How Many Towels Do I Need For My Activities

Bath towels, hand towels, face towels; there are so many! Sometimes it is difficult to figure out just how much we’re going to need. And the options are endless too. With so many alternatives, picking the right amount becomes complicated very quickly.

Not for nothing, there was a huge debate on Twitter recently, in which celebrities like Christine Teigen and even IKEA shared their opinion about this matter.

How Many Towels Do I Need

The answers vary depending on who you ask, but we’ve come close to an estimated number of these items, that will serve you well for a long time.

How Many Towels to Own?

It is quite standard to have around five towels in the house, but we have to consider that it is not going to remain same always. If you’re a young adult looking for a new home, you may eventually consider having a family, and they will need their supplies as well.

And, if you’re an older person, there’s always the chance that someone comes to visit. We may love our friends, but there’s a barrier that most people don’t cross, and you should have host towels available for them.

List of Towel Category Available in The Market

Finally, it is not only bath towels that you’ll need. It would be better to have ten pieces of each: bath sheets, bath, hand, and face towels equally. They could get dirty quickly, and I bet you won’t be rubbing on your face the same towel you used for your body.

So, How Many Towels Do You Need Exactly?

Although most people recommend having more than ten towels, ultimately, the choice is yours. Buy as many as you consider necessary; don’t use the same one for everything. And wash them regularly!