Best Organic Towels Review (of 2022) – Cotton Blend and Soft

If you want proper care for your skin, you’re going to need the best organic towels. Towels under this category are perfect for a lot of reasons, some of them being because they’re absorbent, soft, and durable.

Most of the organic towels feature cotton, a material we all appreciate due to its quality. You can find a ton of single or complete organic towel sets, but only a few of them are worth the money. Here, we’ve got what you need exactly.

So, the question is, are you ready to learn more about the best organic cotton towels? Let’s start!

Best Organic Towels

How to Choose the Best Organic Towels?

First and foremost, we need to know what we want to buy. The towels available are too many to count, which is why it could be tricky to figure out which towels are the most suitable for us. Nonetheless, we’ll help you with your search by helping you choose your towels.

Before pulling the trigger on your purchase, make sure the towels of your preference meet the following demands.


Since the purpose of this article is to review organic towels, you’ll encounter many of them featuring cotton, in all of its variety. For example, one of the most popular is Turkish cotton, which is organic, natural, and 100% genuine. This particular material provides many benefits for us.

While looking for towels, you’ll find that there are a lot of materials used to produce them. There are microfiber towels, Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, and more. Each one may have its benefits, but when it comes to organic towels, you want to have high-quality fiber worth the money.


The size of the towel is important depending on what you plan to do with it, and your own body physique. Keep in mind that there are many types of towels available, including bath towels, hand towels, face towels, and more. They all vary in size.

Ideally, if you go for a bath towel, you want them to be as large as possible to wrap your body inside. However, for hand and face towels, or even washcloths, going for a smaller size would be the most ideal, as these towels are for a certain part of the body specifically.

Absorbency & Softness

Naturally, if you’re buying towels, you want them to be both absorbent and soft. Stiff fiber won’t only feel rough on the skin, but it may also leave awful marks and even rashes.

Luckily, all of the towels reviewed here are capable of providing high absorbency and softness. Some may be better than others, but all of them are comfortable nonetheless.

The absorbency of a towel often depends on its density. For instance, 300 to 400 GSM towels are pretty lightweight, while the 400 to 600 towels have an in-between weight. However, the latter towels are far better at absorbing than the first ones.


Do you need a single towel, a couple, or perhaps many of them? Whatever the case may be, make sure to check all of the options before purchasing. You’ll see that, while some of the offers provide a single towel, other brands go as far as offering a complete set of six towels instead.

Even though it may not seem necessary, having many towels is beneficial for everyone at home. The ideal scenario would be to have at least a couple of each towel, be it bath towels, hand towels, or washcloths.


Although it isn’t as important as everything we’ve discussed so far, the color of the towels is yet another consideration to have in mind. If you care about decoration deeply, which many people do, you want your towels to blend with the home décor.

Fortunately, the color variety isn’t something you’ll miss. The towels included in our list are available in white, green, blue, gray, yellow, and many more colors you may like.


You wouldn’t spend the same amount of money on a single towel and a set of them. Depending on what you need, be it a set or just a few towels, the price of the final product varies, naturally.

So, if you only need a few towels, consider the brands that offer towels individually. You’ll end up saving money you could use for other things.

Brand Image Size Color Price
Turkish Laundry Organic Bath Towel Set 31 X 57
18 X 33
14 X 14
Rivet Rivet Popcorn Texture Organic Cotton Bath Towel Set 30 X 56
16 X 30
13 X 13

Pinzon Pinzon Organic Cotton Set of 4 Bath Towel 30

Whisper Organics GOTS Certified Cotton Bath Towels 30
American Oversized Organic Cotton Bath Sheet 30

Welhome Welhome Hudson Organic 6 Piece Bath Towel Set 30 X 56
16 X 30
13 X 13

SALBAKOS SALBAKOS Soft Organic Cotton Fouta Towel 40

Magnolia Super Soft Organic Bath Towels 30

SALBAKOS SALBAKOS Premium Organic Hand Towels Set 16

Madison Park Organic Cotton Towel Set 30 X 54
18 X 30
13 X 13

10 Best Organic Towel Reviews

The following are the top offers currently available for us. These towels delivered an excellent performance under many scenarios.

