How to Wrap Towel around Head By Hair Towel

We all have our own ways to dry our hair. Some people use towels while others use hair dryers.

Regardless, there are lots of people who don’t know how to wrap a towel around their head to dry. And they only dry their hair by rubbing their hair with the towel.

How to Wrap Towel around head

Yet, wrapping a towel on your head is useful to let your hair dry while your hands are free to finish other work. Or if you want to finish getting ready while your hair is slowly being dried without you having to rapidly rub it.

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Hence, in this article, you’ll be learning exactly how to easily wrap a towel around your head. Let’s begin, shall we?

How to Properly Wrap a Towel around your Head

Everyone has different hair lengths and types. There are different kinds of ways to wrap a towel around your head as well.  Here are a few steps to follow for a proper way to wrap a towel around your head:

Towel Selection

It is essential to choose the right kind of towel and the right size for your hair type. Here are some tips for that:

  • Given the length of your hair, you should choose a towel that is long enough to cover all of your hair.
  • Even if you have short hair, at least choose a towel long enough to wrap so that it won’t come off loose.
  • You should probably use specific towels for your hair made of softer fabric like microfiber towels or even a clean t-shirt. This prevents hair from falling out and leaves your hair softer.
  • Plush towels and towel head wraps are preferred by some people too because of how soft, comfortable, and convenient they are for head wrapping. They’re found in many large department stores that sell bathroom items.
  • These kinds of towels also protect your hair like microfiber towels. Though microfiber towels are more preferred by people with curly hair or perms so that the towel doesn’t straighten or frizz their curls.
  • In case you don’t have those specific towels, you can always try a soft t-shirt. It’s just as safe as microfiber towels and protects your hair cuticles from being too rough and dry.

Comb out the Tangles

Combing your hair out and removing as many tangles as you can keep your hair from being a mess when you remove the towel wrap from your head. Combing before your shower is even better so that there are even fewer tangles.

If your hair is straight, then a simple comb will do. However, if your hair is curly, then it’s safer to do it with your hands to keep the curls in place because combing curly hair will get rid of the healthy curls and straighten most of them.

If your hair is wavy, then also use your hands, so you don’t accidentally harm the curly or wavy parts of your hair.

Flip Your Hair Frontwards

Bend over a bit and lower your head. Then you can use your hands to bring all your hair over, from the back to the front of your face.

It helps to comb it down while in this position too before you begin wrapping your head to prevent getting tangles when you unwrap your towel.

Wrap the Towel around Your Head

Here’s a two-step guide to wrapping a towel around your head.

Step 1: Start with wrapping the towel from your nape while your head is still bent low. Make sure that each side of the towel is hanging at equal length. To do that, you obviously have to place the middle of the towel over your head and nape.

Step 2: After you’ve placed the towel properly over the back of your head, you can then bring the two equal sides of the towel together and cover your hair with it. Bind it in your hands firmly and make sure no hair is peeking out of the towel.

If you want, you can tuck the towel line over your ears. This is usually done so that you can hear better without the towel in the way of your ears.

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Twist the Bound Towel

You then need to begin twisting the towel that has your hair tucked in place. It doesn’t matter which direction you choose, whether clockwise or counter-clockwise, as long as you twist in one direction all the way to the end of your hair length.

You need to twist it firmly but not too tightly because it will likely damage or rip your hair out from your roots if the towel pulls on your hair too much.

Secure the Wrap at the Back of Your Head

This time you finally stand up and lift the twisted part of the towel. Hold your hair and flip it to the back now. You can clip or tuck the end of the wrap if you want. Or you could let it go because there’s no worry for it to open if you’ve wrapped it properly.


You basically start off by following the first two steps above. And then you pull your hair to the back of your head and stand straight for this one. You then center the towel line over your forehead and move the equal sides of the towel behind.

Tuck the towel lines under your hair and begin twisting in one direction from behind. Then you bring the wrap over your shoulder to the front to keep it secure from opening up behind you.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping your head in a towel after a shower is a good way to save on time and energy. You don’t have to go through manual hair drying with a towel or using a hair-dryer.

The steps are given above help you to do so. They will help you dry your hair and also keep it in place.