Best Bikram Yoga Mat Reviews – For Smooth Hot Yoga of 2022

Bikram yoga can be a high-intensity activity for the traditional 90 minutes every session lasts. That only means one thing: everyone taking part in these sessions will sweat a lot. Now that we’re aware of that, we can proceed to get the equipment to prepare for the experience.

One piece of equipment that you will most certainly need is the best Bikram yoga mat.

Best Bikram Yoga Mat

Fear not. We’ll help you with your search to find the right mat. In this article, we’ve selected a variety of products that will provide support for your body as you try your best to do the postures required in each session.

First, let’s talk about what we need to know before purchasing a Bikram mat.

How to Choose the Best Bikram Yoga Mat?

If you’re unsure of how to buy the mat, here’s a list of features that you must consider before making your final call.


The type of material used to create the mat is perhaps the most relevant feature you must consider. In some cases, it’s not only just a single material but rather a combination of them. From a microfiber suede surface to a rubber base, every bit counts.

Undoubtedly, the material is the big element that defines the mat’s absorbency, durability, softness, and more.


For mats, you want them as large as possible. Having that extra fabric to move over the surface could make the whole difference between a successful and a failed Bikram yoga posture. Also, the thickness must be right, as it’d be responsible for the amount of cushioning you receive.

Fortunately, most of the products reviewed here offer that extra-large size.


Perfect stability is essential for all kinds of yoga activities, including Bikram. Some mats require spraying some water over them to activate their grip. Alternatively, you could get a dry grip mat instead.

Whatever the case may be, a good grip on the surface should always be one of your main concerns.


Don’t kid yourself. You’ll be sweating a lot if you’re going all-in with your Bikram yoga sessions. That’s a fact, and all you can do is prepare to handle the mess.

Make sure your preferred choice is a good yoga mat for sweaty hands. Otherwise, you may slip and lose your focus, or worst, you could hurt yourself.

Set vs. Single

Do you need a single mat or a set offering another towel too? As saw during our reviews, some brands include an additional piece that could be a hand towel or a face towel, depending on the manufacturer.

Choosing one or the other could have an impact on your budget, so you’ll have to consider it beforehand.

Brand Image Material Size Color Price
Aurorae Aurorae Non-Slip Bikram Yoga Mat Towel Combo Microfiber 24

Yoga Design Lab Commuter Bikram Yoga Mat Microfiber 24
Printed Design
Plyopic Plyopic All-in-One Luxury Sweat-Grip Bikram Mat/Towel Combo Microfiber 25
Plyopic Plyopic Ultra-Grip Bikram Yoga Mat with Body Alignment Line Eco Polyurethane
Tree Rubber
Soulhaven Soulhaven Bikram Hot Yoga Mat Towels Set of 2 Towels Microfiber 10
LEVOIT LEVOIT Microfiber Mat Towel For Bikrom Yoga Microfiber 15X24
MALA MALA Hybrid Premium Natural Rubber Yoga Mat for Bikrom Microfiber 24
Printed Design
TXK TXK Non Slip Bikram Long Yoga Mat Natural Rubber 24
Printed Design

Best Bikram Yoga Mat Review

After learning a bit more about what these products have to offer, now it’s a good time to start reviewing the better picks.

Aurorae Non-Slip Bikram Yoga Mat Towel Combo

Aurorae Non-Slip Bikram Yoga Mat Towel Combo
Aurorae Non-Slip Bikram Yoga Mat Towel

The first set features a mat and a microfiber towel, offering you the complete package needed for activities like Bikram. While doing your routines over the mat, no longer will you have to suffer from slipping out of the towel. It secures a firm grip on the ground to allow you to move freely.

With 72” of length, 30” of width, and 5mm of thickness, the mat is ideal for both your safety and comfort. Before use, you must spray the top layer with water for better results. Otherwise, you won’t get that non-slip performance.

The mat is available in different colors, and even though they’re not the fanciest, they do look good. This Bikram equipment is also lightweight, durable, and odorless. Additionally, there are no dangerous chemicals, latex, or rubber that may be dangerous for some people.

Caring for both pieces included in the set is easy since you can do it by machine, but they do take plenty of time to dry.

  • 2-in-1 set with mat and microfiber towel
  • Secures a non-slip surface for your routines
  • Lightweight and durable
  • No odor or dangerous chemicals involved
  • A long time needed to dry

Yoga Design Lab Commuter Bikram Yoga Mat

Yoga Design Lab Commuter Bikram Yoga Mat
Yoga Design Lab Foldable Bikram Yoga Mat

In this opportunity, we have a product that works as well as it looks, which is already a plus. This mat is available in plenty of color designs, with interesting patterns that quickly grab your attention. Just like the previous product, this one also works as a 2-in-1, alternating as mat and towel.

