How To Roll Towels Like Professional

If you’ve been to a hotel or a spa, you’ve probably seen how the staff seems to have skills out of this world when it comes to rolling their towels.

It is incredible the number of things they can do! And they look impossible for us to replicate, but are they?

How To Roll Towels

Well, you won’t need more than our guide, and you’ll be ready to roll your towels expertly as well. It only requires patience, a set of towels to try it, and nothing more than a couple of minutes for you to master the technique.

So, got your towels ready? Then, let’s begin!

Most Easiest Way to Roll Your Towels

Video Credit: Judi The Organizer

There are many benefits from learning how to roll our towels. We’ll discuss them later, but for now, let’s start practicing this skill. If you’ve got your towels and the table ready, this is how you do it.

Step 1: lay the towel on the table and make sure there isn’t any object getting in the way.

Step 2: Folding your towel in half, and try to flatten the folded towel afterward. Just a little bit, there’s no need to spend too much time during this step.

Step 3: Continue by grabbing one of the corners, which you’ll take up to the far edge. Both need to be in parallel. Proceed to flip the towel before advancing.

Step 4: In this next step, you will be folding each corner in thirds. Take your time and don’t rush it, you’re almost there.

Step 5: When you finish, flip the towel once again. Do you see that? That’s the paved way of your success.

Step 6: Now you only need to roll the towel tightly.

To prevent it sliding over the table, keep the corners pressing against the surface. And that’s it! There you have your towels, perfectly rolled to decorate your bathroom until the children take a bath and  ruin it. But hey! We have to learn to celebrate our wins on learning how to roll the towels. It is pretty satisfactory if you ask me.

Benefits of Learning this Technique

There are a couple of benefits that come from learning how to keep your towels rolled in the house. Some of those benefits are the following.

Saving Space

Having rolled towels could save you plenty of space that you could use for other household items. In the bathroom, every bit of space counts, and it is always nice to keep everything organized.

Luxurious Look

People often say that you can learn a lot about someone through their bathroom. It is partially true. Imagine what your loved ones and friends will say when they take a look at your house and find these masterfully rolled towels? The surprise is one expression that comes to mind.


Like mentioned before, having the items organized is always satisfactory. No longer will you have to worry about your towels laying around.

Final Words

Rolling your towels might not seem like a big deal once you learn it, but it sure is satisfactory every time you see an organized bathroom!