10 Best Cleaning Rags of 2022 – Microfiber and Cotton Made

The benefits of having a set of cleaning rags, and the relatively low price you have to pay for them, makes these cleaning tools almost essential. Whether it is to clean the kitchen, bathroom, or any other area of the house, the cleaning rags have got you covered.

Of course, not any rag can do the trick. That’s why, today, we’re reviewing the best cleaning rags currently available. During our search, we focused on the material used to produce them, their efficiency, and reliability over surfaces.

So, join us here to find out which cleaning rags are worthy of your money.

Best Cleaning Rags

Best Rags Review for Cleaning

The following are the top 10 options offer that proved to be the most efficient for maintenance tasks. Let’s see what these products have in store for us.

Zeppoli 12 x 12 Inches Cleaning Rags

Zeppoli 12 x 12 Inches Cleaning Rags
Zeppoli Inches Cleaning Rags

Our first pick is a basic and yet effective set of washcloths for everyday cleaning around the house.

In total, the number of pieces included in this pack is 24, all of which come in an all-white color featuring ring spun-cotton. The measurement of each cloth is 12×12, a little small but good for many tasks.

There are many reasons to like the products offered in this set. For starters, the washcloths are incredibly soft. There’s no doubt they’re among the softest cloths out there, allowing you to follow through with your maintenance activities with no discomfort at all.

Apart from being soft, the washcloths are pretty absorbent. The looped terry design gets any surface free from water under seconds, and the washcloths will retain the moisture easily.

Before you get to enjoy the benefits of what are easily the best rags for cleaning, you’ll face plenty of lint and fraying. That only happens initially. Over time, these issues won’t cause you any trouble.

  • Pack of 24 impeccable white washcloths
  • Versatile products for different cleaning tasks
  • High absorbency
  • Outstanding softness
  • With these washcloths, you’ll encounter plenty of lint and fraying

MAYOUTH 12 X 12 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Dust Rag

MAYOUTH 12X12 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Dust Rag
MAYOUTH Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Dust Rag

Yes, this pack offers only six cloths, but their efficiency at getting every surface clean and shiny is remarkable. They come in different colors, including pink, blue, red, and others. Similar to the previous offer, the cloths included in this pack measure 12×12-inch.

If needed, you could order these towels in a 12 package, although the colors don’t vary. Either way, the quality of the products doesn’t change, providing you with incredible cleaning tools for different applications.

However, even though they can clean a lot of substances and surfaces, the towels aren’t that good for windows or mirrors. If you use these cleaning towels over those surfaces, you’ll most likely encounter streaks or lint behind.

Also, you can wash them as many times as needed, and the color won’t bleed. Overall, the durability of these products is great.

Other than some issues over the glass, the products of this set will get you out of messy troubles quickly.

  • Six towels for a low price
  • Good-looking colors
  • Absorbent & soft
  • Durable
  • Not suitable for glass or mirror surfaces

Mastertop 24Pcs Microfiber Dust Cleaning Cloth

Mastertop 24Pcs Microfiber Dust Cleaning Cloth
Mastertop Microfiber Dust Cleaning Cloth

Even though cleaning rags don’t have to be good-looking, bright colors often help areas like the bathroom look better. In this set, that’s what you get: a complete pack of 20 cleaning cloths, with five blue, five light-blue, five in yellow, and five more in orange.

The technology used to produce these clothes is great. Not only are the products capable of collecting dust over any surface, but they’re also highly absorbent. Furthermore, the clothes are lint-free and streak-free, leaving a beautiful, clean surface after wiping.

By featuring enhanced and strong overlock-stitched hems, issues like unraveling won’t be a problem for you. The towels will absorb up to eight times their own weight, and then you’ll be able to wash them with no problems at all.

  • Beautiful bright colors for these products
  • Twenty cloths in total, with good size for cleaning tasks
  • High absorbency
  • Durable products
  • Cloths take time to soften up

Zachary Collection 12 Pack Cleaning Towels

Zachary Collection 12 Pack Cleaning Towels
Zachary Collection Cleaning Towels

Contrary to what we’ve seen in the previous picks, these cleaning towels come in white. Still, considering their impeccable design, they’re suitable for households, spas, restaurants, and similar locations. The total number of towels is 12, and they all measure 16×19-inch.

Once used, these towels managed to pick up a variety of substances to leave a clean surface afterward. The absorbency rate is good, requiring only a few swipes to get everything clean. Additionally, softness and quick-drying are other benefits you can expect from these products.

Even better, customers will have the opportunity to use these towels without the need to add chemicals or synthetic materials. By getting rid of those substances, your hands and surfaces won’t receive any potential damage while cleaning.

One clear disadvantage you’ll encounter is that, after cleaning, there will be lint behind. Make sure to check that issue once you finish with the towels.

