How Often Should You Wash Your Towels

If we take baths to clean our bodies, why do towels get dirty? That’s one of the questions many people ask ironically, but there’s a reasonable answer for that: soap and water aren’t enough to get rid of microbes. You’ll wash off the dirt and sweat, but some of it will remain afterward.

Bacteria are everywhere. As homeowners, we quickly find out that we can battle to keep them at bay, but we won’t erase them. Same happens with our bodies, and the same happens with towels.

How Often Should You Wash Your Towels

Because of that, you need to wash the towels periodically. Here, the question is, how often should you care for them?

Washing Our Towels – How Often?

Understandably, washing clothing’s and household items is often a task that we don’t particularly enjoy doing. To prove that point, there are many people who take one week or more before washing their towels. But is this good for our health?

According to the American Cleaning Institute, the recommended days to wash the towels would be after using them for three or four days straight. They also suggest people should wait until the items are completely dry if they intend to use them again.

Also, it goes without saying that if you’ve used the towel for body fluids such as sweat, you need to wash them right after you finish using them. The material of these items is what we know as a porous environment, which is perfect for bacteria to grow.

That’s why you need to wash the towels regularly. Even if you don’t use it that much, it is not surprising to find microbes like mold or yeast lying around over the fabric.

It may not seem like a big deal, but take a moment to consider that you’re rubbing microbes all over your face daily, and that’s not pleasant.

Now we can answer our initial question; how often should you wash your towels? Approximately every two to four days if you’re using them regularly.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

“Waiting more than four days to wash my towels shouldn’t be that bad. So far, I haven’t gotten sick!”

That’s a logical thought that could be going through your mind as you read this article, but it is not the correct approach to this issue. The way you should see it is like using dirty clothing; you wouldn’t continue putting them on after taking a bath and feeling clean, would you?


It could be annoying, but when your health is on the line, taking a few minutes to wash the towels is worth it considering that the alternative is a possible trip to the emergency room due to an infection.

Taking into account the guidelines given by the professionals,

ditch your old routine of waiting weeks to care for the towels, and do it more often as you should consider it necessary.

Besides, after taking a bath, one of the most refreshing feelings is to have a safe and comfortable towel to soak the water excess over our bodies. It makes us feel clean, fresh, and ready for another day of our lives.