Best Egyptian Cotton Towels Review (of 2022) For Soft and Smooth Feel

Egyptian cotton towels are fairly popular due to many reasons, the most common being how soft and fluffy they are.

Over time, this feeling only gets better, which makes them great for sensitive skin. Of course, if you don’t have sensitive skin, buying them to just enjoy the softness is a valid reason too.

Some people go as far as to consider these towels as the finest you could ever use. However, the question here is, are they really that good?

Best Egyptian Cotton Towels

Here, we’ll talk about the best Egyptian cotton towels to learn why they would be such a great addition to the household.

How to Choose the Best Egyptian Cotton Towels?

Here’s what you need to consider before purchasing Egyptian towels.

Material & Build

Since we’re reviewing Egyptian towels, the material at hand is the Egyptian cotton. Nonetheless, the important part you must consider is how well the manufacturers use this material.

Ideally, you want double-ply towels with good stitching quality and reinforced edges. Towels featuring this build are often the most durable out there.


The size of the towels varies depending on the brand, and the type of towel itself. During our reviews, you’ll find that some of the Egyptian towels come in sets or as single products. For sets, you want to have at least two of each: bath towel, hand towel, and face towel or washcloth.

Bath towels are the largest, with some being oversized. The other two are smaller pieces of cloth for specific tasks.


Grams per square meter, or GSM, refers to the standard weight measurement and quality of the towels overall. This measurement also determines the density; the higher the GSM, the heavier and more absorbent the towels are. At least, that’s in most of the cases.

Most commonly, the GSM varies between 300 and 900. On some occasions, the towels are even 1000 GSM.


A single luxury towel, believe it or not, could be just as, if not more expensive than a set. That’s why you must figure out whether you want just a few or many towels, as the amount clearly has an effect on the price you pay.

Best Egyptian Cotton Towel Reviews

The next products are the top options created with Egyptian cotton. Let’s see what they have to offer for us.

Pinzon 6 PCs Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Set

Pinzon 6 PCs Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Set
Pinzon Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Set

Our first pick is a set of towels that feel as good as they look. In this case, the use of Egyptian cotton is exceptional, as it creates six towels that are plushy, soft, and absorbent. Regardless of who uses them, everyone gets to enjoy each one of the pieces included here.

The towels are available in many colors. Some of them are grey, red, white, and blue, to name a few. In total, there are six pieces offered: two 30×56-inch bath towels, two 18×30-inch hand towels, and 13×13-inch hand towels.

As you’ll see throughout our reviews, these are fairly standard sizes for each type of towels mentioned above. Every single towel serves its purpose successfully, allowing you to care for your skin after leaving the shower.

In terms of durability, these towels could do far better. The seams unravel rather quickly, which is less than ideal. Even then, for the price, these are still among the best ones available.

  • Towels available in many colors
  • High-quality Egyptian cotton makes the towels plush and soft
  • Good absorbency levels, soaking moisture very fast
  • Quick-drying after washing
  • Complete set with three pair of towels for different purposes
  • The seams unravel noticeably quickly

Superior 2PC Egyptian Cotton Solid Towel Set

Superior 2PC Egyptian Cotton Solid Towel Set
Superior Egyptian Cotton Solid Towel Set

Simplicity is often the best. The towels in this set are two, and they’re quite basic but still manage to be effective. By featuring Egyptian cotton, you can expect great things from them once you receive the set at home.

The quality of the Egyptian cotton also translates to comfort. When you put it on your skin, the fabric feels super soft, which allows you and everyone else in the household to get themselves dry within seconds. Because, as it couldn’t be any other way, the towels are highly absorbent too.

Unlike many other towels, these are a bit on the heavy side. The 900 GSM weight and the high-quality double-ply construction undoubtedly make the towels far better than the traditional towels.

If you go for these towels, you should be aware of its issue. Previous customers reported fraying not long after a couple of washes, which is disappointing, to say the least.

  • Ultra-soft Egyptian cotton material
  • High absorbency to soak up water quickly
  • 900 GSM & double-ply construction for more strength
  • Basic but effective design
  • These towels have shown durability issues

eLuxurySupply Egyptian Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set

eLuxurySupply Egyptian Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set
eLuxurySupply Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

With more than 15 colors available, this set of two towels guarantees you’ll make the most out of your bathroom’s decoration.

Not only do these towels look good, but they’re also quite efficient at what they do. Thanks to their 900 GSM build, they offer the perfect balance between weight, softness, and absorbency. Naturally, these products are slightly heavier than most, but they do feel comfortable nonetheless.

In this set, you get six towels: two bath towels that measure 30×55-inch, a pair of 20×30-inch hand towels, and two 13×13-inch face towels. Due to the Egyptian cotton material used to produce them, you can expect each one of these pieces to withstand the test of time and abuse.

Egyptian cotton towels are also popular because of their long-staple design, which makes them stylish.

