How to Towel Dry Hair Without Damage (3 Steps)

Taking an early morning shower is an amazing habit.

It gives us a fresh start at the beginning of the day, energizing our bodies and also helping to stimulate the lymphatic system.

But it can cause a little problem for some people with early jobs, especially people who have long hair!

How To Towel Dry Hair

After the shower, most of our body can be dried very easily, except our hair. The hair tends to be wet for longer than other parts of the body. It can be harmful to hair to allow it to remain wet.

So, in this post, we are gonna teach you how to towel dry hair without causing damage.

Safely Drying Hair with a Towel

We need to dry our hair properly to save it from damage.

The process of safely drying hair is quite simple. Below we have noted the steps down so that you can protect your hair from damage.

Towel Dry Hair First Step

Step 1: Removing Water by Hand

Hand combing right after the shower while the water is still dripping from the hair is an important step. This completes a huge portion of the hair drying method. Basically, most of the water is removed from the hair in this step.

If this extra water isn’t removed early, a hair towel won’t be enough for drying your hair. The following points are important while you remove the water.

  • Firstly, comb the hair very gently.
  • Divide the hair into sections and start combing from the tip of the hair. This will make the task easier and will prevent the hair from being knotted.
  • While hand combing, strictly avoids pulling the hair. Wet hair is more vulnerable than dry hair. Pulling the hair carelessly can cause a lot of damage. It may also cause the hair to be uprooted.
  • You must complete the process in a very slow manner. This combing should be done along with the hair and combing against the growth direction should be strictly avoided.
Towel Dry Hair Second Step

Step 2: Applying Towel

After hand combing and removing most of the water, the next step is to use the towel.

Here’s the tricky part where you must be very careful about choosing the towel. Now, the regular coarse towels are quite harmful to the hair. They are prone to damage the shaft.

The ideal option for hair is a microfiber towel. There are some manufacturers who make towels solely dedicated to hair drying. After choosing the right towel, the next step is to execute the correct method of towel drying.

  • First, spread the towel over your head. Softly put both hands over the towel. Then firmly start to squeeze the hair. This will allow the towel to absorb the moisture. Do this for every inch of each hair section so that no moisture is missed.
  • Vigorous massaging can damage the hair very badly. This type of massaging causes the hair thread to break. For wet hair, the risk is even more. So, you need to stick only to the squeeze and blot technique.
  • While you are drying the hair, some parts of the towel may get wet earlier by soaking water from the hair. Do not use the wet part of the towel to dry the rest of the moist hair.
  • When the hair starts to get dry, slowly drag the towel to the end of the hair tip. Gently pat the last portion of the hair. If there is any moisture left there, the patting will absorb it.
Towel Dry Hair Third Step

Step 3: Wrapping a Large Towel around the Hair

According to the quality of a person’s hair, the drying process may have different effects. For some people, especially those who have curly or thick hair, wrapping around a towel properly is quite vital.

Hair wrap is also important if you want to further dry your hair while doing daily chores. There are some special large-sized towels in the market dedicated to hair wrapping. If you manage to find one of them, just follow the steps below.

  • First, make sure there are no knots in your hair. It should be free-flowing. The hair should be kept in such a way that they are perpendicular to the ground as well as with the forehead.
  • Now, spread the long towel from your neck to the hanging hair. This should cover all of your hair.
  • Then slowly start to wrap the towel around the hair
  • This is a very crucial task. As you need to wrap the towel slightly tight at the same time, you need to be sure you are not applying too much pressure, or else it will damage your hair.
  • When you have wrapped the towel, push the hair at the back of the neck and focus on some small tasks while your hair dries.

Final Thoughts

Hair drying is very important for the health of your hair.

There are different types of gadgets for this purpose. But most of the time, these methods aren’t healthy. They can damage our hair. On the other hand, towel drying is a very safe, reliable and efficient technique.

This method preserves the original structure of the hair. But, to be honest the towel drying process can not dry the hair hundred percent.

There is always a little extra water that remains after drying. To eliminate this problem, you can use some hair conditioner, which would balance out the little bit of moisture remaining in the hair.