Best Towel Warmer to Look for in 2022

One of the most pleasant moments in life is heading into a shower to refresh our body, a task only surpassed by the comfortable feeling of having a warm towel or, a heated towel around as soon as you finish your hot shower and having a towel rack to hang your towel will make the whole thing a spa-like experience. Unlike the heated towel rails, a towel warmer does much more like help your bath linens dry more rapidly and keeping them free of mildew and foul odors.

A towel warmer is even handier and a better investment if you are living in a cold region, making the post-shower experience a blissful one. Even at other places around the world where winter months or colder months are prevalent, you will find towel warmers to be a welcome addition to your life.

Best Towel Warmer

There are mainly two types of towel warmers, hydronic warmers, and electric towel warmers. Hydronic models are the most energy-efficient option. Hydronic towel warmers distribute heat using the circulation of hot water through pipes. Both types are able to provide you with toasty towels.

A good towel warmer has the capability of heating towels faster, it does not leave any cold spots and is able to dry other hand washables like baby blankets, bathrobes, pajamas, bathrobe, socks, and other delicate hand washables. It might have other features like the capability to hold several oversized towels while providing you hotter towels than the usual warmers. They keep energy bills in mind, and they also have different safety features in mind keeping the exposed electronics at bay with shields and covers without exception.

In this article, we’ll do our own top towel warmer reviews. We’ve divided the products into different categories to make it easier for the readers.

Also, we’ll start by talking about the features to consider as you begin your research.

Types of Towel Warmer

Here are the 8 Types of Towel Warmer which serve different types of needs. Each of these categories has at least 2 products. We Hope those are helping to find your Best Towel Warmer.

Best Towel Warmer Reviews of Different Categories

Since towel warmers vary in shape, form, size, and installation methods, we’ve separated them into different categories to help you find the right one to satisfy your needs. Read through the sections as you search for that one warmer your towels need.

Best Hot Towel Warmer

Starting from the basic, the next couple of towel warmers are a good pick regardless of where you intend to use them, be it at home, spa, or any other location.

Elite Mini Hot Towel Warmer

Inside this machine, there’s enough room to store around twelve face towels or small washcloths. The size of the cloth is important, as the warmer isn’t able to fit large bath towels. However, if the dimensions are small, you should be able to organize plenty of your cozy towels properly.

For the internal structure, the warmer features temperature controls that are easy to use. By adjusting the settings, users can do two things; First, they can set up the temperature at a comfortable level; Secondly, they get to prevent dangerous issues such as overheating.

The insulated towel cabinet does a good job of distributing the temperature throughout the interior. Also, due to the padded surrounding of the internal walls, the towels receive heat transfer from all angles. This structure guarantees the clothes feel warm from all sides.

Better yet, the warmer doesn’t need the use of light bulbs for the heating process, making it a reliable unit that won’t fail you. This system prevents old regular issues like the lack of a consistent temperature due to a burnt-out bulb.

As it is a towel warmer smaller than most, its small size makes it easy to set up in most rooms. So, whether you intend to use it in the bathroom or the bedroom, the unit won’t consume too much wall space.

The reasons stated above show why this warmer is a unit that meets all of the expectations you may have. Do those reasons justify the high price range, though? They do, but the price is still high.

  • Small towel warmer that saves a lot of space on the countertop
  • Capable of holding 12 face towels and small washcloths
  • Includes functional temperature controls
  • Insulated cabinet maintains the towels warm
  • High price

ForPro Premium Portable Hot Towel Warmer

For less money than the previous product, you’ll have more room for a couple of extra towels if you decide to purchase this warmer. The dimensions of the machine are 17.75 inches wide x11 inches deep, and 14 inches tall. That’s enough for 24 face towels, approximately.

While the recommended towels to put inside are face towels, you still have the option to store slightly larger cloths, although it’d be a lower amount than 24. Either way, the insulated cabinet ensures a cool optimal temperature throughout the day, making sure you’ll have a warm towel when needed.

Other than the insulated cabinet, there’s a water-drip tray and a couple of stainless steel drying racks. Both of these elements will keep your towels organized, and there are almost zero risks of rust or corrosion.

However, while handling the towel warming racks, you have to be cautious. They feel loose, which could be a problem when you want to reach the items inside. If you pull towels too hard, there’s a high risk of the racks coming out too.

