Best Entryway Rugs of 2022 with Ultimate Buying Guide

Imagine entering your house after a long afternoon walk. Your feet are weary and sore. You throw open your shoes, and the first thing you feel is a soft and cushiony surface caressing the soles of your feet.

Within a few seconds, you forget your tiresome journey, and all you can do is sit barefoot on the soft rug, not intending to climb off it anytime soon.

Best Entryway Rug

Such is the power of rugs for standard entryways it can either make or break your mood. But buying the best entryway rugs for your house or office is not as easy as it may sound. So, what are the features you should keep in mind to buy the perfect mat? Read more to find out!

Brand Image Material Size Color Price
Safavieh Safavieh Madison Entryway Vintage Runner Rug Polypropylene Several Printed Design
nuLOOM nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Entryway Runner Rug Polypropylene Several Printed Design
Safavieh Safavieh Milan Shag Collection Entryway Beige Area Rug Polypropylene Several Printed Design
Safavieh Safavieh Hudson Shag Modern Entryway Area Rug Polypropylene Several Printed Design
Persian-Rugs Cream Distressed Area Rug Polyester Several Printed Design
SGallerie Buffalo Plaid Checkered Washable Entryway Rug Cotton
Ottomanson Ottomanson Shag Rurable Entryway Rugs Polypropylene Several Grey
Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Waterproof Rugs Rubber 17X29
Printed Design
Safavieh Safavieh Natural Fiber Hand-woven Textured Jute Runner Jute Several Multiple
Nourison Nourison Sublime Modern Abstract Area Rug Synthetic Several Printed Design

Best Entry Way Rugs Review

Entryway mats leave a lasting impression as you enter a household or an office. If you are looking for an elegant entry that will take your guests’ breath away, take a glimpse at 10 of the top entryway rugs available for you to choose from.

Safavieh Madison Entryway Vintage Runner Rug

Safavieh Madison Entryway Vintage Runner Rug
Safavieh Madison Entryway Vintage Runner Rug Design

Entryway rugs by Safavieh Store is a treat for sore eyes with their classic elegant look. It comes with a versatile appearance that adds beauty to all kinds of environments, be it a meeting room, reception area, living room, or bedroom.

These Safavieh entryway druggets have been woven using premium-quality polypropylene fibers that are quite soft to touch, and most importantly, resistant to shedding. Thus, these are quite eco-friendly.

Their anti-allergen personality makes them quite suitable for decorating kids’ play areas since children’s skin might be quite sensitive to pollutants like dust, fur, or carpet germs.

The pile height of these entryway mats is 0.375 inches, with a seamless exterior that makes them appear perfect and feel like clouds when you step on them barefoot.

With a reputation of 100 years, the Safavieh store takes pride in manufacturing supreme quality Bohemian entryway rugs that guarantee satisfaction from the very first use. These mats are also available in various shapes and sizes so that you can purchase that perfect carpet for the room you are looking to decorate.

  • Available in alternative sizes and shapes
  • Suitable for all types of environments
  • Hypoallergenic, therefore suitable for kids and animals
  • Stain-resistant and very easy to clean with vacuuming
  • Rug has a tough exterior, so it might not be as plush
  • nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Runner Rug

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Entryway Runner Rug

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Entryway Runner Rug
nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Entryway Runner Rug Design

Available in an array of colors and designs, entry hall carpets by nuLOOM are perfect for enhancing the decor of your living room, bedroom, office lobbies, hallways, or even nurseries.

Constructed with high-quality synthetic fibers of durable and soft texture, these entrance carpets are great to soothe the soles of your feet and withstand the wear-and-tear of high traffic areas corridors or dining spaces.

Being dust-resistant and hypoallergenic, these mats are also kid and pet friendly, and great to be used around expectant mothers and people who are pet owners. These Moroccan-inspired style rugs have a pile height of 0.37”, thus these are highly durable. With seamless edges and corners, this can be placed under furniture as well.

