Sand Cloud Towel Review – Sand Free Beach Towel (of 2022 Updated)

When looking for beach towels, there aren’t many of them as beautiful as the Sand Cloud towels. They look incredible, and they can keep the sand at bay!

Surely, you won’t have to look any further for towels to spend some quality time diving into the sea.

Softness, absorbency, and durability are among the other advantages of purchasing these towels.

Sand Cloud Towel Review

That’s why during our Sand Cloud towel review article, we’re going to cover the products worth your time, and most importantly, your money.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these beauties!

Sand Cloud Towel Review

For our selection, we’ve chosen a variety of Sand Cloud towels that, even though they may seem similar, each one has its unique features and purposes. Here’s what these items have to offer for you.

Sand Cloud Peshtemal Cotton Turkish Towel

This Sand Cloud towel is the perfect item you want to have with you at the beach.

Sand Cloud Peshtemal Cotton Turkish Towel
Sand Cloud Peshtemal Cotton Turkish Towel Design

For starters, it is a super lightweight towel. Even after soaking up plenty of water, the fabric remains comfortable to carry around freely. The lightness makes this towel incredible for a variety of purposes like going to the beach, or to do outdoor activities like hiking.

The towel is capable of absorbing a ton of water, yes, but perhaps what you may like the most is how quick-drying the fabric is. It won’t take much time for the towel to feel dry once again after soaking the excess water off your body.

When packing it, the towel doesn’t consume too much space. Despite being a rather large towel measuring 37×69-inch, it is quite surprising how easy it is to fold it inside a bag or a backpack.

  • Turkish cotton material
  • Large 37×69-inch size
  • Super lightweight, and highly absorbent
  • This towel is machine-washable
  • Expensive towel

Sand Cloud Hand-Loomed Turkish Towel

The next Sand Cloud towel shares many similarities when compared to the previous pick, but some slight differences are noticeable. For instance, this towel feels too thin, which could be a problem for you, depending on your personal preferences.

Sand Cloud Hand Loomed Turkish Towel
Sand Cloud Hand Loomed Turkish Towel Design

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that, while this towel is quite resistant, you should not push it too far.

During maintenance, you want to wash it by hand to prevent dealing with any permanent damage to the fabric. If you clean the towel through the washing machine, keep an eye on it. Other than that, everything about this towel is remarkable.

It is beautiful, with a light-blue color resembling the ocean. Since the fabric is thin, you can rest assured that it will comfort you, giving you a soft touch to the skin that not many towels can offer.

When used at the beach, this towel guarantees a comfortable resting place to lay your body and enjoy your time under the sun. Do you want to know what’s cool about this towel? It won’t attract too much sand!

  • Dimensions of 37×69-inch
  • Turkish cotton construction material
  • It doesn’t attract too much sand
  • Beautiful color design
  • Too thin
  • Not durable

Sand Cloud Super Soft Turkish Towel

Take a close look at this towel, and embrace it, as it is among the few products provided by Sand Cloud that it is not tie-dye. Instead, the design includes beautiful patterns in grey. This towel is a very stylish choice for people planning a trip.

Sand Cloud Super Soft Turkish Towel
Sand Cloud Super Soft Turkish Towel Design

You get to use it for the beach, like a blanket, or even tapestry! The choice is yours to give this towel the purpose you like. Fortunately, it looks outstanding as decoration, fitting most homes and offices effortlessly.

Of course, the towel has much more to offer. First, by using high-quality Turkish cotton, it becomes a reliable item that will last long. Other advantages of this material are high absorbency and softness.

We also appreciate that it is a lightweight towel, as it allows us to store it anywhere without issues. Because of that, the number of activities you can do with this Sand Cloud towel increases by a lot.

While the grey color is good, we would’ve liked it more if there were other colors available.

  • Decorative pattern design
  • Softness
  • Lightweight and absorbent
  • Durable construction material
  • Machine-washable
  • Adding more colors would’ve been better

Sand Cloud Wanderlust Beach Towel

What is it about tie-dye towels and beach that makes them so compatible? While there’s no definitive answer to that question, here’s yet another one of these towels that you can take with you during those fun days near the ocean.

