Best Towel Rack For Your Bathroom of 2022

When you run out of bathroom space to hang the towels, getting yourself a towel rack seems like a reasonable choice. But there are too many of them? How could you choose one out of the bunch? Here, we’ll tell you how best towel rack in this article.

Some towel racks allow for different towel storage ideas, especially for guests. Some racks are door racks others are wall racks. Depending on your apartment and whether it is for a guest bath or your own, we got you covered. To keep your towel made of linens in the rack and whether you can but a towel with varied dampness or not will depend on the rack. There are many wall-mounted options much like door-mounted ones.

Best Towel Rack

First, we’ll learn about the features that make the towel racks worth the money you pay for. And then, we’ll discuss the top offers available to us.

So, without anything else to add, let’s begin with a glance!

Types of Towel Rack

Here are the 5 Types of Towel Rack which serve different types of needs. Each of these categories has at least 2 products. We Hope those are helping to find your Best Towel Rack.

Best Towel Rack Review from Different Categories

We’ve divided the products into different categories to make your search easier. If you’re not fond of the towel racks, skip to the next sections until you find the one you need.

Best Over the Door Towel Rack

If you don’t want to cause damage to the walls, over the door towel racks are your best choice. Here are the top two options worth your money.

Whitmor White Medium-Sized Door Hanging Towel Rack

We’ll start by reviewing a bathroom towel rack that met most of our expectations easily. It’s an appealing white unit that, even though it is not that fancy, it still blends well with the decoration. It has good functionality and a functional design to make hanging towels more convenient. With a wall-mounted installation and four tiers, this rack is a product that quickly shows many benefits.

Whitmor White Medium-Sized Door Hanging Towel Rack
Whitmor White Medium-Sized Door Hanging Towel Rack Size

For instance, as you proceed to install it, you’ll notice the package contains the hardware needed to mount the towel rack on the wall or the door. You may need some extras like a screwdriver and some pliers, but the installation should be easy enough for anyone.

Another one of the elements you may appreciate during the installation is that the mounting bracket doesn’t cause unnecessary damage. Door surfaces, for example, are very easy to mess up if you apply a little bit of pressure while installing most towel racks, but not with this one.

Thanks to the steel construction, every bar is capable of holding several towels at once, whether they’re dry or wet. When the unit makes contact with soaked hand towels, there are almost zero risks of suffering rust or corrosion. Durability and reliability are two advantages of buying this rack.

Despite all of its good features, if you’re looking for a towel rack for larger towels, then this option is not the most suitable for you. Yes, it’s incredible for hand towels and washcloths, but you won’t be able to stretch out a bath towel fully. There’s not enough space for them.

  • Easy to assemble and set up over the door
  • Doesn’t cause damage to the installation surface
  • Suitable for towels of medium to small size
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Not good for large bath towel

ToiletTree Bamboo Wood and Stainless Steel Door Hanging Towel Rack

A next towel rack is a sophisticated unit for those looking to improve the bathroom decoration of their homes. There’s a model of this product featuring five hooks, but today we’re reviewing the version with only three. It’s more affordable and, quite honestly, way more convenient than the alternative.

ToiletTree Bamboo Wood and Stainless Steel Door Hanging Towel Rack
ToiletTree Bamboo Wood and Stainless Steel Towel Rack

For the construction, the manufacturer uses a combination of stainless steel and bamboo materials. Once installed, the unit portrays a modern design that’s eco-friendly too. Use it to hang towels, robes, pajamas, and baby blanket.

Before mentioning anything else, we have to point out the thing we liked the most about this unit, and that’s how secured it mounts to the wall. Soon after installing it, you’ll be able to see how sturdy and strong the hooks are, which is great because it shows that the purchase you made was worth it.

This towel rack, more than holding your towels, it organizes them at a convenient location. Whether you mount it on the wall space or over the door, accessing your items hanging over the unit is pretty easy. And, even if you pull the towels a little, the towel rack will remain in its place.

As much as we like this unit, the lack of space is one frustrating setback. Sure, it looks great, but there are only three hooks that won’t hold more than one towel each, meaning you get to hang three towels max.