The maximum heat output of this machine is 180 degrees Fahrenheit, which takes an estimated heating time of thirty minutes to reach. Even though there’s no thermostat included, the warmer does have UV sterilizer, which will maintain the towels feeling clean and fresh.

Still, there were some issues with the UV light after just one month of usage. Whether or not it’s a sign of the warmer’s short lifespan remains to be seen, but so far, everything seems to be working efficiently.

  • 24 small towels capacity
  • 108 degrees Fahrenheit capacity in around the thirty minutes marks
  • Features a UV sterilizer to maintain the towels in good conditions
  • Insulated cabinet remains cool during the day
  • There may be some issues with the UV light after months of usage

Best Electric Towel Warmer

Our electric towel warmer reviews show why the units in this category deliver a consistent performance that makes them worth the money. Let’s find out what other advantages they are offering.

Brandon Basics Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer

This electric towel warmer with timer is the ultimate warmer due to how convenient it is. The Brandon Basics that comes with wall mounted warming racks offer both the hardwired and plug-in settings for you to use it the way you want. If you’re not sure about making it a hard-wired towel warmer, it plugs in a 115V electrical outlet instead.

Setting the warmer up is not difficult, and the instructions provided are very clear on how to do it. After mounting it, you’ll have a sturdy structure with twelve stainless steel bars and 150 Watts of heating power to hang your towels to dry. Additionally, there are a couple of garment hooks that come in handy.

Due to the 304 stainless steel construction, the central heating distributes evenly across the warmer, reaching the towels and making them feel comfortable. The use of this material also makes the whole structure highly resistant to impacts and rust, which adds more years to its lifespan.

The built-in programmable timer is yet another welcomed feature of this warmer. It allows you to set up one or two hours of working time, after which the towel warmer will have an automatic shut off. Also, when active, the LED indicators will keep you updated on the warmer’s performance.

One small issue you may encounter while setting this warmer up is the location of the cord. It comes out from the right side, which is slightly frustrating because you’d have to twist it if the outlet is on the opposite side.

Before installing it, make sure to measure things accordingly to prevent having an issue with the power cord reaching the outlet.

  • Twelve bars included
  • Available in hardwired models and plug-in models
  • Stainless steel for proper heat distribution
  • LED indicators
  • Built-in timers
  • The cord comes from the right side, which could be a problem depending on the location of the outlet

HomCom 9Bar Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer With Shelf

Although the next warmer doesn’t have as many bars as the previous pick, there are several other reasons why it’d be a better purchase. For one, this towel warmer is a wall-mount accessory, which requires rather less effort to install it.

After installing it, you’ll have to do nothing more than press the button to turn it on. It’ll take about thirty minutes to reach the optimum temperature. Then, it’ll be ready to start warming your towels.

The towel warmer is pretty safe too. It features a safe cover for the switch, displaying a light indicator that lets you know when the warmer activates and starts to heat up.

One particular feature that makes this warmer original is the addition of a top-shelf, which works as storage to put the larger towels. Even though it is far on the top side, the heat reaches the area just fine, warming up the towels evenly.

Because of the warmer’s heat distribution and compact design, there are many different methods for you to use it. For example, it’s a suitable appliance for towels and robes in modern bathrooms, and it’s also a good addition for the laundry room to hang your items.

Installing the warmer in any of those places is not an issue, and the polished finish will make it blend well with the rest of the decoration.

Despite doing a good job at warming up the towels, the temperature it reaches isn’t what you might expect. Also, even though it takes around thirty minutes to warm up, there are times when it may take more than that.

  • Wall-mount warmer easy to install
  • Includes a top shelf for that extra storage space
  • Light indicators
  • Good price
  • The temperature this warmer reaches is not the most ideal
  • It takes a lot of time to warm up after activating

Best Hardwired Towel Warmer

Even though we often need assistance from professionals to install hardwired towel warmers, the patience and money put into the task are more than worth it once your towels start to feel warm and dry. Consider the next warmers to achieve those results.

Amba RWH-CB Curved Hardwired Towel Warmer With Timer

The next warmer is a structure that fits most bathrooms due to its beautiful finish and stainless steel construction. In total, there are ten crossbars, five at the top and five on the bottom side, with a slight separation middle the two sets.