Sand Cloud Wanderlust Beach Towel

There’s indeed nothing innovative in the design, as we’ve seen it in previous towels from this brand. Only this time, the colors slightly change. The dimensions of this Sand Cloud towel are 38×64-inch, making it one among the largest towels currently available.

It is not the most affordable towel but, since it is a handmade product, paying that little extra money is worth it. More so, the manufacturer uses one-hundred-percent Turkish cotton, providing many benefits.

Some of those benefits are higher durability, high absorbency, and lightweight. Undoubtedly, this towel offers many good things other than its good looks.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of drawbacks that you will notice quickly after purchasing the towel; it is not thick, and it certainly lacks softness provided by other Sand Cloud towels.

  • Beautiful tie-dye towel
  • Large size
  • Durable towel
  • Machine washable
  • Sand-resistant construction
  • This towel is not soft
  • The fabric feels too thin under certain circumstances

Sand Cloud Luna Beach Towel

The Luna Towel is another tie-dye product from Sand Cloud, which features pretty bright colors that make the overall look of the towel very appealing. Like the previous picks, this one also measures 38×64-inch, so there’s nothing new there.

Sand Cloud Luna Beach Towel

This towel is an outstanding gift for young girls and teenagers who like to spend quality time at the beach with friends and family. Because of the towel’s large dimensions, people will have the fabric they need to cover their bodies, removing the excess water efficiently.

Also, it is fair mentioning the towel absorbs quite a large amount of water. Despite being too wet, it never starts to feel heavyweight, which is another one of the benefits that make this Sand Cloud product suitable for people of all ages.

People can use this towel in many places like the beach, and for picnics and outdoor activities as well. Storing it inside a purse or a bag is not difficult, so you’ll be able to pack it and unpack it even when you’re in a hurry. True to its fashion, this Sand Cloud towel is as expensive as the others.

  • Beautiful colors
  • Large dimensions
  • Absorbent & lightweight
  • Easy to pack
  • Expensive towel

Sand Cloud Mint Baja Turkish Towel

We’re finishing up with yet another tie-dye towel. What makes this one different for the rest? Well, for starters, it is more affordable than the previous picks, which is something many people will appreciate. Although it is available at a lower price, it doesn’t lose any quality in its performance.

Sand Cloud Mint Baja Turkish Towel
Sand Cloud Mint Baja Turkish Towel Design

Like the others, this one is also 38×64-inch and features Turkish cotton for the ultimate performance. You get to use it at different places, from the comfort of your home to the relaxing quality time at the beach.

For vacations, it is the perfect pick. It is a convenient towel for its size, absorbency, and durability. There’s no need to mention how beautiful it is since that’s something you can notice from the moment you lay your eyes on it.

Just like this towel shares most of the advantages of the previous picks, it also has some of their drawbacks. More specifically, the thin design. While it is not a major issue, it sure may bug some people. Keep that in mind before purchasing it.

  • Less expensive than most Sand Cloud towels
  • Gorgeous design
  • Turkish cotton material
  • High absorbency
  • Higher durability
  • This towel is too thin

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Sand Cloud towels:

Q: What are Sand Cloud towels made of?

A: Sand Cloud towels feature Turkish cotton as their primary construction material. As you saw throughout our reviews, this high-quality material provides many benefits that make using the towels much more comfortable.

Q: What is special about Sand Cloud towels?

A: There are many good things about these towels, but perhaps what people like the most about them is their beautiful, eye-catching designs that don’t go unnoticed. Also, they keep you dry and treat your skin well. What else is there to ask?

Q: Are Sand Cloud towels machine-washable?

A: Yes, these towels are machine-washable. However, you may want to be careful, since some of the picks included on this list are very thin. Thus, they won’t withstand the pressure of the washing cycle. Make sure to contact the manufacturer to clear any doubts.

Final Words

As you can see in our Sand Cloud towel review article, there’s so much more to these products than just their good looks. The brand offers one for everyone, so make sure to look at the different options to find the right one for you.