Can You Put Paper Towel in The Microwave? Get A Detailed Answer

Are you someone who is struggling to understand if paper towels can be put in the microwave? This is a pretty common question that most of us have asked ourselves over the course of our lives.

To make sure that you are not confused anymore, we are here with this article to explain in detail when you can and cannot put microwave towels in the microwave oven.

After reading this article, we hope you will learn the answer to the very frequently asked question – can you put paper towels in the microwave? To stay safe and informed about kitchen appliances, proper information is surely crucial.

Why Use Paper Towels in the Microwave?

Let us take a look at why a lot of people prefer using paper towels in the microwave and what purposes they can serve.

As a Cover

A very common use of paper towels in the microwave is as a cover. A lot of people use paper towels to cover their food when it is being reheated.

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If you are cooking in the microwave, it is naturally going to take a much longer time than reheating a food item. In such a situation, it is better not to use a paper towel as a cover. Prolonged exposure to heat may cause the paper towel to catch fire no matter how appropriate the towel is for use in a microwave oven.

Placed Under the Dish to Protect the Table

A lot of people also place paper towels below the dish or bowl and on top of the turntable. This will allow the paper towel to catch any drip or mess that the food might make and reduce your cleaning hassles.

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To Wrap the Food

If you are heating food items such as bread, tortilla, wraps, shawarmas, leftover pizza slices, then you can use paper towels to wrap them or cover them. Paper towels will retain the moisture and make sure the food does not get as soggy as it often does.

Can You Put Paper Towel in the Microwave?

Let us finally take a look at if you can put paper towels in a microwave. There is no yes or no answer to this question. The answer is – it depends. It depends greatly on the paper towel, your microwave oven, and the duration the paper towel will stay in the oven.

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Below, let us take a look at the instances where you can and cannot put a paper towel in a microwave oven.

When It is Safe to Put Paper Towels in a Microwave Oven

In most cases, it is safe to put paper towels in a microwave oven. Most paper towels do not contain enough water to catch on fire. Even then, it is very important to do your research and read the manufacturer’s instructions.

When It is Not Safe to Put Paper Towels in a Microwave Oven

Recycled paper towels are not safe to put in the microwave oven at all. Many fast-food chains provide paper towels with their orders. These recycled paper towels feel a little different when compared to regular paper towels and often tend to catch fire.

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Moreover, paper towels that have printed logos or texts on them should not be put in a microwave oven. Many restaurants provide paper towels that have the name or logo printed on them. It is safer not to put these in a microwave oven.

Some Necessary Precautions

While using electric appliances and situations such as this where there is always a little bit of uncertainty, it is important to be aware of some safety precautions. Let us take a look at such safety tips below that will help you and your loved ones stay safer.

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Do Not Use Paper Towels For A Long Time In The Microwave Oven

It is better not to use paper towels for a prolonged period in a microwave oven. You can use them for reheating purposes, but it is safer not to use them when you are cooking something, even if it is something simple such as a 3 or 4-minute brownie in a mug.

Read The Manual

Always check manufacturers instructions and check the ingredient list to make sure there is no flammable ingredient in the paper towel.

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Do Not Use It With Flammable Stuff

If you put paper towels in the microwave oven with something else that is flammable or creates sparks, it is likely that the paper towel will catch fire.

Use The Paper Towel With Short Breaks

If you are worried or skeptical about using paper towels in a microwave oven, you can use the microwave oven in short intervals. This will allow you to check the food and paper towels a few times while the food is getting heated.

Get the Brand Right

If you find a specific brand of paper towel that creates no problem in the microwave oven and gets the job done well, it is wise to use that paper towel in the oven and not experiment with other brands.

Final Words

We hope we have answered your question, can you put paper towel in the microwave oven? No matter what, always take necessary precautions and stay safe in the kitchen.