Once activated, the unit’s AMP is 1.30, and it delivers an average temperature of 149 degrees Fahrenheit maximum. It doesn’t take long for the warmer to reach that power capacity, and it helps a lot that both horizontal bars and vertical bars receive heat.

By any chance, if every crossbar has a towel covering them, you could use that extra space from the vertical bars to hang a couple of items, even if it’s just one towel.

The towel warmer is available in polished and brushed finishes. Both come with a cover plate that matches the design of the unit, and to activate it, you can use either the on/off switch or plugging it in.

One consideration to keep in mind is that this structure gets extremely hot. If you’re not careful, and you come in direct contact, there’s a high risk of receiving painful burns over your skin. There’s no way to control the temperature either, which only makes it worse.

You could say that, while the high temperature could be harmful, it will certainly warm the towels – there’s no doubt about that. So, when the other warmers aren’t good enough, this unit is an alternative that could provide the results you wanted.

  • Stylish curved design
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Reaches high temperatures
  • Ten crossbars included
  • Heats horizontal and vertical bars from the power source
  • No proper way to control the temperature
  • The structure gets dangerously hot, capable of burning you if you bump into it

HEATGENE Wall Mount Hardwired Towel Warmer

Are you looking for more warm bars to hang your towels? Then this unit may be the one for you. It is an extra-large structure that offers twelve crossbars ideal for as many bath towels as you have. Not only that, but you could also place the large bath sheets on the top and still have some space.

As to how to use it, there are two methods you can follow. You can set up the towel warmer as a hardwired unit or plug it into a wall socket. For the latter option, a standard outlet of 120V/60Hz capacity will do the trick. If you go for hardwired, the package comes with every tool required.

Installing the warmer may take some time, depending on the method you choose, but it’s worth it. The estimated time you have to wait before the bars get hot is around 15 minutes. However, if you want the 149 degrees Fahrenheit, you’d have to wait for almost an hour instead.

For more convenience, you could set the warmer as a wall-mounted unit, which not only improves the bathroom decoration but also saves a ton of space you may need for other stuff.

If you want the best performance out of this unit, you’ll need to add a timer. It’s more convenient as it’d allow you to enter the shower and get a warm towel as soon as you exit. A smart switch is another alternative that serves this purpose.

Other than the lack of a proper timer, this unit doesn’t have any more issues.

  • Twelve crossbars in total
  • Ideal for washcloths and bath towels, regardless of their sizes
  • Two wiring installation methods
  • Heats up pretty fast
  • Requires the installation of an external timer

Best Freestanding Towel Warmer

Freestanding towel warmers are incredibly useful because you still have the option to move them between rooms in case you have to do it. Here are the top two.

LCM Home Fashion Freestanding Towel Warmer

Although not as spectacular as the previous picks, this unit still offers a sleek appearance that enhances the overall design of the bathroom. The warmer features an aluminum frame and a chrome-plated finish.

There are six crossbars, which are not as many as the other towel warmers have to offer. If you’re looking for a large unit to hang plenty of towels at once, this product won’t meet those expectations.

Then why should you consider this unit? Well, the easy installation process is one of the reasons why.

It’s a towel warmer that requires barely any effort for the assembly. Upon receiving the package, you also get brackets for wall mounting, and the feet if you decide to use it as a freestanding warmer.

The outlet required is a standard 110-120V, and the distance shouldn’t be a problem considering the 6-foot cord included. Once you set it up, the maximum temperature it will reach is 122 degrees Fahrenheit, considerably lower than any other warmer reviewed by our reviewers so far.

Still, the time needed to reach that temperature is not too long. Shortly after turning it on, you’ll notice the crossbars will start to feel quite hot, to the point it may hurt your hand if you touch it for a few seconds.

Sadly, the temperature doesn’t seem to be enough to warm the towels evenly. You’ll notice that while the part of the towel touching the bars will feel warm, the rest of the cloth will not. It’s a problem with no solution other than making completely sure the whole towel touches the unit.

  • A small unit that doesn’t require too much space
  • 6-foot cord included
  • Barely any assembly required
  • Aluminum frame and chrome-plated finish
  • The unit doesn’t warm the wet towel in its entirety
  • Its maximum temperature is not high enough

Amba SAFSB-33 Brushed Freestanding Electric Towel Warmer

While the previous towel warmers offer a sophisticated look, this Amba Towel rack is way more simplistic. There are no fancy features included, and even then, the unit still manages to deliver a reliable performance to keep the towels warm and comfortable.

