack. After installing it as a wall-mounted unit, the height is perfect. It sits at the perfect spot where you can access your towels easily, and the children won’t be able to mess with the switch.

Now that we mentioned the switch, it is worth pointing out that it is not the most appealing feature of the towel rack. The switch box, for example, lacks proper attachment, and it will move regularly.

Additionally, the protection for the box is not good either, which could create moisture inside. Definitely, it is not the safest switch box.

  • Large drying rack with eight bars
  • Works at 105 Watts
  • Hardwire and softwire capacity
  • Thoughtful customer attention
  • Poorly constructed switch box
  • Wall-mount only

How to Choose the Best Heated Towel Racks

The following are some of the features you must keep in mind before making your final decision on which towel rack to buy.


These units deal with high temperatures, which is why they must feature durable materials that will withstand and distribute the heat throughout every single bar.

The most reliable material to build drying racks is stainless steel. During our reviews, you’ll discover that structures created with stainless steel are the most efficient.

Installation Method (and Tools Required!)

Before getting one of these towel warmers, you want to figure out how you wish to install it. You’ll have to pick a suitable room at home, and then choose what type of rack you want; Whether it is a wall-mount or a freestanding unit.

Keep in mind that, while you can install most of the products we reviewed in both of those methods, there are some options, like our last pick, which offers a single installation method.


Now, thermostats are a feature that not many drying towel racks have, but it is very useful to control the temperatures. If you want your unit to save energy and keep overheating to a bare minimum, then the thermostat is something to consider.

Bars Included

As you look for towel warmers, you’ll encounter some units that offer as many as twelve horizontal bars, or as few as four. Deciding how many bars your drying rack needs will depend on different elements like how many towels you intend to warm at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are heated towel racks?

A: Heated towel racks are units capable of heating their structure through a cord connected to the power outlet, allowing you to warm several items like towels. In the market, you can find freestanding or wall-mount units.

Q: How to use heated towel racks?

A: Connect it to the power outlet, press the switch, and place the towels over the bars. That’s pretty much it. The rack will take care of the rest.

Q: What can the heated towel rack warm?

A: The racks will warm a variety of items such as towels, baby blankets, and other delicate fabric.

Q: How to install a heated towel rack?

A: The installation process depends on each unit. For example, if you buy a freestanding heated towel rack, you will most likely have to do nothing more than to set the feet, plug the cord into a power outlet, and that’ll be it.

Wall-mounted heated towel racks, on the other hand, are more tricky. You’ll need to find the location, then use a torpedo level to make sure the position is correct, and then drill the holes for the toggle bolts.

The next steps would be to make the electrical connections and secure the towel warmer in its place.

Don’t worry if any of that sounds complicated. Manufacturers include the detailed instructions you’ll need to follow for the installation of your heated towel warmer.

Q: Are heated towel racks safe?

A: Yes. In most cases, these units feature a thermostat that will control the temperature, reducing the overheating risks.

Final Words

Each heated towel rack reviewed in this article is probably the best there is among their category. Hopefully, by now, you’ll have encountered the one you need to keep your towels warm and enjoy them after a refreshing shower.