Turkish Laundry Organic Bath Towel Set

Turkish Laundry Organic Bath Towel Set
Turkish Laundry Soft Organic Bath Towel Set

Our first pick is a towel set featuring five pieces, all in an impeccable white color ideal for many activities. Whether you use it for the saloon, bathroom, or at the pool, each one of these towels serves its purpose satisfactorily.

The pieces included in this set are one bath towel measuring 31×57-inch, a hand towel that measures 18×33-inch, and three 14×14-inch towels. Although there are only a single bath towel and hand towel, this pack offers a complete set to keep every part of your body dry after a bath.

Due to the 850 GSM of density featured by the towels, you can expect them to have an in-between weight. They’re not light, but they’re not heavy either. However, their absorbency levels are top-notch. Also, it goes without saying that softness is yet another benefit you can expect.

Overall, these towels are great. If the set offered two bath towels instead of one, it’d be much easier to call it the best organic bath towels set.

  • Ultra-soft, comfortable thickness and high absorbency
  • Impeccable white color
  • High-quality 850 GSM density
  • Includes bathroom towels, as well as for face and hands
  • Only one bath towel included instead of two

Rivet Popcorn Texture Organic Cotton Bath Towel Set

Rivet Popcorn Texture Organic Cotton Bath Towel Set
Rivet Organic Cotton Bath Towel Set

In this list, you will find plenty of beautiful towels, but this set probably has several of the best-looking towels out of the bunch. If you look at them closely, the towels feature a popcorn texture, which provides an incredible aesthetic design to blend well with your bathroom’s decoration.

The colors are great too! You could get white, black, or blue towels, to name a few.

Unlike the typical towel set, this one offers only three pieces: a 56×30-inch bath towel, a 30×16-inch hand towel, and a 30×16-inch washcloth. If you’re looking for a specific type of towel, then you can order hand towels, bath towels, or washcloths only, as they’re available in packages of two.

It doesn’t take much time to use them to see the towels absorb liquids pretty well. Still, their softness is not the best, and some people have mentioned they’re rather rough on the skin.

  • Towels are available in different colors
  • Good-looking popcorn texture
  • Highly absorbent
  • Includes a bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth
  • These towels aren’t that soft

Pinzon Organic Cotton Set of 4 Bath Towel

Pinzon Organic Cotton Set of 4 Bath Towel
Pinzon Organic Cotton Bath Towel Set

If you like having plenty of variety, then these towels will offer you that. They’re available in many colors, including pink, blue, green, navy, and more. Regardless of the decoration at home, you’ll be able to find the towels in a color that fits in well.

The density of these towels is 700 GSM, which makes them thicker and somewhat heavy. Of course, that also means that the absorbency provided by the fabric meets the expectations set.

In total, you receive 4 towels in this set. All of them are bath towels, meaning there are no hand or face towels included. Due to their 30×56-inch measurements, the size of the towels is convenient for people of all ages.

As a downside, you’ll have to be careful during the washing. The lint left behind is a lot. Additionally, the drying time is pretty long too.

  • Set of four large bath towels
  • Many colors available
  • High absorbency
  • Durable fabric
  • The towels leave a lot of lint behind during washing
  • Drying time is quite long

Whisper Organics GOTS Certified Cotton Bath Towels

Whisper Organics GOTS Certified Cotton Bath Towels
Whisper Organics Cotton Bath Towels

While looking for the best organic cotton towels, one of the brands that come up is Whisper Organic. The products from this manufacturer are efficient, and we have these towels to prove that. There are only two towels included in this set, but they’re worth every bit of money.

First of all, the towels look incredible. They’re quite luxurious, which makes them suitable for the bathroom, spas, or salons. By measuring 30×56-inch, both bath towels included are great to soak up plenty of water in less than a few seconds.

Another benefit of the towels is their thickness and durability. With decent density levels, everyone that uses the towel will feel comfortable after getting out of the shower.

The only downside of these products is that they’re not that soft. When compared to some of the softest towels, you could tell these aren’t as soft.