The material used to produce the warmer is 18/8 stainless steel, and the amount of bars featured is ten. Since the vertical bars receive heat too, you also get to use that extra space in case you need it for some more towels.

You won’t need much effort to set up the amba’s towel warmer either, as it only requires the attachment of the feet. There’s no need to spend a lot of time assembling it as there’s almost no assembly needed at all.

The built-in power switch to activate and deactivate the unit is at a convenient location if you use it as a freestanding towel warmer. There’s no need for you to bend in an awkward position to reach it.

Here’s when the simple but reliable performance of this warmer becomes highly noticeable. The time it requires to warm up is ten minutes, and it is energy efficient so, it won’t turn out to be a high expense at the end of the month.

Now, the temperature reached by the unit is surprisingly high, but that’s not a good thing. You’ll have to keep track of it because keeping it on for a long time could be dangerous. Naturally, that means that the towel warmer requires a lot of caution when it’s active.

  • Simple towel warmer that requires barely any assembly
  • Heats up quickly after activating it
  • Ten crossbars
  • Vertical bars heat up too
  • The temperature goes way high, which could be a problem if you leave the unit on for a long time

Best Wall Mounted Towel Warmer

With a wall-mounted model, you secure easy access to your warm towels from the moment you leave the shower. Also, kids won’t be able to reach it easily, which keeps them away and safe from the heat.

Warmrails HSKS Kensington Wall Mounted Towel Warmer

Despite looking simple, there are many benefits that you get from purchasing the Kensington towel warmer. The price is a little higher than most, which is why people prefer other options first. But why is this product expensive, and is it worth the money?

This towel warmer is not the most appealing unit, but perhaps that’s an advantage on its own. You see, the thin bars won’t consume much space in the bathroom, meaning you’ll have a lot of extra space that you could use for drawers and cabinets.

Considering it’s a wall-mount only, this warmer requires an extra effort and some experience to install it. Still, the addition of hardwire or softwire options allows you to decide which one you like the most. You get to choose the right model that will have better fitting in the bathroom.

The towel warmer works at 105 Watts, and you can use it for a variety of tasks. For example, you can warm delicates, hand towels, blankets, and many more items over this unit.

Additionally, if the nickel finish is not of your liking, you can get the next best thing, which is the chrome finish. The manufacturer offers both options, and the finish is the only difference between the two.

Finally, there’s one thing that caught our attention, and that’s the top rail. Although it doesn’t affect the towel warmer’s performance at all, it does feel like it isn’t tightened enough.

  • It maintains the towels fresh and dry
  • 105 Watts capacity
  • Hardwire or softwire connection option available
  • It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to heat up
  • The top rail doesn’t feel tightened enough after setting it up
  • This unit is expensive

Tangkula 10-Bars Stainless Steel Towel Warmer

While some people dislike the look of this warmer, many more find it to be a very appealing unit to have installed in the bathroom. Surely, it is one of those things that quickly grabs your attention, which is good because it adds a modern and stylish look to the bathroom.

The number of bars included is ten, more than enough to hang several bath towels at once. This warmer also features a 5.7feet cord for you to plug it in the traditional 120V outlet found in almost every house.

Due to the plug-in and wall-mount design, you get to install it in the bathroom without having to make a lot of space. The stainless steel construction proved to be a good choice for maintenance, as it requires nothing but some scrubbing using a soft dry cloth.

The use of electricity was another passed section in the testing. After several hours of being active, the towel warmer didn’t consume much energy. It helps to save some money.

We mentioned the bathroom before, but in reality, you could install this towel heater in any other place around the house, and it’d still fit well. The bedroom, for example, is another good place, as it will be the perfect resting place for robes too.

There are two considerations to keep in mind before purchasing this unit. First, it takes several hours to dry towels; And secondly, you’ll have to do a lot of thinking to hide the wiring because it seems almost impossible. Other brands don’t have this problem.

