Top Towel Companies (2021): Best Towels from Each Company

In this article, we will take a look at the best towels from different companies we have reviewed before. There is a diverse range of towels for different purposes and you will find almost every towel that you might need; from car washing microfiber towels to bath towels to kitchen towels, these towel companies have you covered. As you read through this, you may find other daily essentials that you might be looking for and you might also come across some of the brands that you know and love or, you might find one that becomes a new favorite.

Top Towel Companies

Top Towel Companies of 2020

There is a short description of each company after that we added their star products. If you have any opinion please let us know on the comment.

Griot’s Garage

Griot’s Garage needs the absolute best for vehicles and the people who love cars. For energetic fans like themselves, vehicle care is enjoyable. Ends of the week in the carport are something they anticipate. At the point when they go all-out to build up the best items, they do it for themselves first.

From their modest beginnings, you’ll perceive how an adoration for vehicles has prompted the making of driving edge vehicle care items. From the primary inventories to the advancement labs and assembling activity in Indianapolis, to their Art Deco roused home office in Tacoma, one can get a Full Monty view what makes them unique. Since 1990 they’ve created, assembled, and packaged their liquid vehicle care products in their own U.S. manufacturing, assembling, and distributing center, giving them absolute quality power over washes, cleans, and waxes.

Their towels, fabrics, devices, polishing machines, carport rigging, and adornments are planned without anyone else to satisfy high guidelines for flawlessness and quality. Their drying towels, starter care kits, sit-on creepers, polish wax, and wash products are highly acclaimed and loved by their customers.

American Soft Linen

An online retail company that also acts as a wholesale company which is situated at West Haven. They provide bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. American Soft Linen LLC was established in June 2016 originally as an outlet of retail that dealt with high-quality luxury products. The customer reviews are highly positive and the quality is consistently reliable. American Soft Linen is viewed to be one of the trusted vendors on Amazon. The goal is to provide the best service and quality while being the choice of Amazon. They also have a blog of their own that discusses various solutions regarding towels.

Classic Turkish towels

This is a trademarked towel brand in the USA that is commonly found in spas, hotels, and big box stores. Not only in the USA, but this towel brand is also seen all over the world in premium hotels and spas. They’ve been in Connecticut, the USA for a decade providing the best Turkish cotton products. Their products such as the quick-drying Turkish towels are all authentic imported towels. All of their Classic Turkish Towels are made to be extra luxurious in quality lasting for a long time without losing its softness. They claim to be the number 1 American Turkish towel manufacturer. They have been supplying towels since 1996 to hotels, casinos, and spas.

Classic Turkish has a pretty small team of only 20 people and most of them are from the USA. The team is chaired by Ismail Aktim, a Turkish businessman (Vice President of Classic Turkish towels). In the year 1993, Ismail Aktim first came to the USA. He brought his family with him in the hopes of starting a towel business and by the year 1996 Ismail managed to do so by renting a small office to start a textile business. The company can now offer more than 150 hotels, casinos, and spas with quality towels that clients appreciate. 

In 2020, Classic Turkish towels became a well-known and admirable name in the fabrics world.

The Loomia

Loomia is a passionate project that became a brand because of the joint efforts of a husband and a wife. They are both from Istanbul Turkey and they wanted to show the world what Turkey had in store for Textile related products. 

They opened The Loomia business and found many amazing products to share. Handwoven Turkish towels and linens were one of the focal points of their business. Soon they created connections with various designers, providers, and clients who shared the same ideas as them. They opened an online store that grew very rapidly and raised various challenges like responding to the global demand and so on which by the way, they overcame.

1888 Mills

Mr. Abdul Yaqub established Eastern Imports nearly 40 years ago with the vision to provide quality products of textiles to the health care industry at a lower cost. In 1987 Eastern imports had to join with Shelnor Mills to gain access to the retail market. Shelnor was a leading kitchen textile provider. After realizing the importance of a truly globalized platform in 2001, Eastern Shelnor merged with 1888 Mills, a USA based Manufacturer.

The acquiring of Bacon Looms by Mills most recently, opened a door of quality window treatments to the retail industry. 1888 Mills had a humble beginning but now it has grown into a leading industry that manufactures home and commercial textiles. 1888 Mills has managed to acquire various awards like the USA manufacturing award of Excellence from Wallmart and AHR Outstanding Supplier Partner award in 2014 along with many other awards from 2004-2014.

