Viva Paper Towel Reviews – Deep Analysis of 2022

If there’s anything Viva paper towels provide, that would have to be their incredible performance regardless of the surface.

Whether you use it at the bathroom, at the kitchen, or anywhere else, these high-quality paper towels guarantee a clean and dry surface.

Viva Paper Towel Reviews

That’s why today, we’re starting our Viva paper towels review with a 12 family rolls set, as it is a complete package to keep you and your household clean by picking up any mess.

In case you want to know more about these paper towels, continue reading, and you’ll find out why many people favor it over the competition.

Viva Paper Towel Reviews

The Viva paper towels are great cleaning supplies you didn’t know you wanted. Here are all the reasons why you should consider them when you’re looking for high-quality paper towels.

Viva Signature Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels Set

The Viva paper towels are what you’d consider twice as durable as the standard paper roll found at the market. These products offer a high-quality performance to get you through the regular maintenance tasks around the house, leaving a clean and shiny surface behind.

Viva Signature Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels Set
Viva Signature Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels

When it comes to durability, these paper towels have nothing to envy from the top-rated cloths in the market. Whether you use the rolls to handle wet or dry maintenance activities, they will withstand the pressure, resisting against tear and without leaving shed fibers on the surfaces.

Also, the high resistance and efficiency of these paper towels make them suitable for a variety of uses. You can use it in the bathroom, sure, but they’re also great to use in the kitchen to clean your utensils or to get rid of those spots over your appliances.

And just like those tasks, you can do plenty more activities with the rolls in this set. There are 12 family-sized rolls, which feature 143 sheets in each one. In total, that’s around 1,716 sheets per roll. When compared, that amount would be the equal of 30 regular paper towel rolls.

After doing a couple of tests, the paper towels passed with flying colors. They showed a great display of absorbency, leaving surfaces spotless and without a single drop of liquid.

Due to the sheets feeling soft, it was a comfortable experience that may surprise even the most skeptical customers out there.

However, we did notice that the sheets often stick to one another. It could be frustrating as it may be off-putting while you’re trying to maintain your focus on cleaning the house.

  • 12 family rolls offering more than 1,500 sheets
  • Soft, strong, and durable
  • High absorbency
  • Suitable for a lot of cleaning activities, from the bathroom to the kitchen
  • The sheets often stick to each other
  • Expensive

Final Words

We couldn’t do our Viva paper towel reviews any other way than discussing their incredible family-sized paper towels set. As we saw in the review, it is a set of supplies that will put an end to many of your worries, as they’re capable of cleaning almost everything.