  • Ideal for bathroom and other rooms in the house
  • It features ten crossbars for small and large towels
  • Plug-In and wall-mount design
  • Easy to clean
  • It takes several hours to dry the towels properly
  • Hiding the wiring is tricky

Best Spa Towel Warmer

A spa is a comfortable place because of how good we feel in that environment. Part of its success is because of the high-quality towels at the right temperature, which is possible with one of the next towel warmers.

Spa Luxe Hot Spa Towel Warmer CABI

We’re back to the small towel warmer cabinets. In this case, the device reviewed is a warmer capable of storing around 24 hand-sized towels, and only a couple of larger cloths. After putting the towels in, the door closes seamlessly, ensuring the heat doesn’t come out.

The door is one of the features that you may appreciate the most. It features a silicone seal that serves the purpose we mentioned before, which is to maintain the heat inside. Because of this element, closing and opening the door is pleasantly effortless.

As to how high the temperature goes, it’s around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit may not seem capable of it, but it will maintain the towels at a comfortable temperature throughout the day, getting rid of moist.

Inside, you’ll find two shelves, as well as an under-mount drip tray. The metal used for the racks works well with the rubber glides, ensuring there’s no unexpected damage while you attempt to slide the racks in or out. Also, the material is rust resistant, so there’s no need to worry about that either.

After mentioning the good things, there’s room for some of the bad. One of the disadvantages of the towel warmer is the plain silver design, which brings nothing new to the decoration of the bathroom.

Also, to get the machine hot, you’ll have to wait a lot longer than you’d with most. Forget about warming the towels in 15 minutes because, inside this unit, it’ll take around an hour approximately.

Lastly, the lack of an auto-shutdown feature is also another flaw.

  • Once it heats up, the machine maintains a stable temperature
  • Capacity to store up to 24 small towels
  • It features an under-mount drip tray
  • Two shelves to hold your items
  • Dull silver design
  • Lacks auto-shutdown feature

ZeHuoGe Electric Spa Towel Warmer

The previous warmer is great, but the price is one of the reasons why many people often disregard it. If you did the same, here’s an affordable alternative worth more than half the price. Don’t worry, though. It is almost as good as the one before.

This towel warmer has a capacity of 16L, which will hold between 30 and 40 towels of a small size. The internal structure features a UV sterilizer, which will maintain the towels warm and clean at the same time. Germs and bacteria are no longer issues that should concern you.

Keeping the interior clean is not only easy through the UV sterilizer, but also due to the convenient pieces inside of the towel warmer. The removable tray, for example, comes out easily, allowing you to care for it when needed.

The stainless steel chamber distributes the heat properly, reaching the towels evenly from all sides. While active, the machine could reach an average temperature of 158 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re not happy with that, you could adjust the settings through the temperature controls.

This machine comes with a very informative manual that will help you learn about every feature. Luckily, the warmer doesn’t require assembly, saving you a lot of time you’d spend searching through the instructions.

Now, it’s worth pointing out that this machine could be deceiving. The dimensions are higher than you may think at first, and the maximum temperature is very high. If you get it, make sure to put the right safety measures in place to keep your hands safe.

  • High capacity to store up to 40 small towels
  • UV sterilizer included
  • Stainless steel construction keeps the interior clean
  • Removable tray
  • The max temperature is way too hot

Best Salon Towel Warmer

Salons very much like popular spa, need to have comfortable towels for their clients. The next two machines are the perfect way to treat the towels to keep us warm and dry.

Salon Sundry Professional Hot Towel Warmer

Although this machine is available in a larger size, we’re reviewing the medium-sized model. This one will store up to 24 hand towels, depending on their dimensions.

Besides the size, this towel warmer also offers variety in color design, as there is an option to choose between the black and white version.

We’ve seen many white towel warmers before, which is why our attention quickly went to the black version instead. To say it looks beautiful is not enough because not many units can’t even compare to this one.

In terms of power capacity, the unit does meet and surpass most of our expectations. It will reach 176 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, which the warmer maintains as long as it’s active. From the moment you turn it on until you turn it off, the temperature provided remains at a steady level.

Such temperature is ideal for a variety of items. After you wring them, put towels, facecloths, or even washcloths inside. Wait between 20 and 30 minutes, and they will be ready to use. Also, leaving them during the day guarantees that they’ll be dry the next time you grab them.

It also helps a lot that the installation process doesn’t require much time. The unit comes fully assembled upon arrival, allowing you to use it from the moment you get it out of the box.