Avanti Linens

Founded in 1989 the dedication of Avanti Linens has been to provide timeless and instinctive bath products. They have unique collections of embraided, fabric-trimmed embellished towels, and matching bath accessories. They also make things like shower curtains and rugs that make them stand out and an undisputed leader in the industry of decorative bath. A new category of the product was discovered was created in 1969 when Arthur and Sandy Tauber founded Avanti. In the next four decades, they improvised and refined the category as they remained the most dominant in the industry. They are said to be the provider of the finest embellished towels for the first 35 years of their establishment and they later expanded to bath accessories.

Now, they also make products like table linens and kitchen textiles. Avanti first opened its showroom on the 36th street in Newyork and moved to 27th street by 1971. The same year they moved to Eighth Avenue and then o 16th street, each time anticipating growth. As of now, Avanti Linens is in Moonachie, NJ occupying 15,000 square foot facility. 


Cariloha turns bamboo fields into bamboo fabrics that are soft. They offer bedding, activewear, bath goods, and other accessories made from soft and cool bamboo. It finds its inspiration from the islands blending self-expression into products. They have a retail showroom in 16 countries now. Cariloha was established in 2007 through the development of island-leisure products that were very different from what they provide now.

In 2008 they opened 3 retail shops and realized their product line was not the right fit for their location. After rethinking their business model they later concluded and ended up developing an entire retail showroom filled with bamboo products.


Inga Lukauskiene is an interior designer born in Lithuania having a real passion for fabrics and their attributes like strength, consistency, and durability.

One of the most important heirlooms that a mother could give to her daughter on her wedding day was linen passed down from previous generations which were prevalent in many cultures. It was the main inspiration. Inga graduated from London’s KLC School of Design and decided that she would focus on linen based home accessories and this is how LinenMe was established.

All their products are customer-inspired and the designs are crafted through a combination of traditional and cutting-edge tech that produces top quality products.

Bless Linen

BLESS LINEN is a beautiful and healthy system with high-quality essentials, home furniture, and artistic materials produced using linen.

BLESS LINEN products are healthy, what it means is that their team is doing everything possible to grow and process the flax plants from which the products are made, as well as to produce the final piece in a very healthy environment, without harmful and toxic pesticides. Chemical products

When they say that BLESS LINEN products are beautiful, it implies that the products are the result of close collaboration with stylists, designers, production technicians, as well as an accurate analysis of customer preferences, color choices, and an environment in which they are used in. They believe that their products are of high quality for 2 main reasons. The first is the characteristics of flax fibers that they use.

However, the more important reason is the qualification, experience, and high vocation of all those involved in the production of Bless Linen products, the guarantee of quality at each stage: from the cultivation of the flax, field to research scientist on the best choice of seeds. flax and organic fertilizers. All this essentially ensures a great end result. Today BLESS LINEN creates objects with classic fabric patterns, timeless patterns, and colors for generations, to take advantage of the benefits of pure lingerie.

Bumble Towels

Their products said to have been carefully designed and created to make things easier and more enjoyable. Using high-quality textiles to create products that are trustable and enjoyable in different parts of the home. Their 100% brushed cotton bath towels are densely woven with incredibly large spikes per inch to produce a soft towel offering a daily spa experience.

Their Percale cradle is made of Supima-cotton, the longest certified cotton base in the United States, which provides a fresh and refined hand finish and a relaxing sleep after a busy day. Bumble towels provide great products at a great price, leaving more time for the things you love most, instead of searching dozens of products and multiple reviews to find the perfect set of towels or bath linen.

Qute Home

These towels are made with the quality materials and with great attention to detail, so you can be sure you will get a good deal. The bath and towels are made of fine Turkish cotton, super soft and light as a feather. Turkish cotton is very soft and smooth on the skin, so it will avoid any irritation or allergic reaction because it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Indispensable for any bathroom, the towels are not only soft but very practical. Their towel set includes the most essential towels for your bathroom, which can be used as per your use case the towels are very absorbent, so you can dry yourself in seconds and enjoy a luxurious spa experience after each bath or shower.


They are a company based on America committed to providing products having great quality for outdoor sports through the use of new high-quality materials. They claim to use the best technologies combining modern models with the traditional ones. Their vision is to be a professional brand that meets everyone’s outdoor sports needs. They provide things like ultralight super absorbent microfiber travel towels, wavy striped pool towels, basic microfiber towels, microfiber towel sets, lightweight backpacks, yoga balls, rainbow beach towels, waterproof dry bags, etc. 


