Kirkland Paper Towels Review – Positive and Negative Fact of 2022

While looking for softness in best paper towels, we often encounter unpleasant results. We find ultra-soft rolls, yes, but most of the time, they cannot withstand even the slightest amount of pressure.

In some other cases, a soft towel doesn’t absorb as much as we expected. It is complicated to find soft paper towels that deliver in every other aspect as well. That is, of course, until you encounter the Kirkland paper towels.

Kirkland Paper Towels Review

It is not an exaggeration to say these paper towels are very satisfying. That’s why we’re doing our Kirkland paper towels review, and we have found one package that everyone can enjoy.

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Kirkland Paper Towels Review

Kirkland offers a 12-roll package that delivers a pleasant performance. Here’s what these towels have to offer you.

Kirkland Signature Premium Paper Towels

This pack of paper towels offers 12 rolls, a considerable amount to keep you and your family covered throughout the month. All of them come in a bulky package that, while it does consume a lot of space, is easy to handle and store properly.

Kirkland Signature Premium Paper Towels
Kirkland Premium Paper Towels

The rolls are 2-ply, providing reliable rolls of 160 sheets each. Each one feels the right amount of thickness, and they are quite absorbent as well. Whether you use the rolls at the bathroom or for other cleaning tasks like kitchen maintenance, the sheets will leave a spotless surface after wiping.

Another welcome surprise of using these paper rolls is their toughness. Even when the sheets are slightly wet, they will not break under the touch of your fingers. Their high resistance allows you to use the paper towels to wick moisture off many surfaces, and then fold them to leave a polished finish.

Of course, that high resistance also means that there won’t be rip fibers lying around after using the towels to clean.

Moreover, the paper towel’s softness is yet another highlighted feature worth pointing out. The sheets do feel soft, but not at a level that would be uncomfortable for our fingers. It is the perfect balance between softness and rigidity to use the towels comfortably.

With this paper towel package, Kirkland places itself as a reliable supplier that satisfy most of our needs. After using their products, it is tough to conceive why anybody would want to try another brand.

If you decide to invest in these towels, they will provide nothing but pleasant experience in the daily maintenance tasks around the house.

  • Large-sized paper towels
  • Perfect softness
  • High resistance against tearing
  • These paper towels are highly absorbent
  • Expensive pack of paper towels
  • The paper towel’s package consumes a lot of space

Final Words

If you’ve seen nothing but good things in every Kirkland paper towel reviews you’ve read, that’s because most of them are true. When you think about them, the only drawbacks are the high price and the space-consuming container. Those disadvantages are completely justified.

So, go along and give these paper rolls a try! You won’t regret it.