Best Paper Towel Dispenser of 2022 – for Kitchen or Bathroom

A paper towel dispenser is, in some cases, an essential accessory that every household must-have. They provide quick access to towels when we most need them, whether that is at the bathroom, at the kitchen, or in restaurants, to name a few.

There are many types available, as you’ll see in our reviews. The product descriptions can sometimes add more questions rather than answering them. To make it easier, we’ve created a list with different categories that will help you find the best paper towel dispenser and the best types of paper for your needs.

Best Paper Towel Dispenser

For the research, we considered different features that allow us to select only the best dispensers. We also researched through a plethora of options like the single fold paper towels, C folds, Multifold paper towels, multifold surface mounted paper towel dispensers, wall mounted paper towel holders, wide roll towels, C fold multifold paper towel dispensers, different dispensing modes, perforated paper towels, level of hygiene and more to hone in on the best ones that provide quality services. Dispensers range from standard paper towels, standard rolls, perforated rolls, center-pull rolls to folded paper towels. We’ll talk about said features in the first section to dig into the reviews fully prepared.

So, without anything else to add, let’s learn more about these accessories!

Types of Paper Towel Dispenser

Here are the 5 Types of Paper Towel Dispenser which serve different types of needs. Each of these categories has at least 2 products. We Hope those are helping to find your Best Paper Towel Dispenser.

Best Paper Towel Dispenser Reviews from Different Category

Since there are many offers available, choosing an efficient paper towel dispenser could demand plenty of time, patience, and money from us. To make your search easier, we’ve selected the best of the best and put them under the following categories.

Best Paper Towel Dispenser

The first two dispensers are basic but efficient tools to keep your hands dry. Even though these models don’t have high technological features, they still manage to satisfy our needs by providing a reliable performance regardless of where you install them. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Georgia Pacific Push-Paddle Hardwound Paper Towel Dispenser

Georgia Pacific Paper Towel Dispenser may not be the most modern out there, but it gets everything right, and that’s why we’ve included it here. Perhaps the most interesting feature provided by this product is the push paddle design, which makes getting the towels an easy process.

Once installed, it will have an 8-inches wide diameter roll capacity. It is not that much when compared to other dispensers, but it’s enough to cover your needs for some time. Other than that, setting up that amount of paper towel will help you make it cost-effective to keep family members satisfied or have satisfied customers.

If you’re looking for a versatile dispenser, then this one is a good pick. It suits different locations such as households, schools, restaurants, and similar places with high traffic. Regardless of the environment, the push paddle guarantees that everyone gets access to the best paper towels.

As a bonus feature, the aesthetics of this dispenser is yet another one of its advantages. While it is already good-looking from the outside, the inside structure doesn’t escape our attention either. It allows us to get the paper towel sheets out and re-fill them quickly when necessary.

After some time testing it, the dispenser has proven its worth. It is a simple device, so you shouldn’t expect anything too fancy. The only issue you could face is the location of the keyhole, which is way over the top. Even then, that’s an issue you could work around with the right tools.

  • Durable plastic construction withstands cracks and impacts
  • Capacity to hold 8-inch diameter paper rolls
  • Refilling new paper rolls is not a problem
  • Accessing the keyhole to open the lid may be difficult

Georgia Pacific SofPull Centerpull Paper Towel Dispenser Trial Kit

This dispenser offers a 320 sheet rolls capacity to keep your hands dry after washing them. Thanks to the touchless technology, you’ll be able to get your paper towels without making contact with the dispenser itself, which reduces the risks of transmitting contaminants unexpectedly.

The structure design that provides a single sheet of paper peruse is quite useful too. It prevents people drag the roll of paper endlessly, helping you save a lot of paper towels, and therefore, plenty of money. With the 320 sheet capacity, the dispenser is capable of covering high-traffic areas.

Another design choice we appreciate is the see-through material construction. Combined with the paper indicator that lets you know when the paper is running low, you’ll be able to act on time to avoid an unpleasant scenario of having no paper towels left for you to use.

Unlike other paper towel dispensers that require a complicated process to refill, this one doesn’t need any of that. When it runs low, you can get your paper roll, open the lid, and place it inside the dispenser. Then, pull some sheets through the bottom side, and that’s it.

