How to Fold Towels Like 5-Star Hotel (Last One You Must Like)

It may make people laugh: Wait, what? How to fold a towel? Ha ha!

Yes, I would laugh about it too. But when you want to save some space, a roughly folded towel will not work. It will be unpleasant and the bathroom will look untidy. So, it’s better to use some tactics and fold these little useful pieces of cloth, aka towels, in the way that they deserve.

Towel Folding Style

Remember, there are basically two ways to fold towels, which are narrow and deep. If your shelf has a length of 12 inches, then the narrow folded method would be best. On the other hand, the deeply folded towel works best when the cabinet is deep above the toilet.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get started with the tips and tricks on folding towels. Let’s make our bathroom look like a tidied-up 5-star hotel washroom, shall we (Well, that was a well-thought exaggeration, ha ha)?

Method Number 1: The Rewind

Step 1: Start by spreading your desired bath towel over a flat surface. A table is a suitable choice here to lay it out.

Step 2: Once the towel lays horizontally across the table, grab one of the sides, and fold it in half.

Step 3: Now, go back to the left side and fold it once again. Not entirely to the opposite side, but only to the middle. Repeat this process with the right side as well.

Step 4: Position the towel horizontally once again in front of you over the table, and fold it one more time. Try to leave the brand’s logo on the top side for a better finish.

Step 5: If you consider it necessary, tuck the corner edges left hanging. Then you’ll have a cleaner folding.

Method Number 2: The Rueben

Step 1: It is the same as the previous method. Start by laying your towel flat over the surface of a table.

Step 2: Again, do it just like before folding the towel’s long side in half.

Step 3: Reach over to the left side of the towel, and continue folding it to the center. Repeat the step with the right side too.

Step 4: Now, reposition the towel over the table horizontally. Grab one of the edges, and start folding to the other side. Make sure to fold the towel twice during this step.

And there you have it! A perfectly tighten towel folded in a compact shape for optimum organization.

Rewind and Rueben are the two ways by which you can fold almost any towel; use these methods to save space and to make your washroom look tidier!

Happy Folding!