Over time, you learn to like these towels more and more. In the beginning, you may encounter a lot of lint left behind. It may be frustrating at first, but it goes away eventually.

  • Available in many colors
  • 900 GSM design makes the towels feel dense and thick
  • Different type of towels included
  • Long-staple, luxurious Egyptian cotton material
  • Absorbent & soft towels
  • At first, the towels left behind a lot of lint

Superior 6 Piece Egyptian Cotton Towels Set

Superior 6 Piece Egyptian Cotton Towels Set
Superior Egyptian Cotton Towels Set

One particular reason to love these towels is their colors. That incredible brightness is among the very first features that grab our attention, as we realize they would look excellent in the bathroom. Even if you don’t like the bright towels, you could opt for the darker ones, which also look great.

Pretty much like every other complete set, the towels included here are six. The bath towels measure 27×54-inch, the hand towel’s dimensions are 16×28-inch, while the face towels are only 13×13-inch. They’re all soft, gentle to the skin, and long-lasting.

Also, the towels didn’t disappoint in absorbency either. They were able to soak up moisture easily and quickly, requiring only a few seconds on both skin and other surfaces.

Although the colors easily make these towels interesting, not all of them are perfect. The blue color, in particular, proved to fade away rather quickly after only two to three washes.

  • The towels are available in gorgeous colors
  • Complete set with two towels of each
  • Super soft, absorbent & quick-drying
  • Easy to maintain
  • High durability
  • The blue color towels fade away easily after a few washes

Stone & Beam Classic 2 Pack Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Stone & Beam Classic 2 Pack Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels
Stone & Beam Classic Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

This set features only two towels. Perhaps they may seem dull, but their level of absorbency and softness are pretty good. Both pieces come all in one color, and you get to decide your favorite from out of ten options, including blue, pink, and grey, among others.

These two towels measure 56×30-inch, which makes them great for different uses. The dense fabric and thickness also allow the towels to absorb a ton of water.

However, such thickness brings its own disadvantages too. Most noticeably, the towels may feel quite heavy for some people. Nonetheless, since the absorbency is great, you may be able to look past the towel’s weight.

Alternatively, you can check the other offers from this brand to get different towels. Just like the two bath towels reviewed here, options for hand towels or washcloths are also available. Even better, you have the opportunity to get a set with one of each. Of course, the price changes.

  • Two large bath towels included in this set
  • Many colors available for you to choose
  • Thick & dense towels with high absorbency to soak moisture quick
  • High-quality stitches to prevent unraveling
  • These towels are a bit heavier than most

Calla Angel Superior 1000 GSM Egyptian Cotton Towels

Calla Angel Superior 1000 GSM Egyptian Cotton Towels
Calla Angel Superior Egyptian Cotton Towels

Perhaps you don’t need that many towels. In some cases, you only need one, and that’s why we’re including one of Calla Angel’s Egyptian cotton towels.

This single product measures 63×31-inch, which is pretty large and will cover your body nicely to leave you clean and dry after a bath.

Yes, there aren’t many colors available for this towel, but the Mint Chain design is one of the best you’ll see. It’s quite simple, and yet, it adds a stylish and luxurious look to both you and your bathroom.

One clear difference between this towel and the rest is its design. It’s a slightly heavy 1000 gram towel, which naturally makes it denser and thicker, but also more absorbent too. The tightly woven loops provide that extra strength needed to withstand regular use.

Other than the lack of color variety, the softness of the towel isn’t the best either. Definitely, that’s a consideration to keep in mind if you’re trying to go for more softness.

  • Beautiful color & stylish embroidery
  • Long-staple Egyptian cotton with sturdy edges for more durability
  • Large size
  • Dense & thick, capable of providing a highly absorbent performance
  • Good weight
  • Not much color variety available
  • The towel isn’t the softest

Blue Nile Mills Buckingham Egyptian Cotton Towels Towel Set

Blue Nile Mills Buckingham Egyptian Cotton Towels Towel Set
Blue Nile Mills Egyptian Cotton Towels Towel Set

If you were looking for variety, then this offer is for you! The towels offered in this set are available in plenty of colors, including black, white, blue, purple, and many more. In total, the number of pieces you receive is six, two of each for different purposes.

For instance, there are two 30×55-inch bath towels, two 20×30-inch hand towels, and two 13×13-inch washcloths. They’re machine washable and durable, with reinforced edges and high-quality stitching to prevent unraveling.

These are 900 GSM towels, which may not be the heaviest, but their weight is still quite noticeable. Of course, that also brings some advantages for you, such as a denser towel with high absorbency.

Lastly, the towels are machine washable, allowing you to care for them easily when it’s due. Even better, adding vinegar in the washing cycle guarantees there won’t be any body-oil or soap residue afterward. It’s a small trick that actually works.

Be aware: during first washes, you’ll notice a ton of lint.