For the price, this dispenser has proven to be a reliable addition to every household. On the other hand, the towels included in the purchase are not that good. It doesn’t take much before they break when they’re wet. Consider other paper towel alternatives to dry your hands properly.

Of course, that’s not an issue of the dispenser itself. But, considering that you’re paying for the whole package, every element included counts. We’re counting that as a con.

  • Easy to install and refill
  • See-through design and indicator to show when the paper towel amount is low
  • Touchless dispenser prevents the spread of bacteria
  • The paper towels included break easily when they’re wet
  • For some purposes, the dispenser’s size could be too small

Best Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

Because pulling a paper towel sheet could sometimes be too much effort, now we have automatic dispensers that will do all the job for us. This is especially helpful for toilet paper. Naturally, these devices come with pros and cons too. Let’s talk about them.

Innovia Automatic Smart Motion Sensor Paper Towel Dispenser

With three models available, and a convenient installation method, this dispenser places itself among the best for the kitchen. As the title states, it is an automatic device with state of the art technology to provide paper towels just the way we need them when we need them.

The dispenser works incredibly well with Brawny, Sparkle, and many more paper towel rolls available. Loading them into the dispenser is not hard, and you can do it with a single hand. There are no clips, no blades, and no tricky mechanism that could complicate the refilling process for you.

To get your paper towel sheet, you must wave your hand in front of the motion sensor. The recognition is fast, and there’s no awkward time delay until it gives you the sheet you requested. Leaving your hand up puts out more paper towel, while not grabbing the sheet makes it go back in the dispenser.

We mentioned the installation before, and that’s because this dispenser is not a wall mount paper towel holder, but rather for under cabinets (also known as position under dispenser). Every part required for the maybe comes in the package, allowing every homeowner to set it up without a hassle.

If you’re not a fan of this type of dispenser, there’s a counter paper towel model available too.

This paper towel dispenser is quite expensive, doubling and tripling what we’ve seen so far. The reason for its high price is, without a doubt, the addition of top-quality tech to modernize kitchens and bathrooms. Therefore, the question is, is it worth it? So far, we’d say it is.

  • Every installation part included
  • Different actions depending on hand gestures
  • Several models in a variety of colors available
  • Quick response to hand gestures by the motion sensor
  • Runs on AC adapter or D-cell batteries, the last one not included
  • This automatic paper towel dispenser is expensive

Kimberly Clark Professional Automatic High Capacity Paper Towel Dispenser

If you’re looking for a restroom paper towel dispenser, the Kimberly Clark Professional touchless towel dispenser is maybe the perfect solution for you. The Kimberly Clark paper towel dispenser measures 12.7-inch x 15.76-inch x 9.57-inch, which is small but convenient for an easy installation. The hanging model secures only one towel exposed for each pulling.

The most impressive feature of Clark Professional Towel Dispenser is its structure design, which secures proper performance throughout its lifetime. Even after weeks of using it, there hasn’t been a single jam whatsoever. It is a reliable paper towel dispenser that keeps us dry every single time before leaving the bathroom.

Another noticeable feature is the spring lock, which can activate either with the key or without it. It is an interesting design that makes it possible to open the dispenser in case of an emergency. Combined with the stub roll, users are capable of reducing plenty of waste and save some paper towel.

Overall, this dispenser is impressive for many reasons. As the last example, we have its working capacity; it requires the use of four D-cell batteries, which already come with the purchase. After setting it up, the dispenser will provide several hundreds of paper towels per battery set.

The best part is that this product is not as expensive as the previous pick. It is still available at a high price, but you still get to save a couple of bucks if you decide to go for this one.

As one minor disadvantage, we have to mention the lack of color variety. Unfortunately, the dispenser doesn’t look as fancy as the previous, and having no more colors available is disappointing.

  • Convenient size to install on different areas
  • Spring lock activates on key or keyless entry
  • No risks of jamming
  • Works for an outstanding amount of time on four D-cell batteries
  • Lacks color variety
  • Dull exterior look

Best Commercial Paper Towel Dispenser

The next dispensers are the go-to picks if you’re looking for paper towel holders in areas like the office, office restrooms, schools, hospitals, cabinet doors, high traffic restrooms, and more.

