What to Do with Old Towels & What Not

Do you have some old towels lying around?

Then hold your horses and don’t throw them away just yet!

There are many things you can do with them, and today, we’ll cover the best ways in which you can give these items a new purpose in their life.

What to Do with Old Towels

Use them as Rags for Cleaning! – Recommended

Using old towels as cleaning rags is more of a common reaction most people have when there’s a mess around the house. It is the first item you consider if you don’t have one of those terrycloth rags available.

Speaking of terrycloth rags, they’re quite expensive too! Save yourself some bucks by going through the closet to see if there are old towels you can use to clean the house. Sometimes, they’re even more efficient than other products.

Donate to Shelters – Recomanded

They may be old, but they’re not useless. Even if you don’t use the towels anymore, that doesn’t mean that no one else could make good use of them. For instance, consider donating them to shelters, whether they are human or pet shelters.

Even the smallest detail like an old towel could make someone else feel warm tonight.

Use it as a Rug – Recomanded

If you do a lot of outside work, you should be familiar with shoe marks all over the hallway when you return to your home. It could be frustrating, especially if another family member takes care of cleaning the house, and the floor is newly polished.

Consider using your old towels as a rug outside the house to get the dirt off the bottom of your shoes. No longer will you have to apologize for messing up a recently cleaned house!

Use them to Care for the Baby – Never Do This

Babies are a handful, and there’s no denying that regardless of how much we love them or think they’re cute. Whether you’re feeding them, bathing them, or doing anything; they can turn an ordinary activity into a mess very quickly. And you’re not always ready for that.

But, with old towels, you can face off those situations without dying attempting it.

For instance, old towels can be use as baby bibs to clean after the baby when you’re feeding them. Better yet, you can cut pieces of the towel to create as many napkins as you consider necessary.

Another way you can use them to care for the baby is by using the old towels as baby wipes. New parents already have a lot of things to worry about, the last thing they need is to waste money buying supplies that are way too pricey.

You can cut the towels into little squares and use them every time the baby needs changing. I know, it is not pretty, but you never know. The situation may be dire someday, and knowing this information could be beneficial.


These are only a couple of new purposes you can give to old towels. There are more, so consider it twice before throwing them away.