C Fold vs. Multifold Paper Towels – What’s The Difference?

While buying paper towels, we often consider things such as softness, uses, size, cost-effectiveness, etc. The fold of the towel is something that seldom crosses our minds. Yet, did you know that the fold actually creates a lot of differences that you should definitely take into account while going paper towel shopping?

C Fold vs. Multifold Paper Towels

To clarify, there are quite a few types of fold that paper towels have, but the debate between C fold vs multifold paper towels is eternal. Multifold towels are also known as Z fold. So what is actually the difference between these two? Read on to know more!

C Fold vs Multifold Paper Towels

Let’s compare them feature-by-feature here;


This is the most important distinguishing factor between the two kinds of towels. A C fold towel is comprised of tabs that are folded in each other to form a shape of the letter C. these tabs lie on top of each other since they are not interlocked.

A multifold towel, on the other hand, is folded with an extra fold in the middle to form a kind of shape resembling the letter Z. The tabs in this kind of towel are interlocked with each other.


When it comes to wastage, multifold paper towels are more economical than c fold ones. This is because multifold towels can be dispensed one at a time, so no one ends up pulling a lot of towels at once that they do not really need.

It also prevents multifold towels from creating a mess by falling down on the bathroom floor or any other area where it is located.

However, c fold towels are better when you do need a few paper towels at once, as the form of the towel allows you to pinch it to take out multiple towels at the same time.

Opened Up vs. Closed

When being pulled out from the dispenser, c fold towels tend to be folded up. While this might seem like a desirable factor, this actually means that you will need to open the towel up by your hands to use it, something most people do not do.

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Paper towels are usually provided in bathrooms of different organizations, retail stores, public offices, educational institutions, etc. You can find both C fold and multifold paper towels in dispensers in bathrooms at places like this.

While each type of towel usually has a separate kind of dispenser, some dispensers can fit both.


The size of the towels does not actually vary much according to their category since all traditional paper towels usually are 9 to 12 inches in both length and height. This size can, however, differ according to the brand and producer.

In contrast, multifold paper towels open up when they are dispensed. As a result, fewer towels are needed for the exact job that a lot of c fold paper towels can do.


We hope that by reading this article on C fold vs multifold paper towels, you have got a better idea about which kind to choose for your use. While multifold ones seem more economical in the long run, c fold towels have some pretty great uses too.