AIFUSI Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers

Very much like the top-rated dispensers, this one also features the ABS plastic as construction materials. As a cover, it has a transparent design to see through it and keep track of the paper towels inside, allowing you to know when to replace a new roll right before it runs out.

You can install this dispenser by following two traditional methods: by drilling or using double-sided tape. Now, if you don’t want to use the drill as it may cause damage on the wall, the dual-sided tape works just as good. After setting it up, the dispenser remains in a stable position on the wall.

But, if you do decide to install the dispenser with drills, there are concealed screws included, as well as a couple of other accessories that will help you out. Setting the paper towel dispenser with this method guarantees it won’t move an inch, even if the paper towel gets stuck, and you must apply force.

People should be cautious while using this dispenser, as it is often tricky to pull just one paper sheet. For high-traffic areas, placing a warning sign nearby would be a good idea to inform users and prevent pulling more than necessary.

  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • Comes with every piece required to install the dispenser in two methods
  • Capable of holding two hundred interfolded paper towel pieces
  • Sometimes, it is difficult to pull a single paper towel

AmazonCommercial Lever Roll Paper Towel Dispenser

Even though this dispenser may look very simple, there’s much more than what meets the eye. First thing’s first, it features ABS plastic for its construction, a traditional material capable of lasting long. Inside, you can insert a dual paper towel of 8-inch hardwood quality, among other types.

To put the paper towel inside, you need to follow a simple process. Use the locking mechanism placed on the bottom side, which will open the cover for you to refill the dispenser quickly. You’ll be able to tell when to refill a new paper roll because of the semi-opaque design of the plastic.

The dispenser also includes a push action lever to get the paper towels out. It allows users to get the amount they need to dry their hands through a sanitary method that reduces waste too. That feature makes the dispenser ideal for commercial use in office buildings, schools, and other areas.

Upon receiving the package, customers get every mounting piece they’ll need for the installation, and there are proper instructions included too. Whether or not buyers have DIY skills shouldn’t be of any concern because the installation process is pretty intuitive, and the manual will guide you.

The low price, compact, sleek design, and easy to use attributes are only some of the reasons why you’d want to have this dispenser. If you get it to cover a high-traffic area, make sure to check regularly to see how much paper towel remains, because there’s not much storage capacity inside.

That’s the only real issue with this dispenser. Everything else is satisfying.

  • ABS plastic construction
  • Push lever to access the paper towel easily
  • The compact design makes it easy to install the dispenser
  • Wall-mounted unit
  • It includes every hardware piece as well as proper instructions to use it
  • The dispenser doesn’t hold that much paper towel per refill

Best Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

Let’s not fool ourselves: using a hand towel dispensers could be nasty sometimes because our hands often leave contaminants all over it. With the next products, though, you don’t need to worry about that issue anymore.

Kimberly Sanitouch Hard Roll Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

This dispenser offers the capacity to hold 1.5-inch core towel rolls, and it is compatible with popular paper towel brands like Scott or Kleenex. It is a wall-mount system that doesn’t consume much space once installed, and it reduces the maintenance time for more convenience and to avoid complaints.

Due to the touchless design, users don’t have to make contact with the dispenser, reducing the amount of contaminants. When people want to use hand towels to dry their hands, they will receive one paper sheet at a time. Pulling the towel cuts 12-inch of the following sheet immediately.

The dispenser also includes the emergency feed knob and the spring lock to prevent any performance issues. You can activate this last element with the key or through the use of a push-button. Either way, the dispenser quickly allows you to check the content and refill if needed.

If you don’t know how to work your way around paper towel dispenser, you may have a hard time with this one. The instructions included are not very clear, leaving a lot to the user’s initiative and intuition.

Although it is not the most good-looking dispenser, the black color design will make it fit with most decorations. Not that it should matter, but that’s one of the reasons why you could have the dispenser in different locations.

