Best Towel Grip For Badminton in 2022

Have you ever had trouble holding a firm grip over your badminton racket? It is a regular issue for most players, which is why they often need to use an additional accessory like the towel grip.

Today, we’re reviewing the best towel grips currently available in the market. With the next products, you should be able to secure a comfortable grip over your badminton equipment to perform at a good level.

Best Towel Grip

Sweating or vibrations caused by impacts won’t be issues you’ll have to face ever again. Does it sound just like what you needed? Then continue reading to find out more!

Looking at the table below you can a quick overview of the 6 Towel Grip Badminton we picked. You can easily go through each towel Grip and make your purchase decision.

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Image Material Size Color Price
FANGCAN FANGCAN Badminton Towel Grip Roll for Badminton Rackets Cotton 10m

Luxsea Luxsea Cotton Towel Badminton Racket Grip Cotton 1

YONEX Yonex Towel Grip For Badminton Racket Cotton .66m
Zaptex Zaptex 393 Cotton 10m

WaterWood WaterWood Self-Adhesive Badminton Racquet Towel Grip Cotton .75m
Inmindboom Inmindboom 1 Reel 10M Cotton Towel Badminton Overgrips Cotton 10m

Best Badminton Towel Grip Review

You’ll find many towel grips for badminton available, but only a handful of them are capable of meeting your expectations. Here are six different picks that managed to surprise us due to their high-quality performance for badminton as well as for many other sports too.

FANGCAN Badminton Towel Grip Roll for Badminton Rackets

This product is available in a large variety of colors, including yellow, white, blue, black, green, and many more. Per purchase, you receive two items: One roll towel grip, and a sticky tape. Each roll comes in an OPP bag to guarantee their safety.

FANGCAN Badminton Towel Grip Roll for Badminton Rackets
FANGCAN Badminton Towel Grip Roll

The measurement of the product is 394-inch/10m of length, with the length being equal to 14pcs of grips on the badminton racket. Once you’re using it, the material feels very soft, allowing players to have comfort during each game and for every shot they hit.

Besides softness, the product offers high sweat absorbency too. In case you need it, you’ll have the option to buy the towels with an adhesive backing, which should make it easier to wrap around the equipment of your preference, whether it is a racket, fishing rod, or handles.

After talking about the good, we should mention the bad too. Fortunately, there aren’t many disadvantages to buying this product, but people have mentioned that the thickness is not the most comfortable.

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  • Available in many different colors.
  • Purchase includes roll towel grip, sticky tape, and a bag.
  • Adhesive backing available.
  • Ideal for many sports.
  • The towel could be a little thinner.

Luxsea Cotton Towel Badminton Racket Grip

If there’s one thing you’ll appreciate about this product, it is how breathable the material is. While playing, it will absorb sweat and other substances at a surprising speed, and it won’t take long before the fabric starts to feel dry once again.

Luxsea Cotton Towel Badminton Racket Grip
Luxsea Cotton Racket Grip

The price of these towels is very low, and the variety of colors guarantees you’ll find one that matches the rest of your badminton equipment. When compared to the previous picks, the colors are not as diverse, but there’s still enough alternatives for everyone, such as pink, red, blue, and others.

Other than for badminton, you can use the towel for tennis, squash rackets, and many more sports equipment that require having a firm grip.

Since you can purchase this item at a ridiculously low price, any player should be able to acquire it even with a low budget. The towel is not perfect, as some players may find it rather thin, but it should work well either way.

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  • Available in different colors for you to choose.
  • The price for this towel is surprisingly low.
  • Towel glue material is soft and durable.
  • Suitable for tennis rackets, badminton games, and more.
  • Some customers have mentioned the towel feels too thin.

Yonex Towel Grip For Badminton Racket

The dimensions of this towel are 32mm of width, 660mm for the length, and 1.35mm of thickness. Now, if you’re looking for variety, this product may not be the most suitable, as there aren’t many colors available. For the price, though, it is one of the best.

