How to Remove a Towel Ring With No Visible Screws

Towel Rings are one of the most used bathroom appliances. Sometimes they can get a little loose, or you may even face other problems. For instance, you need to use more than one towel now, and in scenarios like this, there’s only one thing you need to do first and that is, to remove the towel ring.


Now, since you’re here, you’re obviously wondering how to remove the towel ring? Rest assured because we have gone out of our way and researched properly on the topic.

A Brief Explanation

Unlike towel bar holders, towel rings don’t have any set screw that you can simply unscrew and remove the holder. Instead, they either have a hidden screw or a spring that will hold them tightly. And in case it’s none of these, the ring is simply attached with a strong adhesive glue.

You can use a small screwdriver if you can reach the hidden screw, or you can also use a solvent if it’s attached with glue, or you can just simply use your strength and take it off by using a pattern.

How to Remove Towel Ring

As mentioned earlier, there are three ways to remove a towel ring depending on how your towel ring was installed or, in other words, the type of towel ring whether it was installed with a screw, adhesive glues, or spring.

Enough blabbering; let’s just jump right into the methods you can use to remove a towel ring. But first, for your convenience, we have attached a video that shows one of the methods to remove your towel ring. It precisely shows a towel ring with spring.

Find the Hidden Screw

Most towel ring holders have no set screws, unlike bar towel holders. However, some towel rings have a hidden screw. If you can locate the hidden screw, you can easily take it off. Maximum towel rings use Allen key screws or screws of similar size. They are very small.

To remove this hidden small screw, you just need a small screwdriver to take it off. Pry the ring open using the screwdriver. It requires not much effort, but this method is time-consuming since you have to look for the small screw in the towel ring.

Use a Solvent

After failing to search for any hidden screw with your flashlight, it’s pretty much confirmed the builder used glue to attach your towel ring. In order to remove this, you need some kind of solvent, say Goo Gone, for example.

Use this on the towel to soften the adhesive pad or the glue. Afterward, use something thin but strong like a piece of dental floss, work it back and forth. The ring should loosen up by now. Lastly, just mount it a bit and take it off.

Follow a Simple Pattern

This method is only for the towel rings that has a spring holding them tightly. In your favor, you do not need to waste your time looking for a hidden screw, nor is there any need to waste your money buying a solvent. This is the simplest way of removing a towel ring.

To make this type of towel ring off, what you need to do is simply lift up the ring from the bottom and then tip it forward. Afterward, pull it downwards, and there you go!

Still, confused? You might want to check this video.


We hope that this article came to your aid and explained the solution to how to remove towel ring? clearly. Judging by how your towel ring was installed, you can easily remove your towel ring. If you have any confusion or questions, feel free to let us know. Good luck with removing your towel ring!