  • One paper sheet at a time
  • Durable construction materials
  • Reduces the maintenance time
  • The instructions included are not clear to understand

enMotion Georgia Pacific Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

Enmotion touchless dispenser has a highly customizable system that could be very beneficial under different circumstances. It features new technology that allows us to make changes in essential features like the size of paper towel, the sensor response, and many other things so that you can get the perfect tear every time.

But first, let’s discuss one of the most important elements of touchless dispensers: battery performance.

The battery life, once installed, is not disappointing at all. With one set, the dispenser will dispense around 150 rolls, which should keep you and your family covered for quite some time. And with this holder capacity, the batteries also help you save some money you’d spend on new sets weekly, and requiring no additional power supply is a plus.

For the construction, the manufacturer doesn’t go far from traditional materials, building this unit with high-quality materials like ABS plastic making it a heavy-duty product.

Those features are stuff we’ve seen in previous picks, so what’s different about this one dispenser? Undoubtedly, the modern features it offers.

For instance, the dispenser system allows you to change the settings for features like the sensor range. If you’re not happy with the dispenser’s response to your commands, you can adjust the controls to accommodate the system to your needs.

Other features you can control are the delay, which is how much the dispenser takes before providing another paper towel sheet, and the sheet length, to dispense the paper towels just the size you want them.

With many innovative features and quiet performance, this dispenser is a unit that no one should dismiss. The exterior look may not be that appealing to the eye, and that has been disappointing for some customers, but it works as expected. That’s what matters in the end.

  • Setting controls for features like the sensor and paper sheet size
  • Long-lasting set of batteries
  • Works quietly
  • ABS plastic construction
  • High price
  • It is not the most decorative piece out there

Best Kitchen Paper Towel Dispensers

The right dispenser guarantees that you’ll get a kitchen towel sheet when necessary, whether you need it to dry your hands or to clean your utensils. Consider the next options for your kitchen.

BBX Lephsnt Kitchen Paper Towel Dispenser

With an ABS plastic construction, which is resistant to almost everything you throw at it, this dispenser is a reliable towel container that will serve you well for a long time proving to be a perfect dispenser. Besides high durability, this material also creates a modern and fancy towel container to enhance the looks of your kitchen. It’s a superior quality dispenser having almost all the prospects of a quality towel dispenser that satisfies the customers.

The installation process of this wall mounted dispenser is easy for every homeowner. You can do it either using or not using a drill installation. Due to the compact design, you’ll be able to save a lot of space that you could use for other accessories in the kitchen or at the restaurant.

One special feature that may catch your attention is the hygienic key lock. After activating it, the dispenser secures the towels inside, preventing other people from wasting an unnecessary amount. Because of that, you could install it in high-traffic places like restaurants, at the office, or parks.

Choosing this container guarantees that you’ll have, at least, 200 paper towels for convenient access. It is far more than necessary to cover your needs for a long time. While it may be difficult to re-fill the paper towels once they run out, but you’ll get used to it in no time.

We mentioned before that you could install this product with a drill or no drills, but what does that mean?

Using an installation with drills ensures the dispenser remains in place longer. Naturally, it’d require more effort. The other method is using double-sided tape. This final method is more suitable if you want to install the dispenser over glass or tile.

  • Durable and resistant ABS plastic material
  • Paper holding capacity of 200 paper towels
  • Lock mechanism to secure the towels
  • Two installation methods
  • It takes some time to get used to opening the dispenser when you want to re-fill the paper towels

Cozee Bay Bamboo Kitchen Paper Towel Dispenser

This dispenser features one hundred percent natural bamboo to maintain an eco-friendly environment in the kitchen. Not only does this material provide a beautiful new addition to your decoration, but it also guarantees high durability. This option is ideal for home, restaurants, and other places.

Getting the paper towels out requires a simple pull, which doesn’t cause any damage to the dispenser. The shape and design do help a lot too, as it makes it easy to get the towels and re-fill once it is empty. For the price, there aren’t many paper towel containers as good as this one.

Additionally, you can grab the paper towels from the open topside too. It is a convenient design choice that allows us to get the towels out quickly when we’re in a hurry.

Another benefit of the dispenser’s shape and design is that you can keep track of how many paper towels remain inside. You’ll be able to replenish the content long before you run out of towels.