They have a metaphoric description of themselves describing how their name connects to the word Monster that Everyone has living in their soul. A rather philosophical take on a name. 4 Monster’s ambition is a blossoming vitality and that anything is possible. 4 people had the opportunity to meet each other while working in different fields of work. they also liked daily outdoor activities and this is how and why they wanted to more easily explore the magnificent world outdoors and share the beauty of nature with more people and created the 4Monster brand in February 2017.

Complemented by the determination of 4 of these young people who think the same, Monster seeks a wonderful world, a daring innovation to break the old restrictions and embrace the world like a monster. They provide backpacks that are ultralight, microfiber towels that are light and compact as well as drawstring bags in order to make the whole ordeal much easier.


Wildhorn makes products that are suited for outdoor use. They are very proud to be able to innovate products. They believe in creating shared experiences in nature with friends and family. Some of their products are said to be protected by intellectual property rights. They want future generations to experience nature as we do today. Their donations are focused on efforts to protect and strengthen oceans, beaches, forests, and mountains.

Founded in 2015, they are part of the new era of foreign trade. The equipment is cheap, unique, and practical. They are committed to doing good and investing part of our income to preserve the desert for future generations. They are based in the Salt Lake valley, near the base of the Wasatch Mountains. Their roots are local yet they develop with care for all places in the world. They provide things like outdoor blankets, towels, bags, and so on. 

Dock & Bay

Dock & Bay has grown rapidly since its launch in August 2015. They have decided to create one of the best quick-drying beach towels and now you are producing not only that but also a range of innovative, high-quality products., economical and sustainable products that customers don’t seem to have enough of. Providing quality products like the customer’s favorite cooling towels, swim shorts, and quick-dry towels. Their products excel in quick-drying, absorbancy, and compactness while being suitable for sandy environments like the beach.

The owners share a passion for travel and don’t take themselves too seriously. You remove a red curtain from the wall and glue pieces of white paper together to create the first iconic striped towel design, that’s how they approached it. The innovators are happy and they have a talented team of 10 people taking the brand to the next stage. So far, the trip has been associated with a visit to various imaginative places as they state. It is said to be an interesting investment including key innovations in sustainability and Dock & Bay had selected been as one of the Fast Tracks to be seen in the Sunday Times – 2019.


They give a world-class yoga experience through quality items, fast delivery, and stunning client assistance while cultivating a network of yogis around the globe who bolster and move each other. Their central goal is to assist individuals carrying on with a more beneficial way of life. They accept balance is the premise of a cheerful, sound life.

In March of 2013, The Shandali organizer made a beeline for Bali, Indonesia to surf and find others aim on carrying on with a solid way of life. It was the point at which he showed up in the town of Ubud that he encountered this yoga way of life and this flourishing network without limit; basically, he began to look all starry eyed at. Not long after arriving in Ubud, he propelled Shandali as an approach to join present-day yogis and manufacture a worldwide network with shared qualities.

The thought was to make a network of individuals devoted to picking up, teaching, and making the contributions that make up a sound, fruitful, and dynamic way of life. This included physical development culture from yoga to surfing to moving, in addition to profound development rehearses from reflection to self-request, just as the enthusiastic and lively parts of living a higher charged and intentional life. Shandali assists individuals in discovering satisfaction through solid cognizant living while likewise giving the best items and rigging to utilize while doing that. Their items are eco-accommodating and made with adoration.

They are a group of yogis around the globe who bolster every others’ development profoundly, expertly, and truly by their yoga practice. Shandali provides items like a yoga hand towel, yoga travel towel, nonstick towel, hand towel, and other yoga-based products.

Pack Towel

Pack towel is a small online business that provides products like a microfiber towel, quick-dry towel, and yoga essentials. They also have yoga and camping specific products that are more in the line of towels and other similar stuff. Odor control products are a developmental microfiber towel that they made with Polygene to combat things like odors caused by microbes such as mildew, bacteria, and fungus. Polygene is based on silver chloride which is a salt substance produced from recycled silver. It has a low impact on the environment when compared with other odor-controlling solutions available in the market these days. 

The Camping Trail

It’s established by a couple who like to spend most of their free time doing something outside. Both being outdoor people they like things like hiking or mountain biking or just plain sitting, anything outside really. One of them has a liking towards photography but both love mountains. To them, it does not matter where they are but clean fresh mountain breeze is what they live for. This is how they have refined their equipment and accessories to best suit people much like them. Their business is based in the mountains of Victoria in Australia. It is a place with plenty of lakes, mountains, rivers, and outdoor playgrounds.

Camping Trail was originally a blog that they had started for no other reason than to be part of people who love nature all over the world they opened the store with the main focus in microfiber towels and the Paracord survival kit. These products were used but themselves heavily which gave them a consumer insight and they made changes would not have been possible to find otherwise. Their philosophy is to make sustainable products and products that do what they want to do best and products that cost neither arms nor legs.