  • High-quality white cotton towels
  • Surprisingly soft and absorbent
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Capable of picking up many substances and fluids
  • No need to use chemicals
  • These towels leave fibers behind after wiping

GREEN LIFESTYLE Kitchen 12 Pack Cleaning Towels

GREEN LIFESTYLE Kitchen 12 Pack Cleaning Towels
GREEN LIFESTYLE Kitchen Cleaning Towels

With 12 bar mop towels, this set from GREEN LIFESTYLE allows you to have proper cleaning tools for every area of the house. Thanks to the cotton material used to produce them, each cloth works well to get rid of any mess or spills over surfaces and floor.

In fact, the cloths will remove stains over any surfaces. The cotton material is highly absorbent, meaning that no liquid or fluid remains in place after wiping. You’ll also like how strong the cloths are, as they feature high-quality stitching to withstand the abuse.

Besides being absorbent and durable, the cloths are also thicker than the traditional cleaning rag. Their weight feels comfortable on your hand, which allows you to maneuver and reach those tight spaces too.

Unfortunately, not everything’s perfect. You’ll notice that the cloths may feel a little scratchy, which is not ideal if your purpose is to clean large areas.

  • Large size to cover plenty of surfaces quickly
  • Cotton material absorbs effectively
  • Strong products for house and restaurant cleaning tasks
  • Durable
  • These cleaning cloths feel a bit scratchy on the skin, which could be a problem for some people

FIXSMITH 8 Pack Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

FIXSMITH 8 Pack Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
FIXSMITH Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

This set offers eight microfiber cleaning cloths, which you can use for different tasks due to their flexibility. Their measurements are 12×16-inch, with three in blue, three in gray, and a final couple in a bright green color. You can use them for either cleaning, scrubbing, polishing, and more.

Other than being capable of doing all of those tasks, the cloths can clean a variety of substances and fluids too. Whether you want to pick up a mess at the kitchen or in the garage, you can expect these products to absorb and clean almost everything.

For longer service, the cloths feature high-quality stitching and reinforced edges. Not only are they efficient at cleaning, but they also won’t unravel quickly during the washing.

In fact, you can machine wash them without any concerns, and the clothes won’t unravel or tear down. The only issue is that the colors bleed a little, but nothing too important.

  • Pack of eight beautiful cleaning cloths
  • Ultra-soft microfiber and high absorbency
  • Capable of picking up different fluids
  • Machine washable
  • High-quality stitching and reinforced edges prevent unraveling
  • The colors are beautiful, but they do bleed during the washing

Arkwright Qwick Wick Terry Cleaning Rags

Arkwright Qwick Wick Terry Cleaning Rags
Arkwright Terry Cleaning Rags

With 12 bar mop towels, this pack comes as a useful alternative to leave the perfect finish over different surfaces. Each piece measures 16×19-inch, which is good enough to clean countertops, tables, floors, and more.

The color of the towels is white with a gold stripe in the middle, although other colors are available too. By featuring high-quality cotton as the main material, each bar mop towel performs great due to its high absorbency. After getting the job done, the pieces dry quickly.

These towels weigh 30 ounces, making them great for many applications. For instance, you can use them at home and in workplaces too. They’re machine washable, and you can use them either wet or dry, and with or without chemical substances.

Considering the purpose of these products is to work as bar mop towels, their thickness doesn’t feel good enough. Nonetheless, that’s only a small disadvantage. Everything else makes this pack of cloths a good choice for many households.

  • Good-looking white color with stripes
  • High absorbency performance over surfaces
  • Excellent weight for bar mop towels
  • Multi-purpose, suitable for use at home, hotel, spa, and more
  • Machine washable
  • The towels could be a bit thicker

Nabob Wipers New Premium White Cotton Cleaning Rags

Nabob Wipers New Premium White Cotton Cleaning Rags
Nabob Wipers White Cotton Cleaning Rags

Although pretty basic, these wipers are remarkable. The cotton material used to produce them is pretty good, as it provides a quick performance. Also, the wipers feel soft, and the absorbency provided is great to leave surfaces looking good.

Since the wipers are lint-free, you should be able to clean delicate surfaces with them. When used on glass, the result is a beautiful surface with no scratches or scuffing that may ruin it.

The number of substances the wipers clean is high. For example, they can pick up grease, oil, grime, and plenty of other fluids that can quickly turn into a nasty mess.

As you probably figured by just looking at them, these products won’t last long. In some cases, customers mentioned that only after one use, visible tears were present, requiring them to throw the wipers away. Still, for the low price and the number of pieces, you could say the purchase is worth it.

  • Available in different quantities, depending on your needs
  • Softness and high absorbency
  • Capable of cleaning different fluids, including oil and grease
  • Lint-free, suitable for delicate surfaces
  • These wipers are not durable, tearing rather quickly

GREEN LIFESTYLE Microfiber 12×16-Inch Cleaning Cloths

GREEN LIFESTYLE Microfiber 12x16-Inch Cleaning Cloths
GREEN LIFESTYLE Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Running out of cleaning cloths is a situation that no one wants to have at home. One method to prevent that from happening is by getting a pack of 50 cloths, such as this one. With that amount, you’ll be ready to act quickly to avoid a mess.

The cloths included in this set come in many colors, such as blue, green, yellow, pink, and gray. There are ten pieces of each color, allowing you to classify them for different purposes or areas of the house. Due to the microfiber material, the cleaning cloths can last a pretty long time.

