How to Make A Towel Turban | The In-Depth Guide

Do you see people come out of the shower in their bathrobes and with the perfect turban? You must have if you watch movies, series, etc. Anyways, there are many benefits of knowing how to make a towel turban, and if you want to find out more about the pros, then you have to continue reading!

However, even if you know the advantages of having a towel turban after a shower, making one is not a very effortless task.

Unless you are exceptional in origami, then a towel turban should feel like a hassle. But not anymore! Here you shall learn in what way you can do to make your own towel turban, and that too in detail. 

So, buckle up!

What Are the Benefits of Having Towel Turbans

Before we explain how to create a towel turban, we must explain the necessity of using/wearing it. And, believe us, there are numerous advantages of wearing towel turbans.


Your conventional towels are more weighty than a towel turban. In short, the fabric used to make your regular towels and turban towels are significantly different. With the general towels, you will have to go through an elaborate process to wrap your hair after a shower.

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Couple this with its heavyweight, and you should start getting irritated. Furthermore, the usual ones are pretty long. You see, they were created for your body, which is obviously more sizeable than your head. Hence, the turban towels offer a snugger fit.

No Need for Readjustment!

When using a shower towel for making turbans, we are confident that you would have lost count of the number of times you would have to reset, rewrap, and whatnot.

Now, with a turban towel, you do not have to worry about anything else! All you need to do is place it on your head once, and when your hair is dry, take it off.

Keeps Your Hair Healthy

Generally, turban towels are crafted out of microfiber, which offers you a couple of perks. One of them is the fact that they are softer than shower towels. Due to this, the chances of any hair damage are reduced exponentially. Are you wondering how?

Well, you are going to open the turban at some point, right? Because of this motion, friction is created between your hair and the fibers. Now, the tinier and smoother fibers reduce the troublesome friction and thus, diminishes the damage done to your hair.

Another notable pro of having a turban towel is the fact that it has superior absorbing capabilities. Thus, your hair dries much faster and is less exposed to the heat after a warm and soothing shower.

You Do Not Have to Wait!

In our world, no one wants to wait for anything. There is a famous saying, ‘Time is money,’ and right now, this is very accurate. No one has the luxury to wait for anything, and they have to be efficient in their life, including letting your hair dry.

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However, if you have a turban towel, then you can do your work or chores as your hair dries. Now, it is true that you can do the same with a regular towel crafted into turbans. Nevertheless, we have already stated that it is quite heavy, so doing your job might not be a very effortless task.

How to Make A Towel Turban?

You have waited enough! Now, you might not have a turban towel. There is no need to be upset as here you will be learning everything there is making a towel turban. Also, you can use a regular towel. Anyways, if you follow these steps, we can assure you that you will be able to make your own towel into a turban. 

Step 1: Getting The tools

Before we can do anything, you have to make sure that you have the right equipment for the task. Here is a list to make things easier for you:

  1. Towels Pinking Shears
  2. Scissors
  3. Pencil, Marker, or Chalk
  4. Thread 
  5. Straight pins

These six items are all the utensils you need to make your very own towel turban. Now that you have the right checklist- let us get started.

Step 2: Drawing The Teardrop

We shall start by drawing on the towel. Firstly, place the towel over a firm board or platform. By doing this, you will be eliminating the odds of any unwanted errors. After that, start drawing half a teardrop on the towel. Remember to keep it approximately 0.5-inches in excess for the seam. 

Step 3: Cutting

After you are done with this part, it is time to grab the scissors. Now, if you do not have scissors, then you can use any cutting equipment (just don’t go for your saw machine or power cutting machines). Start cutting from the line that you drew. 

Step 4: Making the Turban

Once you are done cutting, place a ribbon on the edges of the towel. You have to make sure that the towel is in a loop and is placed approximately 0.5-inches above the towel. Are you done? Now, secure the loop using the straight pins.

By the way, you also have to pin the entire teardrop now. All you have to do is place a couple of pins on the rough edges to ensure that the towel is held in place properly. After that, it is time for sewing. Now, you can opt for a sewing machine, or you can do it manually.

When you are sewing, make sure that you are keeping at least 0.5 inches for the seams. Also, you have to sew along the teardrop’s borders (sew the lines you drew at first). Now, all you have to do is put it inside out, and voila, you should have your very own towel turban.

If you are still having a little trouble, check out this video of how to craft a towel turban.

Final Words

Now, you should have your very own towel turban, and thanks to our article, you finally should have a clear understanding of how to make a towel turban. Furthermore, we have provided you with all the necessary information on how to do the task. So, enjoy!

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