Best Towel Hooks For Your Bathroom – in 2022

Are you running out of space in the bathroom to keep the towels? Then you’ve come to the right place. During this article, we’ll talk about the towel hook, an accessory that will help you keep your wet towels organized and easy to access as you exit the shower and they take less space compared to some towel bars but more than the traditional towel bars. The polished chrome towel hooks, satin nickel finish, or the oil rubbed bronze aesthetic of some bathroom door hooks can elevate the overall aesthetic of any bathroom, be it the main bathroom or the guest bathroom.

There are many hooks out there, but our reviews focus on the best towel hooks currently available to match your bathroom décor.

Best Towel Hooks

There are many hooks out there, but our reviews focus on the best towel hooks currently available to match your bathroom décor. 

There are many hooks out there, but our reviews focus on the best towel hooks currently available. If you’re not sure how to choose the right one, we’ve written about the features you should consider before making your decision.

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Best Towel Hooks Review – For Decorate Your Bathroom

With the next hooks, you’ll secure a bathroom accessory to hang towels, razors, and many more items.

Luckyiren Towel & Razor Holder Self-Adhesive Hooks

Because simplicity is often best, we’re starting our reviews with a pack of two towel hooks made to be convenient.

Luckyiren Towel Razor Holder Self-Adhesive Hooks
Luckyiren Towel Razor Holder Dimension

These items don’t require attachment by drilling holes into the wall. Instead, both pieces come with an adhesive back covered with a protective layer that you can remove for the installation. The 304 stainless steel construction makes the hooks durable, as the material is capable of resisting rust.

Also, due to the brushed finish, installing them in most bathrooms is not an issue because the design blends well with the decoration. Use them to hang towels, hats, robes, or other items like umbrellas.

Perhaps what you’ll like the most about these products are their double-hook and traditional design. If you install them in the bathroom, not only will you have the opportunity to hang the towels, but also many more items like razors or the loofah. They are also built to last long in humid environments. A small inconvenience with these hooks is the brand’s name placement. It is not that noticeable if you search it online, but you will see the brand name clearly once you receive the hooks, as it is right in the center. The manufacturer could’ve found another place to print its brand.

A small inconvenience with these hooks is the brand’s name placement. It is not that noticeable if you search it online, but you will see the brand name clearly once you receive the hooks, as it is right in the center. The manufacturer could’ve found another place to print its brand.

  • Once installed, these hooks don’t move
  • Double-hook design holds towels and items like razors
  • Easy installation process
  • Durable adhesive
  • Inconvenient brand name placement

Jekoo Adhesive Heavy Duty Wall Hooks

This pack contains four stainless steel hooks ideal for towels, clothes, bags, keys, and many more items. Unlike the previous pick, these are more sophisticated, which makes them a good pick if you’re looking to improve the overall look of your household.

Jekoo Adhesive Wall Hooks
Jekoo Adhesive Heavy Duty Wall Hooks

These hooks also feature the adhesive backing. Even though it may seem like weak support, once installed, the towel hooks managed to hold up to 8.0lbs, approximately. After months of using them regularly, both the hooks and the adhesives have passed every test successfully.

Another surprise was how easy it is to remove the hooks. If you want to change the bathroom decor, you can remove these accessories by using a knife. Warm the knife up using a hairdryer, and then proceed to remove the hooks. They will come off easily without leaving residue.

Despite all the advantages, there are also a few downsides. For example, the hooks won’t hold the weight of bath towels. Also, customers have reported having issues with the adhesive, which required communication with customer service.

  • Four stainless steel hooks
  • Easy to install
  • Small size to save wall space
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for heavy bath towels
  • Adhesives may not work properly during the first use, requiring a call to customer service

Nelxulas Brushed Wall Mounted Towel Hooks

If you’re not a fan of towel hooks installed with adhesives, here’s an alternative that could satisfy your needs. This pack of four wall-mounted hooks may require a little bit more of extra work, but after setting them up in the bathroom, they will hold a good amount of weight.

Nelxulas Brushed Wall Mounted Towel Hooks
Nelxulas Brushed Package Include Towel Hooks

What’s good about this package is that it includes everything you’ll need. There’s the hooks, twelve screws, and twelve drywall anchors. Drilling the holes, and attaching the pieces, shouldn’t be too difficult, but if you have no previous experience, check out our FAQ section, where we share some tips.

Like the other hooks you’ll find here, these also feature stainless steel construction. We mentioned the bathroom, but they’re ideal for areas like the kitchen too. The gray color and the simple shape design provides accessories that won’t consume much space in either of those locations.

Furthermore, the hooks will hold your towels, but make sure not to put too much weight over them. Hanging large bath towels soaked in water may cause them to come off.

  • Strong adhesive to keep the hooks in place
  • The package comes with every installation piece
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy to install
  • The hooks won’t hold that much weight

Nolimas Wall Mounted Towel Hook For Bathroom

These matte black hooks are good-looking and highly capable of putting up with a lot of pressure. Granted, they won’t hold as much weight as the previous pick, but these will still take care of 10kgs easily. That capacity is great for towels, umbrellas, and a variety of items.