The materials used to create this product are natural tree rubber and a combination of microfiber. Due to that mix, the mat is capable of providing a long lifespan to back you up during your Bikram sessions. Also, lightweight and sweat absorbency are two other benefits you can expect.

Similar to most Bikram mats, spraying some water on the top helps to prevent sliding. Once it’s ready to go, the mat provides that extra cushion and stability needed for the user’s optimum performance. As time passes, the grip gets better and better.

One issue previous customers point out about this mat is that it doesn’t do well on hardwood floors.

  • More than 10 beautiful color designs available
  • Works as non-slip mat plus microfiber towel
  • Eco-friendly materials used for the manufacturing
  • Machine washable
  • Plenty of cushion and stability delivered
  • The mat doesn’t perform well over hardwood floors

Plyopic All-in-One Luxury Sweat-Grip Bikram Mat/Towel Combo

Plyopic All-in-One Luxury Sweat-Grip Bikram Mat/Towel Combo
Plyopic All-in-One Luxury Sweat-Grip Bikram Mat/Towel

Bikram yoga and similar activities rely a lot on peace states for both body and mind. It may sound like a stretch, but proper equipment could make a whole difference getting you in the right mindset. This mat offers just that: harmonious colors that look great, professional, and luxurious.

The mat features a rubber base and 3.5mm of density. Both the materials and measurements are top-notch, as you’ll count with plenty of fabric to move as much as needed. Of course, stability and balance are also important, and luckily the mat provides those two benefits satisfactorily.

Overall, the build of the mat is surely one of its biggest selling points. Soft grip coating, biodegradable microsuede, thermal bonding fibers, and natural tree rubber are only a few of the materials that create this remarkable product.

Despite all of that, the lack of thickness seems to be an issue for some people, as they consider the mat is uncomfortably thin.

  • Beautiful and luxurious Bikram yoga mat towel
  • Allows making smooth transitions between routines
  • The non-slip rubber base provides stability & balance
  • Eco-friendly & long-lasting build materials
  • The thin design of the mat is a problem for some people

Plyopic Ultra-Grip Bikram Yoga Mat with Body Alignment Line

Plyopic Ultra-Grip Bikram Yoga Mat with Body Alignment Line
Plyopic Ultra-Grip Bikram Yoga Mat

The most innovative feature this mat has to offer is the body alignment line included right in the center. Although it seems like such a minuscular detail, this particular line does help a lot. For Bikram, it provides visual guidance to keep you on track for each and every one of your routines.

Another highlighted feature is the incredible grip, which helps you feel steady and comfortable in every posture. Even if you make sudden movements, the mat remains in place, guaranteeing not only your efficiency but also your safety.

The mat measures 72” long, 26” wide, and approximately 0.16” thick. With a beautiful pink color, it blends well in any room. Also, the materials used to produce it are both eco-friendly and hygienic, allowing everyone to use the mat with no safety concerns.

Many people would recommend this product as the best mat for Bikram yoga, but it does have a significant disadvantage. Upon arrival, there’s a strong odor that is difficult to remove.

  • Body alignment line to help you with your postures
  • Good-looking pink color design available
  • Eco-friendly & hygienic materials
  • Large size & comfortable thickness
  • Good stability & balance provided
  • Strong odor perceived once it arrives

Soulhaven Bikram Hot Yoga Mat Towels Set of 2 Towels

Soulhaven Bikram Hot Yoga Mat Towels Set of 2 Towels
Soulhaven Bikram Hot Yoga Mat Towels

If one mat for Bikram is good, then two could be better. This product is a set of mats with full-length pockets to hold both ends and secure proper grip on the surface, preventing slipping. These two pieces are incredible for all types of indoor and outdoor activities.

The sweat-activated microfiber works efficiently. It absorbs all the sweat poured over the mat, which then uses to improve the grip. If you don’t use it for Bikram or yoga postures, you could also make good use of the mat to keep your face clean at the gym.

Other than the two mats, the set also includes a complimentary bag with matching design. Thanks to all the compartments and pockets offered, keeping your Bikram mats and other accessories organized won’t be an issue.

You must be very careful while washing the mats. They may shrink or show other unexpected problems if you put them in the dryer.

  • A set of two large mats for indoor & outdoor activities
  • Sweat-activated microfiber guarantees fun & clean experience
  • Perfect grip on the surface
  • Full-length pockets hold both ends on place
  • The mats may shrink if you’re not careful while washing them

LEVOIT Microfiber Mat Towel For Bikram Yoga

LEVOIT Microfiber Mat Towel For Bikrom Yoga
LEVOIT Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel For Bikrom

Similar to what we’ve seen before, this set offers a 2-in-1 deal, including a Bikram mat and a microfiber towel. Placing the towel over your ideal mat guarantees a slip-resistant performance, allowing users to enjoy the most out of their experience accomplishing every posture.

