Dri Soft Towels Review – Bath Towel And Bath Towel Set (of 2022 Updated)

Indeed, Dri-Soft towels are not the most popular ones in the market. The competition is tough, and in all honesty, there aren’t many unique features that made these towels better than the others.

However, when others start to fail, these towels continue delivering satisfying results.

In our Dri Soft Towels Review, we’ll go over the different aspects that make these towels a worthy opponent to the most popular brands.

Dri Soft Towels Review

We’ve chosen two of the brand’s highest-quality towels, and after several tests, we hereby give you the results.

Read on to find out!

Dri Soft Bath Towels Review

We’ve selected a couple of Dri-Soft towels that met our expectations by delivering incredible performance through various tests. For you, we’re certain they will provide just as many benefits as they did for us.

Dri-Soft Plus Bath Towel

Although this towel is only available in two colors, lacking the color variety people appreciate, it does compensate for that by offering an efficient performance keeping you dry and warm after leaving the bath.

Dri-Soft Plus Bath Towel
Dri-Soft Bath Towel

The bath towel measures 54×30-inch, and it is available in either white or light blue. When compared to other brands, this Dri-Soft towel is large enough for many purposes. You get to use it at home if you like, and you can also take it with you during travels or a day at the beach.

To produce it, the manufacturer uses pure cotton. The towel goes through the Zero Twist construction process, which ensures high-quality threading to prevent loose fibers or unraveling.

That same resistance translates to the washing, allowing you to put the towel inside the washer without concerns. To maintain it in good shape, it is better to wash the bath towel using warm water instead of cold.

Moreover, the cotton fiber makes the towel quite absorbent too. It is capable of soaking up moisture at a fast rate, and it is even quicker while drying. There’s no need to wait many hours before the towel feels dry and ready to be used once again.

When the towel is wet, it remains as lightweight as it is when dry. In that sense, this bath towel feels comfortable throughout, allowing us to use it as regularly as we would like. Even after many washing cycles, the fiber remains soft to the skin, and it doesn’t lose absorbency.

This Dri-Soft bath towel is the brand’s best item for many reasons, and the ones we’ve covered in our review are only a few of them. It is not perfect, of course, as there are some minor drawbacks that not many people will enjoy.

  • High-quality cotton material
  • Zero-twist structure design
  • Gives a comfortable feeling upon the skin
  • Large size
  • Lacks color variety

Dri-Soft Plus Bath Towel Set

Our next pick is not that different from the first, as it doesn’t offer many colors either. However, we do have to admit these are far better looking. The towels are available in pink, blush color, and deep blue, or Aqua.

Those vibrant colors make the towels a suitable addition to every bathroom’s decoration.

Dri-Soft Plus Bath Towel Set
Dri-Soft Bath Towel Set

These towels have a ribbed texture, providing a comfortable and soft touch to the skin. When compared to other brands, these Dri-Soft towels manage to deliver a plushy fabric that doesn’t turn awkward when using it.

But it is not perfect, as you may notice a little heaviness in the bath towel after soaking a considerable amount of water.

It is not a stretch to say these towels are among the most absorbent out there. That’s an advantage because no single drop of water will remain on the body after using the towels to wipe it away, but it is also a disadvantage. As stated above, the towel is not the lightest when wet.

Lucky for us, the towels are quick-drying. So, even if they feel a little odd, it shouldn’t take long before it regains its comfort after several minutes of drying.

Like only the top-rated towels, these feature the Zero-Twist yarn. It adds another level of durability that is a huge benefit after many washing cycles, which is when most towels start to unravel.

The Zero-Twist yarn also allows you to wash it in the washing machine, as it will withstand the pressure applied over the fibers. Deciding to buy this set of towels provides a pair of bath towels measuring 54×30-inch, a couple of 28×16-inch hand towels, and two other washcloths that measure 13×13-inch.

  • Beautiful colors available
  • High absorbency
  • Ribbed texture for more comfort
  • Durable towel set
  • These towels feel a little heavy when they’re wet
  • To get this set, you’ll have to pay a little more than the average towel sets

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Dri-Soft towels:

Q: Are Dri-Soft towels quick-drying?

A: The cotton material used to produce them, combined with the zero-twist yarn, ensures these towels are capable of absorbing water and drying quickly afterward. Surely, you can’t expect them to dry within minutes, but they should be ready to use once again shortly during the same day.

Q: How to wash Dri-Soft towels?

A: You can wash the Dri-Soft towels following the same process you would follow for most towels, with the only difference being that you want to use warm water instead. It will prevent possible damage to the fabric, guaranteeing its highest quality performance for many months ahead.

Q: Are Dri-Soft towels better individually or in a set?

A: Buying Dri-Soft towels in a set is often better as it may allow you to save a couple of extra bucks you could use for other stuff. Naturally, it depends on your preferences; if you have hand towels and washcloths already, then go for a single bath towel.

Final Words

With our Dri Soft Bath Towel & Towel Set review, we expect you have a better understanding of why these towels are items you may want to have in the house. Kids, adults, and seniors can enjoy all the benefits they provide.