Wamsutta Towels Review of 2022

When you’ve used different towel brands throughout the years, you know that they often repeat the same mistakes even if they come from a different manufacturer.

If you want to achieve new goals, you have to try new things; that’s where the Wamsutta towels come into play.

Wamsutta Towels Review

These towels bring many new things to the table, but perhaps not by being innovative, but rather by improving in elements where other brands fail.

In our Wamsutta towels review, you’ll see that our praise for these towels is no exaggeration.

Let’s take a look at these great towels!

Wamsutta Towels Review

Here are the top Wamsutta towels. Keep in mind that you can find individual versions of these towels in washcloths and hand towels from the same brand, in case you need those.

Wamsutta Hygro Duet Bath Towel Set

We’re going to start our reviews by going through the best-looking Wamsutta towels. As you can see, these towels are available in a beautiful dark green color.

Wamsutta Hygro Duet Bath Towel Set

Since the towels are dual-side, you get a comfortable experience. The brand’s exclusive twist loops provide softness, making every piece included a suitable bath supply for everyone in the house. From children to seniors, we all get to enjoy the ultra-soft fabric.

The most important piece is the bath towel, which measures 30×54-inch, and it features a pure cotton construction material. It is plushy, but it may not feel that way at first. No need to worry, though; as time passes and you wash it regularly, the towel only gets better.

And that leads us to the next highlighted feature, which is its high durability to withstand the pressure of regular use. Additionally, the towel endures the intense washing cycles.

This towel set is a bit pricey, though. Also, it may feel heavy at times. Better keep that in mind before making your final call.

  • Comfortable dual-sided towel
  • Higher durability to withstand regular use and washing cycles
  • Expensive towel
  • Heavy
  • Not Absorbent
  • Low Quality Edge

Wamsutta Ultra Soft Spa Bath Towel

Going to a spa often leaves us wanting more, and even though we try to replicate the experience back at home, it is not always successful. However, there are some towels capable of delivering a similar feeling to that of the most well-known spas out there. This set manages to do that.

Wamsutta Ultra Soft Spa Bath Towel

These spa towels are soft, plushy, and luxurious. The bath towel measures 56×30-inch, a similar size to the previous towel we reviewed, so there’s nothing new there. A more noticeable feature is the color design, which is not dark, but rather a warm light blue.

Also, these towels have the color-lock feature, which makes them stand out. It keeps the color from fading or bleeding during the washing cycles. Because of it, every piece, from the washcloths to the bath towel, will look good for a long time.

Moreover, these Wamsutta towels are pleasantly absorbent too. After performing a couple of tests, the fiber managed to soak up to the last water drop. Furthermore, even when the towels are too wet, they don’t feel awkward on the skin.

However, a wider range of color choices would definitely make these towels more desirable.

  • Warm aqua color
  • Super comfortable
  • Color doesn’t fade away
  • Lacks color variety
  • Not Absorbent
  • Low Quality Edge

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding Wamsutta towels:

Q: What are Wamsutta towels made of?

A: These towels feature pure cotton as their primary construction material. Although it may vary, that is the dominant material we’ve seen in the brand’s products so far.

Q: What makes Wamsutta towels different?

A: Wamsutta towels are great due to the amazing softness these towels have. It may seem like an exaggeration, but it really isn’t. These towels provide comfort that not many others can deliver.

Q: Are Wamsutta towels durable?

A: Yes. Thanks to the cotton construction, every bit of fiber in this towel add up to create a resistant against tear, unraveling, and loose threads.

Q: Are Wamsutta towels machine-washable?

A: Yes, you can machine-wash them.

Q: What is Color-Lock Technology?

A: It is a technology used to maintain the color onto the fabric. Perhaps you’ve noticed how the color in other towels starts to fade after washing. Well, that doesn’t happen with these.

Final Words

The point of our Wamsutta Towels review was to show you how these towels can quickly become one of your favorite cleaning supplies to have around the house. They may be expensive, but they do have incredible advantages.