  • Great color design
  • Good density for more thickness
  • Durable towels
  • High absorbency
  • These bath towels aren’t that soft

American Oversized Organic Cotton Bath Sheet

American Oversized Organic Cotton Bath Sheet
American Oversized Soft Organic Cotton Bath Sheet

The benefits of having an oversized bath towel are many, such as the opportunity to wrap yourself and feel warm after a bath. This product from American Bath Towels is that exactly, an oversized towel that measures an outstanding total of 40×80 inches.

This particular towel is available in different colors like aqua blue, coal-black, dark brown, green, and more. Suffice to say, they all feel as great as they look. Also, the level of absorbency provided is incredible, albeit the fabric may feel a little heavy once soaked in water.

In fact, the 650 GSM of density makes the towel both thick and soft, giving us a sense of comfort after every shower.

The towel features double-stitched corners, meaning that, even after many washing, it’ll remain in one piece. If maintained properly, this product should last a pretty long time.

Of course, the large size could be a double-edged sword. For some people, it’s cool, but the towel may be too big for some others.

  • Available in different beautiful colors
  • The towel comes as a single product or in a pack of six pieces
  • 650 GSM of density creates a thick, soft towel
  • Outstanding absorbency
  • This towel could be too large for some people

Welhome Hudson Organic 6 Piece Bath Towel Set

Welhome Hudson Organic 6 Piece Bath Towel Set
Welhome Hudson Pure Organic 6 Piece Bath Towel Set

Here we have what we call a complete towel set. The pieces included in this purchase are six, and they vary in size. For instance, the pair of bath towels measure 30×54-inch, while the two hand towels measure 16x30inch, and the washcloths’ dimensions are 13×13-inch.

So, be it face, body, or hands, acquiring this set guarantees you’ll have a towel for each part of your body.

The density of these towels is 651 GSM, which is a good indicator of their quality. While using them, you’ll notice that each towel is lightweight, and they’re capable of absorbing a decent amount of water. Afterward, you’ll feel refreshed and clean.

Nonetheless, the absorbency of these towels isn’t as good as you’d expect. Don’t expect them to perform too well on this matter.

By featuring organic cotton as its main material, the towels feel way softer than the traditional cotton towel. Also, their durability is decent, meaning you can count on them for a long time.

  • Complete set of bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths
  • 651 GSM makes the towels lightweight & absorbent
  • Thick design & soft to the skin
  • Good levels of durability
  • The towels aren’t as absorbent as you’d expect

SALBAKOS Soft Organic Cotton Fouta Towel

SALBAKOS Soft Organic Cotton Fouta Towel
SALBAKOS Organic Cotton Fouta Towel

This towel is a bit different from what we’ve seen so far. It does feature organic cotton, very much like the other products here, but it’s a Fouta towel instead. Its measurement is 40×70-inch, which is relatively large to use at the bathroom and other areas of the house.

The quality of this towel is undeniable. Its woven design, featuring twisted yarn and herringbone weave, makes the towel feel soft on the skin. Also, this design, in particular, looks good too, meaning that not only you get a reliable towel, but a beautiful towel as well.

Another benefit of having this towel is that it’s lightweight. The soft cotton, besides being comfortable, it’s easy to carry around in case you’re heading to the beach, for example.

If you go for this product, keep in mind the following considerations. First, the towel’s smell, once it arrives, is pretty strong, which could be a problem for sensitive people. Secondly, you may want to wash it before first use, as there’s a lot of fuzz.

  • Beautiful Fouta towel
  • Large size
  • High absorbency & softness
  • Available in different colors
  • Upon arrival, the towel has a strong smell and a lot of fuzz

Magnolia Super Soft Organic Bath Towels

Magnolia Super Soft Organic Bath Towels

The stitching technique used to produce these towels is part of the reason why they’re so great. With 550 GSM design and featuring organic terry cloth, there’s almost nothing these towels can’t do. These pieces are all bath towels, measuring 30×56-inch in total.

Thanks to their thick design, the towels prove to be extra absorbent, and the softness provided is quite pleasing. The colors of the towels may vary. You have the option to get either natural, dark grey, or chocolate. Either way, their design makes the towels blend well with the decoration at home.