Yonex Towel Grip For Badminton Racket

As for the main material, the towel features one hundred percent cotton, which offers several benefits. One of them is that it offers high sweat absorbency, keeping your hands dry to secure a firm grip on the racket.

What’s even better is that the fabric is antibacterial, providing a clean and safe grip.

Another reason to consider buying this product is because of its perfect balance in thickness after wrapping your equipment. The towel delivers long, accurate responses as you handle it throughout the games or whatever task you’re doing.

It is, in the end, a towel for badminton sport that doesn’t disappoint in the slightest when it comes to delivering a good performance.

  • Perfect thickness design.
  • Proper dimension measurements to cover plenty of equipment in several sports.
  • Antibacterial fabric that will keep sweat low .
  • 100% cotton construction guarantees a long-lasting towel.
  • The towel lacks color variety.

Zaptex 393″ Roll Cotton Towel Grip for Badminton

By measuring 393.7×1.2×0.19-inches, this towel quickly becomes one of the best to cover rackets from different sports, whether it is badminton or tennis. You can use it to tape 19 pcs of rackets and enjoy all the benefits this product provides, some of them we’ll discuss next.

Zaptex Roll Cotton Towel Grip for Badminton
Zaptex Roll Cotton Towel Grip

Granted, one of the things that surprised us the most about this product is how good it absorbs the shocks. During the games, the energy received by the racket during every hit was almost non-existent, and that was because the overgrip did such an incredible job at reducing the impacts.

It may not seem like it from the product listing if you check it out online, but once it arrived, the product was clearly a worthy purchase. After testing, it felt comfortable, soft, and it performed well at absorbing the sweat produced.

Of course, there were some issues that we noticed pretty quickly. One of them was that the grip doesn’t feel secured completely. More often than not, the fabric will feel slippery, which is not what you want to have during games.

  • Available in different colors.
  • Large dimensions to cover plenty of rackets regardless of the sport.
  • Soft and lightweight.
  • Absorbs sweat properly.
  • This towel feels slippery far too often.
  • High price.

WaterWood Self-Adhesive Badminton Racquet Towel Grip

Although simple, there are some benefits that you could use to your advantage if you purchase this product. For one, the towel feels comfortable on your hand, which is already more than you can say about other towels that promise many things and end up delivering nothing.

WaterWood Self-Adhesive Badminton Racquet Towel Grip

This towel, on the other hand, features self-adhesive properties that secure a firm grip over your badminton equipment when you’re out there. The absorbency, albeit not the most efficient, is pretty good. Surely enough, while on the field, sweating shouldn’t let you lose the grip on the racket.

The only issue with this towel is that there’s not much variety for you to choose from. You’ll have trouble if you like every bit of your equipment matching with each other because this product is available only in blue color.

As for the rest, it is a good item. It’s affordable, comfortable, and makes it possible to play a clean game without sweating interrupting you.

  • Comfortable material feels good on your hands.
  • Delivers an alright amount of absorbency to keep sweat away.
  • Convenient 75cm or 29.5″ size for badminton.
  • This towel is available at a reasonably low price.
  • Lacks more color variety.

Inmindboom 1 Reel 10M Cotton Towel Badminton Overgrips

Previous towel grips in this list have featured towel glue material. However, in this case, the quality is one step higher, as it delivers a towel that will remain in place due to its anti-slip properties.

Inmindboom 1 Reel 10M Cotton Towel Badminton Overgrips
Inmindboom Cotton Towel Badminton Overgrips

Regardless of the sweat, the towel allows you to handle the racket even in intense games.

The combination of cotton and elastic also makes the racket easy to use when you wrap it in the towel. Not only will it feel soft, but it also absorbs the sweat quickly before you even notice it.

Additionally, the towel is durable too. The color won’t fade away easily, and the fabric endures the pressure to prevent slips in the future.