Nolimas Wall Mounted Towel Hook For Bathroom
Nolimas Wall Mounted Black Towel Hook

The hooks, although beautiful, are quite expensive. So much so, that getting a pack of two of these towel hooks will cost you way more than other packs that offer four or more pieces. Either way, you could argue that the price is worth it, but not for people that are looking for affordability.

For instance, the reasons why you’d want to consider these accessories is because of their premium grade stainless steel construction, and the Chromium/Nickel protection. With those two features, customers won’t have to worry about poor durability or issues cause of the water.

  • Stylish matte black hooks for towels, coats, hats, and more
  • Premium grade stainless steel construction
  • Remarkable protection against rust and corrosion
  • Wall-mount installation is easy as every tool part required comes in the package
  • Ideal size for rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom
  • This set of hooks is considerably expensive

Loogi Adhesive Stainless Steel Towel Hooks

Back to hooks with adhesive. In this case, the hooks feature 3M adhesive tape that ensures the towel hooks won’t move an inch after installing them. Also, both the 3M tape and the stainless steel material for the hooks guarantee that water doesn’t cause rust or corrosion.

Loogi Adhesive Stainless Steel Towel Hooks
Loogi Adhesive Towel Hooks Dimension

Peel the 3M adhesive tape, and then stick the hooks over the desired surface to install them. The towel hooks will remain in place over most surfaces, but you always have to make sure they’re smooth surfaces. Also, tiles, metal, or glass have proven to be the most reliable to maintain the hooks.

This package includes five items, which, for the price, are a good pick. The weight they will hold is around 11 lbs. Considering they use adhesive tape for installation, such capacity is alright.

Even though at first, the adhesive may not be strong, it will get better as the days pass. Still, make sure not to put much weight over it.

  • Package of five hooks
  • Capable of holding 11 lbs approximately
  • These hooks are ideal for tile, glass, or metal surfaces
  • Dust and corrosion resistant
  • The adhesive may take some time to stick to the wall fully

USBNOVEL Kitchen Bathroom Adhesive Wall Hooks

With an angled hook, these hooks become a bathroom hook ideal to hold towels with a hanging loop. They’re also useful for other items, as the hooks allow you to hang scissors, razors, and more.

USBNOVEL Kitchen Bathroom Adhesive Wall Hooks
USBNOVEL Kitchen Bathroom Wall Hooks

Of course, that means that, if your bath towel doesn’t have a loop, chances are it will slide to the floor.

There are four hooks included in this set. All of them built with the same stainless steel construction, which means their resistance against rust and corrosion is undeniable. These products are self-adhesive, meaning the installation doesn’t take much time or effort.

At the beginning of the reviews, we mentioned that simplicity is often best, but in this case, it is not. The simple shape and design of these hooks are their biggest flaws, as they come off as dull bathroom accessories that provide little to nothing when it comes to decoration.

But the hooks are affordable, and they do fulfill their purpose, though. That’s more than people ask in some cases.

  • Pack of four hooks
  • Durable
  • Affordable set
  • Easy to install
  • Dull design
  • Towels without hanging loop can slide off easily

Velimax Premium Double Prong Towel Hook

These hooks are quite different from what we’ve seen so far. The shape, for instance, is a double-hook sticking upward. By featuring a beautiful matte black design, these accessories blend well in most bathrooms.

Velimax Premium Double Prong Towel Hook Black
Velimax Premium Double Prong Towel Hook

They’re wall-anchors and hook types, so be ready to make some preparations before installing them.

Per order, you receive a single hook. That’s a minor disadvantage due to its price, which is similar to what other brands charge for four or more hooks. Having said that, if you’re looking for a modern towel hook, this accessory is among the most beautiful out there.

Not only does the hook feature a sturdy construction, but the clean line’s design is also an element that won’t escape your attention. The squared-shape, combined with a concealed mounting hole, make it an accessory that homeowners should not dismiss.

Had the manufacturer added at least two hooks per package, it would’ve made it a perfect deal for everyone.

  • Modern style looks incredible in every bathroom
  • Squared-shape with concealed mounting hole
  • Double-hook to hang one or more towels
  • High price for only one hook

Desfau Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Double Towel Hook

This hook features a sturdy construction capable of holding the weight of towels or your clothes, depending on where you install it. After all, it is a suitable accessory for both bathrooms or even the closets to keep your items organized properly.

Desfau Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Double Towel Hook
Desfau Stainless Steel Black Wall Mounted Towel Hook

The double-hook shape and brushed nickel finish make the hook an appealing accessory that fits well in both of those locations. Also, due to the stainless steel construction, maintaining the hook in good shape isn’t something that should concern you, as the material fights off corrosion.

What you’ll like the most about the hook is the double upward hook shape, which will hold more than one towel at a time. The weight the hooks can hold is quite impressive too, all of which is possible thanks to the wall-mount installation that secures a solid base.