Installation shouldn’t take you long either. If you’re having trouble, refer back to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, which are pretty accurate to solve through whatever issue you may have.

Quite frankly, there are no noticeable disadvantages of buying this kitchen paper towel dispenser. It is not as modern and stylish as the previous choice, but it does provide a natural look to your household that many people can appreciate.

Then again, if you’re looking for a more innovative dispenser, you’d do well considering other picks, as this one is a pretty basic model.

  • Organic, natural bamboo materials for its construction
  • Access to towels from top and bottom sides
  • Good paper towel capacity
  • Convenient structure design to keep track of the towels inside
  • Not as fancy or innovative as other dispensers

Best Center Pull Paper Towel Dispenser

A center-pull paper towel dispenser is a handy thing to have in your house. Let’s look at two of the most recommended ones.

Von Drehle High Capacity Center-Pull Paper Towel Dispenser

Von Drehle has been a mainstay in manufacturing towel and tissue products for many years. The center-pull towel dispenser is very reliable and easy to use. And the main draw is the huge capacity that allows it to store about 1000 feet of paper towel rolls. You can go for many days without changing it.

A dispensing cone is used that allows a person to easily retrieve a paper towel and have another at the ready. This only requires only a simple pull, and then it’s a hands-free dispenser. The dispenser can be attached to your wall via a mounting plate and locking mechanism.

This makes it easy to install. Von Drehle’s 6622 works with a large range of center pull towels.

The towel dispenser is constructed out of plastic and weighs in at 3.7 pounds. Black polystyrene is used to make the base and features a removable tray. The smoke-colored cover is made out of polycarbonate and gives the dispenser a very appealing look.

Overall, the 6622 features many appealing qualities that make it a good choice. If you don’t want to worry about changing the towel rolls out repeatedly, then you’ll like this towel dispenser.

  • Large capacity which allows you to fit large paper towel rolls
  • Easy to install and setup due to the mounting plate mechanism
  • Hands-free dispensing thanks to the dispensing cone
  • Works with a large variety of paper towel rolls
  • On the heavier side, due to the larger capacity

GEORGIA PACIFIC SofPull Centerpull Paper Towel Dispenser

Georgia Pacific’s 58201 is another good option for a reliable center-pull paper towel dispenser. This center-pull hand towel dispenser is easy to use and dependable, which is why many people favor it. It makes use of a similar locking plate mechanism as the previous one.

So this makes it easy to install and secure on your wall. You can also place it in a variety of different orientations for convenient placement.

The towel dispenser dispenses paper towels one at a time, which reduces wastage, and users won’t end up with more paper towels than they wanted. So it is very efficient and ensures that there will be no wasted paper towels. Due to how the dispensing system works, only one end of the paper towel is exposed.

Risk of contamination is minimized, which makes it a very hygienic system. The paper towel dispenser is easy to load and use though it features a smaller capacity compared to the Von Drehle one. Compared to the 6622, this paper towel dispenser is lighter at 2.7 pounds. The sleek grey color is great to look at.

Finally, a low paper towel indicator is there to alert you so you won’t end up running out of paper towels during odd times.

  • The specially constructed dispenser ensures no wastage of paper towels
  • Minimal exposure of the paper towel reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Compatible with a large range center pull paper towels
  • Very attractive color that goes well in any house
  • Smaller capacity so can run out of paper towels faster

How to Choose the Best Paper Towel Dispenser

In this section, we’ll cover the essential features that will help you choose the right paper dispenser for your purposes. All of them have an adequate level of sanitation, so that should not be an issue. Also, we’ll cover different elements going from aesthetics like the elegant design to technical aspects like the installation methods.

Some of these next features may be more important than others, but knowing what the dispensers have to offer surely will help us see the bigger picture to understand why they’re a good addition to the household.


A towel dispenser built with the right materials can make a huge difference. For instance, if the dispenser you want to buy is for the kitchen, you’d want it to be capable of resisting moisture and major spills. Not taking that into account may end up costing you more money.

What materials should you consider, then? Fortunately, variety is not something these products lack. Some of the top materials for paper towel dispensers are aluminum alloy and brushed stainless steel.

