Norwex Towel Reviews – All Type of Towel and Washcloth (of 2022 Updated)

Keeping things clean is often a task that requires more patience and effort than we initially may think. It is even harder if you don’t have the right tools!

If that’s the case, it is understandable that maintenance is not your favorite part of the day. But it is necessary.

Our household, items, and, most importantly, our bodies, require that special attention to maintain harmful bacteria, and other pollutants from deteriorating their state.

Norex Towel Reviews

In this regard, there are a few brands as capable as Norwex.

As you’ll see in our Norwex towel reviews article, this brand offers the highest quality cleaning products that will make maintenance tasks a breeze.

There’s one for everything too! You get body washcloths, bath towels, and window cloths, among others.

Types of Norwex Towels By Use

Best Norwex Bath Towel Reviews

Even though it may not seem like it, after a bath, our bodies still have a lot of dead skin that we need to remove. To help you take good care of your skin, these are the top bath towels you should consider buying.

Norwex Lavender XL Bath Towel

Have you heard how people say size doesn’t matter? Well, in this case, that’s not entirely true. You see, this towel is extra-large, and while that’s one of its incredible benefits, there are many more we’re going to discuss next.

Norwex Lavender XL Bath Towel

For starters, the towel features Norwex microfiber, which we’ve discussed before, and you’ll continue seeing it throughout our reviews.

In this case, the microfiber is far more absorbent than your standard towel. And, since this Norwex towel is extra-large, it will absorb a ridiculous amount of water quickly.

The microfiber is ultra-soft too. When used in the shower, the towel is very comfortable to feel upon our skin. It is suitable for people of all ages and different skin types, even those that have sensitive skin.

Also, the towel is not only convenient for how compatible it is for everyone but because you don’t necessarily have to wash it religiously after every bath. The fibers keep bacteria and contaminants away, locking them in small pockets as the bath towel removes them from your skin.

Here, the BacLock agent, an exclusive feature from the brand, comes into play. This feature is yet another construction design that you’ll see throughout our reviews, as it is one of the brand’s most efficient highlighted features. It prevents bad smells from sticking to the fabric.

This extra-large towel is far from the best, but it sure is one of the top hygienic products from Norwex. When using it, make sure to keep it at a reasonable soak level, or it may feel too heavy afterward.

As long as you keep that issue under control, this towel is a worthy acquisition to your bathroom.

  • Extra-large towel
  • High absorbency capacity
  • A super-soft touch to the skin
  • It includes a loop for hanging
  • The towel feels heavy when it is too wet

Norwex Graphite Microfiber X-Large Bath Towel

The next towel is, all things considered, very similar to our previous pick; it is an extra-large towel that measures 55.12×27.56-inch, with plenty of fabric to keep you dry after a bath.

Norwex Graphite Microfiber X-Large Bath Towel

There are two other couple of similarities between this product and the previous pick: one of which is the microfiber material used to produce it. There’s no need to go way too deep into its qualities, as we know by now how efficient it is not only for body washing but cleaning utensils as well.

However, if there’s anything that makes this bath towel unique, it would have to be how a quick-drying towel is.

Regardless of how much you use the towel during the day, the quick-drying capacity will ensure it is dry once again within a couple of minutes. You don’t have to worry about having a bath towel feeling saggy or unpleasant to the touch.

One of the reasons why it is quick-drying, other than the microfiber itself, is probably because of how thin the towel is.

Keep in mind that most people may not be comfortable with that, as some prefer a thicker bath towel. Make sure to check that out before choosing to avoid any disappointment.

Moreover, the quick-drying capacity also makes it possible to use this towel multiple times per day. If you’re traveling to humid places, this bath towel quickly turns into your best friend by keeping that humidity away.

Nonetheless, there’s a small concern about using this towel. If you have skin imperfections such as dry, cracked hands, the fabric may get caught to it. In these cases, the bath towel may pull said impurities as you pass it over them.

  • Surprisingly quick-drying capacity
  • Thin construction design
  • Large size
  • High absorbency
  • Not the most skin-friendly towel if you have skin impurities

Best Norwex Kitchen Towel Reviews

Doing the dishes should not be such an unpleasant cleaning task anymore. With the right towel, you’ll finish in less time, leaving your utensils spotless. This towel will help you with that.

Norwex Kitchen Towel & Cloth Set

This microfiber towel is, undoubtedly, a reliable cleaning supply that will make your kitchen appliances look as shiny as possible. It cleans almost everything, including utensils, kitchen appliances, even tables, and countertops.