  • Plenty of colors available
  • High-quality build, featuring single-ply & dual-sided terry
  • Six towels included in the package
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
  • The towels lint a lot during the first washes

BC BARE COTTON Egyptian Cotton Beach Towels Set

BC BARE COTTON Egyptian Cotton Beach Towels Set
BC BARE COTTON Egyptian Cotton Beach Towel

Although these towels aren’t the best-looking, the benefits offered by them would make anyone consider buying them. For example, all the pieces measure 60×30-inch, which makes them quite large and suitable for uses at hotels, spas, and even as a beach towel.

The towels feature a vertical striped pattern that comes in blue over the white color of the towels. Still, there are other colors available, such as green and yellow. Since they all feature Egyptian cotton, durability issues shouldn’t be something to worry you.

One of the best advantages of owning these towels is their absorbency. Once on your skin, the fiber doesn’t take much time to soak all of the water. While doing that, you’ll quickly notice that they will be able to absorb a lot of water too.

Just as you’ll notice the good things, you’ll also take notice of the bad. First, the color starts to fade away rather quickly. Secondly, the towels are thinner than expected. Some people may like that, and some others won’t.

  • Ultra-soft towels for beach, spas, and more
  • High absorbency rate & decent capacity
  • Four oversized towels ideal for many uses
  • Durable
  • The colors fade away quickly
  • Thinner than expected

ELK ROSÉ 6 Piece Extremely Soft Egyptian Cotton Towels Set

ELK ROSÉ 6 Piece Extremely Soft Egyptian Cotton Towels Set
ELK ROSÉ Extremely Soft Egyptian Cotton Towels Set

The following is a set of towels that deliver that extra plush and fluffy fiber needed to feel cozy after a shower. Though the pieces may look heavy, they’re quite lightweight, even after absorbing a lot of water. In that sense, the absorbency offered also proved to be quite good.

With six towels in total, the set is everything you’ll need to keep you dry and comfortable. There are two 56×29-inch bath towels, two 30×20-inch hand towels, and a couple of 13×13-inch washcloths. The measurements are great, as the towels are just the perfect size for almost everyone.

The reason why you’d like these towels is that they’re the perfect balance of everything. Each piece delivers softness, fluffiness, and a ton of absorbency. Whether it’s a kid or an adult, they’ll love the feeling of wrapping the towels around them.

If there’s anything bad about these products, then it’d be their lack of color variety.

  • Super soft towels with high absorbency
  • Includes large towels and small washcloths
  • The double stitches design provides more durability
  • Combed & then woven cotton creates stylish 600 GSM towels
  • These towels lack color variety

Pharaohs Luxury White Long Staple Premium Egyptian Towels

Pharaohs Luxury White Long Staple Premium Egyptian Towels

Although there are only two pieces in this set, their quality is undeniable. The towels sport a beautiful white color with a luxurious decorative embroidery near one of the edges. These products are ideal for hotels or to improve the look of your bathroom.

The pieces included are two extra-large bath towels, both measuring 27×54-inch and woven with 700 GSM. Due to the material used to make them, which is Egyptian cotton, you can expect them to be durable and reliable.

Another benefit you can expect is high absorbency. After soaking up the water, the towels won’t take much time to dry because they’re quick-drying, and maintaining them isn’t hard either. All pieces are machine washable, reducing the time you’d spend caring for them.

These towels aren’t harsh on the skin, but they’re not the softest you could find. If you needed that extra comfort, perhaps looking at an alternative would be best. On the other hand, if ultra-softness doesn’t concern you, then this set is right for you.

  • Set of two oversized bath towels
  • 700 GSM design
  • High absorbency
  • Easy to maintain
  • Embroidery available in gold and silver
  • Lack softness

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Egyptian cotton towels?

A: The hand-woven technique used to create towels, blankets, sheets, and more using Egyptian cotton is one of the best. It creates clothes that will absorb quickly, and their softness is also quite remarkable.

Q: How to wash Egyptian cotton towels?

A: You can wash the towels using the washing machine. Don’t use fabric softeners or dryer sheets, as they may harm the towel’s absorbency. Tumble dry low, and proceed to get them out promptly from dryer.

Q: How to buy Egyptian cotton towels?

A: Start by figuring out how many you need, their size, and your budget. Then, look at the brands and offers reviewed here to see which ones are the best.

Q: Are Egyptian cotton towels lightweight?

A: It depends on the GSM quality. If you want lightweight towels featuring this material, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find those. Still, some other Egyptian towels could be quite heavy.

Q: Are Egyptian cotton towels good for sensitive skin?

A: Yes. One of the reasons the towels are so popular is because they are incredibly soft, or at least most of them are.

Final Words

That’s pretty much there is to know about the Egyptian cotton towels. The quality of these products is outstanding, as they allow you to care for your body without hurting your skin. Find your ideal pick, and you’ll see why many people have these towels as their favorites.