Fieldcrest Towels Reviews – Washable Cotton Towel (of 2022 Updated)

It has been a long way before doing our own Fieldcrest towels reviews, but here we are. After months using these towels, they’ve provided benefits that, honestly, we didn’t even expect.

But what is it about these towels that make them great? That’s what we will answer today, as we’ve chosen two of the best Fieldcrest towels currently available in the market.

Fieldcrest Towels Reviews

These towels may not be that popular, but that’s not because the brand isn’t trying. It is trying, and what they deliver are high-quality towels worth our time.

Fieldcrest Towels Reviews

Here are the top two Fieldcrest towels and everything that comes with them.

Fieldcrest Reserve Cashmere Bath Towels

These beautiful cotton towels are cleaning supplies that quickly blend well with your bathroom decoration. They are fancy and luxurious towels that provide plenty of comfort besides looking great.

Fieldcrest Reserve Cashmere Bath Towels

On top of that, they feature durable materials capable of withstanding the test of time and regular use. The terry fibers hold the threads tightly, avoiding issues like fraying. Also, when placed upon the skin, every piece feels comfortable. The towels may look rigid, but the truth is far from that.

Every Fidelcrest towels, from bath to hand towels, absorb a lot of water, and they do it quickly. Thanks to the OEKO-TEX certificate, the pieces provide a clear display of a secure performance without requiring strong chemicals or substances that may be harmful.

While the bath towel aims to an adult audience, younger family members will be able to use it as well. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the bath towel. For one, it is quite heavy; and secondly, it sure doesn’t offer the same softness as other bath towels.

  • Beautiful bath towel suitable for most decorations
  • High absorbency
  • Durable towel
  • No fraying
  • Heavy

Fieldcrest Spa Newark Bath Towels

If you liked the previous pick, wait until you see the next towels, which are way cooler. They are available in a beautiful blue color that feels pretty warm, and it doesn’t hurt the decoration of your bathroom or household. There’s a larger selection of colors available if you don’t like blue.

Fieldcrest Spa Newark Bath Towels

Although they look very simple, the towels have small details that make them overshadow other towels easily. For example, the stripes placed near the edges make them look like one of those stylish towels we all like.

Again, not the most innovative or interesting design, but it is still a classy detail we appreciate.

The towels feature one hundred percent cotton, adding new layers of softness and improving the fiber’s durability. Regardless of how regularly you use them, each piece in this set endures high amounts of abuse and constant washing cycles.

You can wash the towels in the washing machine. There are some small considerations to keep in mind, such as the water temperature, and avoiding strong chemicals as much as possible, but other than that, it is a hassle-free maintenance process.

While the set includes a variety of towels, the lack of a larger bath sheet is somewhat disappointing.

  • Stylish details
  • Pure cotton design
  • Durable, soft and lightweight
  • High absorbency
  • There isn’t an extra-large towel available

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Fieldcrest towels:

Q: Do the Fieldcrest towels shrink after washing?

A: While we can’t attest these towels will remain in perfect condition for many years, so far, they’ve remained in good shape even after many washing cycles. There hasn’t been noticeable shrinking as of yet.

Q: Do I have to wash the Fieldcrest towels before first use?

A: It depends on your personal preference. While it is not necessary, it doesn’t hurt either.

Q: Which is more absorbent, the Reserve towel, or the Spa towel?

A: There’s no definitive answer to this question, as it is more about perspective than anything else. After trying both towels, each one absorbed a lot of water.

Q: Can I bleach Fieldcrest towels if there are any stains?

A: You can do it at your own risk. Substances like bleach can remove stains in a breeze, but it could be harmful to the fabric if you use it regularly. Stick to the instructions provided by the manufacturer to maintain the towels in good shape.

Q: How much do these towels weigh?

A: The Reserve towel weighs around 800 grams, while the Spa towel reaches 648 grams approximately. Either way, both towels are listed as lightweight, but as you saw on our review, one feels lighter than the other.

Final Words

Through our Fieldcrest towels reviews, we’ve discovered two new bathroom supplies that quickly enhance the shower experience, keeping us warm and dry after a bath.