In practice, the cloths are capable of cleaning almost everything. With only a few swipes, that dirty surfaces will look spotless. There’s no need to use harsh chemicals or substances either, allowing everyone to clean safely.

Unfortunately, the absorbency isn’t that great. You’ll be able to do light maintenance tasks, but don’t expect the cloths to absorb high amounts of liquids.

  • A complete pack of 50 cleaning towels
  • Available in five colors, ten cloths of each
  • Long-lasting microfiber material
  • Versatile clothes, suitable for cleaning different substances
  • No need to use chemicals
  • The absorbency of these cleaning cloths isn’t that high

HYER KITCHEN Microfiber Cleaning Rags With Scrub Side

HYER KITCHEN Microfiber Cleaning Rags With Scrub Side
HYER KITCHEN Microfiber Cleaning Rags

Lastly, we’re reviewing a set of 13.8×13.8 cleaning cloths, made with microfiber and featuring a good-looking gray lattice design for a luxurious look.

Every microfiber towel included provides high absorption to get your dishes clean or get rid of spills, which is why they’re great for kitchen maintenance.

Other than being absorbent, these kitchen towels are soft and plush. The softness comes in handy for kitchen maintenance, as there are low chances of scratched surfaces. You’ll be able to get the delicate surfaces with no drawbacks.

Once you get everything clean and after washing the towels, the time needed to dry isn’t much. Since they’re quick-drying, you won’t have to deal with mildew or unpleasant smells sticking to the fiber.

As for durability, the towels have proven to be quite resistant, even after many washing cycles. Overall, these kitchen towels feel and work well for the kitchen and other areas. If only they were a bit larger, they would’ve been perfect.

  • Six pieces included
  • High absorbency to clean dishes and wipe delicate surfaces
  • Soft and plush fiber to avoid leaving scratches
  • Quick-drying, with no odd smell or mildew remnants afterward
  • The size could be a little too short for some people

How to Choose the Best Cleaning Rags?

In this section, we take into consideration the features that make a good cleaning rag. As long as you keep this information in mind, you will be able to invest your money wisely.


Normally, you’ll find rags made with either microfiber or cotton, but those are only a few of the materials used. They’re the most popular because both can last a pretty long time, and the softness provided is also quite comfortable.

You also want to check the rag’s design. In some cases, some come with a scrubbing side that you can use to get rid of those stubborn stains.


Depending on what you want to do, the size of the cleaning rag could make a huge difference. If you want to clean dishes, for example, a small rag can get the job done. However, bar mop towels may need to be slightly larger than those.

Either way, it all depends on how many areas you want to cover and how fast you want to do it.


Cleaning rags must be capable of cleaning almost everything, if not everything. Here, you’ll find products that will fight off grease, oil, and many other fluids. Additionally, they must be soft too. Otherwise, the cleaning tasks would be pretty uncomfortable for everyone.


Do you want a few cleaning rags or a bunch of them? As you’ll see during our reviews, some manufacturers offer packages with 50 cloths, while others may offer as few as 8, or even less.

Of course, the number of pieces included has an effect on the price, which is something you want to consider too.


Fortunately for us, cleaning rags aren’t that expensive. Their price varies from $10 and up, which should allow you to find a set of rags that matches your budget.

How to Wash Cleaning Rags?

If you own microfiber cleaning rags, make sure to wash them all alone. Throwing other rags or towels into the mix may cause the fibers from these products to stick into the microfiber material.

You want to wash the rags on hot, using detergent if necessary but avoiding fabric softener at all costs. Using fabric softener has a side effect, which is it will coat the cloth, reducing its absorbency.

Finally, start drying on hot without dryer sheets.

By following those simple steps, you’ll be able to get your cleaning rags ready to go once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many cleaning rags do I need?

A: It depends on the maintenance task you want to do. For a single bathroom, the ideal number or rags needed would be around three, as you can use them to clean everything in there.

Q: What to wash with cleaning rags?

A: You can use the rags to do plenty of the maintenance required by the house. For example, you can use them to clean the bathroom, the kitchen, to do the dishes, and more.

Q: How to organize cleaning rags?

A: First of all, you want to avoid putting the dirty rags back in your closet, as it may be difficult to separate them from the clean ones afterward. Instead, wash them after use, and keep them in a hanging bag.

Q: How to use cleaning rags?

A: Take the rag and fold it two times. Then, use one side to clean, flip it over, and use the other side. Once both sides are dirty, reopen the folded rag, and refold it to get clean parts of the rag once again.

If done correctly, you’ll have eight different and clean sides.

Q: How to make cleaning rags out of shirts?

A: First, you’ll need one hundred percent cotton shirts, as none other material works as good. Lay it down over the table, and use a marker to draw square cutting patterns. Start from the sleeves, and then continue with the rest. After that, use the scissors to cut the rags.

Final Words

With the right set of cleaning rags, no longer will you have to worry about spills messing up your table, countertops, or other surfaces. Here, you’ve found which rags are the best due to their performance and capacity to absorb fluids. Now, it’s your turn to decide.