What’s the decorum style of your home or office Bohemian, contemporary, traditional? Whichever it may be, these carpets by nuLOOM will fit a variety of styles and will magnify the elegance of the living interiors by manifolds.

The carpets are quite easy to clean by vacuuming and a little scrubbing and are magically resistant to paint stains, curry blotches, and even pet excrements.

  • Elegant and versatile appearance
  • There is a mat for every room, style, and decor
  • Long-lasting, hypoallergenic, high aesthetic value
  • Easy to clean, highly stain-resistant, vacuum friendly
  • Packaging needs improvement—they come simply rolled instead of in a box/packet.

Safavieh Milan Shag Collection Entryway Beige Area Rug

Safavieh Milan Shag Collection Entryway Beige Area Rug
Safavieh Milan Shag Collection Entryway Beige Area Rug Design

Safavieh Store is back again with plush carpets of luscious colors, including deep red, beige, purple, and navy, to suit every background and decor.

Adorned with a polypropylene build, these rugs by Safavieh have a Milan-inspired style with a gorgeous finish that makes the mats appear beautiful while withstanding the tests of time.

The Safavieh druggets have an exceptional 2” pile height that gives you the feeling of sinking when you step onto them as if you are floating on clouds.

You might be a minimalist, looking for humble patterns and nuances in coloring, or you might be traditional seeking lush-colored carpets with classic patterns these Turkish Safavieh rugs offers you the best of both the worlds.

Opulent colors, classic but contemporary designs, and the irresistible lushness of these druggets will create a warm and welcoming home for your loved ones, at the same time outlining a fashion statement. These rugs by Safavieh are available in myriads of sizes and can be placed underneath furniture items.

  • Elegant and stylish, classic yet contemporary
  • Durable and highly plush
  • Suitable for every decor
  • Come in various sizes so you can customize
  • Quite thick, so you might trip — carefulness needs to be maintained

Safavieh Hudson Shag Modern Entryway Area Rug

Safavieh Hudson Shag Modern Entryway Area Rug
Safavieh Hudson Shag Modern Entryway  Area Rug Design

In entryway rugs, geometric patterns add an elegant yet chic style to any interior decoration, be it an official meeting room, bedroom, study room, nursery, or a hallway.

Such carpets are a signature creation of Safavieh, who are well-known for infusing a blend of classic yet contemporary designs in their mats.  Available in ivory, deep blue, navy, and grey patterns, these Moroccan-style inspired rugs fit in effortlessly with any decorum — be it traditional, minimalist or casual.

These mats by Safavieh are ultra-plush and offer a ‘floating on the cloud’ feeling when you stand on them — a complete delight for your sore feet. The pile height of these carpets is 2-inches, which is indeed a generous height and will give you a sinking feeling.

The construction of these supreme-quality Safavieh rugs is of polypropylene that guarantees durability and plush-to-touch feel. With a reputation of 100 years, Safavieh’s excellent craftsmanship promises full satisfaction and value for money.

  • Style and design is versatile to suit all tastes
  • Different size availability for different dimensions
  • Sturdy construction promises durability
  • Can be placed underneath furniture
  • Latex and jute backing — anti-slip and hypoallergenic
  • Easy to clean, vacuum friendly
  • Colors might not be as prominent as shown in the pictures

Persian-Rugs Cream Distressed Area Rug

Persian-Rugs Cream Distressed Area Rug
Persian-Rugs Cream Distressed Area Rug Design

Persian-style inspired entryway drugget by Persian Rugs Store is an ideal choice if you have a classic taste looking to enhance the magnificence of your living room area or corporate board rooms.

Available in 6 different sizes to fit all interior dimensions, these Persian-style mats are adorned with elegant oriental patterns and are made of high-quality polypropylene material that makes it ultra-plush to touch, maintaining durability at the same time.

These are made in Turkey. Therefore, these mats hold a praiseworthy reputation, and the synthetic build promises unbelievable stain-resistance and hypoallergenic characteristics. The backing of the rug is made of jute that keeps the back soft as well as skid-resistant and is very easy to clean by vacuuming.