Despite being in the last spot, this towel is better than some of the most popular brands out there. If you use it to hold the badminton or tennis racket during long periods, it will feel comfortable throughout each one of the games you play.

  • Available in different colors.
  • Anti-slip design to maintain a firm grip during the badminton games.
  • Absorbs shocks and sweat during every hit.
  • Durable fabric that won’t unravel as time passes.
  • Makes the rackets easy to use.
  • Slightly more expensive than other overgrips.

How to Choose the Best One

Are you not sure what to consider before buying a towel grip? Don’t worry. In this next section, we’ll talk about the essential elements that ensure you’ll get the right towel grip for your purposes.


First and foremost, having a clear idea of how large the towel grip should be is essential before purchasing. The dimensions of the towel grips vary from brand to brand, and some may be better than others depending on the size of your racket.


One of the reasons why most players use towel grips is because of their efficiency at soaking up the sweat produced during the games. A towel grip made with cotton should be more than capable of absorbing the sweat easily. You can also try a trick to make your towel more absorbent.

Background Adhesive

When you’re wrapping the racket, the adhesive of the towel grip is one of the most important elements, as it makes sure the overgrip won’t come off during the least expected moment. Make sure the adhesive of your towel grip is durable and reliable to endure the pressure.


A rigid towel grip will be no good for badminton because it will make you feel uncomfortable during the games. The purpose of having a towel grip is to feel comfortable, and that’s why you’ll need the overgrip to feel soft.

Badminton Towel Grip VS Rubber

To settle this debate, we have to look at both materials very closely. Figuring out their differences will make it easier for us to decide which one to buy. Let’s start with towel grips.

Towel Grips

These accessories are capable of providing a comfortable grip during a short period. Most of the towels that fall under this category are outstandingly light, which makes them ideal if you’re playing with a heavy racket.

Additionally, while using it, you’ll notice a decrease in the amount of sweat on your hands during each game.

Rubber Grips

Rubber grips are suitable for the long-term. These grips are affordable, although they do have some disadvantages, such as being heavier than the towel grips. Another issue is that rubber grips are bulkier, which could be uncomfortable for many players.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

It depends, really. We could argue that the towel grips are more convenient because they’re lightweight, and there’s almost zero chance of the racket slipping through your hands, but in the end, you should be the one to decide which one you like the most.

One thing is for certain, though; towel grips are way more friendly to new players. Keep that in mind as you search for the perfect towel grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to wrap badminton towel grip?

A: Remove the white paper in the background to reveal the adhesive. Get the pointy end and place it with the edge hanging slightly off the racket’s cap. You can cut it out later on.

Then, start wrapping in a slightly diagonal direction as you cover the racket.

During this process, make sure to maneuver the edges to keep them from overlapping. Once you reach the end of the grip, grab a pair of scissors, and cut the remaining towel grip.

Q: Is a towel grip good for badminton?

A: It depends on the player. If you have sweaty hands, or you don’t like the handle of the racket due to its thickness, using a towel grip may be necessary.

Using the towel grip shouldn’t interfere with your performance. Instead, it often makes you play better.

Q: Why use a towel grip for badminton?

A: You can use it to absorb the sweat, reduce the shock produced by the impacts, and for many other reasons. It is a product designed to make the sports more comfortable.

Q: Is the towel grip more comfortable than the PU grip?

A: Not in every case, but it is a matter of personal preferences. Most people would say towel grips are not nearly as comfortable as PU, but some others may disagree with that.

Q: How do manufacturers make the towel grip?

A: Brands produce towel grips with a combination of cotton and elastics. The adhesive placed in the back is what attaches the towel grip to the racket.

Final Words

With the right overgrip, no longer will you have to worry about losing the grip over your equipment during a badminton game.

While some do it better than others, most of the products listed in our review manage to deliver an excellent performance to assist you as you succeed in badminton or other sports.