How to Install Towel Ring – A Step By Step Process

Tired of towels hanging around in lousy places in the bathroom? Then it’s high time you install a towel ring. Towel rings are useful and may look fancier than towel bars, however, there are quite a few ways to install a towel ring.

And here comes our article to the rescue! After researching thoroughly. We have found out the most convenient ways on how to install towel ring.


However, to save your valuable time, let’s some up the ways to install a towel ring. Briefly putting, there are two main ways you can install a towel ring. One of them is through classical drilling, and another is with the help of adhesive glue.

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Installing Towel Ring Through Drilling

In order to install your towel ring through drilling, you need to have the basic tools like Drill, bits, hammer, level, pencils, mounting hardware, and towel rings. With all these appliances, you are now ready to start the process.

But before doing anything, we suggest you read the instruction on your towel ring package because some towel rings are engineered not to be drilled. Now, let’s take a look at how you can install a towel ring through drilling step by step.

Selecting the Height

First of all, we have to select the right spot for our Towel Ring. The Towel Rings are mounted next to a sink around 48 inches to 50 inches above the ground. You can measure and mark it where either there is a stud, or you’d simply prefer it to be.

Marking with a Pencil

Either way, once we will find the spot, we will use the mounting bracket and a level to make sure it’s straight and how we wanted and will mark the holes with a pencil where the screws will sit.

Drilling the Towel Ring Holes

Before installing the towel rings, you’ll have to drill holes so that you can use drywall anchors. The holes should be a bit wider so that the anchors will fit in. Now, use a hammer to push the anchors deeper inside the wall.

Attaching the Towel Ring to the Mounting Brackets

Now we will attach the mounting bracket to the wall. You can do this by setting the bracket over the holes. Afterward, just screw it onto the walls. Once after doing it, the towel ring will simply sit over the bracket.

On the underside of the ring mount, there is a small hole with a little screw, that is to tighten the set, either by a small Slotted Screwdriver or by an Allan Key.

By the period, these Towel Rings loosens. We can simply tighten it by the underside of the mounting ring, and it will be back again to its original place.

Sticking with Adhesive Glue

We may sometimes want to avoid making any holes in the tiles or walls because either it will be permanent or because it is difficult to install it. But using Adhesives will save us hours of installation time and a lot of effort.

Process of Installing Towel Ring Using Adhesive Glue

  • At first, mark the location and position where you will put the mounting bracket. You can do it either by using a pencil or a marker.
  • The next step is to cut the adhesive tape to the maximum length of the mounting brackets and will place the double-sided tape onto the wall.
  • Then we will remove the protecting film from the tape and attach the mounting bracket firmly against the wall.
  • Lastly, you just have to wait for 24 hours before installing the towel bar onto the mounting bracket, and you’re done.

Still facing trouble? Check out this video to get a clear idea.

Final Words

We hope that this article came to your aid and cleared your confusion about how to install towel ring easily. Don’t forget to let us know which method you’d prefer. Thank you for reading, and good luck installing a towel ring!