How to Make a Mask Out of Paper Towel

How to Make a Mask Out of Paper Towel

You’re on a mission. No, you are not playing the fake Agent Hunt or James Bond stuff. You’re chasing real enemies here. And what’s worse, you’re chasing enemies with your Land Cruiser in the desert. Suddenly, while you were gaining on your guy, a sand storm hit your car. You get out of your car, … Read more

Only 5 Steps to Wrap a Cat in a Towel

How to Wrap A Cat in A Towel

Soft, cute, cuddly, and sassy. No, we aren’t describing your high school crush. We’re talking about cats. Cat lovers will give their life for their furry four-legged feline friends. But taking care of a cat is not an easy task. They might get scratchy and irritated when handling them. This can especially be a problem … Read more

6 Easy Steps To Open A Paper Towel Dispenser

How To Open A Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper towels come in quite handy in all of our daily lives. And the dispensers make our lives more comfortable with their endless supply of paper goodies. But they do have a tendency to get jammed or stuck now and then. So it’s essential to get your hands dirty and fix these things up. But, … Read more