Upon purchasing, the towels arrive free from sizing, and there are no chemicals that may be harmful.

As long as you’re careful with their care, each of the towels included in this set should last you a long time. They do lose some threads, and they wear down, but even then, the towels are still good.

  • Even after many months using them, the towels continue to absorb
  • Different colors available to blend with the bathroom’s decoration
  • High-quality stitching for a better feel on skin and absorbency
  • The towels are machine washable
  • Good size to cover the body
  • Lose threads during washing

SALBAKOS Premium Organic Hand Towels Set

SALBAKOS Premium Organic Hand Towels Set
SALBAKOS Premium Organic Hand Towels

The following pack offers 6 towels. Even though you can get all six towels in white, other colors like blue, gray, and navy are also available. By featuring high-quality Turkish cotton, the towels feel great, plus they have high absorbency capacity too.

These 700 GSM towels measure 16×30-inch, which is not too large but enough for a convenient set of towels for the household. Particularly, one of the reasons to like these towels is because of their super absorbency rate. They can soak the water in a matter of seconds, and leave a perfect skin.

The design of these towels is another reason to like them. For the double-stitched hem and the vat-dyed process, both durability and long-lasting bright colors are two things you can expect.

Even better, there’s no use of harmful chemicals either, guaranteeing everyone can use the towels comfortably. Despite all of its good features, the white color of these towels isn’t that good. It doesn’t look entirely white, which is a bit off-putting.

  • Pack of six towels available in different colors
  • Double-stitched hems for longer durability
  • Super absorbency & softness
  • Colors remain bright
  • Although the towels are available in different colors, the white color doesn’t look good

Madison Park Organic Cotton Towel Set

Madison Park Organic Cotton Towel Set
Madison Park Organic Cotton Towel

The last pick to complete our selection comes from Madison Park. It’s an organic towel set that offers six pieces, including a pair of 30×54-inch bath towels, two 18×30-inch hand towels, and a final couple of 13×13-inch wash towels; all made with cotton, and all with a light green color.

Due to their design, the 650 GSM towels included in this set are thick and large, which makes them ideal for use at home or the spa. For maintenance, the towels are machine washable, though some precautions apply.

The towels not only look and feel great, but they’re capable of providing high absorbency as well. Besides, after soaking up the water, it doesn’t take much time for them to dry. That’s a benefit, especially if you’re having guests over and need the towels to be ready as soon as possible.

Even with all of their benefits, the towels aren’t as soft as some of the others reviewed here. Other than that, you can expect the towels to do well in every other area.

  • The beautiful light green color looks good in the bathroom
  • High absorbency & quick-drying towels
  • Includes a pair of hand towels, bath towels, and washcloths for a complete set
  • Durable
  • These towels aren’t as soft as one would like

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are organic towels better?

A: Many people consider organic towels to be the better choice out of all the other types of towels. You could argue that they’re better for your skin and more durable, but that depends on the perception of each person that uses organic towels.

Q: What makes towels organic?

A: Certified organic towels, produced via sustainable methods, are different from your traditional towels in many ways. For example, organic towels don’t feature synthetic like polyester that provides softness to the towels, yes, but only temporarily.

Q: Are organic towels eco-friendly?

A: Yes, organic towels don’t have dangerous chemicals or substances that may harm you or the environment.

Q: How to maintain organic towels?

A: Organic towels are machine washable, so you want to care for them using the washer machine with warm water. Then, tumble dry low. Washing the towels before first use is always necessary, and you also want to avoid using fabric softeners if possible.

Q: Which organic towel to buy?

A: Since there are many of them, such as bath towels or hand towels, you want to buy organic towels with the most suitable size for your body. Bath towels must be large, often oversized, while the rest could be of a smaller size. Either way, make sure they’re all absorbent.

Final Words

Once you find your best organic cotton towels, you’ll be able to quickly tell why many people consider them as the most comfortable you could get. Sure, some organic towels may not be perfect, but some others are definitely a good investment for you and everyone else in the household.