The five-hook version is not better either, as it only increases the towel capacity by two. This unit is worth considering for households without many people living in them. Unless, of course, you buy more than one towel rack.

  • Stylish stainless steel and bamboo construction
  • Suitable for wall mounting or over doors
  • Two versions available with three and five hooks
  • Limited space won’t hold more than 3 to 5 towels

Best Towel Rack for Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms are sometimes frustrating because you don’t have enough space for everything you need, including towels. With the next units, you will have the perfect towel racks to keep them organized in those limited areas.

Hamilton Hills Wall Mounted Towel Rack For Bathroom

This towel rack is different from everything we’ve seen so far. It’s a sleek and modern unit with a shelf to keep the towels neat when the bathroom is too small to install a larger rack. Below the shelf, there’s a single bar hanging, which allows you to hang the towels to full length.

Hamilton Hills Wall Mounted Towel Rack For Bathroom
Hamilton Hills Wall Mounted Towel Rack For Bathroom Size

As mentioned before, this unit features high-quality stainless steel. It is not the prettiest, but it sure does the job to hold the towels and resist corrosion.

If you have children around the house, perhaps it’s better to consider getting yourself a pair of stronger anchors before the installation. You’ll notice the changes once you set the towel rack up because, with a pair of stronger anchors, the towel rack gets even better.

In fact, it is surprising how much weight the towel rack can hold if you make that little change in the hardware. You’ll be able to hang several towels at once, even when they’re wet.

In total, the unit can hold at least six towels over it and still have some space in the bar hanging below.

So far, the towel rack has been a safe purchase that doesn’t disappoint. It wasn’t difficult to install either, as every supplies that are required comes in the package. The instructions were clear too! Overall, the information supplied by the manufacturers is on point, making the process easier.

People may not like the minimalistic look of this unit, but there’s no denying that it’s a useful equipment to keep the towels folded and ready to use.

  • High-quality stainless steel finish
  • Top shelf and one hanging bar included
  • Easy to install
  • Rust-free
  • Dull design
  • The anchors included are not strong enough

Alise Stainless Steel Towel Rack For Small Bathroom

By looking at this unit, one may think that it’s far more expensive than the previous pick; The matte black finish looks better, and it has more than one bar for the towels. Well, the reality is different, as this product is slightly less expensive than the one we reviewed before.

Alise Stainless Steel Towel Rack For Small Bathroom
Alise Stainless Steel Towel Rack For Small Bathroom Black

This unit features a 3-layer matte black design, highly capable of resisting scratches and corrosion. Due to the stainless steel construction, the towel rack offers a sturdy holder for your towels, robes, and more.

Besides the shelf at the top, the unit has two hanging bars below. These give you the space needed to hang a variety of items in a limited space, such as in small bathrooms.

However, as soon as you get the towel rack out of the box, you’ll find out the bars are not as tight as you might expect. They feel wobbly and weak. You may have to use extra tools to make them remain in place and maintain the towels at an accessible location.

In the package, you receive the towel rack as well as the screws and anchors required for the installation. The wall-mount set up may take some time, but people with DIY skills should be able to do it without hassles.

Every one of the pieces, including the package itself, came in perfect condition. The brand offers professionalism by delivering its products secured and without a single piece missing.

If you’re not a fan of the black matte finish, there’s another version available, which features a brushed nickel finish instead. That one is available at an even lower price.

  • Beautiful matte black finish
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Two bars and one shelf featured
  • Installation accessories included
  • The towel bars feel wobbly and weak

Best Towel Rack for Drying

Drying your bathroom towels requires a reliable rack built with high-quality materials to withstand the water. The following are the units you should consider.

Organize It All 3 Bar Towel Rack For Drying

This towel rack is a standard unit we’ve seen in many places before, such as hotel, hotel bathroom and cloakroom. At the top side, it features three bars with enough space between each one to hold large bath sheets. Near the base, right above the feet, there’s a shelf suitable to keep those folded towels properly organized and you can avoid stacking towels this way.

Organize It All 3 Bar Towel Rack For Drying
Organize It All Towel Rack For Drying

You can use this unit for a variety of purposes, whether it is to hang dry clean towels or to dry wet clothing. After using it, every part of the towel rack is easy to clean, requiring a simple maintenance process of wiping down with a piece of dry cloth.