Norwex Kitchen Towel & Cloth Set

Let’s talk about the towel first, since that’s the main reason we’ve included this set here. The kitchen towel measures 25.59×13.78-inch, which is a rather large size towel considering that you’ll use it to clean your kitchen utensils more than anything else.

Naturally, if you wish to clean other stuff with it, you’ll be free to do so. Talking a little more about the cloth, we have its dimensions, which are 13.78×10.24-inch. It is a smaller cleaning piece for those cleaning tasks that are uncomfortable to do when using a towel.

But, regardless of their size difference, they’re both capable of doing great things. The microfiber used to produce each piece guarantees optimum performance by dealing with moisture, dirt, and stains, getting them off the surfaces of your kitchen items.

Moreover, the microfiber provides many more benefits like high-absorbency and a lint-free performance. You get to use it to dry your items as soon as you get them out of the dishwasher, and the towel won’t leave any residue over them afterward.

Also, by featuring the Norwex BacLock technology, both the towel and the cloth are capable of soaking a ton of water without unpleasant smells sticking to the fabric.

The BacLock agents make it possible to use the towel over specific surfaces, like stainless steel, which often gets damaged from being in contact with water. Affordable, absorbent, and very durable are among the advantages of buying this set, and those are the reasons why we chose it.

  • Beautiful color
  • The set includes a washcloth too
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Large size
  • When wet, the towel may feel a little heavy

Best Norwex Body Cloth Reviews

Cloths are essential hygienic supplies every bathroom should have. The next two products are two of the top washcloths currently available, each one produced by Norwex.

Norwex Chevron Body Cloth

When the other cloths fall short, incapable of reaching some parts of our bodies comfortably, perhaps that’s time to change them and consider new ones. Here, this next towel comes into play as one of the most efficient body clothes out there.

Norwex Chevron Body Cloth

As a unique cloth, the Chevron model by Norwex is a satisfactory piece of hygienic supply. It makes sure no area of our body remains uncleaned by allowing you to perform thorough washing. From head to toes, this cloth reaches everywhere, and you don’t have to bend your body awkwardly.

The cloth helps to remove oils and other pollutants off our skin. For that reason, you get to use it over your face as well, providing proper skincare over the most delicate areas of our body.

To produce this cloth, Norwex opts for microfiber, a material that has proven its value when it comes to skincare. Not only does it cleanse your skin gently, but it also absorbs a considerable amount of water to keep you dry under any circumstances.

Since moisture often leads to unpleasant smells and a saggy texture, the cloth features the BacLock tech. This agent is a brand-exclusive addition that helps fight off those inconveniences we mentioned before. Thus, you’ll no longer have a cloth with an off-putting smell.

Another reason why you’d want to use this cloth is because of how friendly it is. If you’ve suffered rashes using other washing cloths from different brands, this one prevents those episodes by treating your skin gently.

With a high price as the only drawback, this cloth ears its place in many lists. Whether you’re an adult or an underage, here’s a safe cleaning supply to keep your body clean.

  • Comfortable feeling on the skin
  • Removes excess oils and other contaminants
  • BacLock Agent prevents odor
  • Convenient size
  • High-price
  • Only one towel included

Norwex Tranquil Body Cloths Set

This set of cloths offers three pieces that you’ll be able to use for multiple purposes. Their colors are denim, lavender, and vanilla. Each one of them features the brand’s BacLock agent, which is highly capable of preventing mold or fungi. It does an incredible job of keeping odors away too!

Norwex Tranquil Body Cloths Set

To use the cloths, you won’t have to use formulas or chemical substances. With only a small amount of water, it will be ready to use on different body parts, including the face.

After some time using them, the results have been satisfactory. The cloths leave a beautiful complexion, regardless of what body part you clean with them.

If you or a young family member suffers from acne or similar skin conditions, these Norwex cloths are a perfect choice, as they provide a comfortable texture for skincare.

The cloths remove all sorts of contaminants quite effortlessly. With a high-quality Norwex microfiber, issues like dirt, dead skin, oils, or grease, get removed without a problem. This material is ultra-soft as well, ensuring your skin doesn’t suffer from irritation.

While the three pieces included in this set are far more sufficient for a lot of cleaning activities, they some times feel too short. They do well absorbing a lot of water and liquids, so at least there’s no complaint there.

Other than that, the cloths meet most of our expectations successfully. Norwex manages to provide high-quality hygienic cleaning supplies for people of all ages. The package may be a little expensive, but it is worth paying for sure.