Sadly, the quality of this appliance decreases over time. A couple of months after the first use, you may notice that the temperature doesn’t go as high as it once did.

  • Small appliance with plenty of space for your towels
  • Beautiful black design
  • Medium and large size models available
  • Comes fully assembled
  • The maximum temperature starts to decrease over time

ELITE Hot Salon Towel Warmer Cabinet

No, your eyes are not fooling you. We reviewed a similar towel warmer before, but this one goes one step beyond delivering more space. While the first version had room for twelve towels, this one will hold a total of 24 towels instead.

This machine provides the extra space that the Elite Mini Hot Towel Warmer failed to deliver, while still maintaining fairly the same compact dimensions. That means you’ll be able to put it over most countertops and have easy access to the door whenever you need a fresh towel.

Other than that, the technology used to create this machine is the same as the Elite Mini. The insulated cabinet, combined with the padded heating element surrounding inside the towel warmer will keep your items at a comfortable temperature.

Fortunately, the manufacturer also added the temperature controls, which may seem like a given, but many towel warmers don’t have it integrated into their systems. Having the flexibility to adjust the temperature is something the customers always appreciate.

With the right precautions, this towel warmer has proven to be surprisingly durable. After months, its performance continues to deliver warm towels. The internal temperature shoots up quickly after activating it, and you must always turn it off after a long day to avoid damaging it.

The lack of a timer surely is one of the biggest flaws of this towel warmer. Had the manufacturer included it, this unit would’ve been a perfect pick for everybody. Instead, it’s up to us to keep track of the warmer performance to activate and deactivate it when we’re no longer using it.

  • Compact towel warmer capable of storing 24 small towels
  • Insulated cabinet
  • Temperature controls
  • Lacks a proper timer
  • Doesn’t provide new features when compared to the Elite Mini model other than more capacity

Best Bath Towel Warmer

In the previous categories, we reviewed towel warmers for small towels, but what about large bath towels? Well, we’ve got some options for those too. Check them out!

HEATGENE Heater Brushed Towel Warmer For Bath Towel

This unit is one of the most expensive out there. Keep that in mind as you read the following review.

The price is hard to justify considering the towel warmer features plenty of technology found in units available for less money. For instance, there’s the 304 stainless steel construction and the use of curved bars. In total, there are eight of them, which is not even close to the highest amount possible.

But let’s talk about the good features this unit does provide.

First, there’s no denying that the bars go through a quick heating process shortly after activating the unit. Within 15 minutes, the temperature will reach the right level to make the towels feel comfortable. If you wait a little longer, it’ll go up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

The thermostat included also does a good job of keeping the temperature under control, saving energy, and reducing the risks of overheating. If you take into account that the unit works better if you leave it on during the day, having security measures is a must.

Furthermore, if you’re not a fan of the brushed finish, you can opt for the matte black instead. However, be aware that the other model is even more expensive. It’s not an affordable pick for people with tight budgets.

Before installing this unit, you’ll have to take all of the safety measures necessary. Setting it up in a location unreachable to children is a must because the whole structure gets hot enough to cause blisters.

  • High-quality temperature technology for easy adjustments
  • The bars heat up in less than 15 minutes
  • Thermostat included prevents overheating
  • Available with different finishes
  • Both the brushed and matte black finish models are expensive

Tangkula 5-Bar Towel Warmer For Bath Towel

Don’t let the last spot fool you; Tangkula towel warmer could easily be in every top five towel warmers list. It is a unit far too different from anything we’ve seen so far, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s here. Once installed, it improves the bathroom decoration, making it more up to date.

Undoubtedly, it is a modern towel warmer that blends well in most households. You’ll need an AC120V/60Hz outlet to power up the structure, requiring only 100 Watts for the warming up. Use it to warm towels, robes, and blankets, among other items.

You can set up the unit as freestanding or wall-mounted. While the first method is the most appropriate, moving the whole structure afterward could be a little awkward. So, it’d be better to pick a specific installation place and leave the towel warmer there.

While working, the unit can stay warm the whole day, which is quite surprising. It offers a steady performance that guarantees a comfortable towel as soon as you exit the shower.

The package includes the hardware and tools needed for the installation, allowing you to set it up easily. Once built, the base secures a firm positioning on the surface.