Aluminum alloy and stainless steel paper towels almost guarantee that there will be no rusting nearby, which is an attractive solution for kitchen dispensers.

ABS plastic and ceramic dispensers are also good.


The kitchen and bathrooms are often two areas of the house that make us proud when they look spotless. To keep them looking nice, you should choose a bathroom tissue dispenser that blends well with the rest of the decoration.

As mentioned above, you’ll find dispensers built with different materials, which inevitably look different. Some towel dispensers add that modern and fancy look to your kitchen, while some others have a traditional bamboo design that appeals more to an eco-friendly environment with its attractive design.

The stylish design doesn’t only refer to good-looks, though. There’s also another element you have to consider here: the installation method.

If you’re looking to preserve space due to having a  limited counter space, then having a wall-mounted paper towel dispenser could be the right way to go, as they don’t require too much space. That’s only one of the several methods in which you can use a dispenser.

The access to the paper towels is yet another design choice that you should keep in mind. How easy is it to access the towels? Can you get them from the bottom side or from over the top? Or perhaps both?

All of those design features are doubts that you have to clear before purchasing the dispenser. Don’t make a hurried decision, take your time, and you will make the right choice.


The dimensions of the dispenser are very important too, as it could open many possibilities to your advantage.

While having a bulky paper towel dispenser could offer more stability or high durability, a compact model could leave you plenty of space that you can use to hang several other accessories too.

Then again, the size of your ideal dispenser varies on several other elements. For example, the location where you want to install it, and also if there are other accessories you want to hang nearby.

If you get such a dispenser for the kitchen, having that extra space could be an advantage to hang your utensils.

Additional Features

It is not always necessary, but having those extra features is quite handy if other people are accessing the paper towels.

Most noticeably, we have security measures like the key lock, which secures no one can get more paper towels than necessary. If you need a dispenser for high-traffic environments, this feature guarantees that people don’t use the towels unnecessarily. This is also good for mid to light traffic environments.

And, just like that, there are many other additional features to consider; sensor range, sheet length, and many more that could work on your advantage depending on what you need and how you intend to use the dispenser.


Even though they may not seem like it, paper towels dispensers are quite affordable. Sure, some models are available at high prices, but you’ll find that even a cheap dispenser is capable of working just as well as those with a high price.

Of course, it also depends on how much you’re willing to pay. If you’re trying to decorate your home with sleek accessories, then paying that extra money is more than worth it. Expensive dispensers may provide modern, innovative features that cheap models don’t have.

Before choosing, make a budget of how much you want to invest, and make sure to check out all of the options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a paper towel dispenser?

A: The paper towel dispenser is a device that holds your paper towels for you to access them quickly when needed. It can work either manually or automatically, depending on the model.

Q: How to install a paper towel dispenser?

A: The installation process depends on each model. You can install some dispensers on the wall by drilling holes and using screws to hold them in place, while other models could use dual-sided tape to attach to the walls.

Q: How to refill a paper towel dispenser?

A: It is not hard. Put the key included in the keyhole, which comes on the top, most of the time. Turn it counterclockwise, and it will open the lid of the dispenser.

When adding the new paper roll, make sure the tails go over the top, coming down behind the roll. Plug the holding arms into the roll’s plugs on each side, and secure the paper by sliding it down the clips on the bottom.

Then, turn the knob on the right side of the dispenser counterclockwise until the paper comes through the bottom. That’s pretty much it.

This process is pretty basic, but it may vary depending on the model of the dispenser. Check the manual if needed.

Q: How to open a paper towel dispenser without a key?

A: There’s really no proper method. Customers often recommend using a two-sided car key to pick the lock and open the dispenser, but it doesn’t work for every case. Get assistance from a professional to prevent doing more damage.

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Q: How to change batteries in an automatic paper towel dispenser?

A: When the battery indicator runs low, open the dispenser’s main cover, and look for a smaller cover that holds the batteries on the bottom side.

Final Words

With the right dispenser, you’ll no longer have to worry about not having paper towels available at home. Whether they are manual accessories or automatic devices, they quickly become a worthy addition to your household to keep you and your utensils dry and clean.