Maintenance is a task that you should perform on this unit regularly. The glass shelf and the acrylic bars are beautiful, but they won’t last long unattended. Fortunately, as mentioned above, keeping the towel rack in good condition shouldn’t take much time.

Although the unit doesn’t have wheels, moving it between rooms is more than a possibility. Of course, due to the fragility of the glass shelf, you’d want to be as careful as possible, even asking for someone else’s assistance to avoid any slips.

Once you find the perfect spot for it, the sturdiness of the base guarantees the whole unit won’t move an inch.

Before getting this towel rack, you should know its limitations. The most noticeable is the design of the bars. For instance, if you place large white towels in the middle or lower bar, it will most likely touch the bottom shelf. It’s an inconvenient problem, especially when you have items resting on the shelf.

  • Simple but efficient towel rack
  • It features acrylic bars and a glass shelf at the bottom
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for wet and dry towels
  • Larger towels will make contact with the bottom shelf if you hang them in the middle or lower bar

Bartnelli Accordion Wall Mounted Towel Drying Rack for Bathroom

Rather than being a standard towel rack, this unit boasts an incredible mechanism with many benefits and barely any setback. While closed, the structure measures 5-inch, which extends to 22 linear feet once you open it. It isn’t the largest towel holder, but it still offers a lot of space for towels.

Bartnelli Accordion Wall Mounted Towel Drying Rack for Bathroom
Bartnelli Accordion Wall Mounted Towel Drying Rack Quality

This mechanism features eight rods capable of holding up to 60lbs of weight. You get to use the towel rack for both dry and wet clothes, which also means that you could install the unit in rooms like the sorts of bathroom or the laundry area.

Nonetheless, the installation process may not be as easy as you may think at first.

For instance, the butterfly anchors are far from being reliable. While setting them up, finding the right angle is quite tricky, and they often fall several times before you attach them properly. If you don’t have hands on experience doing these jobs, perhaps an extra hand will come in very handy.

The accordion-style structure is, undoubtedly, the best this unit has to offer. Regardless of where you set it up, the towel rack allows you to save an enormous amount of space that you could use for other toiletries. If your bathroom is small, then having this product would be a wise decision.

For the construction, the unit features stainless steel. It will resist corrosion, and it doesn’t have any problem even if you open and close the towel rack regularly. Rust and scratches are two other issues that won’t damage the integrity of the steel material.

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Open/Close mechanism with eight rods
  • Capable of holding up to 60lbs of weight
  • Sturdy design
  • The installation of this unit is not easy, as there are many issues with the anchors included

Best Free Standing Towel Rack

A freestanding towel rack is a convenient unit that you could move between rooms if needed. Do you want to know which ones are the best? Then let’s find out.

mDesign Large Freestanding Towel Rack for Bathroom

With six different versions available, including graphite, satin, black, split bronze finish, white and polished chrome finish, this towel rack offers variety to satisfy everyone’s needs. If you’ve been having trouble finding the right unit to match the decoration of your home, these racks may be what you need.

mDesign Large Freestanding Towel Rack for Bathroom White
mDesign Large Freestanding Towel Rack for Bathroom Black

This towel rack is a stylish holder for your towels, with offerings like three bars for bath, face, and hand towels. Regardless of their size and thickness, most towels will fit properly, even to the point of stretching them completely as the towels dry.

The feet of this unit are very decorative too, matching both the towel rack and the household decoration easily. Also, the stylish curves featured by the towel rack will make the whole structure look great in most contemporary bathrooms.

Other than the three hanging bars, the unit also has a built-in shelf located at the bottom side. While it may be hard to reach, the shelf does give us that extra space and storage options needed to keep folded towels.

Unlike most of the other towel racks, this one features steel wire for its construction. Granted, it’s not as good as the stainless steel, but it shouldn’t cause you trouble.

What may be frustrating is that once set up, the unit is not as sturdy as one may expect. If you bump into it by accident, chances are the unit will move from its current position. For households with kids, it’s better to keep an eye on them to prevent accidents.