Many customers have mentioned that the temperature reached by this unit is not as hot as they expected. Check out the specs before purchasing the product to prevent an unpleasant performance later on.

We checked the temperature by hanging damp towels, which took around an hour to feel dry again. Despite being a good-looking towel warmer, it is not the quickest when it comes to drying items.

  • Innovative design
  • Works on 100 Watts
  • Stays on place while using it as a freestanding unit
  • Comes with every part needed for installation
  • It takes a long time for towels to dry, even at the highest temperature capacity

Note: When buying a towel warmer you have to be aware of the fact that the specs written on the cover do not convey the whole scenario. We recommend buyers to follow a guide, following a buying guide helps with many important details. You might not always want your towels toasty. Having too much of a toasty temperature can be a hindrance so having more options in terms of temperature is always good.

How to Choose the Best Towel Warmer

While searching through the options, make sure to keep the following considerations in mind to narrow down the list between many alternatives.

Towel Warmer Type

As you read through our reviews, you’ll notice that there are three types of towel warmers: cabinets, wall-mounted, and freestanding rack. The free-standing heated towel racks are portable but need bathroom floor space. Deciding which one your bathroom needs is a key process because the installation requirements varies between each type.


Having a built-in thermostat included in the towel warmer will prevent dangerous hazards like overheating. Also, you’ll find that it saves a ton of energy, which means less money spent on electrical bills. Click Here to learn more.

Temperature Controls

An uncontrollable appliance can lead to more than one issue. For instance, you’ll have to keep track of the unit constantly. Or, in some cases, you could use less temperature than it reaches automatically.

Those two situations are something you can avoid if the machine has proper controls to adjust the temperature to an optimal temperature.

Towel Capacity

The amount of cold towels placed in or over the towel warmers depends on many conditions such as how many people live in the house, or how many fluffy towels do you enjoy using during the day.

In that sense, cabinet warmers will hold between 12 to 24 towels of small size, while freestanding or bathroom wall-mounted options provide more capacity for more than that.

UV Sterilizer

A sterilizer is something not many towel warmers have, but some do. If you like your towels germ-free, consider this feature too.

Towel Warmer Usage Tips

Follow the next tips to guarantee your towel warmer works perfectly.

  • Add a Timer function If There Isn’t One Included

A timer does a long way when it comes to towel warmers. Sadly, many of them don’t have it, but you can always set it up yourself.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Professional Help

Not all of us have the DIY skills required for this kind of job. If needed, request assistance from a professional. Don’t put yourself at risk unnecessarily.

  • Wall-Mounted Towel Warmers, Preferably

Installing your unit high above the ground prevents many unwanted scenarios such as bumping into the warmer, or kids touching it accidentally.

  • Not Using It Anymore for the Day? Unplug the Towel Warmer!

Save yourself some money on energy by unplugging the unit after you no longer need it for the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take for my towel to dry?

A: The estimated time would be one or two hours. Then again, it depends on how hot the unit gets and how quickly it reaches the maximum temperature.

Q: Are towel warmers safe around children?

A: If the towel warmer doesn’t have a thermostat to control the temperature, chances of overheating are pretty high. When that happens, everybody is in danger of suffering burns. This can also cause several complaints from the customers.

Wall-mounted units are the safest to have around children, but only if you install them high enough. It also helps with the peace of mind knowing you can’t touch the dangerous part unintentionally.

Q: Can I use my towel warmer outside by the hot tub?

A: You can do it as long as you keep it at a safe distance from the water. Some rack-style towel warmers offer the advantage of being wall-mounted, freeing up floor space, but free-standing models are also common.

Q: Besides warming my towels, what other uses are there for a towel warmer?

A: On wall-mounted or freestanding towel warmers, you can also hang robe, blanket, and sheets. In cabinet towel warmers, you get to store a variety of smaller items that need that particular heat to remain in good shape.

Final Words

The best towel warmer is a household appliance that makes our lives so much more comfortable by drying the towels when they’re unpleasantly wet. It may not seem like a necessary purchase, but these structures quickly become an essential part of our homes.

Consider all the options, take a good look at our reviews, and then proceed to make the purchase. While most of them come in affordable prices, there are some very expensive towel warmers that are treated like luxury items. You don’t want to regret spending too much money on a product that doesn’t satisfy your needs.