Very much like the other single hook offers, this one is also available at a relatively high price. This product is not the best choice if you don’t want to spend money on just one product.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy to install
  • Secured base once installed
  • Holds up several towels at once
  • High price

Hoooh Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Towel Hook

Although these hooks are not quite good-looking, there are many reasons why we’ve included them here. Per package, you receive two towel hooks, and you can get them in four different versions. Those are brushed gold, brushed steel, matte black, and polished steel.

Hoooh Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Towel Hook
Hoooh Brushed Stainless Steel Towel Hook

So, design variety is something you won’t miss if you consider these accessories. You also get to choose the right hooks that will fit your bathroom without messing up the decoration.

Installing the hooks is not a problem either, as the manufacturer provides every bit of information you’ll need for the process. After you finish, you’ll notice the squared base holds tightly to the wall, securing a solid base to withstand the pressure of your towels once you hang them.

One small issue you may encounter is the size. These accessories are pretty small, so be sure to check the specifications and make the correct measurements to prevent wasting more money.

  • Four versions available
  • Proper instructions for the installation
  • Squared-shape base secures a tight hook to the wall
  • The shape is not good-looking
  • Many customers found the hooks to be small

APBFH Wall Mounted Towel Hooks with Three Prongs

If you’re wondering why the price is such an important consideration, here’s why. This package contains five hooks, each one capable of putting up with a maximum weight capacity of 30 lbs. The best part is that you’ll have to pay the exact amount or less than you’d pay for one of the single hook offers.

APBFH Wall Mounted Towel Hooks with Three Prongs
APBFH Wall Mounted Towel Hooks

Sure, the construction quality may be a little poor in comparison, as these products feature zinc alloy die-cast material (Zinc Die Cast Material) instead of stainless steel. Still, after months of tests, each hook has maintained a good condition even when exposed to water.

These wall-mounted hooks have also remained in their place after the installation. All the screws needed come in the package, allowing DIYers to set up as many hooks as they consider necessary in the bathrooms.

The three-pronged structure is yet another one of the hook’s good features, as there’s enough space to hang towels, jackets, hats, and even jewelry.

  • Affordable package of five hooks
  • Stylish black nickel finish
  • Capable of holding around 30 lbs max
  • Three-pronged modern design can hold a variety of items
  • The zinc die-cast construction material is not as good as the stainless steel used for the other hooks

How to Choose the Best Towel Hooks?

With the following considerations in mind, you’ll be able to pick the towel hook you always wanted. We also review the best towel grabbers you can check that out. Some might require additional power tools or basic tools like a slotted screwdriver while others won’t require you to use any tools. The later will sometimes have suction cups  (the iromic heavy duty vacuum suction cup hooks are a good example.)

Construction Material

The first thing you should consider is the material used to build the hooks, as it should be strong enough to hold the weight and capable of reducing the risk of corrosion or rust. Fortunately, there’s no going wrong if you pick up stainless steel robe hooks.

Hook Shape

Do you want a hook with one, two, or three prongs? That’s an important question you need to ask because some hooks are more suitable to hang more or fewer items.

Installation Method

The accessories we reviewed in this article are either wall-mount or self-adhesive hooks.

Self-adhesive bath towel hooks are easier to install, but sometimes they’re not strong enough to put up with much weight. Wall-mounted hooks, on the other hand, require more work for their installation, and they will do well holding several towels at once. Follow the installation instructions and make sure you are installing them on average height


You may encounter a hook that grabs your attention quickly, but that single accessory may come at a high price. Instead, other packages could offer more hooks for the same price. Keep that in mind as you go forward.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: What material are hooks made of?

A: The best bathroom towel hooks should feature stainless steel for their construction. This material offers high durability and resistance to endure plenty of weight from your towels and accessories.

Q: Are towel hooks rust-free?

A: Yes, most of them are rust-free. Considering that these accessories are for bathroom purposes, manufacturers put a lot of effort into using materials capable of keeping rust, corrosion, and other issues at bay.

Q: How to install towel hooks?

A: If you’re using adhesive hooks, remove the backing cover and stick them to the wall. For wall-mounted hooks, measure the bracket and the location for the holes on the wall and drill the holes afterward. Then, use a hammer to insert the anchor onto the wall.

Continue by putting the base plate over the anchor and put the screws right after. Attach the post on the base plate, and use a hex wrench to tighten the screws. Keep in mind that this process may vary depending on each hook.

Q: Where to install towel hooks?

A: You can install these hooks at the bathroom, kitchen, and even the bedroom for different purposes.

Q: How high should be the towel hook?

A: The recommended location would be 70 inches above the floor level. If you’re installing several hooks, make sure to leave at least 9 inches between each one.

Final Words

The best towel hooks secure proper support for your towels, coats, robes, hats, and many more items that we often don’t know where to place. Now you know what features are worth considering when it comes to these hooks. So, consider your options, and make your call.