  • Elegant and chic to meet all tastes
  • Different sizes to fit all dimensions
  • Trustworthy brand, supreme quality rug materials
  • Skid and stain resistant
  • Cannot be ironed to remove wax, the fibers might melt if heat is applied

Buffalo Plaid Checkered Washable Entryway Rug

Buffalo Plaid Checkered Washable Entryway Rug
Buffalo Plaid Checkered Washable Entryway Rug Design

Buffalo plaid rugs are perfect rugs for doorway entrances and leave an ever-lasting impression on all who enter the room plaid designs promise just that, attractiveness yet maintaining simplicity.

These mats by SGALLERIE are beautiful and unique the huge difference lies in the construction. The majority of other manufactures use mostly cotton; therefore, if the druggets get wet due to accidental spillages, it takes ages for the rugs to dry. This is because water from cotton material evaporates rather slowly.

Keeping this in mind, SGALLERIE has constructed its plaid mats with 45% cotton, 45% synthetic material called polyester, with a 10% blend of viscose.

This combination makes the rugs more breathable, making them perfect for households in hot and humid zones because water and other liquid grime will evaporate much faster.

The material SGALLERIE carpets are made to allow high “cleanability” as well—just a few shakes followed by vacuum cleaning would be enough to get rid of dust accumulating for days.

And you can say goodbye to stains with these superb entryway rugs — they are 100% machine washable. The more said about them is lesser; satisfaction is guaranteed!

  • Dries quickly, easily washable, vacuum friendly, detergent friendly
  • Highly durable yet plush, simple yet elegant
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Anti-slip and heavy thus they stay in specific spots without moving
  • Shrinks a bit when washed, but stretching it can restore length

Ottomanson Shag Rurable Entryway Rugs

Ottomanson Shag Rurable Entryway Rugs
Ottomanson Shag Rurable Entryway Rugs Design

Ottomanson Store presents some of the best quality entryway rugs of all time. Available in different colors — orange, red, turquoise, and of course, in the evergreen grey and white, the plush mats by Ottomanson are suitable for any kind of decor.

They come in 10 different sizes and can be placed anywhere. Be it against a doorway or in a corridor, in a bedroom or reception area — the presentation of any space will be enhanced by ten folds. 

Ottomanson Store mats add elegance to any interior with a touch of simplicity and modernism that appeal to a wide audience. These Ottomanson rugs have a synthetic build with an organic finish — 100% premium-quality polypropylene with a blend of jute for the backing.

These mats come with the promise of Turkish rich shag rugs with high pile rugs construction. The carpets are plush, feel cushiony under the feet, and are also readily washable. These mats are also vacuum-friendly, making maintenance a child’s play. The jute backing ensures heat-resistance and is, therefore, perfect for hot and humid conditions.

  • Dries quickly, easily washable, vacuum friendly, detergent friendly
  • Highly durable material, plush
  • Suitable for every kind of decor
  • Brand name, trustworthy product
  • Easy to wash, stain-resistant, high value for money
  • Rugs are not washing machine-washable

Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Waterproof Rugs

Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Waterproof Rugs
Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Waterproof Rugs Design

It is available in almost 30 different colors, including attractive and evergreen colors like charcoal, burgundy, red vintage, purple confetti, gray, white and dark brown, and mats by Gorilla Grip are to swoon over!

The designs of Gorilla Grip rugs are versatile, ranging from floral to geometrical patterns, and are perfect to be used as both outdoor rugs and indoor rugs. These carpets have a rubber and polypropylene blend, making them highly durable yet soft good fit for heavy foot traffic.

One of the best features of Gorilla Grip rugs is their moisture-absorbent quality — the beveled rubber borders and the slightly-raised polypropylene exterior of the mats help trap dirt and water and prevent them from getting carried into the house.

Thus even in rainy days or long play-out days, when your family members get back home, you can expect to see cleaner floors, therefore less mopping! They are only 1/ ” thin and low pile; therefore these are fit for entryway floor.

These can be used in any common, public, or high-traffic area such as front door, garage, arched doors, patio, office, or driveway.