  • Available with different finishes
  • Two bars for large towels
  • Bottom shelf for folded towels
  • This unit doesn’t have a sturdy base
  • Steel wire construction is not as good as stainless steel

TowelMaid Curved 8 Bar Freestanding Towel Rack for Pool and Bathrooms

This freestanding towel rack is a beautiful unit with seven bars in total. Their curved design allows you to place several towels and still have easy access to them if you’re in a hurry. When compared, this product isn’t as fancy as the rest, but it does add an interesting look to the bathroom.

TowelMaid Curved 8 Bar Freestanding Towel Rack for Bathrooms
TowelMaid Curved 8 Bar Freestanding Towel Rack for Pool

The large base is another one of its benefits, as it guarantees proper stability regardless of the surface. It’s a freestanding unit after all, which means that standing firm on the ground is something you’ll need to ensure to prevent any unexpected issues.

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, the PVC material is surprisingly durable, albeit not as good as the stainless steel. Still, if you decide to go with this one, problems like rust won’t bother you at all.

Once it arrives, the unit is pretty easy to assemble and disassemble when needed. It may surprise the number of items you can hang onto the seven bars, which includes towels, suits, toys, and many more.

If you consider this towel rack too bulky for the house, you could set it up near pools too. Its capacity to hold many towels is useful for locations with high traffic.

The real downside is the price. Most of the towel racks reviewed so far won’t go near the hundred dollars, and yet, this one is three to four times more expensive than all of them with good reviews. With the money needed to purchase this unit, you could buy three of the previous pick and still have some left.

  • Capable of holding many towels
  • Sturdy base
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Too expensive

Best Wall Mounted Towel Rack

While considering the next towel racks, keep in mind that, to fit the towels, you’d have to roll them first. You could toss them, but they wouldn’t look good.

DecoBros Bronze Wall Mounted Towel Rack for Rolled Towels

If you enjoy taking the time to roll the towels and hang them neatly, then the next towel rack is the ideal choice for you. What’s even better is that you can use the unit to keep other items such as wine bottles. Its fancy design surely opens up a lot of possibilities for everyone.

DecoBros Bronze Wall Mounted Towel Rack for Rolled Towels
DecoBros Bronze Rolled Towel Rack

The rack dimensions are 38.3×6.7×4.9-inch; That’s length, width, and depth, respectively. More than a towel rack, it’s a display holder with more than one purpose, just as we mentioned above. With this unit, you have six tiers, which expand in size the lower it goes.

Perhaps the unit looks big, but it may surprise you how tight the towels fit. The top levels are good for smaller towels, and they’ll be fine, but the lower tiers for the larger bath towels are almost too small.

Like many other units on the list, this one is wall-mount too. Fortunately, installing it doesn’t take much time or effort, and you get plenty of space to hang towels, hats, robes, among other items.

The black color is another benefit of this towel rack, as it makes the unit look good and blend well with the decoration. We also like the price, which is fairly low, considering that similar towel racks are way more expensive.

Online, we found many opinions about the unit’s not so simple design. Some customers went as far as painting the whole towel rack because the color didn’t fit their decoration. Surprisingly enough, the result after the paint didn’t look bad.

  • Gorgeous black towel rack with six levels
  • Small and bigger levels for towels of different size
  • Holds towels and wine bottles, among other accessory
  • Easy wall-mount installation
  • In the lower levels, the larger towels may not have better fitting

mDesign Wall Mounted Towel Rack For Rolled Towels Chrome

The final towel rack, although simple, manages to serve its purpose, which is to hold your towels. You can’t really ask much from it because there are no fancy features or unique characteristics. Instead, it’s a wall-mount structure with three towel storage solutions for hand and bath towels.

mDesign Wall Mounted Towel Rack For Rolled Towels Chrome
mDesign Wall Mounted Towel Rack For Rolled Towels

If you want to use the towel rack to keep your towels organized, it’d be better to roll the bath towels and then hang them. So, as you can guess, this unit requires a little bit of extra work because it isn’t convenient to toss the towels over the rack.

We’d say that the bronze version is far better looking than this one, the chrome version. Both versions are available for the same price, which is a level of variety that allows people to choose the one they liked the most.

