How to Make a Mask Out of Paper Towel

You’re on a mission. No, you are not playing the fake Agent Hunt or James Bond stuff. You’re chasing real enemies here. And what’s worse, you’re chasing enemies with your Land Cruiser in the desert.


Suddenly, while you were gaining on your guy, a sand storm hit your car. You get out of your car, try to chase the goon but he escapes from your gasp. Darn it, he just made a mask with his towel while you’re suffocating to death?

Be smart! Know how to make a mask out of paper towel. Yep, all you need is a paper towel! Then, you can chase your enemies in the desert too. No suffocation, no germs, only THE CHASE!

Want to know how it’s done? Let’s get going.

How to Make a Mask Out of Paper Towel – A Simple Solution

Before we dive into the instructions, let me give you the list of ingredients you will need for this little DIY project. Here are the things you need for making a paper towel mask;


When you start making the paper mask, wash your hands properly, sing the Happy Birthday song if you need it! Additionally, disinfect your working surface and everything you are going to use for making this mask.

Now, here are the steps for making this DIY paper towel mask;

  • Place 5-6 pieces of paper towels at a 90-degree angle, just like the filters of a regular surgical mask.
  • Fold the paper towel back and forth to make a pattern.
  • Place the rubber band at the end of the folds and staple it.
  • You can also use a punch-hole machine to make four holes on each corner and insert rubber bands through them if you want better fitting.
  • Wear the mask!

Well, that’s how you do it! Moreover, you can use two different brands of paper towels for a better defense system. Remember that, you can use the mask only once, and then you need to dispose of it properly.

If you’re still confused about the whole process, consider watching this video.

Can a Paper Towel Mask Block Virus Effectively

Researches show that if you use several layers of paper towels in a mask, it will work as a proficient filter. A paper towel mask has 80% efficiency in blocking viruses, which is quite a relief.

You can also use a plastic sheet for better protection as it works as a water-resistant layer. But that instruction is quite tricky, and you may not have all the ingredients to make that mask during emergencies.

Mask Precaution Tips for Better Protection

Here are some tips to follow for better results while wearing a paper towel mask;

Know Your Health Problems

If you have breathing problems, don’t put on this mask without trying for a few moments. Moreover, never put a mask on someone unconscious.

Avoid Children

It would be best to never put on a mask on babies who are younger than two years.

Don’t Use It as Alternatives

If you are wearing a mask, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to maintain social distance. Always sanitize your hands and maintain proper social distancing and wear masks at the same time.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, now you have learned how to make a mask out of a paper towel with some simple things at home. Though it’s not 100% effective, it gives excellent protection during emergencies. So keep wearing masks and live a healthy lifestyle as much as you can.