Because of their synthetic build, grime or dirt does not build up in the structure. Instead, it will shed off by themselves, and a simple shake or blow will get rid of most of the dirt.

These Gorilla Grip rag rugs, as the name suggests, have a very strong grip they won’t skid or slide when you walk or run over them; thus, they prevent accidents.

  • Moisture, dirt, and slip-resistant
  • Are very thin therefore do not obstruct doors while opening
  • Have a high aesthetic value, blend in with all types of decor
  • Vacuum-friendly mats can be cleaned by wiping with mild detergent
  • Smell of rubber might be a little strong

Safavieh Natural Fiber Hand-woven Textured Jute Runner

Safavieh Natural Fiber Hand-woven Textured Jute Runner
Safavieh Natural Fiber Hand-woven Textured Jute Runner Design

If you are tired of using machine-woven rugs that are made with materials that are hazardous to the environment, then it is time for a switch. Switch to organic, hand-made products!

Consider the natural fiber collection by Safavieh—your heart would warm up looking at their exotic collection that will surely add a rustic look to any interior.

Available in colors ranging from white to red and brown to blue, these rugs by Safavieh are made of 100% jute and are therefore cent percent eco-friendly and organic.

Jute fiber rugs have been hand-woven, flatweave rugs by skilled artisans of India to produce these beauties these mats could be laid out flat just the way they are or could be used as a base layering for Bohemian-style carpets to give that bonus depth and lushness.

These rugs have a pile height of 0.5” only; therefore, they do not feature any kind of obstruction during movement or opening-closing of doors. To top it all, Safavieh is a trusted brand, and its natural fibers druggets could be used anywhere, including your farmhouse, coastal interiors, or Bohemian style home decors.

Their rugged yet soft structure allows them to be spread out on almost any type of surfaces, carpet, hardwood floors, cement, tiled, stone or wood flooring, you name it. If you are looking for an exotic creation with an urban blend, then these organically-manufactured mats are what you are looking for.

  • 100% organic, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly
  • Hand-woven by Indian artisans — have an ethnic vibe to it
  • Add an exotic and rustic look to any decor
  • Covers any type of flooring effortlessly, sturdy yet soft
  • Vacuuming may cause shedding

Nourison Sublime Modern Abstract Area Rug

Nourison Sublime Modern Abstract Area Rug
Nourison Sublime Modern Abstract Area Rug Design

Available in grey, ivory, pink, and sea-blue colors, entryway rugs by Nourison Store are elements of beauty! If you have long corridors in your house or office, and you are looking forward to decorating the flooring area of that space, then Nourison mats would be the best choice at affordable prices.

They are usually long and rectangular rug, perfect for shallow entryway and corridors, and the patterns on them are elegant and versatile to go with any kind of environment. These Nourison mats are made of 100% polypropylene and are therefore shed-resistant no matter how much you vacuum or brush them, no fur or fiber comes out. A great choice for rectangular entryway rugs.

These creations are also easy to clean and fade-resistant even after years of usage. So you can throw the problem of fading colors out the window. The pile rugs height of these carpets is only 0.5” thus they are non-obstructive to daily movements, and opening and closing of doors.

Nourison rugs can be used both for outdoors and indoors decorations, come in rich floral and geometrical designs that satisfy both traditional and contemporary tastes for interior decor. They are both indoor outdoor rugs.

  • Simple yet elegant, versatile and evergreen
  • Shed and stain resistant
  • Easy to clean — just roll over and vacuum
  • These are very thin, so non-obstructive to movements
  • Comes rolled-up, so straightening it might take some effort

Things You Need to Consider Before Choosing an Entryway Rug

Choosing a carpet for the entryway to your home or office might not be as easy as you think. It is a simple rug sitting there lazily at the entrance to your house to determine the transition from the great outdoors to your well-planned and highly-organized interior decorum.

In order to keep this transition smooth and welcoming, you should choose your entryway mat carefully. What are the features that are common in the best rugs for the entryway? Let’s venture forward to discover.