Limited towel capacity is one of the reasons that may be disappointing.

You could force two towels per tier, but it isn’t something that you should do because it could mess up the unit. Although the structure is resistant, the extra amount of pressure would cause unexpected damage that we didn’t foresee.

  • Simple towel rack
  • The installation process takes a minute or two
  • Three tiers capable of holding one towel each
  • Bronze and chrome version available for the same price
  • Lacks space for towels
  • Steel wire construction is not durable

How to Choose The Best Towel Rack

As mentioned above, the first section focuses on how to identify the unit you need for your towels. Here’s what you want to consider before the purchase.

Wall-Mounted, Over the Door, or Freestanding?

First thing’s first, what type of towel rack do you want? Wall-mounted or over the shower door? Both are different, and while there are some models that you can install using either method, most of them feature unique installation guides that you must follow strictly.

Now, the situation changes if you’re getting a freestanding unit, as there’s no need to set up brackets on the walls or over the door. You only need to assemble the pieces and place the towel rack in the designated spots.

Bar/Hook Amount

Depending on the brand, the unit could have towel hooks or bars to hold your towels. In either case, the amount of them is important because it lets you know how many towels you can place on the unit.

Also, you want to know if the elevation of the bars from the ground is good enough to hang bath towels. Otherwise, you’ll have your towels dragging across the floor space.


Overall, there are three construction materials suitable for towel racks. First, there’s stainless steel, which is far better than most of the other materials. It looks good, and it keeps corrosion and rust away.

You could also find towel racks made with a combination of stainless steel and bamboo. These units combine the best out of the two materials to decorate the bathrooms.

Then, there’s the steel wire. Although this material is not as good as the stainless steel, it still offers a good performance to hold and care for your towels efficiently.

Easy to Install

A towel rack is easy to install when the needed tools, and the instructions, come included in the package. Luckily, all of the products reviewed in this article follow a fairly simple installation process.

A Sturdy Base

Regardless of the towel rack you choose, you must make sure it secures a sturdy base when installed. More often than not, we may bump into the unit or pull the towels strongly, which could cause the unit to fall.

A sturdy base keeps that situation from happening.


Finally, we have the price. Just because the unit looks fancy, it doesn’t mean that it’s way expensive. In most cases, the money paid doesn’t go over the hundred dollars. Don’t let anyone rob you!

Towel Rack Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms may have limitations, but we can work around them to make the best out of the towel racks. Follow these ideas to do that.

Towel Racks Over The Door Are Better

While there are bathroom wall-mounted towel racks for small bathrooms, units installed over the door are often the better choice for limited areas. They don’t consume space on the walls, which you can use for other accessories, and they also leave plenty of space over the countertop too.

Organize Your Towels!

We may not have the time for it on busy days, but folding the towels and keeping them organized will make the towel rack and your small bathroom look better.

Limit the Towels

Although we may enjoy having plenty of towels available, in confined spaces, you’ll want to have as few as possible. Use the towel rack to hold the number of towels you’ll need during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where to hang towels in small bathrooms?

A: Setting up a towel rack over the door, or even over the walls, will give you plenty of space to hang lots of towels. 

Q: Where to put towels in small bathrooms?

A: You can install a small towel rack over the door and use it to hang towels.

Q: Are towel racks the same as heated towel racks?

A: No, they are not. Heated towel racks increase their temperature to provide the heating elements capable of drying the damp towels or cold towels in less time and turning them into warm towels for a good post-shower experience. Some are able to take the towels to a toasty temperature. Some may compare them to electric towel warmers that are primarily used to turn cold towels into hot towels. You may prefer toasty towels if you are from a cold climate.

Q: How to install towel racks?

A: Wall-mounted and over-the-door towel racks may require the installation of brackets and screws. Freestanding units, on the other hand, only need assembly.

Q: Which towel rack do I need?

A: It depends on where you need to install them. If it’s for a small bathroom, then an over the door towel rack would probably be the best choice.

Final Words

As you can see, the number of best towel rack available are countless. However, with the right information, some free time, and patience, you can narrow down the list to only the best.