Sinland is a Cleaning store based On AliExpress that delivers various cleaning towels along with some other products for cleaning kitchen and kitchen accessories, garage accessories, and your car. Their product strives in diversity ranging from Absolvent microfiber cloths to gym towels. Their main focus and product line align with various towels made of microfiber. Dishwashing microfiber to car drying microfiber towels, their products have good, consistent quality, and the reviews are mostly positive.

Chemical Guys

Chemical guys, a way of life with a worldwide crowd. Driven by energy, experience for quality, and love for the road, they invite every individual who shares this enthusiasm to be a piece of the family. Throughout the years, they have gotten substantially more: an enormous library of itemized information, a reference in the business, a gathering of companions with common energy. What guides them, as is evident by their success, is their obsession for magnificence.

Speed is streamlined tastefulness at its best; The splendid specialty of twisted metal plates welded by ponies, the new solidified chrome, the bent precious stone glass, the smell of hand-sewn new calfskin, and the sheen of a newly waxed vehicle. It makes them imaginative, developed and learned. Achievement isn’t building an organization, however a worldwide family, the amount of which is bigger than the entirety of its segments. At the point when they began, they chose to clean the board and begin once again with the straightforward thought of making the best synthetics in California with the most excellent guidelines. 

From selective wax in little amounts to cutting edge crossover to nanofluids and ceramic sealants, they are reclassifying more than they are innovative in this area. Chemical Guys are based in California, they are not just responsible for the production of the best synthetic compounds, but also responsible to represent considerable authority in creating interesting arrangements in an ever-evolving industry.

The Rag Company

The Rag Company is an Idaho-based private organization established in 1999. Their responsibility as described by them is to give the best quality microfiber items to discount and retail clients the same. To guarantee fulfillment they ensure their items and guarantee greatness is worth and service. The associations they have built up with Asian industrial facilities empower them to offer their clients an enormous choice of standard and custom sizes and hues in a wide scope of microfiber weaves. In a microfiber industry that is growing rapidly, The Rag Company is a setup name you can trust. Their expansive client base incorporates a significant number of the country’s most popular inns, clinics, cleaning and janitorial organizations, auto detailers, itemizing item retailers/wholesalers, schools and colleges, spas, and makers. Regardless of whether you are a client or simply visiting The Rag Company. 


According to Gaiam, “We need to accomplish by helping more increasingly, live more, be progressively and dynamic. In any case, the possibility that we must be impeccable at all that we do once in a while keeps us down. So we at Gaiam attempt to grasp all aspects of our entirely flawed selves particularly with regards to yoga. That is the reason we make yoga, wellness, and wellbeing items”. At Gaiam, they accept that by sustaining, ensuring, and regarding the Earth and everybody and everything that exists, they enhance their own lives and those of people in the future. The main goal is to utilize their remaining as the main way of life brand to make yoga, wellness and wellbeing open to all by providing quality cushion support kid, yoga kit, cool yoga kits, balance chairs, bags, totes, and other products.

Yoga Design Lab

The thought for Yoga Design Lab began while on an excursion in Bali. The entrepreneur was situated in the rear of a pressed class at the notable mecca for yoga, Yoga Barn. Glancing around, all he saw was an ocean of predictable, massed delivered, strong hued yoga mats. The belief was as stated, there must be a method of making a profoundly useful item that was likewise stylishly delightful. The motivation developed and he realized that he needed to make yoga mats that would make more individuals amped up for rehearsing yoga.

So, the excursion started. In short, what he did is sell his stuff, get together some packs, and moved to Bali. His intention was to make a line of yoga adornments that would motivate individuals around the globe. Mixing style-forward plan components with inventive usefulness and bio-inexhaustible awareness was vital to the Yoga Design Lab approach of his. From their products like insulated water bottles to their yoga mats to the water-based inks utilized in their printed plans, would all be helping with the cause. They are dedicated to providing products like their combo mats, infinity mats, towels, props, and bags while utilizing recyclable methods.

Final Words

This concludes our dive into the world of towels for now. We have listed 20 different companies and brands in this article while accounting for various needs of various people in various fields. These are all companies that we have had a good experience with and there might have been some exceptions, highs, and lows from time to time but the overall experience has been positive. These are all top contenders in their respective categories and the products mentioned in each brief are the ones that they make the best. Each of them has their main product while having various side products, the goal is to know which company focuses most on which specific line of products.