Kassatex Towels Reviews – Bath, Beach, and Kids Towel (of 2022 Updated)

Kassatex towels are not the best-looking towels out there; their design is rather standard, with nothing that stands out to the eye.

However, their performance is more than satisfactory, allowing us to care for our bodies removing excess water and dead skin, among other things.

If you’ve read Kassatex towels reviews in the past, you know many people prefer these towels over the rest. But the question remains, what makes them so good?

We’re going to answer that question by reviewing their best products.

Kassatex Towels Reviews

Kassatex Towels Reviews

So, which are the Kassatex towels that are worth our money? We’re going to review them. And we’ve selected a variety of towels, including several options suitable for the house, beach, and the kids too.

Kassatex KyotoTowel Set, KYT-256-INK

Our first set of Kassatex towels reviewed is one that may not seem that different from regular towels, and yet, they are capable of providing so much more than those low-quality products. There are six pieces included, which consist of two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths.

Kassatex KyotoTowel Set, KYT-256-INK
Kassatex KyotoTowel Set

While every piece is the same design, you can choose the sets in six different colors. They look warm, and they feel comfortable upon the skin. To produce them, the manufacturer uses 65% cotton and 35% rayon, a derivative from bamboo.

Although the towels may not look comfortable, after receiving the complete set, they proved to be very soft. And, thanks to the 600 GSM structure design, it is not an issue to use them regularly.

These towels are versatile as well. You can use them to care for you and your family’s body after a bath. Also, you can use them for decoration or during outdoor activities.

You may notice that the pieces are not that lightweight, but carrying them around would not become an unbearable burden either.

  • Towels soak a lot of water
  • Durable towel set
  • Softness
  • Heavy towels

Kassatex Hammam Towel Set

This set of towels is only a couple bucks less than the previous pick, but there’s no denying that every piece included feels far more comfortable. Made from 100% Turkish cotton, the weave design of the towels offered in this package provides the ultimate comfort experience for all.

Kassatex Hammam Towel Set
Kassatex Hammam Towel

If you’re not fond of white towels, you’ll have the opportunity to pick this set in more than seven colors. Fortunately, every one of them looks well, making every piece a suitable addition to your house decoration.

It’d be better to avoid fabric softeners while washing to keep the towels looking good. You can care for these pieces in the washing machine, so there’s no need to do it all by hand. Since they’re quick-drying, there’s no need to spend many hours before you can use these Kassatex towels again.

Despite all of its good features, there are some disadvantages that we can’t let slide. For example, these towels feel noticeably heavier than the others. They could become a problem for people with physical pain. If you don’t have trouble with the weight, then you shouldn’t worry.

  • High-quality waffle weave towels
  • Six pieces included
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Durable
  • The pieces are heavy

Kassatex Bodrum Beach Towel

There’s no denying that the previous sets are outstanding. However, they are not the most good looking out there. That’s why our next pick comes as a beautiful and different bath towel.

Kassatex Bodrum Beach Towel
Kassatex Beach Towel

What you need to know is that there’s a single product in this purchase. There aren’t six pieces like the others, but rather one large beach towel worth half the price.

The towel measures 40×70-inch. For the construction material, it uses pure Turkish cotton, which is popular due to its many benefits. You can choose between six colors, with the option to customize your bathroom as much as you like.

On the front side, the towel features a stripe pattern design. At the back, this product offers soft terry, which is both comfortable and absorbent too.

Also, for more comfort, the towel features 420 GSM. Such construction design makes this large towel easy to carry around, as it feels lightweight. It remains comfortable even when wet.

Before you consider buying this towel, you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to pay its price. It certainly is not the cheapest.

  • Beautiful stripes pattern available in different colors
  • High absorbency
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive towels

Kassatex Kids Construction Towel Set

Kassatex towels are not particularly known for being cheap items. Nonetheless, there are small exceptions to the rule, and our next pick is one of them.

Kassatex Kids Construction Towel
Kassatex Kids Construction Towel Set

This set is the perfect choice if you have babies in the house. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but the pieces included in the package are very cute! They’re light blue, and there’s an incredible design of construction equipment to get the kid’s attention.

You’ll find six pieces in this set, just like our initial picks. There are a pair of bath towels, hand towels, and small washcloths. They do feel heavy at times when they’re wet, but it is nothing that may cause you discomfort. Other than that, each piece delivers a solid performance to keep you dry.

The towels are, much to our surprise, highly absorbent. And the 500 GSM ensures the pieces are easy to handle. So, whether you use them at home or during a trip, they will not become a burden.

Besides some minor discomfort, the Kassatex Construction Set is an affordable package of cleaning items more than worthy.

  • Beautiful light blue color with construction equipment design
  • Ultra-soft and highly absorbent
  • Incredible cotton velour front
  • The pieces feel a little heavy when they’re wet

Final Words

As you can see during our Kassatex towels reviews, while these towels have their disadvantages, they do offer satisfactory results. They are products everyone can enjoy, from children to elderly alike.

Kassatex towels may have a long way to go to reach the top, but so far, they are succeeding.