  • Three pieces of different colors included in this set
  • Microfiber material is durable, soft, and absorbent
  • Each cloth features BacLock agent to prevent odor and dirt from sticking onto the fabric
  • The cloth feels too short for some tasks

Best Norwex Window Cleaning Cloth Reviews

When cleaning our house, one of the most frustrating issues is to have dirty windows. To keep that from happening, consider the next products.

Norwex Window & Enviro Cloth Basic Package

Norwex offers the ultimate set of cleaning supplies for windows. With the two pieces included in this offer, you will no longer need anything else to keep your delicate surfaces in perfect condition.

Norwex Window & Enviro Cloth Basic Package

As you can see, there are two pieces included in this set: the EnviroCloth, and the Window Cloth. Each one has its unique dimensions, with the first one measuring 13.78×13.78-inch, while the latter is 17.72×17.72-inch.

The best way to use these cleaning pieces is a thorough and simple process we’re going to describe next.

First, let’s start with the EnviroCloth. You want to use this piece slightly damp, as it will work well for a variety of cleaning tasks, including cleaning over soiled surfaces. There’s no need to use soap or strong chemicals, as the cloth requires nothing more than water to perform efficiently.

Moreover, the EnviroCloth is, for all intents and purposes, the regular cloth you use for general maintenance tasks. So, what about the Window Cloth? Well, this piece is the one you need after using the EnviroCloth when you’re trying to leave a shiny surface with a perfect polish.

Just like the EnviroCloth, the Window Cloth doesn’t require chemicals or similar substances. Instead, use it only with water, but not too much. Make sure to use it after the EnviroCloth to achieve the best results possible.

Also, the Norwex Basic Package is what every homeowner needs to keep their windows properly clean.

It is a set that offers the perfect balance between thorough cleaning and leaving a polished surface after you finish. The price for both cleaning pieces may be a little high, but they sure meet our expectations, earning this package a place on our list.

  • Set of two cleaning pieces to remove contaminants and leave a perfect finish
  • Both pieces are large
  • No chemicals required
  • Easy to wash after use
  • The Norwex Basic Package is quite expensive

Care & Maintenance

Taking good care of our Norwex products could be complicated, so make sure to follow the next steps as described to prevent possible permanent damage.

Rinse and Hang

While it may not be necessary, people would do well washing their cloths and towels after using them. Don’t toss them around with other items, or they may end up catching a weird smell.

Instead, use warm water to rinse out both cloths and towels. Follow up by wringing out the excess water, and finish by hanging it to dry.

Did the Towels/Cloth Get Dusty? Use Soap!

An efficient method to remove layers of dust or dirt on our Norwex products is to use a small amount of dish soap over the fabric and wash it with running hot water.

Even If It Seems Like a Good Idea, Don’t Use Dryer Sheets!

It is always better to hang the pieces to dry. Using dyer sheets could quickly turn the towel or cloths unusable, as they may leave a coating that blocks the fibers from cleaning over surfaces efficiently.

No Bleach, and No Fabric Softeners Either

You must try at all costs to avoid these substances. They’re often quite strong, and they may ruin the overall performance of the Norwex cleaning supplies.

As a final resource, consider contacting the manufacturer to know how much bleach you can use if it becomes necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Norwex towels:

Q: Are Norwex cloths really antibacterial?

A: Yes. This brand offers antibacterial cleaning supplies that will help you fight off pollutants that may turn harmful if you don’t take care of them properly. Features like the BacLock Agents keep bacteria away.

Q: How Norwex cloths work?

A: Norwex cleaning supplies such as cloths or towels feature microfiber, a reliable material that removes moisture, dirt, dust, and other contaminants off many surfaces.

When used to clean delicate surfaces, you can use the towels to clean them and continue with the cloths to leave a shiny finish.

Q: Which Norwex cloths have silver?

A: The Norwex Antibac Cloths are fairly popular for having silver. It is particularly effective to get rid of bacteria, and that’s one of the reasons why they are among the best when compared to other brands.

Norwex products with silver require special caring treatment if you want to keep them in good shape.

Q: What is the Norwex kitchen towel used for?

A: You can use the Norwex kitchen towels to clean your utensils, to maintain your kitchen appliances, and to polish your countertop, among other things.

Q: Are Norwex products machine-washable?

A: Yes, the Norwex products are machine-washable. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Check our Care & Maintenance section for more info.

Final Words

Through our Norwex towel review, you’ve found every piece of cleaning supply you may need to make the maintenance tasks as easy as possible. Each item reviewed has its own benefits, so make sure to check them all out before making your call.