How to Fold a Towel into a Flower

It is said that food tastes a hundred times better if presented in a way that will be a treat for the eyes as well. And, a big part of food presentation lies in your choice of cutleries, portion sizes, even the way you fold the towel. If you want to throw a truly elegant dinner party then you must know how to fold a towel into a flower.


Or sometimes for special occasions if you are feeling romantic you might want to fold a towel into a flower for your significant other to show that you care!

Whatever your goal might be don’t worry just buckle up because I’m about to explain that briefly right below!

A Random Flower Shape

So, if you have a bigger towel in hand, it’s tricky to give it a detailed look. In that case, this flower shape would work wonderfully.

  • At first, fold the towel in a square shape lengthwise. Sometimes it ends up being a rectangle, but don’t worry, fold it from the sides a little to make it into a square.
  • Pull the corners in the center. You probably have ended up with another square, and one more time, pull the corners into the center again and place your hand beneath it carefully and flip. So, you don’t unfold it.
  • Now that you have flipped the whole concussion, you have to pull the corners into the middle one last time.
  • Have you ended up with yet another square? Great! At this stage, you would see there are little flaps underneath the corners. It’s the result of all that folding! Pull flaps out from each of the corners, and voila! You have a towel flower.

A Rose

It’s the most popular flower, a bit complicated but not as much as you would think. Now, follow me carefully.

  • Take a pink towel or red preferably so that it looks more realistic. A white one would work just as fine. Now carefully lay down the towel and straighten it with both hands.
  • Take two opposite corners of the towel and fold it in a manner so that those opposite corners come together. Now you have a triangle.
    With the folded side or the side that has no opening laying towards you and the other two opened sides away from you, start coiling the towel from one corner. It could be from the left side or the right; doesn’t matter.
  • Keep coiling the towel, or keep folding the towel in a coil-like shape till you reach the other corner.
  • Don’t fold all the way through. Just keep a little fabric unfolded at the ending side so that you can tuck that in on itself for a secure hold. And you guessed it right now, it’s time to do just that.
  • Now that you have tucked that in, carefully spread the hanging fabric around to make it look like leaves. Do it by placing your new creation on the table so that it doesn’t come undone.
  • Adjust the coil or the folded part to your liking inwards or outwards for a better look. And that’s the end of this tutorial.

Final Words

Folding a towel into a flower might not seem very important to some, but it’s an art form. And as humans, we do enjoy and appreciate art and serenity in simple things. So, how to fold a towel into a flower is quite a demanding question for the right people.

If you are more of a visual learner, then this video that I found would be very helpful for you. It has a ton of tips and tricks in addition, so check it out.