Size of the Rug

The size of the mat should be in proportion to the size of the doorway—meaning the bigger the entrance, the bigger the drugget. This is all to create an impression in the mind of the person who enters the house—and a beautiful size-proportionate rug will definitely leave a lasting impression.

If you think about it, a narrow entryway rug in front of a magnanimous door would surely not fit.

Now, if the space of the lobby or entrance is not that big, but the carpet is so spacious that it spreads and covers the entire area with upturned edges against the walls, then it would surely not be flattering to your business guests who you are looking forward to sealing the deal with.

Therefore, make sure that you have correct measurements for the space in front of the doorway and size of the door itself; keep the details in your mind while purchasing an entryway rug.

Wash and Clean

If your house sees guests often, or your office usually entertains a lot of people every day, the rugs would get dirty quite quickly and would need cleaning hours.

Though some druggets that are made up of synthetic materials, like polypropylene or polyester, might not look that dirty, thorough cleaning once in a while is an absolute must.

Synthetic rugs are much easier to clean—they are vacuum friendly and can be cleaned by sponge-wiping with a mild detergent and water-hosing. They are also anti-shedding; thus, even when you vacuum or brush them, no dirt or fiber comes out of it.

On the other hand, wool rug or jute-made carpets tend to shed a lot when you vacuum or brush them, and they also take a lot of time to wash and dry.

Pile Height

If you are not used to carpets and would be using them for the first time, opt for thinner ones with a shorter pile height say in the middle of 0.5 to 5 inches. In this way, you will not trip over. Also, it will not block the door when you are about to open it making opening and closing the door a breeze. If it is quite thin, the door will simply slide over the carpet unhindered.

However, if you are not planning to keep the rug anywhere near the door, but say underneath furniture in your living or bedroom area, then you can go for thicker carpets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which rug material is best for high-traffic areas?

A: Nylon and synthetic products would be great choices for high-traffic entryways. Moreover, nylon rugs are brightly colored, soft, and durable, therefore ideal for people to trample over daily.

Synthetic materials such as polypropylene or polyester make the right choices because they are hypoallergenic, soft, and attractive—all within an affordable cost.

Q: How vital are rug pads?

A: Rug pads are quite important, especially if you want your carpet to last in high-traffic areas.

They are fitted on the undersides of your druggets that will protect your floor space from scratch-marks, color-impressions, or discolorations. Also, they make the rugs stay in place and slip-resistant.

Q: If rugs have wrinkles when they get delivered, are they defective?

A: Rugs are usually shipped in a rolled-up position, unless they are quite small, in which case they may be shipped in large packets or boxes. Wrinkles or crease marks, or upturned or curled-up edges are commonly found on newly-delivered products. There is nothing to be worried about it. They will flatten out within a few weeks.

Q: Which rugs are pet-friendly?

A: Woven and animal printed rugs are quite pet-friendly because they are hypoallergenic, do not trap dust or mites inside them, also being water and stain resistant at the same time. Looped piles or jute fibers could be avoided in households with pets since they tend to shed and accumulate dirt inside them.

Q: What is wear-dated nylon?

A: Wear-dated nylon is the best quality of nylon for rugs. They have soft fibers and are highly stain and grime resistant.

Final Words

Rugs, whether you would like to hear it or not, do create an impression when you enter an office, a restaurant, or a home. These seem to be found everywhere and are taken for granted, but once you go to purchase one, then you experience the challenge of getting one.

So, why is it difficult to purchase the best entryway rugs? There are so many options available that you might not be able to make your mind up, and may end up buying the one that is just not suitable to the decor that you have in mind.

As a rule of thumb, having a good reviews and follwing recommendations from reviewers can help you along the way.

Remember the names of these brands when you go for rug-shopping the next time Safavieh, Gorilla Grip, Nourison, Ottomanson, SGALLERIE, and nuLOOM. Also, keep your eyes and ears open regarding the rug size, the material it is made up of.

A little thinking will go a long way, so choose wisely.