Besides being comfortable, the large towel works as an incredible protective layer between you, the mat, and the surfaces. While on it, every part of your body has the protection needed to apply enough pressure without hurting yourself.

Other than supporting your body, the towel absorbs sweat surprisingly fast. It helps reducing bacteria spread to keep you comfortable throughout the session.

There are two sizes available. First, the 72×24-inch yoga towel that works well with most regular-sized mats. Secondly, the 24×15-inch hand towel keeps sweat away from your face.

You won’t find any frustrating issues with these products. One small nitpick would be the color, which is not good as it clearly shows sweat spots. Apart from the color, the towels are good.

  • Set of two towels with different sizes
  • High sweat absorbency
  • Provides comfortable cushioning for your body
  • Super soft & durable fabric
  • The color isn’t good, as it shows sweat spots clearly

MALA Hybrid Premium Natural Rubber Yoga Mat for Bikram

MALA Hybrid Premium Natural Rubber Yoga Mat for Bikrom
MALA Hybrid Premium Natural Rubber Bikram Yoga Mat

MALA Hybrid Premium Yoga Mat Marrakesh with Microfiber Towel Surface
The following Bikram mat has it all, from size to performance put up in different activities. It measures 72×24-inch, which is extra-long, and the thickness is 3.5mm, providing just enough cushioning to treat your joints well.

As for the weight, the mat only weighs 2.5kg. It may sound like a lot, but it feels pretty lightweight.

Besides having the right size and weight, the mat is also good-looking. The patterns featured would make the mat fit well in most workout rooms, bet it at home or at the gym. Surely enough, it will grab everybody’s attention if you use this product for outdoor activities.

One concern most people have when it comes to these mats with patterns is their durability. In this case, the water-based colors are both eco-friendly and long-lasting, ensuring they won’t fade away quickly. Additionally, there are no chemical smells, and the rubber base is biodegradable.

The only thing that could make this mat better would be more color variety.

  • Gorgeous pattern design with water-based and durable colors
  • Latex-free yoga mat with eco-friendly rubber base
  • Microfiber suede surface absorbs sweat efficiently
  • Large size, allowing you to adopt as many postures as needed
  • The mat lacks color variety

TXK Non Slip Bikram Long Yoga Mat

TXK Non Slip Bikram Long Yoga Mat
TXK Non Slip Bikram Yoga Mat

Here’s one of the coolest mats you’ll find. It also helps a lot that this product meets every other expectation as well, establishing as a yoga towel worth your money.

As you can see from the product listing, the mat features a beautiful red color with incredible patterns on both ends and in the center. Other versions are available, and they all look great. The dimensions are 72” x 26.77” x 5mm, providing enough fabric and length to move around easily.

The super-soft suede material used for the surface is yet another good addition. With plenty of sweat absorbency, the mat manages to increase its grip. For the bottom, the material used is degradable natural rubber, which has a slight rubbery scent that may be uncomfortable for some people.

Other than that small issue, everything else seems to work just perfectly. The mat secures a grip efficiently, it handles sweat pretty well, and it features a good level of thickness for more comfort.

  • Outstanding aesthetic design with plenty of colors and appealing patterns
  • Includes carrying strap & yoga bag
  • No-slip, soft & high sweat absorbency
  • Provides cushioning for joints
  • The mat has a slight but noticeable smell once you get it

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best yoga mat for Bikram yoga?

A: As per our reviews, that’d be the Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat. Even though it may have its flaws, the performance put up by this mat is quite pleasant. It manages to absorb sweat and provide a ton of cushioning.

Q: What can I do with Bikram yoga mats?

A: You can use these mats for plenty of activities, be it indoor or outdoor. Since some sets include another towel, they’d be good for home purposes too.

Q: Why choose Bikram yoga mats?

A: These mats deliver high absorbency, durability, softness, and cushioning. All of these benefits come in handy not only for Bikram yoga but for many other activities as well.

Q: Are Bikram yoga mats easy to wash?

A: Yes, the mats are easy to wash. You can do it by hand or through the machine using cold water and mild detergent, but only a little bit. Don’t use fabric softeners or bleach. Then, proceed to hang dry or tumble dry on low.

Q: Can Bikram yoga mats absorb sweat?

A: Yes, the microfiber material used for most of the mats manages to absorb sweat and other substances quickly.

Final Words

Have you found your best Bikram yoga towel just yet? Remember: regardless of which one you want to choose, it’s essential that the mat is both durable and absorbent.

This type of yoga works with hot temperatures for better results, which means you won’t escape sweating. With the right mat, though, you’ll be able to face such intensity just fine.